Friday, October 21, 2005

Virus Attack.

Unfortunately, I am unable to post my message for today due to a virus. For years I have dealt with this bullshit from people who seem to have a problem with my intelligence or habit of pointing out the incoherence in their published arguments. I am not going to be discouraged or intimidated by anyone from expressing my, admittedly, somewhat "unorthodox" opinions at this point in my life.

As best I can determine one or all of the following, I believe, self-evidently true statements piss off people. No doubt residents of New Jersey's corpse-filled swamplands and chromium-saturated, cesspool-like neighborhoods are upset: New Jersey is ruled by organized crime (regardless of who is elected to office); there is such a thing as truth and ethics is "real" or valid, not that most of you in New Jersey have any ethics; most lawyers and judges I have known are intellectual mediocrities, at best, and a few are blithering idiots; racism is pervasive in U.S. law, grotesquely offensive and truly obscene; sexism is not much better and is equally pervasive, and thanks to the efforts of many self-styled "feminists," this situation is unlikely to improve any time soon.

Most of the so-called educated people I have known in America are thinking with conceptual tools dating from early in the twentieth century in a world that is much too dangerous for such smug, confident and self-chosen imbecility. Suppressing or destroying my written work will not alter these truths -- nor the fact that I am the victim of gross injustices, violations of fundamental rights, cover ups of such violations, and worse.

I will keep writing.

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