Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Woman President?

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A new poll shows that 28% of Americans would have trouble sending a woman, any woman, to the Oval Office. Men over 45 are least likely to vote for a woman as Chief Executive; while women under 45 are most likely to do so.

This confirms what I have suspected for a long time. At some level, I must be a woman under 45 (o.k., I'm 49, but I don't look a day over 43!), because I am among those who are most likely to vote for a woman for that high office.

Despite my heterosexual orientation (I have finally admitted to my mother that I am straight), I am "for" the feminist political agenda. Although I am not in favor of knee-jerk "political correctness." It is high time that this nation grew up and realized that women are quite as capable as men of discharging any responsibilities associated with government, business or academia, though they are helpless when it comes to housework or cooking.

It is interesting that those who would not vote for a woman for the presidency -- not under any circumstances -- refuse to consider issues of party or platform. In other words, it would not matter what a candidate believes, what party she represents or who is running against her, for some people, gender alone excludes her from consideration for the office of President of the United States.

Such a moronic attitude on the part of (mostly) older men is the essence of what I describe as an "irrational" belief -- a belief that is unrelated to evidence nor subject to change based on new argument and/or information. Regrettably, it has led me to conclude that, all men over 45 -- including those who are against women candidates for high political office -- should not be on the ballot themselves. Yes, that includes me. In this way we can reduce the number of imbeciles who will be elected to office, while ensuring that more opportunities will open up for women. Ideally, minority women will be among those running for office. Needless to say, I would not sterilize such men against their will.

Women such as Senator Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice belong in government just as much as any man. We need them, because we need intelligence in public life as opposed to cronyism and big money taking care of its own, as in New Jersey. Would you prefer Ms. Rice or Mr. Bush to make a difficult decision? In fact, is it scary that Mr. bush may make any difficult decision? I think so.

Today is laundry day. As I head to my local laundromat, I conjure a plot in my mind involving a beautiful woman who is doing the laundry also, who stares at me as I arrive ... "May I borrow your bleach?," she asks, in a mysterious Russian accent. "Please help yourself," I say. Two men enter the laundromat, they have their eyes on my companion. Her green eyes are pointed at me and she says, "Help me." I say: "Sure, but I need my bleach back to wash my underwear -- especially the boxer shorts with the 'Batman' logo."

The plot thickens ... (Don't say it.)



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