Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Empire Strikes Back in New Jersey!

It is difficult to continue writing when essays are tampered with and I am subjected to daily harassment merely in order to access this site. Yet I am also energized by such obstacles to continue writing because they reveal the malignancy and imbecility of political leeches, whose contamination of American politics and public life is a source of disgust and discouragement for many good people, people who otherwise would wish to participate in politics or to enter the legal profession.

I cannot avoid feelings of anger. Yet I continue to insist on not hating those who hate others, while working to see haters punished for their criminal acts. Too many good people are discouraged by all the mud slinging and corruption from getting involved in the political process. The only way that things will ever change is if WE change them. You should also be energized to get involved in politics and law when faced with evil, so that low-life criminals and hangers-on can be removed from corrupt systems -- such as New Jersey's legal and political caudillo -- and power may be restored to the people.

I will not be dissuaded by threats or harassment from insisting on respect for human rights, including my right to freedom of speech.

Courts may be indifferent or corrupt (Jersey again), but there are like-minded persons out there, everywhere. There must be. You are not alone. People see what is going on. Each person who participates contributes in the ways that he or she can to changing things for the better. Some day, we will win. I cannot change my photo in my profile today, but that's o.k. -- television's "Dr. House" is a fitting image of what New Jersey and the nation needs now: A diagnostician to point to its tumor of corruption and suggest that it must be removed, quickly. Scalpel?

Laura Masnerus, "Calls in Trenton for Ouster of Attorney General," in The New York Times, July 19, 2006, at p. B5.
David W. Chen, "Trenton: Merger Urged for University," The New York Times, July 19, 2006, p. B4.

The after-effects of the recent power struggle between factions in the Garden State's Democratic party are becoming obvious. Attorney General Zulima Farber is a target for South Jersey's Democrat machine and political terror organization. This is either payback for the Governor's insistence on actually governing the state -- as opposed to allowing unelected political "bosses" (whose names shall not pass my lips) to do it for him -- or it is an attempt to short circuit investigations by Ms. Farber's office. (See "Same Old, Same Old," at Philosopher's Quest.)

Anne Milgram is reputed to have betrayed Farber, after kissing her ass to get a promotion. Don't turn your back on Anne Milgram, whose hostility to Farber may result from Farber's retrogressive heterosexuality. "The Dykes are on the warpath!" Trenton's political hacks have been heard to whisper this wisdom.

There are those who say that the real target of the big "bosses" is any political friend of Ms. Farber -- such as Senator Menendez, who may not be capable of real friendship -- in addition to this unruly and independent-minded Governor. Who does Corzine think he is? The people's elected Governor? New Jersey Latinos and Latinas also have to be put in their place, of course, by these behind-the-scenes "operatives." As they say in Trenton, "this is our turf." La Cosa Nostra.

Ms. Farber recently came to the assistance of a friend, who was stopped by the Fairview Police Department, which eventually rescinded all traffic summonses issued against that person. These rescinded summonses are alluded to by journalists as though they were official allegations or "proven beyond a reasonable doubt." In fact, legally, they are "nothing."

Ms. Farber is "guilty by association" only because she assisted a person she cares about, who was not issued summonses, has not been proven guilty of anything, nor (for that matter) has she. No police officer is intimidated by the presence of a politician from issuing a traffic summons.

In New Jersey, cops would (probably) simply be told by bosses not to issue a ticket or the opposite (intimidation is not necessary), which makes me wonder what really happened in the aptly named "Fairview." The most logical conclusion is that whatever the scam that was planned on that occasion by the Jersey syndicate, Ms. Farber and her friend were probably its intended victims.

They're getting out the "anonymous" smoke machine and the smear tactics, folks, next they'll tell us that Ms. Farber's mother wore combat boots. I'll save them some trouble, I know mine did. Posting "anonymous" slanders of critics has no bearing on the truth of their criticisms, criticisms and opposition which are gathering momentum -- not only on the Internet, but throughout a state that has been raped (there is no other word for it!) -- by a cabal of hoodlums occupying public office for decades.

These smears of persons like Farber have nothing to do with the truth, but gullible ideological true-believers may be found to accept them. Such "useful fools" (to quote Lenin, I believe) will then be manipulated to act on the basis of this misinformation, providing evil-doers with a smoke screen to obscure their illicit activities. Quoting Lenin does not make me a Communist, nor does admiring Lenon make a Beatle.

This non-situation in Fairview, for instance, has now resulted in calls for Ms. Farber's resignation because she received traffic tickets in the past. She paid them. Warrants were issued. This happens routinely in municipal courts, sometimes controlled by political hacks, when mistaken notice dates are issued to persons. These warrants are then routinely recalled. New Jersey's DMV rarely complies with statutory notice provisions, many such warrants and license suspensions are based on error. These facts were known at the time of Farber's confirmation. All of a sudden it's a problem? I wonder why.

"Ms. Farber declined to discuss the incident this week, but in an interview with The New York Times two weeks ago, she said she never talked to the police or interfered in any way but had simply come to help [her friend] take valuables out of the car when the police said that they would impound it."

There are many who believe that this entire situation was a "set-up" to get Ms. Farber to come to the scene, making it possible for innuendos or false allegations to be raised against her. Ms. Farber stated to The New York Times:

"I guess I'm [unwilling] to say I'm not willing to come to the aid of a loved-one because some people might think that my mere presence would affect a police officer."

No one really cares about any of this among New Jersey's grizzled politicos. In a state where $4.5 BILLION "disappeared" after assessments of the "shortfalls" and "gimmicks" of previous administrations, this is a joke. So what is really going on besides the obvious indirect attacks on Menendez and Corzine?

One plausible theory focuses on New Jersey's scandal-plagued medical school -- where $70 MILLION or more "went south," as it were -- a medical school which has been used as a cash cow by politicians and alleged crime figures for years. These are often overlapping categories in New Jersey (politician and criminal). That medical school may now be "merged" with Rutgers University, pursuant to a proposal by Mr. Lesniak (D). This would deprive the boys (not Lesniak) of a highly lucrative source of public revenue. That's hitting them where it hurts, taking away the time-honored custom of stealing public funds in New Jersey. How unfair. Since When? What's the world coming to?

"Hey, Fat Tony, what's going on here? Nothing's easy no more. Geez. Forget about it ... I could've been in construction. Now what?"

Well, there's always a judgeship. Isn't there a spot open in North Bergen Municipal Court?



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