Wednesday, November 09, 2016

"This is totally amazing!" -- Donald J. Trump.

The essay that appears below was defaced by Cuban-Americans in New Jersey as I posted a comment on the death of Fidel Castro. 

It is never certain whether I will be able to continue writing nor what damage may be done to these texts that are now circulating in many parts of the world. 

I will disregard all threats against me. 

No American officials, police, prosecutors, judges or journalists have responded to my communications at this time. It is unprofessional and unethical for law enforcement and other government officials, many of whom are lawyers, to fail to respond or even acknowledge communications on important issues that contain allegations and evidence of serious criminal conduct. ("An Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq.")

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At a very dark time in my life I found myself riding an empty subway car during an off-hour jaunt with an unlikely fellow passenger. 

He was a young man exactly my age who, like me, had lost his father very early in life as a result of the identical historical events and tragedies which had largely determined his fate and mine together with the destinies of millions (if not billions) of other persons' lives in the world.

I also had the honor and pleasure on another occasion to meet that then still young man's mother who, despite her life-long beauty and extraordinary elegance as well as grace, was marked indelibly by the same terrible events in world history at whose center was the man who died on the day when I place these words on paper -- Fidel Castro.

The young man I met on the subway was John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his mother was, of course, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 

We three and many others were placed -- involuntarily and unknowingly -- within concentric circles of historical obligation and entanglement by a notorious revolutionary in a tiny island nation that, at least for Fidel Castro's lifetime, was at the center of world events ... Cuba. ("Time to End the Embargo Against Cuba" and "The Winter of the Patriarch.")

Miami's wishes notwithstanding there is very little "indifference" to Fidel Castro's death. 

The tears and pain in Cuban faces -- often very young faces -- happens to be genuine while the hostility and vulgar celebration in Florida is also real. 

A man of strong convictions who leads a bloody revolution and fifty-year secret war against the world's reigning superpower (now in sharp decline) is unlikely to generate tepid responses at his death.

"What matters in life," Gore Vidal once said, "is not what others think of us, but what we think of them."

A typical and honest comment on Fidel's demise goes like this: 

"Mr. Castro was perhaps the most important leader to emerge from Latin America since the wars of independence in the early 19th century. He was decidedly the most influential shaper of Cuban history since his own hero, Jose Marti, struggled for Cuban independence in the late 19th century. Mr. Castro's [and the Cuban people's] revolution transformed Cuban society and had a longer-lasting impact throughout the region than that of any other 20th-century Latin American insurrection, with the possible exception of the 1910 Mexican Revolution." (NYT, 11-27-16, p. A12.)

President Xi of China said "Fidel Castro will live forever" and that Mr. Castro is "a symbol of revolution"; President Putin called Fidel "a great leader" and insisted that he had been "a true friend of Russia in good times and in the worst periods"; and President Holland of France spoke of Dr. Castro's unique historical importance and called on the U.S. to end the illegal embargo. 

Among many world leaders offering tributes to Fidel Castro upon the occasion of his death are Pierre Troudeau, various Latin American leaders -- including Ivo Morales of Bolivia -- and numerous Asian political leaders as well as Jacob Zuma of the ANC in South Africa along with most African presidents.  

Mr. Obama expressed, as I do, his condolences to the Cuban people even as I extend those condolences to Cuban-Americans who have suffered greatly as a result of the revolution who are now living in Miami or New Jersey and elsewhere in the world. 

Mr. Trump, alone among world leaders, insulted Fidel Castro (or his memory) by describing the fallen leader as a "brutal dictator" and the "oppressor of his people." 

I believe that insults should be reserved for the living who can respond to what we say. Anything else is cowardly, especially Bob Menendez-like behind-the-back smears, that Fidel (and I agree with him!) detested throughout his life.

Fidel's achievements, on the one hand, and whatever human rights criticisms are offered against him, on the other hand, are now for historians to assess and evaluate. 

I am told that Fidel and my father as well as others once fought-off a larger group of enemies with an exchange of gun fire. These two men -- who were once very close friends -- came to stand on different sides of Cuba's lengthy civil war, while never losing respect for one another, even as the ironies of history may well have placed Fidel Castro and me as well as many persons TODAY on the same side in the struggle for peace and a future of progress, cooperation, solidarity and mutual understanding between Americans and Cubans.

What better way to say farewell to Fidel Castro than with his own words in saying goodbye to Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

Guevara is alleged to have said on a memorable occasion to Fidel Castro, "this is called dialectics!"

" ... as fruits of that vigorous and profound intelligence, he left us an infinity of memories, an infinity of narratives that, without his work, without his efforts, might have been lost forever."

Fidel went on to say of Guevara:

"And if we speak of sorrow, we are saddened not only at having lost a man of action, we are saddened at having lost a man of exquisite human sensitivity, we are saddened at having lost such a mind."

Fidel Castro, "Che Guevara," in Revolution: Faces of Change (New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 2000), p. 2.  

The election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America comes as something of a shock to me.

Morning-after doubts about the reality of the society I inhabit and love (even if I often no longer recognize many aspects of that society) has not helped me to sort out my feelings. 

"Donald Trump's victory marks a thunderous repudiation of the status quo. The most powerful nation on earth has elected a real estate developer with no experience in government, a self-styled strongman contemptuous of allies, civil discourse and democratic convention. Barring a protean change of personality, Mr. Trump's victory appears to represent a challenge to the Western democratic model."

"A Repudiation of the Status Quo," (Editorial) Financial Times, November 9, 2016, p. 10. 

As I entered the subway this morning, I saw a large obscene message concerning Mr. Trump scrawled on the subway stairs.

A sign in Pennsylvania said: "Black lives don't matter and neither does [sic.] your votes."

I am sure that we may expect great violence and dissension in the weeks and months ahead. Protests have already spread throughout the country and to many parts of the world. 

Many persons already express feelings of distress and fear at the danger to themselves and family members posed by the Trump regime.

Women and persons of color will become more scarce in television news programs and government agencies. 

The "white anger" we hear so much about will be countered by the anger of others. 

America's continuing civil war in the courts, legislatures, and executive offices of the land may well worsen. 

There is widespread mortal terror in the world about what Mr. Trump will do to immigrants, women's rights, persons of color, and to the most unfortunate among us to say nothing of what will happen to the environment. 

Mr. Trump's prospective energy czar has expressed the opinion that "climate warming is a myth created by China."

Concentration camps with pleasant names ("Trump Hotels"?) are not unlikely. I am among those likely to be sent to such a prison.

"What, then, are the prospects for a Trump presidency? The optimistic view is that the mean-spirited, Muslim-baiting candidate will transform once inside the White House. Such a change looks improbable, at this stage. His temperament may not allow it. He can also argue, justifiably, that his tactics, however outrageous, won him the presidency. He had a chance to pivot toward a more responsible middle ground after the Republican convention and he chose not to do so."

There is only one conclusion from the point of view of European and other friends of America:

"Mr. Trump might nevertheless reflect that his victory does give him a second chance. He has to pick a team to carry out his agenda. He must work with Congress, notably Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, whom he has regularly derided. Mr. Trump prides himself on understanding the 'Art of the Deal.' He must realize that the business of government cannot be driven by personal feuds. Politics in a democracy is the art of compromise." (FT, 11-9-16, p. 10.) 

I said before the election (and I continue to believe) that Mr. Trump is unqualified and unfit to be President of the United States of America at this crucial and dangerous moment in U.S. history.

A majority of my fellow citizens agreed with me and voted against Citizen Trump in the general election. 

This popular majority made no difference to the electoral college victory which is entirely fair under our laws and well-established historical practices. 

What is most frightening about the Trump victory is that it is not fraudulent, but reflective of the powerful tendency towards fascism and cheap populism in the U.S. political system. 

Mr. Trump's electoral defeat of Secretary Clinton must be accepted and honored by all democrats (and Democrats) regardless of whether we agree with the so-called "choice" made under the relevant legal process. 

We see a nation in which white "blue collar" workers and rural families fear a "take-over" of "their country" that is "invaded" by persons from other places and "brown people" born here who, nevertheless, can never be considered "real Americans" by such people. 

The same white Americans -- for the most part -- are consumed by passionate hatred for the bien pensant media commentators who presume to instruct them on the state of the world while assuming a "holier-than-thou" political correctness that can only be described as moronic. 

Sadly, I tend to agree about the hypocrisy of such chi-chi people. 

Does this hostility to drinkers of designer water help to explain why 53% of white women voted for Trump? 

Donald J. Trump ("The Donald") has tapped into these seething hatreds that are found just under the surface of "our" bogus national identity and make-believe cordiality at the office or school, and/or in the public squares of the nation -- hatreds which often conflict with people's class interests. 

It is tragic that the socialist idea of "class interests" cannot be allowed by the notorious 1% of the population to take root in America.

Hypocrisy has come to define America's claim to be a "gorgeous mosaic" and a "multicultural paradise." 

We are a tribalized and balkanized society where persons of different races are at one another's throats because the sense of a common interest and national identity has been lost or no longer exists (if it ever did exist). 

"You get yours; I'll get mine." This pleasant sentiment has become a national slogan. 

Mr. Trump may well discover that it is one thing to fuel the fires of sectarian hatred and quite another to put them out when you suddenly require cooperation from political adversaries -- like Mexicans (or all Latinos) and women -- in order for your policies to be effective. 

Walls to keep people out may end by imprisoning all of us within our hatreds and fears producing lethal consequences for an irreversibly globalized economy and the geopolitical reality of festering conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere that escape all attempts at geographical and cultural limitations by any single nation. 

The world is a more complex place than Mr. Trump's rhetoric and intellect can possibly comprehend. 

We are heading for a catastrophe as a people. 

The world will share that catastrophe with us and (perhaps) the sufferings of others will be far greater than our own because of Mr. Trump's obvious incompetence and narcissism. 

We must face the fact that a nation capable of electing an African-American Chief Executive is still incapable of accepting that a woman -- who is clearly the more competent, intelligent, educated and prepared person for a position of great responsibility -- should earn the opportunity to serve in that position even when a white male desires the job. 

America has some growing-up to do on gender issues and equality for women. 

Terror at these developments has already produced a plunge in the stock markets and value of the dollar. 

Uncertainty and instability in financial markets will increase in the short term because of Mr. Trump's victory that may well become America's defeat. 

More economic harm is to come because of what is already being called America's version of "brexit."

The faces of persons in Mr. Trump's home city reflect this unprecedented fear and defensiveness, especially among the elderly and persons of color, young women and the poor. 

Increased military preparations have been detected on the borders of many nations. (Please see the quote by Iran's leader found in the same issue of the Financial Times whose editorial I have used extensively in this essay.) 

There are already threats from numerous terror groups (domestic and international) that must be taken seriously because they are quite real. 

Do we feel "safer" with Mr. Trump as our next president?

Hillary Clinton was never more magnificent than in her elegant and brief concession speech. 

Mrs. Clinton explained eloquently that women must not allow themselves to believe that the glass ceiling will never be broken nor should we accept that women are sub-humans and/or second class citizens without the EQUAL right to aspire to (and/or to hold) the highest offices in the land. 

Mrs. Clinton further noted that no nation can live at peace without allowing for the development of the talents of every person EQUALLY with the talents of the most fortunate and privileged members of society. 

Mrs. Clinton concluded with great sadness, dignity, and poise that America is a nation of laws in which the will of the people must be honored and the rule of law accepted in the absence of fraud. I concur.  

We must hope that Mr. Trump will be successful for all Americans. 

We must also facilitate the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next without abandoning our never-ending struggle and hope for freedom, justice, and the EQUAL protection of the laws. 

I congratulate Republicans on this electoral victory.

Another essay with one hundred sources attached detailing the putrid corruption and incompetence of New Jersey's failed courts and government will be added below as I await a response from the U.S. Justice Department and F.B.I. to my communications.

As the world darkens with president-elect Trump's arrival in Washington, D.C. and upon the world stage, I cannot know whether political interference will result in undermining or shutting-down a Justice Department investigation into matters raised by me. It is also never certain, as I keep emphasizing, whether I will be able to continue writing online. 

I have yet to hear from any person (or media outlet) contacted in the U.S. about these matters. 

The essay appearing below will be sent to Interpol along with other recipients. 

American businesses and concerns continue to be damaged, internationally, merely on the basis of deepening fears of a Trump administration. Economic harm has slowed down, but is continuing to be seen on a global level.

Attempts to print this text resulted in the scrambling of the sentences and paragraphs due to computer crime. 

A copy of the damaged printed text along with further indications of the computer crimes to which these writings are subjected will be sent to the U.S. Justice Department with the final version of the essay.  

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"NEWARK -- A federal grand jury convicted two former allies of Gov. Chris Christie on Friday of all charges stemming from a bizarre scheme to close access lanes at the George Washington Bridge to punish a New Jersey mayor who declined to endorse the governor's reelection." 

The crucial consideration in light of recent events in Mr. Trump's transition team that has decided to exclude Christopher Christie from power is emphasized, unknowingly, in the Times article: 

"Though only the two defendants, Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni, were tried in the so-called Bridgegate case, the scandal surrounding the lane closings in September, 2013 left Mr. Christie deeply wounded. It helped cripple his presidential candidacy this year and tarnished his reputation as a key surrogate in Donald J. trump's presidential campaign."

The reason for the exclusion of Mr. Christie from the prospective Trump presidential administration is not primarily personal hatreds -- nor hostility to Mr. Christie based on his prosecution as U.S. Attorney of any particular defendant -- but a surprisingly sensible concern on the part of Mr. Trump's advisers to avoid a politician associated with public lies, corruption, the willing sacrifice of underlings to the authorities in order to escape his own liability, to say nothing of Mr. Christie's affiliation with America's most failed jurisdiction.

The stench of corruption now clings to anyone or anything from New Jersey like white on rice.

This is further evidence that Mr. Christie's political career -- at least at this time -- appears to be over. 

Governor Christie's dismissal also suggests a wise concern to exclude someone from a new administration who can only bring trouble in his wake. 

The Trump White House is already embattled and would prefer to wage its own struggles rather to have new wars to contend with as a result of a single appointee's "baggage."

Mr. Christie's handling of Bridgegate indicates that he will not be a very good leader in a crisis. It is likely that Mr. Christie will merely compound difficult matters by lying and covering-up evidence of a crisis. ("New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" then "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.") 

New Jersey's now well-known methods of dealing (or not dealing) with political or legal troubles are not wanted by Mr. Trump.

It will be a very long time (thankfully) before any politician or judge from the Garden State is appointed to a position of national responsibility:

"Testimony at the trial indicated that Mr. Christie knew about the lane closings as they took place causing major traffic jams at Fort Lee, New Jersey, over five days, and that he was clearly involved in covering up the plot [emphasis added] even as he continued to insist -- as he did again after the verdict was announced -- that he knew nothing about it until months after it was over."

To allow Mr. Christie to join the Trump administration is to invite a Watergate-like political scandal six months down the road. 

If Mr. Christie was comfortable lying to reporters and residents of New Jersey there is little doubt that he would lie to Mr. Trump and America if necessary. 

Mr. Christie is an "ethical member of the New Jersey Bar Association."

I am surprised and gratified to find Mr. Trump making the right decision for himself and for America on this difficult issue. According to the far from liberal New York Post. 

"Tensions had been building for weeks between the two men, with some Trump insiders questioning Christie's loyalty in the last month of the campaign, when it looked like Trump would lose." 

I agree with the Trump team's conclusion regarding Mr. Christie. 

"Some close to Trump [Giuliani?] regarded the New Jersey governor [as] a 'stupid thug who really needed to go,' the transition team told the Post."


Matt Appuzzo & Mark Landler, "Trump Selects Loyalists On Right Flank to Fill National Security Posts: Strident Team of Like Minds," The New York Times, November 19, 2016, p. A1. ("Mr. Trump is moving quickly to realize his campaign's promise of a nation that relentlessly enforces immigration and drug laws; views Muslims with deep suspicion; second-guesses post-World War II alliances; and sends suspected terrorists to Guantanamo Bay or C.I.A. secret prisons to be interrogated with methods that have been banned as torture." Changes to my blogger dashboard not desired or created by me and, apparently, also not the work of google or blogger have appeared. I will do my best to continue writing while ignoring the nonsense. "C.I.A. Lies and Torture.")

Claude Brodesser-Akner, "Legislators Seek $1 Million Refund Alleging Law Firm Conflict," The Star-Ledger, November 17, 2016, p. 1. (No comment on Mr. Mastro's "conflicted" representation of Chris Christie and New Jersey's taxpayers, but a decision by Ms. Weinberg -- I wonder what name you gave to Marilyn Straus, Ms. Weinberg? -- and others to obtain $1 million from Jenner & Brock, Esqs., not Mr. Mastro's firm, while replacing the Jenner firm as "Special Counsel." "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit" and "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce.")

"'We Need to Move Forward in New Jersey,' Sweeney and Others Say Christie Impeachment is Unlikely," The Star-Ledger, November 17, 2016, p. 1. (Mr. Sweeney comments on "Bridgegate exhaustion" that will allow Mr. Christie to escape all legal consequences for his actions even as the lives of others -- such as Bridget Anne Kelly? -- may be destroyed. "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics.") 

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Thomas Moriarty, "Alleged Bomber Indicted in N.Y., N.J.," The Star-Ledger, November 17, 2016, p. 3. (Ahmad Khan Kahime arraigned for bombing and attempted bombings. It is likely that more attempts at terrorist actions in New York will be launched from New Jersey's immigrant communities.)  

Kevin Shea, "Swastika Spray-Painted on County Park Trail," The Star-Ledger, November 17, 2016, p. 22. (No doubt a Donald Trump supporter expressed his opinion by spray-painting a Swastika on local walls along with a pro-Trump message. Other such incidents have taken place in New Jersey. Curiously, many prominent Jews support Mr. Trump and the far-Right ideology that leads to such charming expressions of solidarity. Mr. Yudin? Mr. Kushner? I am sure that President Obama is right on the need for U.S. participation in the Iran deal and that Mr. Netanyahu as well as his surrogates, like Boris Epstein, Esq., are mistaken in wishing to see the U.S. opt out of this arrangement with Iran that involves 13 other countries. Mr. Trump may have to be instructed on this issue. Much will depend on who does this instructing. Mr. Putin? Mr. Netanyahu? "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.")

Claude Brodesser-Akner, "As Mistrial Sought, Deliberations Proceed: Judge Refuses Defense Request to Reinstruct Jury -- Report: Legal Fees to Cost You Another $1 Million," The Star-Ledger, November 4, 2016, p. 1. (New Jersey taxpayers continue to pay for Mr. Christie's efforts to intimidate Fort Lee's mayor.)

Craig McCarthy, Myles Ma & Steven Stirling, "FBI Agents Seize Records Tied to Prison Program: Raid focuses on city's use of funds to rehab building," The Star-Ledger, November 4, 2016, p. 1. (Corruption in Paterson, New Jersey is mirrored by F.B.I. investigations in several North Jersey towns, allegedly, including Union City and North Bergen, New Jersey. "Is Union City, New Jersey Meyer Lansky's Whore House?" and "North Bergen, New Jersey is the Home of La Cosa Nostra.")

Bob Gordon, "N.J. Transit Must Answer Questions About Its Safety Record," (Op-Ed) The Star-Ledger, November 4, 2016, p. 4. ("Sleep Apnia" is not a very plausible explanation for New Jersey Transit's recent troubles. Corruption, incompetence and possible organized crime influence have been attributed to New Jersey Transit. The conductor's decision to accelerate speed prior to entering the Hoboken station was not taken by a person asleep, but the failure to remember that action does reveal hypnotic suggestion or other manipulation. Perhaps they do not wish the public to know of such concerns.)

Claude Brodesser-Akner, "Lesniak Pressures AG for Special Prosecutor: Independence Needed to Handle Criminal Complaint Against Christie," The Star-Ledger, November 8, 2016, p. 15. (The criminal complaint filed against Mr. Christie will not get very far without "impartial" investigation and prosecution. The governor's Attorney General, Mr. Chiesa (or is it Mr. Porrino this week?), will probably not take the necessary actions in "good faith" as required by his oath. Hence, the matter will probably go away for Mr. Christie. It now appears that a Superior Court Judge -- Republican from Bergen County -- denied the need for a Special Prosecutor. Not surprisingly, the judge deciding this issue is alleged to have "affiliations' to Mr. Christie. )    

Star-Ledger Wire Serives, "Ouster Tied to Christie Feud: Insiders Say Bad Blood With Trump's Son-In-Law Hobbling Effort to Staff Critical Jobs," The Star-Ledger, November 16, 2016, p. 1. (The power struggle between Jared Kushner and Chris Christie resulted in the banishment of Christie. Right decision. Absurd suggestions about indicting Hillary Clinton have, rightly, been put to rest. Many far-Right politicians -- including Chris Christie -- are far more deserving of indictment than Mrs. Clinton could ever be. These political hacks will be protected by this new presidential administration. I am always comforted by the thought that the next Secretary of Defense is a man known as "Mad Dog." Such a person is bound to be responsible about the use of military power in the world.)

S.P. Sullivan, "Christie's Day in Court: Wait until next year," The Star-Ledger, November 16, 2016, p. 3. (The CRIMINAL complaint filed against Mr. Christie and making its way through the courts in New Jersey will have to be delayed until next year. Without a Special Prosecutor it is likely that the citizen-complainant will be lost in the legal shuffle. Mr. Christie is likely to dodge another bullet. Perhaps Mr. Christie's stroll on the high wire is a request for punishment.) 

Michael Term, "Ex-Lawmaker Indicted for Coffer Dipping," The Star-Ledger, November 21, 2016, p. 11. (The indictment of former "law-and-order" Republican Congressman Aaron Shock -- is this a "nice Jewish boy"? -- for dipping into campaign funds and outright thefts from constituents to whom he sold "access" to political big shots is yet another example of the hypocrisy often detected among our Republican friends. Mr. Shock is a distinguished member of the bar in Illinois who is moving to New Jersey, allegedly. Mr. Shock will fit right in to the Garden State's legal profession and politics.)

Paul Berger, "PA Bus Terminal Feud Gets Personal," The Record, November 21, 2016, p. A-1. (Cuomo and the PA Chairman square off over the desperate need for a new facility at Times Square in Manhattan. 300,000 persons fight their way through a great morass and confusion at the PA building in midtown to get to and from work every day, mostly coming from New Jersey. New York's Governor, correctly, sees a need for improved facilities whereas New Jersey officials fail to see a chance for theft from such improvements and, hence, fail to see a need for any improvements at 42nd Street.)

Alex Napoliello, "Cop, Former Officer Charged in Plot to Torch Captain's Home," The Star-Ledger, November 21, 2016, p. 3. (Many cops in New Jersey adopt the methods of the persons they arrest. The troubled Edison Police Department features a number of officers who think it makes sense to burn down a fellow officer's home with his family in it in order to make a point about displeasure with promotions and assignments, or "discipline" at work. This is what I describe as "poor judgment" in law enforcement that reminds me of cops from North Bergen and Union City who went after me because they did not like losing criminal cases against my clients. Much the same seems to be true of "William B. Ziff, Esq." and the OAE which is experiencing "denial" about its own lack of ethics and losing a very public argument with me. Grow-up and deal with this situation, New Jersey: "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.") 

Justin Zaremba, "Man Pleads Guilty to Sex Contact With Teens," The Star-Ledger, November 3, 2016, p. 24. (Colin Bolger was charged with sexual contact with numerous teens, but he will not go to prison. He joins the ranks of fellow child sexual abuse "enthusiasts" in the Garden State. Many such persons are found in law enforcement and New Jersey's soiled legal profession in my opinion.) 

Jessica Mazzola, "Complaint: Retired Firefighter Sent [Child] Porn," The Star-Ledger, November 3, 2016, p. 24. (Donald M. Jervis of Bloomfield -- a town I know well -- possessed, possibly created and distributed child porn in New Jersey. Police officers and others may have been among the fellow creators of such material. "Edward M. De Sear, Esq. and New Jersey's Filth" and Neil M. Cohen, Esq. and Conduct Unbecoming to the Legislature in New Jersey.") 

"Mr. Trump's Tangled Web," (Editorial) The New York Times, November 17, 2016, p. A30. (Conflicts of interest, business entanglements, lies -- all are alleged even before the new president is sworn-in. No tax returns have been disclosed. An interview at the Times by Donald J. Trump is scheduled for November 22, 2016 to set everyone straight on these issues. Somehow, I doubt the questions will go away. Having read Mr. Trump's interview at the Times, I find that the old issues remain and new ones have arisen.)

John Brennan, "American Dream Bond Sale Delayed, but Official Expects Closing This Month," The Record, November 3, 2016, p. L-1. ($800 million for the mafia to build an "invisible" mall is still in the cards in New Jersey. As Mr. trump would say: "totally amazing.")

John Seasly, "City Attorney in Hackensack Agrees to Quit: Council Faults Handling of Zisa Issue," The Record, November 3, 2016, p. L-2. (Alexander Carver, Esq.'s "connections" to Mr. Zisa resulted in the city kicking $29 MILLION Zisa's way, allegedly, probably for a little something coming back under-the-table to Mr. Carver and others. Mr. Carver is on the ethics committee in Bergen County.)  

Samantha Marcus, "[N.J.'s] Public Employee Pension Fund is Weakest in U.S., Report Says," The Star-Ledger, November 3, 2016, p. 11. (More trouble for New Jersey's pension funds where money seems to have gone missing yet again. The absent governor seems not to care.) 

Sheri Fink & James Risen, "Suit Aims to Hold Contractors Accountable for C.I.A. Torture," The New York Times, November 28, 2016, p. A10. (American psychologists and medical professionals -- like N.J.'s notorious and sadistic "David" -- specialize in so-called "touchless torture" techniques facilitated by lawyers falsely claiming that torture is, or can be, legal. These ostensibly "ethical" legal and medical professionals are now being sued for the damage they have done to many people's lives.)

Zhao Huanxin, "China Has Lost a 'Great' Friend: Xi Praises Fidel Castro, A 'Much Loved Figure' for Chinese People," China Daily, November 28, 2016, p. 1. (Rare and sincere praise as well as respect from China for one of the great revolutionary and controversial figures of contemporary history.)

Herb Jackson, "State Dems Lending Support: Party Leaders Backing Menendez Despite Corruption Charges," The Record, November 28, 2016, p. A-1. (N.J. Democrats "stand behind" Bob Menendez as "one of our own." Do New Jersey Democrats "favor" bribery and corruption? The same Democrats are secretly contending to take Menendez's place in the Senate if "good-old-Bob" is convicted in federal court as now seems likely.)

Susan K. Livio, "Doctors Lose License Over Sex Abuse Claims," The Star-Ledger, November 1, 2016, p. 4. (Raja K. Jagliani, M.D. and Jadan H. Abbasi, M.D. -- the latter from Clifton, N.J. -- lost their medical licenses because of sexually abusing patients. These physicians say: "It's the Jersey way!") 

Thomas Moriarty, "Kickback Scheme Lands IT Contractor Probation Sentence," The Star-Ledger, November 1, 2016, p. 16. (Retha Renee McCoy agreed to a guilty plea on public corruption charges before Judge Jose Linares -- who is, allegedly, a big Fidel Castro fan -- in federal District Court without mentioning the names of all the politicians she dealt with in New Jersey.)

Justin Zaremba, "Ex-Teacher Guilty in Sex-Harassment Cases 'Stripped' [As It Were] of License," The Star-Ledger, November 9, 2016, p. 20. (Jason Fennes, 42, of Cranford, New Jersey, former 1st grade teacher who sexually assaulted numerous girls, has lost his teaching license and may be forced to become an attorney in New Jersey.) 

Justin Zaremba, "Ex-Teacher Loses License Over Child Porn Charge," The Star-Ledger, November 9, 2016, p. 20. (Nicholas Schumacher, 31, of randolph, N.J. lost his teaching license for DISTRIBUTING child porn from his home and, possibly, from schools. Many lawyers have done the same and faced few consequences: "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Menendez Blames Castro For His Prostitution Habit" then "Senator Bob, the Babe, and the Big Bucks" and "Was Menendez Bribed to Get a Visa For a Croney?" and "Illegal Payments to Bob Menendez" then "Does Senator Menendez have Mafia friends?" and "Neil M. Cohen, Esq. and Conduct Unbecoming to the Legislature in New Jersey.") 

Molly Henessy-Fiske, "Activists Blaming U.S.-Led Coalition for a Strike That Killed 20," The Star-Ledger, November 20, 2016, p. 7. (U.S.-led forces have engaged in bombing missions that continue to result in the killing and wounding of civilians -- mostly children -- in Syria near the rebel stronghold of Raqqah. These heinous human rights violations have been countered by U.S. claims concerning the status of free speech in Cuba.) 

Nicholas Kristoff, "Mothers in Prison: 'Prison got me sober, but it didn't get me anywhere,'" (Op-Ed) The New York Times, Sunday Review Section, November 27, 2016, p. 1. (The U.S. has the largest women's prison population in the world as well as the most deplorable human rights record with regard to women inmates: rapes, physical abuse, failures to provide adequate medical treatment, or food, for pregnant inmates and/or women with children who are deprived of maternal rights that are protected in most First World societies. The situation of American women prisoners is an issue that the U.S. has claimed to deal with at the international level, but the nation has failed to establish that improvements have been made. Most of the women currently incarcerated in America may be released without any increased risk to the public. Will Mr. Menendez and other Cuban-American politicians concerned, allegedly, about the "human rights" of prisoners in Cuba join me in expressing equal concern for the human rights of prisoners in America? "Justice For Mumia Abu-Jamal" and "So Black and So Blue in Prison.")  

Matt Apuzzo & James Risen, "Plan to Review Waterboarding Faces Obstacles -- A Trump Campaign Vow -- Return to Torture Tactics Would Set Off Legal and Moral Fight," The New York Times, November 29, 2016, p. A1. (To endorse torture, again, in violation of international and domestic law to say nothing of well-established U.S. ethical practices, will set a dangerous precedent in the world and can only lead to new barbarism that will end in the torture of Americans.)

"Threatening Cuba Will Backfire," (Editorial) The New York Times, November 29, 2016, p. A26. (Cuba's response to Mr. Trump's "threats" will be to renew their fifty-year assertions about self-determination and autonomy. The great progress that has been made under President Obama may well be squandered because of a foreign policy of sound bites leading observers throughout the world to conclude that there is no continuity in American foreign policy nor adherence to principle. This will make nations reluctant to rely on any American president's representations or offers.) 

S.P. Sullivan, "Courts Prep For 20,000 DWI Challenges: Special Judge Requested to Handle Cases After Officer is Charged With Tampering," The Star-Ledger, November 22, 2016, p. 15. (After the FALSIFIED drug cases, bogus DWI matters, along with who knows how many attorneys and others damaged by OAE frauds involving the crimes of "David" and John McGill, Esq., together with more cover-ups by New Jersey authorities in all of these matters, it is impossible to say how many persons lives have been devastated by such criminal frauds and continuing cover-ups. "Have you no shame Mr. Rabner?")

"Troubling Pick For National Security Adviser," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, November 22, 2016, p. 16. ("Trump's selection of an Islamophobe as his chief adviser suggests that campaign promises to restore torture, expand surveillance and challenge civil liberties will not only escalate hostility against Islamic radicalism, but Islam itself.")

AP, "Feds Target Sleep Apnea Testing for Train Operators: Hoboken Engineer Said to Have Illness," The Record, November 22, 2016, p. A-3. (The "sleep apnea" explanation is absurd according to many experts.)

Joe Malinconico, "Paterson School Official Quits Her Job: Leaves $148,000 Post After Report Showed Lack of Qualifications," The Record, November 22, 2016, p. L-3. (So many teachers in New Jersey lie about their credentials. What is your opinion Maria Martinez?)

Kimiko De Freytas-Tamura, [Jennifer Shuessler] "Wish of a Girl, 14, to be Frozen Is Granted by British Judge," The New York Times, November 19, 2016, p. A7. ("During the last months of her life, a terminally-ill 14-year-old British girl made a final wish. Instead of being buried, she asked to be frozen so that she could be 'woken up' in the future when a cure was found [for her illness] -- even if that was hundreds of years later." Please see: "Law and Literature.")

Mark Di Ionno, "Child Sex Abuse Case at Pingry is Typical, and That's a Shame," The Star-Ledger, April 8, 2016, p. 3. (Developments in December, 2016 suggest that this article was prophetic as the first court appearances are scheduled there appear to be new allegations of sex assault at the elite prep-school. " ... up to 14 people have come forward to make 'similar' allegations.")

Ben Horowitz, "EMT's Sex Assault Case Moves Ahead: Former Ambulance Squad Captain Also Charged With Child Endangerment," The Star-Ledger, July 19, 2016, p. 21. (Colin Steele, 29, allegedly assaulted a 17-year-old cadet. It now appears that this was not an isolated incident.)

S.P. Sullivan, "3 Plead Guilty in Auto Scheme: Group Ran $1.4 Million Scam With Luxury Cars," The Star-Ledger, July 10, 2016, p. 9. (Evidently, state officials were assisting with documents for the stolen vehicles. Shockingly, there were "connections" between these offenders and local officials. Is there a state investigation of these "connections"? Or will the matter be ignored without federal intervention?)   

Ben Horowitz, "Town Pays $30,000 to Ex-Worker Who Says He Was Ordered to Rig Test Results," The Star-Ledger, July 20, 2016, p. 16. (As with many state inspectors and officials responsible for protecting the public, corrupt politicians may force the falsification of results in order to serve polluters and their "friends" at the cost of the people's health and welfare. "Does Senator Menendez have Mafia friends?" and "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics.") 

Jeff Goldman, "Ex-School Worker's Wrongful Firing Suit for $50,000," The Star-Ledger, July 20, 2016, p. 16. (Denise Hannan, 38, of Neptune was fired for becoming pregnant. Others may be fired for supporting a candidate whom legal officials dislike or voicing disfavored opinions.) 

Tim Darragh, "Recent Sweep of Sex Offenders Found 24 Missing," The Star-Ledger, July 21, 2016, p. 6. (Most sex offenders required to register under "Megan's Law" bribed their way out of the system and were not located where they ostensibly should be found. Networks of "fellow enthusiasts" in New Jersey, often in police and prosecutors' offices, will no doubt be of assistance also for a small fee. Does it still require a $15,000 to $25,000 "contribution" to buy a judgeship? It may be easier and cheaper to simply buy the judge. These are the people who tend to disapprove of my ethics. "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.") 

Ben Horowitz, "Ex-Educator Pleads Not Guilty in Sex Case," The Star-Ledger, July 21, 2016, p. 15. (A former assistant principal at Roxbury high school, Roger Schensider, 56, of  Rockaway Township faces two counts of aggravated sexual contact with a minor. "It's normal in New Jersey!" Child molesters explain -- perhaps accurately.) 

"GOP Platform Spurns LGBT Community," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, July 21, 2016, p. 22. (Sorry, Rachel Maddow. Mr. Trump is not your friend.) 

Steve Strunskey, "Former Priest Faces Criminal Probe in Sex Abuse Case, Victims [sic.] Group Says," The Star-Ledger, July 21, 2016, p. 24. (Rev. Michael "Mitch" Walters is yet another accused child molester and priest seemingly sheltered by N.J. authorities who knew of his activities.)  

Justin Zaremba, "Doctor Allegedly Falsified Medical Insurance Claims," The Star-Ledger, July 21, 2016, p. 24. (Usually doctors and lawyers -- Dr. Bercik? -- are partners in scamming insurance companies. Mr. Ginarte and Herb Klitzner, I am sure, can shed some light on these matters.) 

Tom Haydon, "Mother Gets 45 Years For Killing Daughter, 8, Abusing Girl's Siblings: Justice Meted Out After 'Depraved' Acts," The Star-Ledger, July 28, 2016, p. 12. (Krisa Kris, 34, alleged lesbian, will spend 45 years in prison for engaging in New Jersey's favorite pastime: "New Jersey Lesbian Sends Nude Photos to Minor" and "Jennifer Velez is a Dyke Magnet" then "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison" and "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!") 

Colin Moynahan, "Landlord Brothers Admit to Waging Eviction Campaign," The New York Times, November 30, 2016, p. A21. (Joel Israel and Aaron Israel pleaded guilty to driving out rent-regulated tenants. Friends of yours, "David" and Ms. Weinberg?)

S.P. Sullivan, "Head of School Board Had Child Porn: Panel's President Charged With DISTRIBUTING Videos of Sexual Abuse Online," The Star-Ledger, August 24, 2016, p. 1. (Philip C. Henly, 67, is accused of possessing and distributing videos of prepubescent girls being forcibly sexually assaulted by adult males [and females] ..." "New Jersey Welcomes Child Molesters" and "New Jersey is the Home of Child Molesters.") 



Monday, October 03, 2016

40 Persons Arrested in N.J.'s Latest Massive Child Porn Scandal.

November 18, 2016 at 1:49 P.M. A package containing 57 pages was sent by First Class International (FCI) mail to the following recipient:

Amnesty International
1 Easton Street
London, UK 44 20 7413 5500
From U.S. Post Office
90 Vermilyea Ave.
New York, N.Y. 10034-9998.
Bill # 840-51000050-2-1426656-2.
Clerk: 08. 

November 9, 2016 at 2:11 P.M. A package containing 57 pages was sent to the following recipient by certified mail:

William B. Ziff, Esq.
Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE)
The Supreme Court of New Jersey
P.O. Box 963
Trenton, N.J. 08625
Cert. Mail No. & Tracking No.: 7015 0640 0002 8365 1596.

November 9, 2016 at 2:13 P.M. A package containing 57 pages was sent to the following recipient by priority mail:

Gov. Christopher Christie
Office of the Governor of New Jersey
P.O. Box 001
Trenton, N.J. 08625
Tel. (609) 292-6000
Tracking No.: 9505 5121 7077 6314 0318 09. 

Perhaps no one will tell Mr. Christie about this communication. 

November 9, 2016 at 2:15 P.M. A package containing 57 pages was sent to the following recipient by priority mail:

Senator Robert Menendez
Office of the Honorable Robert Menendez
1 Gateway Center
#1100 Newark, N.J. 07102.
Tracking No.: 9505 5121 7077 6314 0318 16.

Is it true that the postage meter number appearing on what purports to be Mr. Ziff's letter is actually one belonging to the office of Senator Menendez? If so, I wonder how such a thing is possible? 

November 4, 2016 at 2:04 P.M. A package containing 57 pages was sent to the following recipients by priority mail:

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
New Jersey Supreme Court
P.O. Box 963
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
USPS Tracking No.: #9595 5121 7077 6309 0308 31.

Mr. Tom Moran
Editorial Page Editor
The Star-Ledger
Suite 1100
Newark, New Jersey 07102-5323
USPS Tracking No.: #9505 5121 7077 6309 0308 24.

November 2, 2016 at 12:54 P.M. A package containing 57 pages was sent to the following recipients by priority mail: 

Preet Bharara, Esq.
U.S. Attorney For the Southern District of New York
1 St. Andrew's Place
New York, N.Y. 10007
USPS Tracking No. #9505 5121 7078 6307 0243 43.

The Embassy of Cuba to the
United States of America
2630 16th Street
Washington, D.C. 20009
USPS Tracking No. #9505 5121 7078 6307 0243 50.

October 24, 2016

William B. Ziff, Esq.
Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE)
Supreme Court of New Jersey
P.O. Box 963
Trenton, N.J. 08625
Tel. (609) 530-4008
Fax (609) 530-5238

Dear Mr. Ziff:

This shall serve to acknowledge your correspondence and return of my previous communication to your office with your letter dated October 19, 2016.

A copy of your most recent letter with my response and also with a copy of the envelope in which your "missive" arrived as well as my most recent online essay with attachments will be forwarded to the recipients indicated below.

I am returning your grievance form and the very interesting information brochure.

I regret that I cannot pursue a grievance against your office by bringing what is essentially a complaint before the same office that I struggle against.

The Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE) in New Jersey is not and cannot be impartial in any matters concerning me in relation to their now proven misconduct against me. 

The "good faith" required by law in an evaluation of a grievance is beyond the OAE with regard to me or any aspects of my life in New Jersey and, evidently, even beyond that unfortunate state.

Nothing prevents the OAE from initiating proceedings for unethical conduct against any one of the dozens of members of the bar -- including public officials or persons who have become judges -- whose nefarious or criminal conduct is detailed in the public media sources cited and/or quoted in my texts. 

This is to say nothing of the members of the bar found to be lying in public statements and/or under oath quoted in published sources in my texts.

I believe and will continue to say, publicly, that the OAE is corrupt and inept; that New Jersey's legal profession, judiciary, and politicians are the most unethical and criminal (with many exceptions) in the nation. 

These allegations by me will continue to be supported by objective sources and well-established facts in my published writings.

You, Mr. Ziff, state in your letter that I "make a number of allegations against a multitude of people without support."

If you had examined the attachments to my communications you would have found "numerous" examples of computer crime committed against my blogs and computers emanating from your government agency's computers and/or from the actions of persons affiliated with your office. 

Please refer to my "Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq." and the items sent to Mr. Vance which, I am sure, have been shown to you.

John McGill, Esq. who, at the time of his actions was a member of your office and of the N.J. Bar Association, submitted fraudulent testimony from a witness he knew to be lying for money in proceedings brought against me by the OAE. This fact has been known in Trenton for some time. 

In addition to this serious criminal and unethical action, Mr. McGill denied me discoverable material, also illegally, and lied about that fact as well as many other ethics infractions and violations of law for which he is responsible. 

John McGill, Esq., illegally, closed a bank account held by me and lied about doing so after slandering me to former friends and family members as well as former clients in efforts to solicit grievances against me. 

Among the N.J. attorneys committing crimes against me at the invitation of the OAE are: Gilberto Garcia, Esq.; Mary Anne Kriko, Esq.; Edgar Navarete, Esq. (who may also have "dipped" into his trust account); Estela De La Cruz, Esq (now a judge, allegedly, whose ostensible fondness for prostitutes results in the commission of criminal offenses); Alex Booth, Esq.; Howard Brownstein, Esq.; Nydia Hernandez, Esq. and Mr. McGill's "lackey" Lourdes Santiago, Esq. together with others offered no choice about what they were required to do or say against me.

Many persons were lied to (or threatened) by these lawyers and other persons to act against me. 

The unethical and criminal actions of these attorneys are certainly within your jurisdiction and do not require the filing of a grievance by me.

New Jersey's Supreme Court is well aware of these crimes and the continuing danger posed by this public farce created by your office. 

Whoever wrote the letter appearing over the alleged signature of William B. Ziff, Esq. is probably an unsuccessful participant in previous online debates against me and an accomplice to the commission of the crimes listed above. 

I believe the true author of what purports to be Mr. Ziff's letter of October 19, 2016 is a woman using many names online, including the name "Jill Ketchum."

There is a U.S. Justice Department criminal investigation of these matters so that letters such as Mr. Ziff's recent "communication" may be perceived as interference with such an investigation. 

I will not be intimidated nor discouraged in pursuing my remedies in these matters however long it may take to reach a federal courtroom.

If the OAE cannot tell the truth about who is actually writing their own letters, or why they are doing so, I cannot expect the agency to admit the truth about anything else.

Very truly yours,

Juan Galis-Menendez


Stuart Rabner, Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court (w/encls.)
Preet Bharara, Esq., U.S. Attorney, New York (w/encls.)
The Star-Ledger (w/encls.)
Gov. Christopher Christie (w/encls.)
Sen. Robert Menendez (w/encls.)
Cuban Embassy, Washington, D.C. (w/encls.)
Amnesty International, London (w/encls.)

October 15, 2016 at 11:52 A.M. There are aspects of my New Jersey experience that defy rational description: 

Compare Emma G. Fitzimmons & Patrick McGeehan, "Neglect Brings Steep Decline For N.J. Transit," The New York Times, October 14, 2016, p. A1 with Eli Rosenberg, "Misconduct Complaint Against Christie Has Merit, Judge Says," The New York Times, October 14, 2016 at p. A22.

The first article confirms many assertions made in earlier posts by me (as well as many others in New Jersey) that theft and incompetence have created a public peril for users of N.J. Transit (also for N.J. hospitals, airports, bridges and more), including endangering many New Yorkers. 

The second piece suggests that the state's governor not just the senior senator and hundreds of other lawyers, judges, or "public officials" may be corrupt and subject to indictment. 

Mr. Menendez and Mr. Christie are said to be distinguished and "ethical" members of the New Jersey Bar Association. ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")   

October 12, 2016 at 2:01 p.m. Due to insertions of "errors" overnight I will be making corrections today. I will have to delay the continuing posting of sources attached to the text. 

I cannot say how many other essays have been damaged by the latest attacks against these blogs taking place, evidently, with the cooperation of New Jersey authorities. 

For some reason my phone was inoperative this morning. I will try to correct the damage done to my works.

As of October 3, 2016 no response to my communications has been received from any U.S. police, prosecutors, judges or politicians. 

I have not yet received a communication of any kind from any public interest group contacted by me nor from a media outlet located in or controlled by entities in the United States of America.

I have reason to believe that non-U.S. entities are increasingly interested in me and advocating for justice in my matters. 

I am deeply grateful for all efforts on my behalf. 

I continue to anticipate and expect a response from the U.S. Justice Department. Specifically, I expect to hear from Preet Bharara, Esq., U.S. Attorney in New York. 

I can only write or access the Internet for 45 minutes per business day. 

Deformations of this text and alterations in the size of letters are always expected. 

Any home computer or laptop that I seek to use in order to write online will be destroyed or rendered inoperative. No doubt this computer crime is the result of Mr. Pizzuro's efforts. Lulu? ("How censorship works in America" and "Censorship and Cruelty in New Jersey.")

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that has been accepted by the United States of America and which is incorporated into U.S. law by way of the U.S. Code and also federal case law contains a number of guaranteed rights that have been (and continue to be) violated in my situation that is unfolding, publicly, before an international audience that contains many distinguished attorneys and jurists. 

I will enumerate some of the rights violated before the eyes of this audience. 

In addition to these rights violations American Constitutional protections have been and continue to be ignored by New Jersey authorities (thus far) with impunity:

ARTICLE 3: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person.

ARTICLE 4: No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slavery trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

ARTICLE 5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.

ARTICLE 6: Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a PERSON before the law.

Please see "What is it like to be plagiarized" and "'Brideshead Revisited': A Movie Review" then "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli" and "An Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq."

To be recognized as a person before the law is to receive the dignity and courtesy of a timely response or reply rather than silence from the mechanisms of the state in connection with public communication of criminal violations of the laws and of one's human rights as well as the rights of others. 

ARTICLE 7: All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. 

This includes Eric Garner, Freddy Gray, and every other African-American defendant in the U.S. legal system.

All are entitled to equal protection against discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against incitement to such discrimination.

Failures to respond to communications from U.S. citizens (and others) on an international level requesting the truth from New Jersey government and/or courts violates the provisions of Articles 7 and 8:

ARTICLE 8: Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental right guaranteed to him [or her] by the Constitution or by law.

ARTICLE 10: Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and IMPARTIAL tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

I have never been charged with a crime. There are no judgments against me of which I am aware. Also, the New Jersey Supreme Court's one paragraph decision in my matter which has been posted online by the OAE is now, admittedly, based on fraudulent testimony and perjury that has been the subject of lies and a cover-up in Trenton. 

Perhaps the intention of those posting this paragraph from the Atlantic Reporter (not the official reporter for the N.J. Supreme Court) was to embarrass me, but it merely has the effect of humiliating the tribunal deciding a matter that concerns me on the basis of criminal frauds and threats of innocent persons generated by its own Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE). ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")

According to that soiled tribunal's own previous decisions, the outcome in my matters has been rendered void ab initio and subject to dismissal as the product of a criminal fraud. I am awaiting that dismissal and appropriate apologies. 

I am confident that this, in fact, will be the judgment at least of the U.S. federal courts. In any case, the prior and now bogus N.J. Supreme Court decision is irrelevant to the U.S. Justice Department's criminal prosecution of computer criminals and other culprits in these matters.

ARTICLE 12: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his PRIVACY, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour [sic.] and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attack.

ARTICLE 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in PUBLIC or private, to manifest his religion or beliefs in teaching, practice, worship or observance.

ARTICLE 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through ANY media and regardless of frontiers.

Eleanor Roosevelt, et als. eds., Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Mass.: UN, 1948), pp. 2-5. (Adopted by United States of America and United Nations December 10, 1948.)

A copy of the completed essay appearing below with attachments and one hundred sources listed will be sent to Governor Christopher Christie of New Jersey; N.J. Senator Robert Menendez; the New Jersey Supreme Court; The Star-Ledger; Amnesty International, London; and the U.S. Attorney in New York. 

Rape is also a violation of basic human rights. Thefts of money owed to me from my office by Mr. McGill, "David," and others may also be "unethical." 

Peter J. Sampson & Paul Berger, "Wildstein Says Traffic Plans Weren't Secret: Testifies He Told Christie Aides, Ex-County Executives of Scheme," The Record, September 27, 2016, p. A-1. (Allegations that the plot to create a life-threatening traffic jam as political payback was well-known to Mr. Christie's Republican appointees at the Port Authority and others in Trenton, including N.J.'s governor, are now confirmed. Probably, Republican loyalist Stuart Rabner was aware of the plot.)

Kaja Whitehouse & Kate Sheehy, "Christie Cackled as N.J. Suffered," New York Post, September 28, 2016, p. 7. (Mr. Christie was "amused" that lives were endangered by the gridlock that was meant to demonstrate his power to officials in Fort Lee dependent on Trenton's approval for pending projects. When the right-wing media abandons a Republican official things can only get worse for that person. How could you lose the New York Post, Mr. Christie?)

Kate Zernike, "Ex-Ally: Scheme Made Christie Laugh," The New York Times, September 28, 2016, p. A1. (With a "chuckle" Mr. Christie declined to make any effort to reopen lanes and end the gridlock at the G.W. Bridge. No wonder I am still dealing with New Jersey's nonsense. Nothing and no one is on the "up-and-up" in the Garden State.)

Joe Malinconico, "Towing Firm's Campaign 'Gifts' Tally $100,000: Gave to Candidates of All Stripes," The Record, September 27, 2016, p. L-3. ("Pay-to-play" is alive and well in New Jersey. Each time a car is towed part of the cost of the towing will come back to officials under the table. Bob Menendez can explain that "method" to N.J. residents. This creates an incentive to seize persons' vehicles. And even to issue parking tickets to cars being repaired and located in different counties from where they are ticketed.)

Allison Pries, "14 Jurors Picked in Synagogue Attacks: Arson Trial May Last Five Weeks," The Record, September 27, 2016, p. L-3. (Aakash Dalal, 24, is charged with orchestrating a series of attacks against Jewish sites in New Jersey. Several "copy-cat" attacks have taken place recently and are likely to continue in protest over what Mr. Dalal may allege to be "double standards" favoring Jews in New Jersey's legal system. "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?")  

"China Visitors Draw Castro Into the Public Eye," Financial Times, September 27, 2016, p. 1. ("Former Cuban President Fidel Castro greets Chinese Premier Li Ken Qiang and his wife Cheng Hong during a visit shown in a picture released by Cuban officials yesterday." Fidel charmed his Chinese visitors with anecdotes from his meetings and experiences with Chairman Mao. It seems that Fidel Castro has hit the curve ball yet again.)

Julie Hirschfield Davis, "Obama Moves to Further Ease Cuba Embargo: Directive Makes Policy Harder to Reverse," The New York Times, October 15, 2016, p. A1. (Cuban rum and cigars are coming to a store near you. Finally, a genuine Cohiba.)

Somini Segupta & Rick Gladstone, "U.S. Abstains In UN Vote On Embargo Against Cuba," The New York Times, October 27, 2016, p. A8. (The abstention is: "A sign of the Obama administration's desire to fully repair relations." This correct decision by the Obama administration amounts to the concession that the embargo violates international law and, therefore, the human rights of the Cuban people. Let us hope that this archaic legislation can be repealed during Hillary Clinton's first administration.)  

S.P. Sullivan, "Ruling Tightens Access to Records: Court Officials Can Refuse to Confirm Documents Exist," The Star-Ledger, September 1, 2016, p. 1. (New Jersey officials can deny the truth to citizens in violation of federal Constitutional rights and are allowed to LIE about even the existence of a person's own records. New Jersey's practices have been disallowed by federal courts. Lying has been deemed to be a "way of life in New Jersey courts and politics." Mr. Christie claims that he was "never told" about this fact.) 

Paul Mulshine, "New Jersey Alarmingly Susceptible to Voter Fraud," The Star-Ledger, September 1, 2016, p. 3. (It is expected that, once again, thousands of deceased persons will vote in the forthcoming presidential election in the Garden State. Thousands of votes will also be cast for write-in candidates such as Vladimir Putin and Fidel Castro. According to the F.B.I., allegedly, New Jersey's computers have been hacked by multiple entities, including "non-U.S. actors." The damage to New Jersey from spectacular failures and corruption or criminal conspiracies such as those I struggle against is in the millions of dollars. Stop lying and tell the truth Mr. Centinaro and Mr. Rabner.)

Michael Weissenstein, "Santa Clara, Cuba: Commercial Flight From U.S. to Cuba Makes History," The Star-Ledger, September 1, 2016, p. 4. (Bob Menendez may seek to visit Cuba if he is convicted of corruption. The Cubans will return Mr. Menendez to U.S. authorities. Mr. Menendez claims that all charges are a "mischaracterization" of his humanitarian efforts. "Menendez Charged With Selling His Office" and "Was Menendez Bribed to Get a Visa For a Croney?")

Jessica Mazzola, "FBI Investigation of Library Grows to Include $48,000 Federal Grant," The Star-Ledger, September 1, 2016, p. 15. (Federal funds may have been stolen in N.J. libraries and other facilities. Mr. Christie claims he was also "not told" about this matter.)

Ted Sherman, "List of Names to Stay Secret: U.S. Appeals Court Rules Against Releasing IDs of Unindicted Coconspirators," The Star-Ledger, September 8, 2016, p. 1. (Federal court will protect N.J.'s unindicted co-conspirators, who are often informers and worse culprits -- typically, they may be lawyers and/or judges or schoolteachers -- at the expense of the people's right to know. These protected "sleazebags" are the same persons judging and commenting on the "ethics" of others. Maria Martinez? "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

Brent Johnson, "Governor Denies Any Role in Tax Deal Favorable to Trump," The Star-Ledger, August 18, 2016, p. 1. (Denials are utterly unbelievable. Mr. Christie's lies have become pathological. Like Mr. Trump -- whose fabrications and delusions have caused him to "live in his own reality," as Secretary Clinton suggested -- Mr. Christie appears to have lost the ability to distinguish truth from fantasy. A new investigation into the tax "reduction" issue has begun. This matter is worse than Bridgegate.)

"Gov. Christie's Shadow Over Bridgegate," (Editorial) The New York Times, October 27, 2016, p. A26. (Whatever the outcome of the Bridgegate trial, Mr. Christie is the biggest loser and his political career is, mercifully, over. There is little doubt about the sort of person that Mr. Christie is and/or of the sort of behavior that may be expected from New Jersey's governor, or concerning the skepticism that will greet his future statements on any subject. I am sincerely sorry for persons residing in New Jersey.)   

S.P. Sullivan, "Massive Child Porn Crackdown Nets 40 Arrests," The Star-Ledger, August 19, 2016, p. 1. 

"Forty men hailing from every corner of New Jersey have been charged in a statewide crackdown on the distribution of child pornography, authorities announced Thursday." 

The difficulty with this investigation and the numerous limitations on the well-intentioned effort to control the phenomenon of child-prostitution and -pornography in New Jersey is that the focus is on street-level users and distribution of this material. ("New Jersey's Child Abuse Epidemic" and "New Jersey is America's Child Porn Capitol.")

Every single county in the state and nearly all ethnic groups are represented among those arrested, but the forces generating this material with their connections to police, prosecutors, politicians and judges in N.J. were left "unexplored" and "untargeted" by the Trenton-based investigation, I believe, for obvious reasons. ("New Jersey Superior Court Judge is a Child Molester" and "Neil M. Cohen, Esq. and Conduct Unbecoming to the Legislature in New Jersey" then "New Jersey Rabbi Faces Child Porn Charges" and "New Jersey Lesbian Sends Nude Photos to Minor" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.")

New Jersey's politicians and corrupt law enforcement agents wish to be seen as "doing something" about the disgusting and blatant (as well as out-of-control) child abuse phenomenon in the Garden State. ("Another New Jersey Child Sex Scandal" and "New Jersey Rabbi Charged With Child Abuse.")

The same politicians and police, prosecutors, judges (and others) do not wish to have anyone engaging in public scrutiny of their activities and relationships to the lucrative industry generating billions of dollars in earnings by trading in this filth. ("New Jersey is the Home of Child Molesters" and "New Jersey Welcomes Child Molesters.")

This corrupt industry is among the few businesses thriving amidst the rotting corpses under the Turnpike and chemically-sprayed cranberry fields as well as medical waste-saturated beaches that declare "We're New Jersey!" to the state's friendly residents and kindly visitors from other places. ("Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Edward M. De Sear, Esq. and New Jersey's Filth" then "New Jersey's Filth, Failures, and Flaws.") 

Arresting consumers and low-level distributors of this repellent material will only result in the replacement of these people within a week. ("New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit" and "New Jersey's Political and Judicial Whores" then "New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court.")

It should be noted that among the arrested persons were a number of white collar professionals who no doubt contributed to the "higher end" work in the "industry." ("Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" and "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics.")

In fairness, Italian organized crime families rarely get involved in the child-prostitution and child-pornography industries because the penalties and corresponding risks are not to their liking nor do they approve of the business on moral grounds. Charging a fee for looking the other way is not beneath the mafia's dignity:

" ... 'No matter where you live in the state of New Jersey, this is happening there,' said State Police Lt. Pizzuro, [Mr. Pizzuro has been linked to the Genovese crime family, allegedly,] the commander [sic.] of the state's regional Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, in an interview at the force's technology center in Hamilton. 'This is pervasive.' ..."

Mr. Pizzuro may now be under investigation (by the feds) for targeting my blogs for computer attacks. Many mysterious phone calls to my home seem to have come from these "officers." ("Christie and Mastro Accuse each Other of Lying" and "Organized Crime Group in New Jersey's State Police" then "KKK Police Shocker in New Jersey" and "Driving While Black in New Jersey.")

Allegations of racism against Mr. Pizzuro are vehemently denied. ("Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism.")

These arrests may sound good to the uninitiated, but are really a distraction from the extent of the problem of corruption, incompetence, organized crime influence to say nothing of child abuse in New Jersey. ("More Mafia Arrests in New Jersey and Anne Milgram is Clueless" and "Cement is Gold in New Jersey.")

Child sexual abuse is a multi-billion dollar industry in New Jersey. ("New Jersey's Child Abuse Epidemic" and "Another Global Child Porn Network in New Jersey" then "14 Year-Old Girl Goes For $500 in Union City, New Jersey.")

"Many of the seized computers had more than 1,000 pornographic images of children stashed on their hard drives, authorities said. One allegedly held 76,000 files."

This amount of material is barely enough to keep Bob Menendez "entertained" over a long weekend, allegedly, to say nothing of "Little Debbie" Poritz or Neil M. Cohen, Esq., but it is sufficient to suggest a professional organization selling this stuff. Probably there are hundreds of groups (networks) like this in New Jersey. ("Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison" then "New Jersey Rabbi Faces Child Porn Charges.")

"All were charged with possession of child pornography and most also face charges of distribution for making the files available to others via peer-to-peer networks, authorities said. Under state law, those found to have distributed more than 25 pornographic images of children face mandatory five-year prison sentences authorities said."

Col. Rick Fuentes and Christopher Porrino, Esq., State Police Commander and N.J. Attorney General, respectively, were awoken from their dogmatic slumbers to comment on these developments together with allegations that placing child porn on computers is a time-tested New Jersey political tactic to "get rid of" opponents, like creating a traffic jam for a local mayor who refuses to obey Trenton's instructions. ("Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" and "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce" then "Another Global Child Porn Ring in New Jersey" and "Christie and Mastro Accuse Each Other of Lying.")

Neither of these "distinguished" gentlemen (I use the word "gentlemen" loosely), Mr. Pizzuro nor Mr. Porrino, were willing to answer questions about me. 

"I don't know nothing." Mr. Porrino was quoted as saying. I believe him. 

Mr. Pizzuro has chosen to remain silent on the advice of his attorney. ("More Mafia Influence in New Jersey.") 

"The accused, all men, [so far!] range in age from 20 to 72-years-old [sic.] and include a former Pennsylvania school teacher, construction workers, white-collar professionals and a custodian for the Long Branch school district." ("New Jersey's Child Abuse Epidemic.")  


Jonathan Chait, "Interview With Barack Obama, President of the United States of America," New York, October 3-16, 2016, p. 14. ("If they [Republicans] cooperated with me, then that would validate our efforts. If they were able to maintain uniform opposition to whatever I proposed, [emphasis added] that would send a signal to the public of gridlock and dysfunction, and that would help them win seats in the midterm [election.] They pursued that strategy [of non-cooperation] with great discipline." Please see the introduction to "Images and Death.")

Martin Amis, "Don the Realtor: The Rise of Trump," Harper's Magazine, August, 2016, p. 82, pp. 86-87. ("Emotionally primitive and intellectually barbaric, the Trump manifesto would be a reasonably good sick joke -- if it weren't for one deeply disturbing observation, which occurs on page 163. Every now and again Americans feel the need to exalt and heroize an ignoramus. After Joe the Plummer, here is Don the Realtor -- a 'very successful' realtor, who, it is surreptitiously hoped, can apply the shark-and-vulture practice of big business to the sphere of world statesmanship. I will italicize Trump's key sentence: after he announced his candidacy, 'a lot of people tried very hard to paint a bleak picture of what would happen.' New Paragraph: 'THEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SPOKE.' [emphasis added] We remember the bitter witticism about democracy: 'The people have spoken.' The bastards. ..." Mr. Trump clearly sees himself as called by history to rescue the nation, joining the others on Mt. Rushmore while earning yet another six-foot portrait, and -- best of all perhaps! -- making a few dollars while he's at it. The terms used by experts are: pathological narcissism, delusions of grandeur, excessive self-love, and far worse. Is this man fit to be President of the United States of America? Will Mr. Trump form coalitions with opponents and obtain cooperation from those he insults? Can women of good conscience vote for a person who holds the opinion that women's primary goal in life is to be a "10" and that a woman with small breasts will find it difficult to be a "10"?)

"Mr. Trump Goes Low," (Editorial) The New York Times, October 10, 2016, p. A20. ("Sniffing and glowering, Mr. Trump prowled behind Mrs. Clinton as she presented herself again as the only adult on stage, the only one seeking to persuade the great majority of Americans that she shares their values and aspirations. Mr. Trump, by contrast, fell back on the tricks learned from his years on pro-wrestling and reality television, making clear how deep his cynicism goes." Do Americans genuinely believe that Donald J. Trump is competent to hold the office of President of the United States of America?) 

Kate Zernike, "Witness Connects Cuomo to Bridge Case Cover-Up: Ex-Christie Ally Cites Fake Traffic Study Tale," The New York Times, October 5, 2016, p. A17. (I do not believe that N.Y.'s Governor Andrew M. Cuomo would "assist" Mr. Christie with Bridgegate and a CRIMINAL cover-up that placed people's lives in danger both in New Jersey and New York. This insinuation from Mr. Wildstein is intended to displace blame for the GWB crisis in order to preserve Christie's future political prospects which are now nonexistent. I do not think this strategy will be successful.) 

Ted Sherman & Matt Arco, "Wildstein Connects Cuomo to Cover-Up: Star Witness Says N.Y. Gov. Discussed Plan With Christie," The Star-Ledger, October 5, 2016, p. 1. (As the story continues to change and expand -- why not mention Mr. Cuomo before this? -- efforts to displace blame away from Christie take on a surreal aspect. Will Mr. Christie next blame Barack Obama for the traffic jam at the G.W. bridge? Are these smears of Democrat Cuomo coming from Trenton's Republican governor?)

Steve Strunsky, "Feds Seek Clues to Train Crash in Data Recorders," The Star-Ledger, October 5, 2016, p. 1. (Sabotage?)

Brent Johnson, "Fired Ex-Prosecutor Gets $1.5 Million Settlement," The Star-Ledger, October 5, 2016, p. 15. (Christie abused his power in a politically-motivated firing of a prosecutor. What is not politically-motivated for New Jersey's governor? Anything? Nothing?)

"Tax Deal Worsens N.J.'s Fiscal Crisis," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, October 5, 2016, p. 16. ("The state budget is already a disaster -- the second worst in the country, according to all three Wall Street rating agencies. And now the hole will get deeper." N.J.'s government and courts have been declared to be the most corrupt and unethical in the country by international bankers. Do you speak to me of "ethics" at the OAE? "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" then "More Problems For Menendez -- Tapes!" and "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics.") 

Dave Hutchinson, "Former Prep School Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sex Assault Charge," The Star-Ledger, October 5, 2016, p. 18. (Jason Fennes, 42, of Cranford, pleaded guilty to sexual assault and endangerment of a child accepting a seven-year prison term. Mr. Fennes had previously pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 1st grade girls. Accordingly, Mr. Fennes will receive another 14-year prison term on these charges in Morris County.)

Justin Zaremba, "Man and Woman Charged With Running a Prostitution House," The Star-Ledger, October 5, 2016, p. 18. (Michelle Bishop, 40, and Michael Bishop, 42, operated a brothel at which children, or legal minors, may have been among the sex workers. Did the client list in Mount Olive include lawyers, judges, police and prosecutors? I suspect so.)

Meg Wagner & Leonard Greene, "Porn to Run (for Prez): Trump Cameo in Nude Video Unearthed, Clown's Piggish 5 A.M. Tweets Ripped," The Daily News, October 1, 2016, pp. 8-9. (Journalists comment upon "Donald's tiny part" -- as it were! -- "in a Playboy video." Donald Trump's claims to be "huge" are examined and found wanting. Given Mr. Trump's prancing in such videos are the Republican presidential candidate's comments about Alicia Machado even more absurd than we previously thought? I believe so.)

Tom Haydon, "Cops Investigate Lewdness Reports," The Star-Ledger, August 19, 2016, p. 14. (Reports of a man fitting the description of Senator Menendez exposing himself to juveniles have kept Linden police busy. "Fact-finding," Senator? "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Menendez Blames Castro For His Prostitution Habit.")

Jeff Goldman, "Guilty Plea Expected in Sex Trafficking Case," The Star-Ledger, August 19, 2016, p. 14. (A Rhode Island man admitted he brought a 14-year-old runaway girl to a motel in Somerset County to force her into prostitution. This was only one of several men and women charged with bringing juveniles to New Jersey for this specific purpose since August because the state is deemed "convenient" for persons in this "industry.") 

Alfred P. Doblin, "At the PA They Asked, 'Who's Afraid of Wildstein Wolfe?'," (Op-Ed) The Record, October 3, 2016, p. A-9. (Mr. Wildstein has been described by former colleagues as a "despicable fool" who could only achieve a position of influence in New Jersey's corrupt political system. Hapless, clueless, malicious, mendacious, and incompetent -- miraculously, Mr. Wildstein was not appointed to the Superior Court bench even if he was considered for the judiciary at one point. "New Jersey's Judges Disgrace America" and "New Jersey's Failed Judiciary.")

Patrick McGeehan, "New Jersey to Raise Gas Tax by 23 Cents As Long Political Stalemate Ends," The New York Times, October 1, 2016, p. A1. (It is expected that substantial portions of N.J.'s new gas tax revenues will be stolen. Road conditions in New Jersey are even more life-threatening than the railways.)

Matt A. Chaban & Emma Fitzimmons, "Wreckage in New Jersey is Slow to Offer Answers," The New York Times, October 1, 2016, p. A17. (Neglect of New Jersey Transit conditions -- combined with possible sabotage -- makes the state's rail system an excellent potential weapon for terrorists as previously noted at these blogs and elsewhere.)    

Marissa Iati, ["Marissa Fuentes"?] "No Data On First Recorder in Wreck: N.J. Transit Engineer Tells Investigators He Doesn't Remember Crash," The Star-Ledger, October 3, 2016, p. 1. (Human error, incompetence, waste and theft from N.J. Transit's budget have now created an even greater catastrophe waiting to happen. Rail conditions alone are a disgrace and imminent danger to patrons of the state's trains. Much the same may be said of New Jersey's failed legal system.)

Joe Malinconico, "Paterson Leaders Settle Suit for $5,000: Ex-Official Accused in Overtime Scandal," The Record, October 4, 2016, p. L-1. ($5,000 paid to Lanisha Makle after $850,000 to settle 4 lawsuits filed by city employees in Paterson essentially alleging corruption makes the latest overtime disaster a nearly $1 MILLION "mistake." Not only are taxpayers paying for bogus overtime "work" that is not being done, but the public is endangered by conditions and threats that are not being dealt with as money continues to be stolen.)

Steve Jarnoski, "Woman Sues Over Being Filmed in Bathroom: Defendant Pleaded Guilty to Criminal Charge in Case," The Record, October 14, 2016, p. L-3. (Nicolas Sunday, 69, videotaped a then-17-year-old girl using his home bathroom. Such videos of minors are lucrative items in underground markets. Videos of me and others taken secretly are, apparently, in the possession of "David" and/or the OAE. I renew my requests to New Jersey for all records of interrogation sessions to which I was subjected while I was placed under hypnosis and in a drugged state. "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

AP, "Paterson Man Held On Child Porn Charges," The Record, October 4, 2016, p. L-2. (Carlos Macedo-Pascual, 33, a Bob Menendez supporter, has been charged with possession and distribution of child-porn. New Jersey is one of the world's greatest exporters of child-porn featuring victims primarily between the ages of 5-to-7-years-of-age. This defendant is only one of several persons, allegedly, involved in exporting such materials to other countries from the Garden State. No doubt the main concern of New Jersey's politicians is to figure out how they can tax child-porn so they will be able to steal the proceeds collected from "exporters.")

Matt Katz, "Corruption in the Soprano State," (Op-Ed) The New York Times, Sunday Opinion, October 2, 2016, p. 3. ("Chris Christie vowed to 'clean up' New Jersey [government and politics.] He failed." Laughable and disgusting judges; thefts committed by incompetent government officials in Trenton; police allied with organized crime; a computer crimes unit that commits computer crimes against persons "bosses" do not like; cops assisting in the distribution of child-pornography. Is this New Jersey's legal ethics, Mr. Rabner? I wonder if "Muhammad" from Time/Warner is a member of this so-called computer crimes unit? Racism, Mr. Pizzuro?) 

James Risen, "An Ex-Detainee, but Still  a Captive of 'the Darkness,'" The New York Times, October 12, 2016, p. A1. (America's torture methods or so-called "interrogation techniques" have made U.S. questioning methods anathema throughout the world. Invasions of privacy, assaults, thefts, unrelenting attacks on identity are now routine in the U.S. legal system. "An Open Letter to My Torturers Terry Tuchin ["Arthur Goldberg"? David Cohen?] and Diana Lisa Riccioli.")

Adam Liptak, "Justices to Decide Case Accusing Bush Officials of 9/11 Abuses," The New York Times, October 12, 2016, p. A13. (U.S. Supreme Court has been passive and indifferent to American tortures, so far. "Is America's Legal Ethics a Lie?")

Kate Zernike, "Lawyer Says Ex-Aide and Christie Spoke of Bridge Plot Beforehand," The New York Times, October 12, 2016, p. A19. (" ... the governor and his aides, keenly aware of Mr. Christie's presidential ambitions and how a second scandal could damage them, were more worried about keeping any evidence implicating his officials hidden." Does this sound familiar Mr. Rabner? The denials and theatrics by Mr. Christie were a farce meant to obscure the N.J. governor's role in the scandal.)

Ted Sherman & Matt Arco, "Ex-Christie Aide Denies Hearing Gov. Knew of Closures," The Star-Ledger, October 12, 2016, p. 1. (N.J.'s corrupt politicians can no longer remember -- nor keep straight in their statements -- their own previous lies. Is Deborah Gramiccioni a reader of my blog posts? Has Ms. Gramiccioni used fictitious names in the media and/or elsewhere? Was Ms. Gramiccioni a participant in debates at "The Philosophy Cafe" at MSN?)

Steve Strunsky, "Passenger Hurt in Crash to Sue N.J. Transit," The Star-Ledger, October 12, 2016, p. 13. (Sheldon Keft, 66, from Tenafly is the first passenger hurt in the Hoboken crash to sue New Jersey Transit. There will be many more such suits. If the troubles with New Jersey Transit are not dealt with soon, it is likely that there will be many more such accidents.)

Jeff Goldman, "Lawyer Disbarred After Conviction," The Star-Ledger, October 12, 2016, p. 18. (Thomas G. Frey, Esq. was disbarred after he defrauded 4 persons of $20,000 each. Mr. Frey was probably cooperating with the OAE in targeting colleagues in order to distract the authorities from his own activities. Alex Booth? Jose Ginarte? Herb Klitzner?) 

Paul Berger, "Port Authority Cops Say Baroni Told Them to LIE: Jury Also Hears of Christie's Anger," The Record, October 12, 2016, p. A-1. (Allegations of a Christie-created plot to LIE and cover-up efforts to create a traffic jam at the G.W. bridge even as Mr. Christie now expresses outrage at Donald J. Trump's less than charming behavior with women.)

Dustin Racioppi, "Christie 'Disturbed' by Trump's Talk," The Record, October 12, 2016, p. A-7. (Chris Christie has expressed "reservations" about Donald Trump's mishandling of the "bimbo eruptions," to coin a phrase, now destroying Mr. Trump's chances of becoming president. Mr. Christie's "handling" of the Bridgegate matter, however, leaves a great deal to be desired. "Christie's Bridge of Sighs.") 

Allison Pries, "Jurors Hear Messages Discussing Firebombing Plot: Lodi Man on Trial for Anti-Semitic Vandalism Spree," The Record, October 12, 2016, p. L-1. (One of many plots to burn Synagogues and other Jewish locations in New Jersey, allegedly. Similar attacks are growing in number in the Garden State.) 

Jonathan D. Salant & Larry Higgs, "Train Sped Up [sic.] Before Crashing, Feds Find: NTSB Says Engineer Tried to Apply Emergency Brake," The Star-Ledger, October 12, 2016, p. 1. (The engineer's memory block and choice to approach the station at 21 miles per hour -- twice the recommended speed -- coincides with the mysterious placement of more feces in New Jersey courtrooms. Is it true that the engineer's watchstrap was severed in the accident? "The Invicta Watch Company" and "The Invicta Watch Company Caper.") 

Thomas Moriarty, "Fed Grand Jury Renews Contested Allegations in Menendez Case," The Star-Ledger, October 11, 2016, p. 3. ("More than a year after a judge dismissed four counts of bribery [from a 13-count indictment] in the corruption case against Sen. Robert Menendez and Florida [eye doctor] Dr. Salamon Melgen, [sic.] a Florida grand jury Thursday renewed the accusation in a superseded [sic.] indictment." The new superseding indictment satisfies the concern of the District Court Judge in the estimation of the federal appellate panel overseeing this matter. This ruling allows for all charges against Mr. Menendez to be heard by the eventual trial jury. Furthermore, a second indictment against Senator Menendez may be pending in which events described in these blogs could provide a factual basis for the charges. The decision to seek certiorari for a U.S. Supreme Court review of this interlocutory appeal by Mr. Menendez, through his counsel, is doomed to fail because there is no "novel question on the merits" and it is likely that the Supreme Court will review these matters -- if at all -- only at the conclusion of trial-level legal proceedings. The First Amendment issue is absurd in a bribery case. "Menendez Charged With Selling His Office" and "Menendez Croney's Office Raided.")

Megan Thouy & Michael Barbaro, "Two Women Say Trump Made Unwanted Advances Long Ago," The New York Times, October 13, 2016, p. A1. (Is this man fit to be president?)

Jeff Goldman, "Bombing Suspect Faces 1st Court Appearance in New Jersey," The Star-Ledger, October 13, 2016, p. 2. (Ahmad Rahami will make a first appearance in New Jersey courtrooms. Experts predict more bombings -- possibly targeting New York once again -- coming from northern New Jersey.)

Mar Ann Spoto, "Man Admits Sexually Assaulting Girl, 11, He Met on Social Media," The Star-Ledger, October 13, 2016, p. 12. (Robert Clayton, 36, from Pittsburgh met a child on social media and arranged to take her to a hotel in Ocean County, New Jersey for sexual intercourse as well as for probable prostitution of the child. New Jersey, we are told, is "well known" to be the place for sex with children. "New Jersey Welcomes Child Molesters.")

Susan K. Livio, "Chiropractor Arrested in Radiology Referral Scheme," The Star-Ledger, October 13, 2016, p. 12. (Lawyers and chiropractors scheming to scam insurance companies kicking back to one another is pervasive in New Jersey. This helps to explain your insurance rates in the Garden State. Edgar Navarete, Esq.? Jose Ginarte, Esq.? Bass & Bass, Esqs.?)

Lindy Washburn, "Pair Admit to Kickback: Paramus Men Paid Doctors $850,000 for Referrals," The Record, October 13, 2016, p. L-1. ("The cases are part of a far-reaching, long-running web of corruption in the medical imaging business that has snared dozens of doctors and chiropractors [and lawyers,] lost millions of dollars for insurers and medicaid, and led state law enforcement to create a special commercial bribery task force for the health care industry." No doubt this task force is headed by Mr. Pizzuro.)

Jessica Mazzola, "Cop Groped Woman During Traffic Stop, Federal Suit Alleges," The Star-Ledger, October 11, 2016, p. 16. (Ricardo Arias-Vasquez, a Bob Menendez supporter -- who is probably voting for Mr. Trump in the presidential election -- groped a woman he pulled over in a traffic stop. Allegedly, the victim still received a ticket.)  

David A. Faringhold, "AG Orders Trump Charity to Stop Work: Foundation Failed to Properly Register With the State of N.Y.," The Star-Ledger, October 4, 2016, p. 1. (Mr. Trump's so-called "charity" failed to comply with N.Y. law and its expenditures may constitute criminal violations of the law.) 

"Christie LIES For Trump," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, October 4, 2016, p. 14. ("The Washington Post revealed Donald Trump's foundation is such a wide-ranging scam that it cannot be considered a charity. Gov. Chris Christie obediently went on talk radio to insist Trump had given away 'tens of millions of dollars,' with zero evidence to back that up." When confronted with the facts, will Mr. Christie explain that "no one told him" about Donald Trump's scams and lies?)

Kate Zernike, "Prosecutor Rests Case Against 2 Christie Aides," The New York Times, October 14, 2016, p. A24. (It looks good for the prosecutor at this stage, but then it always looks good for the state before the defense presents its case. The political damage to Christie is already devastating.)

"Donald Trump vs. a Free Press," (Editorial) The New York Times, October 14, 2016, p. A26. (Given the fictitious names writing bogus articles in the Times and cooperating with censorship efforts against online writers, I hate to say it, but Mr. Trump may have a point about bias in the media. "Ought Implies Can" and "The Gray Lady is Red Faced" then "Is the universe only a numbers game?")

Ted Sherman & Matt Arco, "Ex-Insider Takes Back Gov 'Lied' Comment: 'It was a poor choice of words,' witness testifies," The Star-Ledger, October 7, 2016, p. 9. (Christina Genovese Renna -- who has been linked to organized crime in New Jersey, allegedly -- said she LIED when claiming that Mr. Christie LIED. Is Christina LYING now? Or was Ms. Renna LYING then? Is Christie LYING now? Or was Christie LYING at all times in this matter? "Deborah Gramiccioni" a.k.a. "Diana Lisa Riccioli" says she "don't know nothing"? "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison" and "Marilyn Straus Was Right!")  

"Could This be Bridgegate: The Sequel," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, October 7, 2016, p. 10. (Far worse than Bridgegate is possible bribery of the governor in the Trump tax matter or fixing a prosecutor's investigation of corruption by removing the prosecutor. Evidently, both of these practices are now being attributed to Mr. Christie, an ethical member of the bar, whose friends may be posting photographs of unknown felons and attaching them to my name. Over 300 photos of persons attached to my name have appeared online, none of the persons depicted happens to be me. One of the photographs is of Leonardo Di Caprio. I am truly flattered. "A Doll's Aria" and "Richard and I.")

Anthony G. Alterino, "Gym Owner Accused of Molesting Girl," The Star-Ledger, October 7, 2016, p. 12. (Jason Cruize, 45, a Bob Menendez supporter and no relation to Tom Cruize, is charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact with a juvenile girl. Mr. Cruize offered the victim and her mother 20% off on all gym fees.)

Spencer Kent, "Dozens Are Indicted in $15 MILLION Bank Scam," The Star-Ledger, October 7, 2016, p. 16. (A grand jury charged 47 people and 44 companies in a sprawling international bank ring. Numerous lawyers in New Jersey have participated in facilitating these scams. Many of these lawyers are now ethics officials while others are no doubt on the way to the judicial bench. Gilberto Garcia? Samson and Wolf? "New Jersey's Judges Disgrace America" and "New Jersey's Failed Judiciary.") 

Kate Zernike, "Co-Worker Says Christie Aide Asked to Delete Email About Lane Closings," The New York Times, October 7, 2016, p. A24. (Ms. Renna said she was "told" to delete her emails and, presumably, to then lie about her stated conclusion that Christie lied at his now infamous press conference. Did Ms. Kelly lie? Did Ms. Renna Lie? Or did Mr. Christie lie? All three of these persons seem to have credibility issues.)

Benjamin Wieser, "Judge Reflects on Terror Trials and a Career's End," The New York Times, October 11, 2016, p. A21. (Kevin Thomas Duffy is one of a dying breed of judges who does not regard himself as a rubber-stamp for the government or any party in litigation even as a former prosecutor. What is being lost by judges in this cowardly age is any sense of the necessary INDEPENDENCE of the judiciary. Who is calling the shots for you, Mr. Rabner?)

Kate Zernike, "Defense Questions the Motivations of a Key Witness at Lane-Closing Trial," The New York Times, October 8, 2016, p. A16. (Was Ms. Renna's testimony driven by grudges or by a little cash and/or a favor for her "godfather" and "godmother"? Friend of yours Ms. Weinberg and Ms. Gramiccioni? "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")  

Ted Sherman & Matt Arco, "Wildstein: I Told Christie's Inner Circle About Bridgegate Scheme," The Star-Ledger, September 29, 2016, p. 1. (Keep these allegations in mind as they undergo "evolutions" through conflicting testimony. "On Bullshit.") 

Kate Zernike, "Former Christie Aide Says He Was Duped About Bridgegate Lane Closings: A Defendant Says He Was Persuaded That a Plot Was Part of a Traffic Study," The New York Times, October 18, 2016, p. A17. (Mr. Brioni's self-serving, absurd, mealy-mouthed protestations notwithstanding, he was clearly part of this moronic and testosterone-driven effort to flex Mr. Christie's political muscles for the benefit of Fort Lee's hapless mayor. Wildstein, Baroni, Christie and others involved in this sordid mess, allegedly, are "ethical" New Jersey lawyers. The analogy to my situation is obvious and compelling. Persons -- like Mr. Rabner? -- are still lying and covering-up in an effort to escape liability. The danger to others means nothing to these people. You decide who is unethical. "No More Cover-Ups and Lies Chief Justice Rabner!" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.") 

Samantha Marcus, "Public Employee Pension Fund Lost Money, Officials Say," The Star-Ledger, September 29, 2016, p. 3. (What was previously denied is now admitted: N.J. officials -- especially under Mr. McGreevey -- gambled with the people's money, maybe hoping to skim something off the top of future earnings on investments, and have lost, or stolen, millions of dollars from the account over the years because there were no earnings only losses. Ethics?)

Dustin Racioppi & Peter J. Sampson, "Wildstein Names Another Christie Aide: Says Spokesperson Knew of GWB Plot," The Record, September 29, 2016, p. A-1. (After denying Mr. Wildstein's accusations -- as Mr. Baroni is doing now -- Michael Drewniak now seems to "recall" discussing the matters with Mr. Wildstein. It seems clear that the gridlock was designed to pressure and humiliate Fort Lee's mayor at Christie's request. Deaths of innocent persons would be mere "collateral damage.")

Allison Pries, "Temple Vandalism a 'Punch to the Gut': Jewish Leaders Testify in Firebombing Trial," The Record, September 29, 2016, p. L-1. (More such incidents have taken place in Bergen County where authorities want to keep things quiet so they can lie about the reality on the ground.)

Myles Ma, "Judge: Complaint Against Christie Can Move Forward," The Star-Ledger, October 14, 2016, p. 1. (Citizen-activist Bill Brennan, correctly, alleges that Mr. Christie KNEW of the lane closings while they were happening and should have halted them. This is criminal wrongdoing by the governor. I concur with this assessment. Worse, and far more criminal, is the possible reduction of Mr. Trump's tax bill from $30 million to $5 million in exchange for a possible future appointment for Mr. Christie in an increasingly unlikely Trump presidential administration and/or for some cash under the table to say nothing of "favors" for Exxon in accepting an absurdly low settlement figure for their irreversible damage to New Jersey's cancerous environment no doubt in exchange for political contributions to Republicans. Is this New Jersey's "legal ethics"?)

Michael Sleah, David Porter and Michael Belsamo, "N.J. Transit Tops U.S. List of Accidents," The Star-Ledger, October 14, 2016, p. 9. (N.J. Transit had an accident rate of 2.7 per million miles traveled, nearly one full accident for every million miles higher than that of the second most accident-prone railroad in America. More N.J. Transit catastrophes are expected endangering New York and New Jersey residents.) 

Ted Sherman & Matt Arco, "FBI Agent: Kelly's Emails Go Missing -- Incriminating Missives to Wildstein Were Deleted, Witness Says," The Star-Ledger, October 14, 2016, p. 11. (The Port Authority's power struggles have been likened by one witness to the ongoing warfare between sunnis [N.Y.] and shiites [N.J.] in the Islamic world. The person known as "David" or "Arthur Goldberg" is a member of David Wildstein's G.O.P. brigade; whereas "Deborah Gramiccioni" a.k.a. "Diana Lisa Riccioli" is a member of the Democrat lesbian "Love-Fest" as it is known in Trenton: "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" and "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli.") 

Anthony G. Alterino, "Police Charge Four With Forcing Girls Into Prostitution," The Star-Ledger, October 14, 2016, p. 14. (Edwin A. Bonita, 22, of N.Y. was among those charged -- several women were involved also -- with transporting juveniles to New Jersey for the purposes of prostitution and creating child-porn probably. Men from other parts of the country, routinely, spread throughout New Jersey to foster prostitution among children as young as 5-to-7-years of age in some instances. This level of activity can only be explained by cooperation from dirty cops, prosecutors, and judges.)   

Jessica Mazzola, "Two More File Suit Against Ex-Priest," The Star-Ledger, October 14, 2016, p. 15. (Rev. Mitch Walters -- a Bob Menendez supporter -- has now been charged with molesting three children in the eighties and nineties. More charges are expected.)

Kelly Heyboer, "What if Kelly Implicates the Governor On the Stand?," The Star-Ledger, October 17, 2016, p. 1. (Ms. Kelly may implicate Gov. Christie on the witness stand. Everyone else has done so. I believe that Ms. Kelly was following orders which, ultimately, must have come from Christie. Lies?) 

"Shameful Silence on Mr. Trump's LIES," (Editorial) The New York Times, October 18, 2016, p. A22. (Mr. Trump's flagrant lies border on delusions. They are "the shameful lies of a shameful liar." Estela De La Cruz? Maria Martinez? Is this man "Arthur Goldberg's" candidate for the presidency? Mr. Christie? Mr. Rabner? Liars, sleazebags, filth like these "gentlemen" and "ladies" are among the first to judge the ethics of others in New Jersey, allegedly, but rarely take a good look at themselves. "New Jersey's Filth, Failures, and Flaws.")

Elizabeth Goitien, "Secret Law is Bad Law," (Op-Ed) The New York Times, October 18, 2016, p. A23. (Secret laws offend the due process clause of the U.S. Constitution. Behind-the-back efforts to target persons denied rights to confrontation, cross examination, transparency are the weapons of totalitarianism. Justice Brandeis said it best: "Secrecy is the enemy of freedom.")

"A Pivotal Moment in the War to Free Iraq From ISIS: Victory in Mosul will be shortlived in the absence of a political process," (Editorial) Financial Times, October 18, 2016, p. 10. (Correct. Best editorial on developments in Iraq. Foreign Office concurs?)   

Kate Zernike, "Lawyer For Christie Aide Says She Was Made Scapegoat in Bridge Plot," The New York Times, October 20, 2016, p. A20. (Bridget Anne Kelly was made the scapegoat for a scheme that, clearly and obviously, could only come from the governor and his closest advisers. The goal for Mr. Christie may have been "to put this on" Ms. Kelly as the only woman and weakest member of his inner circle.)

Kate Zernike, "In Bridge Trial, Prosecutors Liken Ex-Christie Aides to Film Villains," The New York Times, October 19, 2016, p. A20. (New Jersey's version of Watergate has featured a cast of characters as unsavory and blind to the moral reality of their actions as the men who served President Nixon during one of the nation's darkest periods. Many of these persons still do not understand what is at issue in this scandal even as the OAE fails to appreciate what their corruption and lies in my matters is doing to the global perception of the state's legal profession, judiciary, and court system. "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" then "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.") 

Ted Sherman & Matt Arco, "Prosecutor: Baroni Part of Christie Inner Circle," The Star-Ledger, October 19, 2016, p. 1. (Mr. Baroni was a surrogate for Governor Christie to whose office in the governor's mansion all paths lead in this crisis. New Jersey's Chris Christie should have been indicted with the others.)

Alex Napolitano, "Teacher Facing Sex Charges Claims He's Victim of Racial Bias," The Star-Ledger, October 19, 2016, p. 14. (Adrian McConney, 39, charged with a sexual relationship with a young woman who was his high school student at the time of the affair alleges the insistence on a custodial sentence in his matter is due to racism. I am not convinced by this claim and tend to agree with prosecutors that a little time out is needed.)

Mary Ann Spoto, "Police: Woman Used Son, 11, to Shoplift," The Star-Ledger, October 19, 2016, p. 14. (Linda D'Alessio, 42, possibly a lesbian and maybe a sex worker, used her 11-year-old son to shoplift from local establishments. A majority of children prostituted in N.J. are exploited by adults they know, often their own parents.)

Joshua Goldman & Raphael Salter, "Assange's Web Access Cut Off: Ecuador Says Move is Tied to Clinton Leaks," The Record, October 19, 2016, p. A-1. (Probably the same people seeking to prevent me from writing online are hoping to destroy Wikileaks. Allegedly, Mr. Kerry -- at the request of the Clinton campaign -- has requested the silencing of Mr. Assange. This may be unwise since there are instances in which the U.S. welcomes Wikileaks disclosures.) 

John Seasly, "Hackensack Plans $3 Million Payment to Zisa: To Cover Lost Wages and Fees for Ex-Chief," The Record, October 19, 2016, p. A-1. (A pay-off to the now convicted former Police Chief of and Municipal Court Judge in Hackensack, Ken Zisa. Is this reward for conviction sending the right message to other corrupt officials in New Jersey?)

Paul Berger, "Baroni Grilled On His Role in Closings: Prosecutor Calls Him Christie's Attack Dog," The Record, October 19, 2016, p. A-1. (Mr. Baroni -- who claimed he was deceived by the "traffic study" canard -- may have developed many of the initial Christie administration lies that were intended to delay the crisis. Mr. Baroni's failure to recognize responsibility befits a member of the bar and former legislator in New Jersey. Mr. Baroni is not facing legal ethics charges at this time.)

Mark Mueller, "Fugitive Preacher Caught in Honduras: Jury Found Man Guilty in 2015 of Molesting a New Jersey Boy," The Star-Ledger, August 22, 2016, p. 1. (Gregory Martinez -- a Bob Menendez supporter -- has been arrested in Danli, Honduras as a fugitive from justice after his conviction for molesting a boy in Hudson County, New Jersey. Evidently, Mr. Martinez did the same in Honduras. Given what would happen to this culprit in a Honduran prison he is lucky to be sent back to Hudson County. )  

Bill Gallo, "Couple Found in Dirty Van With Young Son, Drug Paraphenalia," The Star-Ledger, August 22, 2016, p. 5. (It is not surprising to learn that these people would very likely prostitute their child to support a drug habit. They may have found the right state for their lifestyle.) 

Ted Sherman & Matt Arco, "Kelly Has Toughest Questions Yet to Face: Federal Prosecutors Will Cross-Examine Ex-Christie Aide Today," The Star-Ledger, October 24, 2016, p. 1. (Ms. Kelly's testimony is convincing on the origins of the bridge plot with Mr. Christie's inner-circle and, probably, this means Mr. Christie himself. It is equally clear, however, that rather than being "horrified" by the events unfolding in Fort Lee, Ms. Kelly relished her little bit of power. Cruelty seems to come easily to most people. Maria Martinez?)

"N.J. Transit Execs Need to Open Up to State Lawmakers," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, October 24, 2016, p. 6. (Executive Director of N.J. Transit Steve Santoro did not bother to appear before a joint legislative committee in Trenton to answer questions about safety concerns at the railroad. Is this "hearing" a media event Mr. Santoro could afford to ignore? Or are New Jersey officials seriously concerned about what needs to happen at N.J. Transit? The only inference to draw from Mr. Santoro's absence is that these proceedings are a farce to lead voters to believe that "something is being done" about a real danger at N.J. Transit when nothing is happening to deal with the problems.)

Dustin Racioppi, "A Peek Inside Trenton's Political Shop: Bridgegate Testimony Reveals Murky Role of IGA Office," The Record, October 24, 2016, p. A-1. (Like Richard Nixon's "secret cabinet" Mr. Christie's "political shop" -- or closed circle of loyalists in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs [IGA] that was run by Mr. Stepien -- created a "bunker" for the governor. All the governor's men were, in fact, responsible in different degrees for the Bridgegate fiasco. The parallels to Watergate are striking.)

"Shootings by Police: Let attorney general lead investigations," (Editorial) The Record, October 24, 2016, p. A-9. (Why do people following events in my interesting adventure with New Jersey authorities laugh when they hear New Jersey lawyers speak of "transparency and accountability"? New Jersey police will be protected and the truth will be concealed when African-Americans and others are shot by cops under mysterious circumstances. Mr. Porrino says: "We're stronger than the storm.")

Kate Zernike, "Christie Aide Says She Thought Lane Closings Were a Traffic Study," The New York Times, October 22, 2016, p. A16. ("Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee." Bridget Anne Kelly.)

Patrick McGeehan, "N.J. Transit Chief a No Show at a Legislative Hearing on Safety," The New York Times, October 22, 2016, p. A18. (Steven Santoro was a no-show to answer questions about N.J. Transit's safety precautions. Perhaps Mr. Santoro's N.J. Transit train was slow, delayed, or simply broke down on the way to Trenton preventing him from getting to the hearing on time.)

Vivian Yee, William K. Rashbaum, & Arielle Dollinger, [Jenifer Shuessler,] "Nassau County Executive, His Wife [sic.] and a Town Supervisor Are Indicted," The New York Times, October 21, 2016, p. A21. (Edward P. Mangano is "connected" in New Jersey and New York. Mr. Mangano and others were trading government contracts for little "gifts" for themselves and their friends. It has been suggested that Mr. Mangano should move to New Jersey.) 

Mark Mueller, "Ex-Pastor Who Fled Child Sex Conviction Back in the U.S.," The Star-Ledger, August 23, 2016, p. 3. (Gregorio Martinez is back in the U.S. After a conviction for molesting a 13-year-old boy in Hudson County, New Jersey, Mr. Martinez molested a 14-year-old boy in Honduras. Does Mr. Martinez continue to support Senator Menendez? "I love America!" Mr. Martinez said.)

Kelly Heyboer, "N.J. Schools Among the Most 'Gay Friendly,'" The Star-Ledger, August 23, 2016, p. 3. (With sharpening decline in academic standards -- together with corruption and mounting arrests of teachers and others for molestation -- New Jersey's schools may at least take pride in welcoming gay and multi-gendered "others." I am sure that Mr. Christie is delighted by this celebration of alternative sexual lifestyles among New Jersey's children even as state schools fail academically. "Why Jane can't read" and Humanity and Humanities in Decline.")     

Sara Jerde, "School's Sex Abuse Suit Settled for $1.9 Million: 21 men whose accusations against Bergen Catholic staff date to '63 will share award," The Star-Ledger, August 23, 2016, p. 15. (Bergen County and Church officials covered-up and lied about KNOWN child abuse committed at Bergen Catholic over decades to protect insiders. OAE? Finally, justice is being done after 40 years of pointless suffering for many innocent people. "That's Jersey for ya!" Shame on you, Mr. Rabner.)  

Kate Zernike, "Ex-Aide Testifies Christie Had 'Memory Issue' About Bridge Lane Closings," The New York Times, October 25, 2016, p. A23. (When Mr. Christie -- who was given to throwing objects at assistants if he was upset -- asked about Bidgegate "he already knew [because] she [Ms. Kelly] had already told him about the closings, which had been sold to her as a traffic study, before they began in September, Mrs. Kelly said, and [Christie was told] at least twice during the week they were taking place.")

Erica Goode, "Why Big Liars Often Start as Small Ones," The New York Times, October 25, 2016, p. A19. (Perhaps Mr. Christie's selective memory results from his brain's being desensitized to dishonesty. Apparently, the trouble often begins with persons using fictitious names that allow them to escape all responsibility for their statements. "Manohla Dargis Strikes Again!")

John Hurdle & Richard Perez-Pena, "Ex-Pennsylvania Attorney General Is Sentenced to Prison in Perjury Case," The New York Times, October 25, 2016, p. A12. (Kathleen G. Kane, former Pennsylvania Attorney General and, allegedly, an honorary member of Trenton's so-called "Lesbian Love-Fest," was sentenced to 10 to 23 months in prison for perjury and obstruction of justice. "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "On Bullshit.")

Charles Stile, "Kelly Feared She Was Being Set Up, [sic.]" The Record, October 25, 2016, p. A-1. (Christie shouted at his people to bring the "truth" about the GWB crisis to his attorney even as he had yelled at them to create the crisis in question a few weeks earlier.)

Kathleen Canestrino, "Zisa Machine Still Hurting Hackensack," The Record, (Letter to the Editor) October 25, 2016, p. A-9. (" ... Zisa has filed a formal tort claim notice to sue the city and indirectly taxpayers for $30 million more in damages for his mental anguish, among other things. [emphasis added] That would be a total of $33 million for the ex-chief. Mayor John Labrosse called that pure greed and contempt for taxpayers, and I completely agree." Here is the crucial point: "In 2013 our new administration broke the stranglehold that the Zisa family held on Hackensack for decades. Since then we have closed a huge budget gap and delivered the first city tax rate cut in 10 years. It's a shame that the legacy of the Zisa political machine still looms over the taxpayers." Compare "More Mafia Arrests in New Jersey and Anne Milgram is Clueless" with "The Zisa Family Goes to the Mattresses.") 

Allison Pries, "Firebombing Defendant Told Details of Spree: Jury Sees Interrogation Video," The Record, October 25, 2016, p. L-1. (Aakash Dalal, 24, and Anthony Graziano, 24, terrorized North Jersey's Jewish community. Similar incidents over the past several months and years have been chronicled in Union and Hudson Counties as well as elsewhere in New Jersey. There will probably be more such incidents during the forthcoming holidays partly, I believe, because of the frustration and anger seen in Donald J. Trump's rallies generated by the Republican candidate's irresponsible rhetoric.)

Claude Brodesser-Akner, "Weinberg Demands Law Firm Refund $8 Million Fee for GWB Probe," The Star-Ledger, October 25, 2016, p. 1. (Senate Majority Leader and alleged "Queen of the Lesbian Love-Fest," Loretta Weinberg, Esq., said that "the law firm hired by Gov. Chris Christie to conduct a state-financed investigation [or to represent the governor?] of the scandal over the lane closings at the George Washington Bridge should refund $7.8 million to New Jersey taxpayers." Failure to refund such illicit fees resulting from a conflict of interest is tantamount to theft and should be grounds for disbarment even if the OAE is bribed or intimidated to look the other way. Mr. Christie should pay his own legal fees. Ms. Weinberg should refrain from having sex with women who are unconscious and half her age. "Marilyn Straus Was Right!" and "New Jersey Lesbian Professor Rapes a Disabled Man" then "Christie and Mastro Accuse each Other of Lying.") 

Sara Jerde, "Bergen Catholic: 8 More Claim Abuse at School," The Star-Ledger, October 21, 2016, p. 7. ("Eight more former Bergen Catholic High School students have come forward to accuse former staff members at the school of sexual abuse." Cover-ups, as with the ongoing N.J. boy scout sex scandal, involving prominent N.J. officials, allegedly, have OBSTRUCTED prosecutions and lawsuits for years with the goal of protecting influential persons. OAE? "Have you no shame Mr. Rabner?" then "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.") 

Justin Zaremba, "Ex-Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sex Charges," The Star-ledger, October 21, 2016, p. 18. (Donna D. Pierce-Faley, 30, pleaded guilty to sex with a student despite alleged lesbian affiliations. "New Jersey Lesbian Sends Nude Photos to Minor" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.")

Ted Mann, Erica Orden, & Corina Ramey, "Cuomo, Christie Talked as Bridge Scandal Unfolded," The Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2016, p. 1. (New York's Governor Cuomo was pressing for a resolution and the truth about the bridge crisis as well as supporting Mr. Foye, the true hero in Bidgegate, and not helping Christie lie about a cover-up of the true motive for the traffic jam.)  

Kate Zernike, "Prosecutors Use Texts to Portray Former Aide as an Eager Warrior for Christie," The New York Times, October 26, 2016, p. A27. ("A defendant testifies she was petrified by a micromanaging, volatile governor." Ms. Kelly seemed to delight in tormenting N.J. commuters until it became clear that she was being "set-up" to take the fall for this nightmare. John McGill? Mr. McGill is certainly no master mind in this matter.)

Dustin Racioppi, "Feds Put Kelly's Testimony Under Fire: Question Her Role, Motive in Traffic Jam," The Record, October 26, 2016, p. A-1. (Ms. Kelly has lost her status as the innocent ingenue led astray by Mr. Christie in the GWB melodrama. Ms. Kelly approved of the traffic jam until the headlines "hit the fan" as it were.)

Thomas Moriarty, "Ex-Watershed Gets 6 Months in Scheme," The Star-Ledger, October 26, 2016, p. 4. ("Giacomo 'Jack' De Rosa,' 68, pleaded guilty in January in U.S. District Court to a charge of laundering $85,000 in payments from the Watershed [Commission] between 2008 and 2013." Allegations of "cuts" to Stuart Rabner and Bob Menendez cannot be confirmed. Nothing surprises me in New Jersey.)

Thomas Moriarty, "Former Professor Ordered to Pay $4 Million for Sexual Assault," The Star-Ledger, October 26, 2016, p. 7. (Anne Stubblefield was found guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a handicapped man whose family was awarded $4 million by an Essex County judge." Please see: "New Jersey Lesbian Professor Rapes a Disabled Man" and "American Psychologists' and Psychology's Acceptance of Torture.") 

Thomas Moriarty, "Man Gets 6 Years for Embezzling $1 Million," The Star-Ledger, October 26, 2016, p. 16. (Alleged former distinguished member of the New Jersey Bar Association Miye Chan, 36, stole more than $1 million from customer accounts. The OAE and Mr. Ziff will not be overly troubled by such incidents because they seem to be obsessed about having been humiliated in debates against me. "Why I am not an ethical relativist" and "John Finnis and Ethical Cognitivism.")

Anthony G. Alterino, "Frat House Gang Rape Alleged by Ex-Ramapo Student," The Star-Ledger, October 26, 2016, p. 13. ("A woman who attended Ramapo College two years ago claims she was lulled into a frat house and raped by members of the fraternity and other students, according to a federal law suit filed in U.S. District Court." Congratulations on opting out of the New Jersey legal system which is an utterly failed court system according to international experts. For women to abuse, exploit, even rape, a vulnerable young woman is especially disgraceful and unforgivable. How can you live with yourselves? Ms. De La Cruz? Ms. Riccioli? Ms. Weinberg? "Marilyn Straus Was Right!" and "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest" then "The F.B.I. Wants Assata Shakur.")

Ben Horowitz, "Court: School Had Duty to Report Alleged Abuse -- Former Teacher Accused of Touching His Students," The Star-Ledger, October 26, 2016, p. 11. (Montville schools and Board of Education -- like the OAE -- engaged in a cover-up and LIED about sexual abuse of vulnerable students, minors and persons rendered helpless, or unable to consent, by Mr. Fennes. Will they ever learn to tell the truth in New Jersey? "No More Cover-Ups and Lies Chief Justice Rabner!" and "Deborah T. Poritz and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.")