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"Self/Less": A Movie Review.

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Kate Zernike & Noah Remnick, "Port Authority Chief Testifies Christie Ally Pressured Him to Reclose Lanes to Bridge," The New York Times, September 22, 2016, p. A25 (emphasis added). 

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"Self/Less": Director: Tarsem Singh; Writers: David Pastor and Alex Pastor; Starring: Sir Ben Kingsley as "Damian Hale"; Ryan Reynolds as "Edward Kidner"; Natalie Martinez as "Madeline"; Mathew Goode as "Albright"; Michelle Dockery as "Claire"; Melona Hardin as "Judy"; Victor Garber as "Martin"; Derek Luke as "Anton"; Cinematographer: Brendan Galvin; Editor: Robert Duffy; Release Date: July 10, 2015; Running Time: 115 Minutes; Rated PG-13.

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Brian Tallerico, "Selfless Movie Review & Film Summary," (2015)


"Coming of age in the universe." 

Tarsem Singh is a philosophically-minded film director whose previous movies (with a single exception) are unknown to me. I will make it a point to see "The Fall." 

Mr. Singh's latest work "Self/Less" is a subtle meditation on questions of personal identity, individualism in Western terms, compared with (or set against) communitarianism (in global terms) that also touches on the most profound metaphysical mysteries concerning responsibility and love that define the boundaries of selfhood, or the point of any life's journey.

The title of the movie has been listed as "Self/less" and "Self/Less." The second version makes more sense to me. ("'Inception': A Movie Review.") 

These are the traditional issues associated with the "What-is-the-meaning-of-life?" question that analytical philosophers today are much too scientific and professional to answer. ("Is clarity enough?")

The wisdom of the movie has to do with the lessons learned by the protagonist "Mathew Hale" -- who is in "hell" at the start of the story -- about transcending selfishness, or possessive individualism and greed, in order to appreciate as well as accept the "overlapping boundaries of selfhood" that constitutes true human identity by way of "being with" (involvement) with others. ("John Finnis and Ethical Cognitivism" and "The Allegory of the Cave.")  

We are told that self-giving to others is only another way of speaking of love. ("Drawing Room Comedy: A Philosophical Essay in the Form of a Film Script" and "Faust in Manhattan.")  

The moral lesson concerning sacrifice of the ego is found in all of the world's great religions, of course, but it is certainly central to the ethics of Hinduism that may have been a formative influence on Mr. Singh. 

This ancient wisdom is also captured in the metaphor of the transmigration of souls, reincarnation, rebirth -- the "virgin birth" in Western terms -- that may take place for any of us without actually experiencing our deaths or the destruction of our fragile bodies. Gillian Rose, Love's Work: A Reckoning With Life (New York: Shocken Books, 1995), pp. 59-106. 

The film suggests that spiritual death is entrapment in ego. Greed, hatreds, desire to dominate others is the disease that kills millions of people and is bringing about the obliteration of our world often by placing persons in golden cages (Mr. Trump?) before it does so.

Perhaps it is fitting that some scenes featuring the dying billionaire were shot, allegedly, in the famous "Trump Tower" in New York. ("Inummerate Ethics" and "Roberto Unger's Revolutionary Legal Theory.")

The goal of the self is "selflessness" or return to what Buddhists describe as "the primal unity of self-and-world." This process of "unselfing" (Iris Murdoch) is what the Hindu scriptures call Nirvana. (This "undelfing" is described in the great texts of Hinduism as "coming of age in the universe.")

It is only the maturing of the soul that makes the death of any individual body meaningless. Houston Smith, The Religions of Man (New York: Harper & Row, 1958), pp. 14-90, pp. 90-159 ("Hinduism, Buddhism") and Josiah Royce, Lectures on Modern Idealism (New Haven: Yale U. Press, 1919), pp. 115-213 then T.L.S. Sprigge, The Vindication of Absolute Idealism (Edinburgh: Edinburgh U. Press, 1983) on "panpsychism" and T.L.S. Sprigge, "Spinoza: His Identity Theory," in Ted Honderich, ed., Philosophy Through its Past (London: Pelican, 1984), pp. 149-174. 

Mr. Singh has some fun with his characters by dramatizing familiar puzzles from analytical philosophy focusing on the metaphysics of personal identity -- what are called "reduplication" problems in "reincarnation cases" (Bernard Williams) -- happily discarding the various solutions offered by Western thought to these conundrums: the bodily criterion, materialism, mind/body dualism, individualism as distinct from social identity theories, opting for the psychological (including memory) criterion found in Mind independent of any particular body but necessarily contained in some embodied form. ("Derek Parfit's Ethics" then "The Galatea Scenario and the Mind/Body Problem" and "'Ex Machina': A Movie Review.")

Western science, including psychoanalysis and psychology, are satirized and found somewhat guilty of the "sin" of excessive individualism which is a kind of selfishness. Amelie Oskenberg Rorty, ed., The Identities of Persons (Los Angeles, New York & London: U. Ca. Press, 1969), entirety, and Amelie Oskenberg Rorty, ed., Explaining Emotions (New York & London: U. Ca. Press, 1980), pp. 507-519. (See my discussion below of the "Sleeping Beauty" paradox in epistemology and logic.) 

More than one mind can inhabit a single brain and body in our story without necessarily learning to share nicely. Numerous cases of split personality are very well documented in psychological journals. Kathleen V. Wilkes, Real People: Personal Identity Without Thought Experiments (Oxford: Oxford U. Press, 1988), pp. 132-168. ("Being in two minds.")

It may be best to set forth the different levels of meaning and the ideas in the movie by summarizing the plot with philosophical excursions and digressions along the way in order to conclude with my assessments of the performances and general success of the work.

Before embarking on this analysis, however, I should point out that the script displays impressive training in analytical philosophy on the part of one (or both) writers. 

The plot dramatizes and manages to comment upon famous thought experiments discussed by distinguished thinkers such as Bernard Williams, David Wiggins, Robert Nozick, Peter Strawson and Iris Murdoch among many others:  

"Let us suppose, however, that surgeons in the twenty-first century are able to connect the nerves from Brown's brain to the nerves in Robinson's body. The result of the operation, call him Brownson, will then be a completely healthy person, without any paralysis, with Robinson's body, but in character, memories and personality quite indistinguishable from Brown, and this not as a consequence of some freak accident, but because of his possession of Brown's brain [consciousness] (there might be a problem about how Brown's personality can express itself in the Robinson body if we imagine that the two bodies are very dissimilar in appearance, so, for the sake of the example, let us imagine that this is not so; let us imagine in fact that Robinson is Brown's double). Now who will this person be?"

Harold Noonan, Personal Identity (London & New York: Routledge, 1991), pp. 4-5. 

Professor Noonan discusses medical cases where the two hemispheres of the brain are severed resulting in "twin cognitive identities" developing in patients each unaware of what the opposite "side" of the body/self is "doing" along with examples of severe psychosis producing distinct "personalities" in patients -- sometimes personalities of different races and genders that are entirely unaware of each other -- inhabiting the same physical body. 

In fact, there are documented instances of persons literally seeing very different faces staring back at them from mirrors over short periods of time: one face exists in the morning; while in the afternoon, the very same individual staring in a mirror will encounter a younger person of a different race (or gender) staring back at him/her. 

Persons suffering from these disturbances are often unable to account for the phenomenon or to explain exactly who is "inside" their minds and bodies. R.D. Laing, Self and Other (London: Tavistock, 1961), pp. 29-114, a second edition of this work appeared in 1969. Dr. Laing's classic study of schizophrenia is still unsurpassed: R.D. Laing, The Divided Self (London: Tavistock, 1960).  

Compare A.W. Moore, "On Neither Wanting to Die Nor Wanting to Live Forever," Oxford Philosophy, Summer, 2010, p. 10 with A.W. Moore, The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics: Making Sense of Things (Cambridge: Cambridge U. Press, 2012), pp. 44-64. 

Are we skin-encapsulated egos?  

Donald J. Trump-like billionaire "Damien Hale" (Sir Ben Kingsley) is suffering from terminal cancer. Even as Hale is dying, however, he feels the need to avenge the slightest insults or wounds to his giant ego, continues to accumulate wealth while refusing to accept the different life-choices made by a neglected daughter "Claire" (played by Michelle Dockery). 

Informed by "Professor Albright" (Mathew Goode) of a new medical procedure called "shedding" that allows for the transference of the dying person's consciousness to what is ostensibly an "artificially grown healthy body" for a mere $250 million, Damien decides to undergo the procedure so as to "defeat" death. 

Death is initially understood in Western terms as the adversary of life and love in order for the protagonist to achieve the wisdom to accept death in more Eastern terms as the fulfillment and completion of life. 

The journey undertaken in the story, as I have indicated, is from greed and possessive individualism towards altruism and ethical awareness or concern for others that involves a kind of dispossessing of the self or giving away of "things." ("Law and Literature" and "Innumerate Ethics.") 

The central myth associated with this narrative in the Western tradition is the legend of Faust. Today Lucifer is a scientist. Science performs all the miracles now. Science is also feared for its ambiguous destructive power. American anti-intellectualism often demonizes scientists and scholars of all sorts. This film is no exception. 

There always seem to be unexpected and usually nefarious side-effects accompanying scientific achievements, especially in movies. Splitting the atom leads to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of persons; industrialization and new technologies produce lethal pollutants and climate warming. 

Materialism in the form of the bodily criterion of personal identity (which most persons take for granted) is rejected in this narrative. Mr. Hale's body (including his brain) dies. Damien Hale is reduced to "neurological patterns" that we are told constitute his "consciousness" or "mind" which is then transferred to a new body formerly known as "Edward Kidner" (Ryan Reynolds). Presumably this is not "the artist formerly known as Prince." ("The Galatea Scenario and the Mind/Body Problem.")

Please compare Stephen Priest, Theories of the Mind (New York & Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1991), pp. 154-161 (embodied minds) with Robert Nozick, Philosophical Explanations (Cambridge: Harvard U. Press, 1981), pp. 29-114. ("The identity of the self.")

The new name, "Edward Kidner," clues us in to the "kidney-donor"-like status of this fascinating character. Edward's body -- presumably his body is something distinct from Edward -- was not in fact grown in a laboratory, but belonged to a "real" human being (not an actor?) forced by need for funds (are we sure this is not about an actor?) to cure his daughter's illness by sacrificing his body as, indeed, many persons in the world that Mr. Hale rarely considers sell their "organs" or their freedom and sexual parts out of desperation or misery. No, actors and their "images" and "personas" are often not "real" human beings. ("'Unknown': A Movie Review" and "'The Adjustment Bureau': A Movie Review.") 

Mind cannot survive without a body providing a unitary "perspective." Hence, the artists behind this film seem to believe (for the purposes of the story) in a form of transcendental idealism which is currently very much in vogue: Ken Wilber, The Spectrum of Consciousness (London: The Theosophical Society, 1985), pp. 82-106 and Rupert Sheldrake, The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Inquiry (London: Coronet, 2012), pp. 212-231. ("Are minds confined to the brain?")

A number of developments in science are compatible with the rich metaphysical tradition of Hinduism and Buddhist theories of identity: Amit Goswami, Ph.D., The Quantum Doctor: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine (Charlottsville: Hampton Roads, 2004), pp. 169-219 ("Mind/Body Medicine") and Amit Goswami, Ph.D., The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World (London & New York: Penguin, 1995), pp. 37-40 ("Probability Distribution ").

More importantly, perhaps, sacrifice as "self-becoming" is the central theme in the film. Sacrifice is associated with a "person's" willing loss of ego, or with loving as an "other-regarding" emotion. See Iris Murdoch's novel, The Message to the Planet (New York & London: Penguin, 1991) and Iris Murdoch, Existentialists and Mystics: Writings On Philosophy and Literature (London: Penguin, 1997), pp. 221-235 then Terence Cave, "Fictional Identities," in Henry Harris, ed., Identity (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1995), pp. 99-129. (Is "Edward Kidner" any more fictional than "Ryan Reynolds"?)

Albright prescribes medication (red pills in tribute to The Matrix) to alleviate vivid hallucinations suggesting to Mr. Hale that his delightfully convenient new body was actually another human being with needs, loves, sufferings and joys as important and genuine as Mr. Hale's feelings. 

There is a moment in the movie when Mr. Hale/Edward explains to a beautiful young woman that he "hasn't seen anything like this in fifty years ..." which alone is worth the cost of this movie for me. 

The billions of "little people" who make the world turn (as Leona Hemsley explained) are, shockingly, as real and should be as important as the so-called "movers-and-shakers" celebrated in American folklore. 

It is often the suffering and sacrifices of such "little people" that makes "our" comfort as members of the privileged classes in the First World possible. 

Having relocated to New Orleans and enjoying the possibilities (athletic and otherwise) of his new physical envelope, befriended (allegedly) by "Anton" (Derek Luke), who demonstrates the ephemeral nature of such trivial matters as race in this brave new world, Mr. Hale/Edward is tormented by the memories of his predecessor as the occupant of a new body. To whom do memories "belong"? ("What is memory?" and "Out of the Past.") 

Images of the woman loved by Edward named "Madeline" (beautifully acted by Natalie Martinez) and their now healthy and lovely young daughter, Anna, drive the protagonist to find this woman and child who constitute his "other life." 

This other life, strangely, feels more satisfying and meaningful than Hale's privileged existence despite the difference between Hale and Edward in terms of material wealth. This new feeling leads to the question as to which of the two characters, Edward or Hale, is more "successful"?

Ms. Martinez possesses a husky and musical voice as well as an exquisite smile that leads me to understand Edward's affections.

This film provides the best performance by Ryan Reynolds that I have seen. There is a genuine acting challenge in communicating -- often on the basis of subtle expression and gesture beyond the script -- the experience of a seventy-year-old man in a thirty-year-old "body." 

It is my understanding that Mr. Reynolds (or is that Ryan Gosling?) is starring with Harrison Ford in the forthcoming sequel to "Blade Runner." I am eagerly looking forward to that movie.

There are well-documented cases of severe fugue states or profound schizophrenic reactions in psychotics where the afflicted persons report experiences that exactly reflect some of the adventures undergone by Edward/Hale in this story: Chris C. Sizemore, "Real 'Three Faces of Eve,' Dies at 89," The New York Times, Sunday News, August 7, 2016, p. 20. (Ms. Costner-Sizemore developed more than 20 distinct personalities that were documented by researchers.) 

Attempts are made to silence "Mr. Hale" by killing Edward's body. Bodies seem to come and go in this movie, but "selves" endure transcending the confinements of material or physical vessels and revealing the true meaning of Dr. Francis Jensen's "transhumanism": the boundaries of the self are mere illusions. 

At the conclusion of his journey Mr. Hale/Edward will come to terms with Claire through expressing his love and by accepting her life-choices, also the finality of death, and not merely through the provision of money. 

Hale yields to the claims of Edward to a chance at life by giving his place to another (or others) with grace, dignity, and peace. 

Hale chooses mortality so that another person (or persons) can live. 

Mr. Reynolds is playing a Third World or Latino character in this movie, or a blue collar American of indeterminate ethnicity, to depict the universal humanity of this man that in turn allows audience members to identify with Edward's experiences whatever they think of Damien Hale and regardless of what their their own ethnicity(ies) may be. 

This is a remarkable achievement (which is far from easy) that suggests possible global superstar status for Mr. Reynolds in the years to come. 

Action sequences and firefights make the movie entertaining to the mostly male audience -- together with their long-suffering girlfriends -- who will see the film numerous times detecting the implied associations with "Jason Bourne" and "James Bond."

"The connection [with others,] says Schopenhauer, is fellow-feeling, compassion, and this in turn rests on self-identification. 'To a certain extent I have identified myself with the other man, and in consequence the barrier between the ego and non-ego is for the moment abolished; only then do the other man's affairs, his needs, distress, and suffering, directly become my own. I no longer look at him as if he were something given to me by empirical intuitive perception, as something different from me. On the contrary, I share the suffering in him, in spite of the fact that his skin does not enclose my nerves. Only in this way can his woes, his distress, become a motive for me; otherwise it could be absolutely my own. I repeat that this occurrence is mysterious, for it is something our faculty of reason can give no direct account of, and its grounds cannot be discovered on the path of experience. And yet it happens every day; everyone has often experienced it within himself; even to the most hard-hearted and selfish [persons] it is not unknown. Every day it comes before our eyes, in single acts on a small scale.' ..."


" ... Empathy and compassion are made possible, [Schopenhauer] tells us, by the fact that each of us is, in his inmost nature, at one with the noumenal, [Altman, or "Worldsoul,"] and the noumenal is one and undifferentiable; therefore all of us in our deepest nature are one with each other, are undifferentiable from each other. I am not merely similar to other human beings -- it is merely on the surface that similarity appears: at the bottom they and I are literally one and the same thing. ... Morality is practical metaphysics."

Bryan Magee, "Metaphysics of the Person," in The Philosophy of Schopenhauer (Oxford: Oxford U. Press, 1983), pp. 196-197, pp. 198-199 then Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, Volumes I & II, (New York: Dover, 1969), pp. 334-412 (in Volume I) and Baruch Spinoza, Ethics (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co., 2002), "Book IV, "Of Human Servitude or Bondage" and Bernard Williams, "The Makropolous Case: Reflections on the Tedium of Immortality," in Problems of the Self: Philosophical Papers 1956-1972 (Cambridge: Cambridge U. Press, 1973), pp. 82-101. 

Are "transcendence of the ego" and personal identity merely "probability assignments" based on memory?   

"On Sunday, Sleeping Beauty is told that a coin will be tossed. If the coin comes up tails, then she will be woken up [sic.] Monday and on Tuesday with memory erasure in-between, as in the simplified version. If the coin comes up heads, then she will be woken up on Monday alone. [And without memory erasure.] It doesn't matter for present purposes if the coin toss is interpreted as a classical event described by objective chance or as a quantum event (described by many-worlds branching). The question at the heart of the paradox is what probability Sleeping Beauty should assign to 'heads' when she wakes up at T1. The dominant ('Thirder') view [shared by Tarsem Singh] is that the answer is 1/3 (Elga 2000); the minority ('halfer') view [shared by me] is that the answer is 1/2 (Lewis)."

Compare Peter Lewis, "Quantum Sleeping Beauty," with Bernard d'Espagnat, "Quantum Weirdness: What we call reality is just a state of mind," then see Rupert Sheldrake, Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation (Vermont: Park Street Press, 2009), pp. 42-65 and Paul Davies, The Mind of God: The Scientific Basis for a Rational World (New York: Touchstone, 1993), pp. 19-39. (See the film "Fifty First Dates.")

Hale's/Edward's character(s) and dilemma provides a number references to "Schrodinger's Cat" in the famous quantum physics hypothetical as well as, or in relation to, the "Sleeping Beauty" paradox in epistemology and logic. ("Dialectics, Entanglement, and Special Relativity.") 

Which version of Hale/Edward emerges from a number of quantum probability assignments depends on the entanglements or "dialectical relations" developing with Madeline and Claire as well as other persons encountered in each of the "branching case" narrative options offered by the movie. 

We all become many selves in our various lives depending on the others to whom we "orient ourselves" as Jean-Paul Sartre expresses it. ("The Galatea Scenario and the Mind/Body Problem" then "Metaphor is Mystery" and "Magician's Choice.") 

Compare "Immanuel Kant and the Narrative of Freedom" with my book: Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Freedom (North Carolina: Lulu, 2004) ("The Hermeneutics of Freedom"). 

Identity rather than being a fixed quality, something relatively static as it was for many persons in past decades, is transformed these days into a much more dynamic, fluid, ephemeral quality of selves floating in the social world then disappearing into the protean "branching" possibilities conjured by constantly altering relationships in a world where the scenery is shifting all the time. ("Conversation on a Train" and "Hansel and Gretl.")

Mr. Singh, wisely, offers narrative choices for you, the audience member, to make on behalf of these characters and the meaning or trajectory of our story. ("Bernard Williams and Identity" and "Is it rational to believe in God?")

Optimistically, the meaning of the film is that Damian Hale has learned the ultimate moral lesson leading to peace and self-fulfillment with the relinquishing of mere "things" and by accepting his mortality even as Edward has earned the right to his life and loves. 

The movie belongs to you after you have seen it and shared the adventure with these characters. ("'Total Recall': A Movie Review" and "'Interstellar': A Movie Review.")

The quantum universe that is under construction by each of us, similarly, belongs to every one of us. ("Images and Death.")

Reality may be seen as very bad and frightening; or just the opposite, as the only locus of meaning and beauty where goodness and truth are meant to triumph even if they often seem quite elusive. ("'Inception': A Movie Review" and "'Ex Machina': A Movie Review.") 

Success for the artists creating this work lies in the fact that you cannot help caring about these characters whose adventures and feelings are now "real" since you have shared them. 

Perhaps this is the director's subtle hint concerning identity: What and who "we" are is always a matter of negotiation and struggle, something shared, given and taken, no less fictional in the end than is Hale/Edward or this entire adventure and no less quickly vanishing into the cultural ether. 

All of these things -- the meaning of "Self/Less," as a work of art, and your meaning -- are dependent upon the choices and relationships which we make that then make (and remake) us in turn. Dialectics. 

There is a deliberate echo of Prospero's closing monologue in Shakespeare's "Tempest" as we recall that our story (despite all the action sequences) is really about death and transcendence whatever these things mean for us and no matter what else we see in the narrative. 

With the dissolution of Hale's personality there is a restoration and resolution or definition of Edward's persona and life. 

We all must leave the scene so that others may have their all-too-brief moments in the limelight. Like Tarsem Singh we will all soon have to "abjure magic, drown our books, ... and leave not a rack behind." 

I wonder whether Mr. Singh has reached what is laughingly called "middle age"? (''In Time': A Movie Review.")

The lesson reinforced here is about "letting go" of the illusions by which we distract ourselves from mortality through trying to forget what matters in life. ("Shakespeare's Black Prince" and "'The English Patient': A Movie Review.")

We must either learn to love one another and share ourselves, willingly, or we die spiritually long before we die physically. 

"In many spiritual traditions," Robert Solomon writes, "the purpose of life itself becomes the achievement of such a [spiritual] transformation. For some, it could happen in a moment, like St. Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus. For others, it may take a lifetime of ritual and practice, like those Tibetan monks whose self-discipline is legendary. For most people, the transformation of self may be nothing more than total immersion in a group and a tradition. But for those of us who enjoy the mixed blessing of seeing beyond all traditions and thus finding ourselves without an anchor in the world, spirituality is rather an arduous process, filled with doubts and misgivings, skeptical of glib formulations and platitudes, frustrated with the limitations of the personalities we have worked so hard to create over the course of a hard-headed lifetime. But if the self to which spirituality and philosophy refers is nothing other than the everyday self, neither is it just the every day self, and ... the tremendous effort to discover or realize our better selves is what spirituality is all about. Thus, to borrow an old observation from Hegel, spirituality is a process rather than a result. This may seem far less than the true enlightenment that spirituality often promises, but this naturalized notion of spirituality is, in this narcissistic and materialist age, something worth striving for."

The point is finally very simple:

"The soul meets spirit and spirituality, not only in suffering but in cosmic joy [emphasis added] and humor as well, what Nietzsche famously referred to as the Dyonysian aspect of human life."

Spirituality For the Skeptic: The Thoughtful Love of Life (Oxford: Oxford U. Press, 2002), p. 140. 

I have quoted from Robert Solomon's final book which was written as the author was dying. Only a person in such a condition, perhaps, may speak of death in association with humor and joy because it can provide a sense of closure and fulfillment to a life well-lived.       


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Christie and Mastro Accuse Each Other of Lying.

September 26, 2016 at 2:57 P.M. "Errors" were inserted in this text that are not found in my previous copy of the work that has been sent to the recipients listed below. 

I cannot say how many other writings at these blogs have been damaged by New Jersey-based computer criminals. 

September 7, 2016 at 1:07 P.M. Packages of materials (as indicated below) were mailed to the following recipients:

President Raul Castro of Cuba
The Embassy of Cuba to the United States of America
2630 16th Street
Washington, D.C. 20009
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Certified Mail: 705 0640 0002 8359 4251.

Charles Centinaro, Esq.
William B. Ziff, Esq.
Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE)
The Supreme Court of New Jersey
P.O. Box 963
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Tracking Number For Priority Mail: 905 5121 7077 6251 0176 21.

Preet Bharara, Esq.
U.S. Attorney For The Southern District of New York
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New York, N.Y. 10007
Tracking Number For Priority Mail: 9505 5121 7077 6251 0176 38.

Any communications pertaining to this matter sent to (or received by) me will be copied and mailed to the U.S. Attorney's Office. 

It is likely that my parcel and communication to the Cuban Embassy will be reviewed by U.S. intelligence agencies which I have contacted, but the papers sent should be received, eventually, by Cuban diplomats. 

I am confident that a response will be sent to me by Cuban embassy officials and also from the U.S. Justice Department. There is even an excellent chance that I will actually receive such responses in my mail box at some future date.

Computer criminals continue to alter my blog site and obstruct my access to these writings. I am sure that these criminals are New Jersey government officials and/or ex-officials acting with the cooperation of persons still in authority in Trenton. ("John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")   

September 6, 2016 at 1:49 P.M. I was blocked from signing-in at computer number #6, Morningside Heights branch of the NYPL by a bogus notice suggesting, falsely, a lack of Internet access. This notice may have come from computer criminals affiliated with New Jersey government agencies and it will be sent to the OAE along with the essays and materials listed below. The items with proof of mailing indicating computer crime will also be sent to President Raul Castro of Cuba by way of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C.; Preet Bharara, Esq., The U.S. Attorney in New York; and to Charles Centinaro, Esq. and William B. Ziff, Esq. in Trenton, New Jersey. These "gentlemen" may be in a position to identify the persons responsible for these daily crimes against me, readers of these texts, the New York Public Library and the people of New York as well as other jurisdictions.  

August 2, 2016 at 1:56 P.M. An alarm went off at the Morningside Heights branch of the NYPL. The reason for the alarm is not clear, but I was required to exit the library five minutes into my time. I returned to the library and was given the opportunity to use the remaining computer time. This is, possibly, the tenth time the alarm has gone off exactly as I sign-in to a computer. ("How censorship works in America" and "Cubanazos Pose a Threat to National Security.")

July 21, 2016 at 2:06 P.M. I encountered a new sign-in page at blogger for my blogs. I cannot say whether I will be able to continue writing, access to these blogs may be obstructed at any time, and these texts may be destroyed. I will continue to do my best to write at public computers.

As of late July, 2016 there has been no response from American police, prosecutors, or judges -- nor from any politician -- to my communications with numerous proofs of computer crimes and other very serious offenses committed against me as well as many innocent persons, ostensibly, by New Jersey officials and their friends. ("An Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq.")

In a city and nation in which African-American persons along with members of other disfavored groups are arrested, threatened, beaten, and even murdered, publicly, by police for selling cigarettes on the streets of our cities, or driving with a broken taillight, to the obvious indifference of their federal "overseers" continued silence and apathy aimed at protecting a few privileged persons in New Jersey is offensive and an affront to the Constitution. ("No More Cover-Ups and Lies, Chief Justice Rabner!" and "Have you no shame Mr. Rabner?")

The American legal system cannot function with any plausible claim to legitimacy or ethics when such blatant contradictions, lies, hypocrisy and disdain for the laws become routine.

Mr. Rabner, it is not your task as Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court to protect Ms. Poritz (or anyone else) at the expense of the dignity of your court. Public crimes and the persons committing them in this matter are far from subtle or intelligent, but they are highly visible examples of corruption and double-standards that make "ethics" accusations against victims ludicrous. ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Filth, Failures, and Flaws.")

An attitude of contempt for the humanity of people like Eric Garner (or myself) suggests that America's Constitutional promise of equal protection of the laws and due process has become a lie. 

To ask other countries to conform to our alleged notions of legality or ethical principles when U.S. officials are seen to violate law and ethics with impunity makes a mockery of all notions of "American Exceptionalism." ("Vladimir Putin's Advice to America.") 

There has not yet been a communication of a decision to avoid or "not proceed" with an investigation of the matters brought to the attention of the authorities by me that include allegations of rape, kidnapping, theft, computer crimes, misrepresentations of legal authority, false identifications as public officials, obstructions of justice, perjury and other public lying by New Jersey lawyers and officials as well as various other frauds (using U.S. mails) emanating from New Jersey and many other criminal offenses. ("John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

The only official response (so far) that I am aware of is silence together with "cooperation" with that silence from a frightened and docile media. 

This official silence denigrates the humanity of persons whose rights and dignity do not seem to matter enough for self-styled "law-and-order" types to deem it worth their while to even acknowledge these victims or their sufferings. ("So Black and So Blue in Prison" and "Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism.") 

Ethics and statutory obligations requiring a good faith response to communications from citizens to U.S. officials continue to be ignored. 

The best analogy I can offer to illustrate my experience is being trapped in a bank in the midst of an armed robbery, calling the police on my hypothetical mobile phone, only to be ignored and receive no response. 

In addition, it appears that others inquiring about my matters are also being ignored and that the media is powerless to cover the situation. There is an increasingly surreal aspect of this bizarre experience for me and many readers of these texts in a variety of settings.  

I am gratified by the support of many persons on an international level and from non-U.S. media. I welcome the good wishes of thousands of persons in many places in the world. 

I will attach one hundred sources to the essay that appears below indicating the continuing recent pattern of disgusting corruption and perversion in New Jersey. Yet another package containing copies of items revealing computer crime committed from OAE computers will be mailed to that agency's offices in Trenton with proof of mailing to be posted at this blog. 

I normally spend five to twenty minutes of my limited writing time dealing with computer harassment of one kind or another as well as various attempts to create a disruptive and loud environment for me and anyone else using the New York Public Library, evidently, with the consent of New York officials whose silence is also mysterious. ("New Jersey's Disgraced Judges" and "New Jersey's Failed Judiciary.") 

A copy of the essay with attachments will also be mailed to the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C. where officials may be able to assist U.S. authorities in identifying some of the culprits from Union City and Miami that, perhaps, are only too well-known to that country. ("Is Union City, New Jersey Meyer Lansky's Whore House?" and "American Hypocrisy and Luis Posada-Carriles.") 

Is this spectacle of incompetence and corruption what New Jersey's legal "ethics" amounts to, Mr. Rabner? ("Stuart Rabner and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.") 

Paul Berger, "Who Has Christie's Missing Phone?," The Record, June 30, 2016, p. A-1. (GWB defendants seek data on that phone, but the governor's and his lawyer's "stories" about the whereabouts of the missing phone conflict. Each is essentially accusing the other of lying. Are they both right?)

Tim Darragh, "Christie's Law Firm Contradicts the Governor: Attorneys Say They Returned His Cellphone After Checking the Device For Evidence," The Star-Ledger, June 30, 2016, p. 13. (The governor's lawyers say they returned the phone -- why did they not wish to hang on to it? -- and, by implication, they say that the governor is lying when he denies that they did so. There was no indication from those same lawyers as to the "evidence" found on that phone which has now been, mysteriously, "wiped clean" by someone "nobody knows who.")

Brent Johnson, "Governor Denies Any Role in Tax Deal Favorable to Trump," The Star-Ledger, August 18, 2016, p. 1. (Mr. Christie claims that he "had no knowledge or involvement in" a N.J. settlement with Donald J. Trump and his Garden State enterprises "negotiated" by the state's Attorney General, together with the tax collectors in Trenton, whereby "The Donald" will pay a fraction of taxes due -- about $5 million on a $30 million debt -- for mysterious and unexplained reasons. Mr. Christie was "not told about the deal," he says, and was astonished to learn of the settlement in a newspaper story. Evidently, one of his aides may have texted a friend yesterday quoting the ghost of Ronald Reagan: "There he goes again!" Is it likely that New Jersey's governor would not be aware of such a massive settlement involving the interests of his so-called "friend" who is the Republican nominee for the presidency? I doubt it. Exactly how much is coming back to Mr. Christie in one way or another is difficult to say. Perhaps the New Jersey governor's "reward" will be an appointment in what I am sure will be a mythical Trump presidential administration. Mr. Christie seems to have concluded the month of August with a rejection of an increase in the minimum wage for New Jersey's least well off workers who do not get to submit their bills to the taxpayers. Let them eat cake, Mr. Christie?) 

Brent Johnson, "Weinreb Seeks Answers to Trump's AC Tax Break," The Star-Ledger, August 26, 2016, p. 13. ("One of Gov. Christie's most vocal critics in the New Jersey Legislature said she's filed a public records request to the governor's administration seeking documents related to a controversial $25 MILLION tax break the state gave in 2011 to the Atlantic City casinos owned by Donald J. Trump." Ms. Weinberg has been called the "Queen of the Lesbian Love-Fest." I have reason to believe that Ms. Weinberg is one of my most devoted readers. Furthermore, she may have visited, secretly, my law office years ago in Union City, New Jersey for a sinister purpose. Is Christina Genovese Renna affiliated in any way, even as a "friend," with Ms. Weinberg? Was there sexual contact at any time between Ms. Weinberg and Marilyn Straus? For example, was there sexual contact between Ms. Weinberg and Marilyn Straus when Ms. Straus was conscious? Or did sexual contact of any kind occur when Ms. Straus was unconscious and/or under hypnosis? Is Diana Lisa Riccioli a "friend," Ms. Weinberg? Bob Menendez? "Little Debbie" Poritz? Will we meet soon, Ms. Weinberg? Estela De La Cruz? "Ladies"? Does "David" a.k.a. "Arthur Goldberg" belong to you, Ms. Weinberg? "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli." Ms. Weinberg and her minions may have been involved in efforts to steal my former clients for whom she might receive a referral or "finder's fee" paid by the lawyers sharing in the scheme: Herb Klitzner? Edgar Navarete? Alex Booth? Howard Brownstein? Bob Menendez's pal Lilian Munoz? It is amazing what N.J.'s sleazy lawyers will do for a dollar.)

Jessica Mazzola, "Library Raid Tied to Probe of Corruption," The Star-Ledger, August 18, 2016, p. 1. (A state warrant sought evidence related to ongoing investigations of thefts and frauds by lawyers along with elected officials who are also often attorneys. Some of these persons may serve on the state's legal ethics committee. It appears that schools and libraries throughout the state have been used to perpetuate these scams resulting in massive thefts of public funds. "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit.")

Annie Waldman, "Even Death is No Reprieve From a Student's Debt: New Jersey [Government] Agency's Tactics Called 'State-Sanctioned Loan-Sharking,'" The New York Times, July 4, 2016, p. A1. (Mafia control of Trenton legal, judicial, and police processes has produced state-sanctioned organized crime activity by tainted lawyers calling their victims "unethical" persons: "That same year, New Jersey's agency [OAE?] was caught in what amounted to a kickback scheme. The state attorney general [sic.] ... found that the agency had improperly pushed one company's loans in exchange for payments of $2.2 million. A subsequent investigation by the state's inspector general found that the agency was in disarray." Mafia involvement or alleged "affiliations" between agency personnel and officials in Trenton may have gone unperceived by the likes of "Little Debbie" Poritz and her successors. This sounds like the work of William B. Ziff, Esq. "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics.") 

Gretchen Mortgenson, "Kid Gloves for a Bank With Clout," The New York Times, Sunday Business, July 17, 2016, p. A1. ("A House report shows how prosecutors let HSBC and its executives off the hook." [emphasis added] Is it likely that some of the funds collected by N.J.'s student loan agency and/or mafia loan sharks operating under color of law has found its way into "laundering accounts" set up by a notorious Panamanian law firm and controlled, mysteriously, by Bob Menendez and/or other disgraced New Jersey officials? Are there "cartel connections" for HSBC and also similar connections to the likes of Bob Menendez? "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

Tim Darragh, "Judge Quashes Request to Get All Electronics," The Star-Ledger, July 8, 2016, p. 1. ("A federal judge has chosen to protect N.J.'s Republican governor by concluding that Defense lawyers' requests for the governor's phone is 'too broad.' ..." Judges would usually allow the phone to be examined in this factual situation if the parties were not political. Few persons would refuse to turn over the phone if were not incriminating. Why bother to "lose" or hide the phone at all? Why is the governor being protected? Why is it O.K. to break, say, Freddy Gray's neck for "looking the wrong way" at police officers, but "offensive" to ask Mr. Christie to admit that he asked for the GWB traffic jam over his cellphone? "Driving While Black in New Jersey.")

Ted Sherman, Tim Darragh, & Mark Muller, "Ex-PA Chairman Admits Guilt: David Samson, Close Confidant of Christie, Takes Plea Deal in Airline Shakedown," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2016, p. 1. (David Samson, Esq. -- a member of the Stuart Rabner and Debbie Poritz brigade -- former N.J. Attorney General and Bar Association Ethics Committee Chairperson, alleged former thieving head of the Port Authority, finally pleaded guilty to abusing his office and betraying his oath as a lawyer. Mr. Samson orchestrated efforts to target me because I do not take orders from him. Now David Samson is proven and admitted to be exactly what I said that he was, publicly, and what I would happily repeat to his face -- a criminal, liar, fraud, hypocrite, thief and a very bad lawyer. Mr. Rabner cannot protect you now, David Samson, as you wallow in your own sleaze and filth. "David Samson Resigns!")   

Charles Stile, "Former Mentor Delivers a Hit to Christie's Hopes: Samson's Plea a Bold Reminder of GWB Case at the Worst Time," The Record, July 15, 2016, p. A-1. (Mr. Christie's so-called "mentor" says a lot about the N.J. governor. The values absorbed by Mr. Christie must include his mentor's fondness for personal gain at the people's expense, lies and hypocrisy. David Samson, I am sure, called himself my "superior" even as he sold his services as a public servant to the highest bidder and stole from the public trust. Was David Samson also "Malbus" at the Philosophy Cafe at MSN? Is this a glittering example of New Jersey's legal ethics, "Charlie-the-Horse"? Is "Gabrielle Charette" of New Jersey's "loan sharking" government agency and the OAE also "Teresa" and/or "Diana Lisa Riccioli"? Does this person sometimes write for The New York Times? Jaynee LaVecchia? Loretta Weinberg? Should a state Supreme Court Justice or elected official also write under pseudonyms for the Times? Was Ms. LaVecchia humiliated in a debate against me taking place online? Did Ms. LaVecchia participate in such debates with me at "The Philosophy Cafe"? How many fictitious names do these lesbian ladies use in various contexts? Kim Guardagno? "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")

Paul Berger & Peter J. Sampson, "Guilty: Ex-P.A. Chief Admits to Misusing His Position to Force United to Fly to His Vacation Home: Charges Also Filed Against Former DOT Head," The Record, July 15, 2016, p. A-1. (This filth is typical of America's "Soprano State." Right, Jaynee LaVecchia? I hope you received the copies I sent you, Ms. LaVecchia. Whatever happened to the $300 MILLION that vanished in the HIP deal? No conflict of interest for you in that matter Ms. LaVecchia? Stuart Rabner denies a conflict of interest in my matters? "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" and "Jaynee LaVecchia and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" then "No More Cover-Ups and Lies Chief Justice Rabner!")  

Patrick McGeehan, "A Christie Ally, in Court, Admits to Bribery Over an Airline Route," The New York Times, July 15, 2016, p. A1. (David Samson, Esq.'s deplorable conduct has yet to result in his disbarment. Mr. Samson is PROTECTED by N.J.'s OAE which may finally have to act against him. This is New Jersey's legal ethics? Hypocrisy? Lying? Double standards? There is no exception to the criminal code or legal ethics rules for offenses committed by "nice Jewish persons." Was Mr. Morgenthau protecting Ms. Poritz or Ms. Weinberg along with David Samson in ignoring my matters? What is the problem Mr. Vance? "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

Kate Zernike, [Kim Guardagno?] "Christie's Rough Year Gets Worse After He is Passed Over For a Position He Wanted," The New York Times, July 16, 2016, p. A17.  

"The mystery surrounding Governor Christie's cellphone deepened this week when lawyers for the governor's office said they returned the phone after searching it for evidence related to the politically motivated [sic.] closure of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge." (TR, 6-30-16, p. A-1.)

Mr. Christie has claimed at different times roughly over the last month: 1) he turned over the phone to federal prosecutors by way of his lawyers; 2) he gave the phone to "his" lawyers in order for it to be turned over to federal prosecutors at some future time; 3) the phone may have been "lost" by his staff during one of these exchanges; and 4) that Mr. Christie does not know whether he now has the phone in question in his possession nor can he say who does have it if anyone does. ("New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit.")

No doubt we may expect the next comment by the governor to be that he has no recollection of ever owning a cellphone. ("On Bullshit" and "Is Christopher Christie 'Mentally Deranged' and a 'Liar'?") 

"In a court filing late Tuesday, lawyers for Gibson, Dunn [Randi Mastro, Esq.?] were vague about the phone's whereabouts. They said that after searching the cellphone they preserved the relevant material and 'returned the phone and non-responsive data.' ..." (TR, 6-30-16, p. A-7, emphasis added.)

Deciding what is "relevant" in this context may not be up to partisan lawyers, but to the trier of fact or jury. This decision as to relevance would require lawyers to keep a copy of the non-relevant material to be able to show why it was deemed "irrelevant."

In fact, Mr. Mastro earlier spoke of preserving ALL the data on the phone in order to decide what was relevant for the purpose of his inquiry. 

Irrelevant in one context may not be irrelevant in every context.

Defense lawyers have noted that the governor's inability to locate the phone is "suspicious and outrageous." (Michael Baldassare, Esq. statement in TR, 6-30-16, p. A-7.)

The "preserved data" that includes the allegedly "non-relevant data" in order to make clear why material is relevant (or the opposite) must have been duplicated yet again. 

Allegedly "irrelevant" material should be contained in the law firm's computer files that have also not been turned over to prosecutors (or to defense counsel) for the GWB defendants.

Attorneys may have an ethical obligation to disclose evidence, voluntarily, that is relevant in a criminal proceeding in which they (Mr. Mastro's firm) do not represent any of the parties. 

This leads to the question of why Mr. Christie and his lawyers would hide or refuse to turn over any information (or phone) unless it were incriminating, or without beneficial "probative value" to themselves and their case. 

"Irrelevant" and non-probative material should be easy to disclose. 

Who cares if does not hurt you? Let them have it. 

If it does hurt you, Mr. Christie, suddenly, the phone becomes difficult to find.

Few people lie about or try to hide evidence that is exculpatory except for the OAE and various prosecutors offices in New Jersey. (Again: "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

Furthermore, the contradictions between the governor's and his [?] lawyers' conflicting "stories" suggests (at best) confusions and (at worst) mutual lying to muddy the waters. 

Where is the so-called "preserved" information and has that data been "protected" once again? Has that "preserved" information (in addition to the phone itself) been requested by lawyers for the defendants? If so, it may be interesting to discover "discrepancies" between the contents of the phone (if pristine) and the so-called "preserved" information. ("On Bullshit.")

Regina Egea, the governor's former assistant (like Mr. Nixon's "Rosemary Woods") "accidentally" deleted several messages from the phone in question, allegedly, but (again) we have learned from newspaper stories that all of the data on the phone was "preserved" by Mr. Christie's -- as opposed to the people of New Jersey's -- lawyers who were ostensibly investigating the Bridgegate matter "objectively."

It is difficult to determine exactly who Mr. Mastro believed himself to be "representing" in his so-called "investigation": Mr. Christie or the people of New Jersey? Did it not occur to Mr. Mastro that there was built-in conflict of interest in his acceptance of Mr. Christie's request for representation? Obviously not. ("Legal Ethics Today" and, again, "Is America's Legal Ethics a Lie?")

The people of New Jersey have paid the fees for Mr. Christie's lawyers which now amount to MILLIONS of dollars. ("Randi Mastro's Overbilling of New Jersey Taxpayers.")

Do the people of N.J. not own the data in question having paid handsomely for it? Is there not a public interest in making this information available to historians and citizens?  ("Chris Christie's Bridge of Sighs.") 

Mr. Mastro and "other Christie lawyers" have said the accidental deletion was "routine." 

Accordingly, "accidental" destruction of evidence is "routine," or "standard operating procedure" for this governor even if this very practice may constitute obstruction of justice and perjury in federal court. ("New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce" and "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics.")  

Federal District Judge Susan D. Weginton is a Republican appointee who is likely to allow Mr. Christie to get away with his lies also for the evidence or data on his phone -- whether "relevant" or not -- to "disappear" from the record in this case. ("New Jersey's Disgraced Judges.") 

At issue at this late date is the exact physical location of this mysterious phone if it continues to exist in pristine form which I seriously doubt. ("New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

The contradictions between Mr. Christie and his now admitted lawyers, Ms. Egea's suspicious and indisputably DELIBERATE "accidental" deletions, and the over-duplication of information along with the also admitted pro-Christie bias of Mr. Mastro's law firm -- all lead to the inference that Mr. Christie is less than fully candid in this matter which alone is sufficient to make the data on his phone highly relevant to the GWB litigation and to the assesment of the governor's credibility, character, and ethics. ("New Jersey Lawyers in School Lunch Scam" and "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce.") 

Everybody is lying, as usual, in New Jersey. ("New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court" and "New Jersey Supreme Court's Imposion.")

Obstruction of justice may be the least of Mr. Christie's (or his lawyers') worries as "ethical" members of the bar. ("Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" and "New Jersey's Legal and Political Whores.")

"U.S. District Judge Susan D. Weginton said that under rules for issuing subpoenas, the demand ... needs to be specific and to show that the information sought was clearly relevant and would be admissable at trial." (TSL, 7-8-16, p. 1.)

It is difficult to determine "specificity" without examining the data or the content of the phone. ("New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court.") 

To require defense counsel to say what is on the phone and whether it is admissable before they examine the contents of the phone is a high burden. 

It seems clear (to me) that there is good reason to infer that Mr. Christie communicated with Ms. Kelly and others prior to the events at the bridge by directing them to generate the traffic jam. He may have gloated about his "toughness" in teaching a lesson to that upstart Fort Lee mayor who presumed to support his opponent in the election. 

As I say, I seriously doubt that the phone in question will turn up. 

If the phone does appear, however, it will be mysteriously deprived of all data. 

I wonder whether African-American defendants are given the level of discretion and deference that Mr. Christie has received in this matter so far. ("Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism.")

Let us ask Eric Garner or Amadou Diallo this question to see what they think. Unfortunately, we cannot ask these African-American gentlemen their opinions of the issue because they were murdered without trial on the streets of our cities by police officers assuming their skin color alone established their guilt and merited the death penalty. ("So Black and So Blue in Prison" and "Justice For Mumia Abu-Jamal.")   


Larry Higgs, "Controversial Audio Surveillance of Riders Comes to a Quiet End," The Star-Ledger, June 30, 2016, p. 1. ("New Jersey Transit has stopped eavesdropping on riders' conversations aboard its light trains amid objections to a loss of privacy and questions of how it stored and handled the recordings from the electronic surveillance." Most observers believe that claims to have halted recordings are false. The recordings will probably continue, secretly, and they will be stored at undisclosed locations with limited access granted to "appropriate" law enforcement officials. "Secret" recordings of conversations in N.J. judges' chambers and elsewhere have been an open secret for a long time. This is something to bear in mind when riding N.J. Transit trains or when visiting the Garden State. Another open secret is frequent tampering with transcripts that are altered to frame persons, or in order to suggest unethical conduct by attorneys, as John McGill should know very well. I wonder who has the videotapes and other records, including transcripts, of "sessions" at 512 42nd Street, Union City, New Jersey during the late eighties involving the use of hypnosis in questioning persons, not only Marilyn Straus and myself, but others like Manuel R. Diaz and many innocent victims? "Marilyn Straus Was Right?" and "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin, [David Cohen? "Arthur Goldberg"?] and Diana Lisa Riccioli.") 

S.P. Sullivan, "Judge: Faked Lab Test Could Undercut Nearly 15,000 Drug Cases," The Star-Ledger, June 30, 2016, p. 3. (About 14,800 cases could be based on faked drug tests "covered-up" by N.J. cops and prosecutors who knew of this fraud for some time before public exposure in New Jersey. How many persons, besides John McGill, Esq., coached a witness to lie against me as she claimed to be the daughter of a woman who had no daughter? How much was this person paid to lie under oath? Gilberto Garcia, were you involved in the commission of such crimes? "Arthur Goldberg"? How long has the New Jersey Supreme Court been aware of this fraud while perpetuating it and ignoring my communications? Silence in response to such serious accusations is deemed "tacit admission of guilt" under principles of international human rights laws. I have yet to receive a response to my communications from Mr. Rabner or the OAE. Is this negligence and apathy to the suffering of innocents "ethical" under New Jersey's rules of legal ethics? Why are no prosecutors being disbarred in this fiasco? "Prosecutorial Misconduct" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")  

Myles Ma, "Hackensack: Indictment -- Teacher Had Sex With Girl, 15," The Star-Ledger, June 30, 2016, p. 16. (Lauren Mitchell, 33, faces a 16-count indictment for having sex with a young girl who turned 15-years-of-age during their "romantic" relationship. Ms. Mitchell was a second grade teacher during the affair. It is unclear at this time whether her students were also affected by their teacher's "proclivities" that are, evidently, shared with Deborah T. Poritz, the state's former Chief Justice. Is this Poritz-sanctioned behavior a reason for the "indulgence" afforded to lesbian child molesters and pimps in Trenton? "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison" then "New Jersey Lesbian Professor Rapes a Disabled Man" and "Lesbian Teacher Sends Nude Photos to Minor.")

Fausto Giovanny Pinto, "Paterson: Priest Found Guilty of Molesting a Girl," The Star-Ledger, June 30, 2016, p. 16. ("A Passaic priest is facing up to 16 years in prison after a jury found him guilty Tuesday of molesting a 14-year-old parishioner in 2013." Rev. Jose Lopez is still a Bob Menendez supporter. "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Is Union City, New Jersey Meyer Lansky's Whore House?") 

Peter J. Sampson, "Embezzler Who Fled Gets 75 Months: Exec. Stole $1.6 MILLION From Ridgefield Park Firm," The Star-Ledger, June 30, 2016, p. L-3. (John Y. Lee, 53, had skipped out on bail after stealing $1.6 million from Samsung in America. The court ordered restitution totaled $1,693,271. Mr. Lee did not have time to spread his contributions around. In the past this same individual, allegedly, made political contributions to distinguished officials in New Jersey. However, these contributions were not disclosed, publicly, even as they may have gone to the likes of Bob Menendez as proceeds of a criminal enterprise: "Bribery in Union City, New Jersey" then "Is Menendez For Sale?" and "Illegal Payments to Bob Menendez.") 

Susan K. Livio, "The $300 Million Chopped by Christie's Budget Ax," The Star-Ledger, July 4, 2016, p. 1. (Mr. Christie's budget cuts disproportionately burden poor and sick people, especially older residents of the state living on fixed incomes. Is this "Jersey fairness"?)

Anna Merriman, "Judge: AG Must Release Names of 3 Officers in Teen's Shooting," The Star-Ledger, July 4, 2016, p. 5. (Release the truth to me concerning torture, rape, and theft "Charlie-the-Horse" and Mr. Rabner. Time to reveal the secret files that were illegally withheld from discovery by Mr. McGill. These cops shot a 14-year-old African-American child Radazz Hearns. There are no consequences. New Jersey must stop protecting the guilty. "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "Driving While Black in New Jersey.")

Mark Mueller & Enrique Lavin, "Fugitive Preacher Accused of New Abuse: Convicted Child Molester Allegedly Groped Teen in Country Where He Had Fled," The Star-Ledger, July 6, 2016, p. 1. (Gregorio Martinez, a Bob Menendez supporter, allegedly, groped a fifteen-year-old boy in Nicaragua even as he is a fugitive from similar charges in New Jersey. No doubt allegations that he made cash contributions to Senator Menendez cannot be verified. Perhaps Estela De la Cruz approves of such conduct and still makes use of prostitutes. Lourdes Santiago? "Marilyn Straus Was Right!")

Matt Zapotosky & Rosalind Helderman, "FBI Clears, Excoriates Clinton Over Emails," The Star-Ledger, July 6, 2016, p. 1. ($7 million was spent on the Benghazi investigation that led to no charges. Millions more have been spent on this bogus email investigation. There are no plans to investigate Mr. Christie for possible ethics "lapses" in connection with the Bridgegate matter and lying about it as well as possible obstruction of justice. New Jersey's concern with legal ethics seems to be highly selective. "New Jersey's Lawyers' Ethics Farce.") 

S.P. Sullivan, "Ex-Birdsall Executive to Get 9 Months in Scheme: Firm Made Illegal Campaign Contributions, Secured Contracts Authorities Say," The Star-Ledger, July 12, 2016, p. 13. (After threatening to disclose the names of politicians in New Jersey who received "contributions" William Birdsall, 67, received a favorable plea deal that will result in 9 months in jail with no state time and possible weekend release for violating the state's "pay-to-play" laws. I wonder why prosecutors were so generous? "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")     

Hannan Adeley, "Christie Looks for School Funding Assist: Tells Fair Lawn Audience He's Hopeful For [Of Receiving?] High Court Support," The Record, July 29, 2016, p. L-1. (Mr. Christie has appointed 4 of the 7 justices currently serving -- themselves? -- on the state's highest court. This composition of the Trenton Supreme Court has created a "hope" that Governor Christie's proposal for a flat $6,599 to be spent on each student in New Jersey's schools, regardless of differential poverty rates in various districts and unique needs of individuals, will be sanctioned by the court. This proposal may actually violate the state's constitutional guarantee of an equal education to every child because the effect -- probably intended by Mr. Christie -- will be to cut back on assistance to poor districts as well as diminishing the help available for special needs students.)

Peter J. Sampson, "U.S. Agent Testifies at Fraud Trial: Ambulance Operator Allegedly Bilked Medicare," The Record, July 29, 2016, p. L-3. (A man from Diana Lisa Riccioli's Clifton, New Jersey was arrested at JFK airport with more than $122,000 in cash. Some of that money may have come from defrauding medicare. Immadeldin Awad Khair, 57, is a Bob Menendez supporter who, allegedly, approves of Dr. Melgen's effort to scam $9 million from medicare with the senator's assistance. "Menendez Croney's Office Raided" and "Menendez Charged With Selling His Office.")

Kathleen O'Brien, "Checkup Finds N.J. Hospitals Are Ailing," The Star-Ledger, July 29, 2016, p. 1. (Most N.J. hospitals are terrible. Theft, waste, poor quality of care are routine aspects of hospital reality. N.J. residents are often sicker when leaving rather than when entering facilities. They are worse off after receiving N.J. medical care.)

Tim Darragh, "Feds Sue Ex-N.J. Execs. for Defrauding Military," The Star-Ledger, July 29, 2016, p. 2. ("Derish M. Wolff" and "Salvador J. Pepe" of East Orange have been charged with defrauding the federal government in military contracts. These men have contributed to local politicians at astonishing rates. I suspect these are fictitious names. Not surprisingly, Bob Menendez may be a recipient of these contributions. "Bribery in Union City, New Jersey" and "Was Menendez Bribed to Get a Visa for a Croney?")

Dustin Racioppi, "N.J. Senators United, But in Distinct Roles," The Record, July 29, 2016, p. A-1. (New Jersey's senators have had surprisingly different roles in this Democratic Convention: "While Cory Booker delivered a prime time convention speech that prompted talk of a future in the White House, the senior [emphasis added] senator gave a 15-minute address to the New Jersey delegation at a hotel on the outskirts of the city as the cloud of scandal hung over him." Mr. Menendez has often been "hung over" but he now is being kept far from Hillary Clinton because a second indictment -- like the proverbial other shoe -- is about to drop. This blog post will be sent to the Cuban embassy which may also share information with the U.S. Justice Department pertaining to the senator's fondness for non-U.S. safety deposit boxes held in fictitious names. "Anthony Ardis Goes to Jail.") 

USA Today, "Melania Trump Site Vanishes," The Record, July 29, 2016, p. A-6. (Melania Trump's website has disappeared from the Internet after allegations that Mrs. Trump's claim to have graduated from the University of Ljublijana in her native Slovenia are false. Perhaps Michelle Obama -- a Harvard alumni -- also graduated from that school in Slovenia.) 

David McHugh & Frank Jordan, "Frankfurt, Germany: Data Travel Offers a Glimpse of How the Rich Hide Money," The Star-Ledger, April 5, 2016, p. 5. (Please bear this item in mind as other information is posted in August, 2016. "A leak of 11.5 million documents from a Panama-based law firm offers a glimpse into the shadowy world where the rich and powerful" -- like Bob Menendez? -- "hide their money, raising sharp questions about shell companies that obscure the identities of their true owners.")

Tom Haydon, "Ex-Teacher Caught Sharing Child Porn Sentenced to 5 Years," The Star-Ledger, April 5, 2016, p. 14. (Ronald Scott, 63, was sharing child porn with students who may have starred in some of these productions. I wonder whether Bob Menendez is a "friend" of Mr. Scott? Debbie Poritz? Neil M. Cohen, Esq.? "Neil M. Cohen, Esq. and Conduct Unbecoming to the Legislature in New Jersey.")

Dave Hutchinson, "Woman Gets 7 Years for $1.2 Million Fraud," The Star-Ledger, April 5, 2016, p. 14. (Janet Foosher, 63, pleaded guilty to 31 of 37 charges for organizing nearly $1.2 million in securities and annuities fraud with the assistance of elite New Jersey lawyers -- like "Charlie-the-Horse" perhaps? Ms. Foosher must pay $415,000 in restitution; nothing will happen to the lawyers assisting in the scams.) 

S.P. Sullivan, "Fraud Ringleader Heads to State Prison," The Star-Ledger, April 5, 2016, p. 14. (Harold Stephens, 32, a "personal friend," allegedly, of both Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Christie, ran a fake check operation that stole more than half-a-million dollars. How much of the money found its way into the pockets of politicians and judges in New Jersey is hard to say. More than 50% of New Jersey judges have been described as "corrupt" or "reachable" from behind-the-scenes. Corrupt judges are used by political and/or mob "bosses" to target attorneys disliked by "the boys" because of their independence. Was Mr. Menendez -- or were others on his behalf -- lying about me from behind my back to local judges in New Jersey when I practiced law in Union City? Were attorneys, in violation of ethics rules and criminal laws, meeting secretly with my clients to steal them away, or in order to slander me to them and/or their family members? Were clients threatened or intimidated or bribed to file actions against me at the request of New Jersey officials and their acolytes? Loretta Weinberg, Esq.? Gilberto Garcia? Edgar Navarete? Jose Ginarte? Estela De La Cruz? And Mr. Menendez's law partner, Lilian Munoz? Is this New Jersey's legal ethics, "Charlie-the-Horse" and Stuart Rabner? More than 90% success rate is not acceptable? I am sure that persons were being asked to request return of their fees in an effort at "starvation tactics" against me. This was true regardless of the success of my efforts. "Christie Rails Against New Jersey's 'Corrupt' Judges" and "New Jersey's Soiled Judiciary" then "New Jersey's Judges Disgrace America" and "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?")  

J. David Goodman & Al Baker, "Bratton is Out as Police Chief for New York," The New York Times, August 3, 2016, p. A1. (I have yet to receive a response to my communications to the NYPD Commissioner. Mr. O'Neill will be the third Commissioner to ignore this situation. I cannot say who is pulling on the NYPD "leash." I can only hope that there is no uncontrollable public danger being created in New York as a result of this police apathy. "Christie 'Flunkey,' Ray Kelly, Attacks Commissioner Bratton, Then Retreats.")

"Coach Charged in Sex Assault of Minor," The Star-Ledger, August 1, 2016, p. 5. (Dawayne Aurent, 35, is charged with sexual assault of a minor identified only by her initials while she was between 13 and 16-years-of-age. New Jersey's appropriately earned reputation as America's leading child abuse state continues to grow. "New Jersey Welcomes Child Molesters" and "Judges in Bayonne, New Jersey Protect Child Molesters.")

Anthony G. Alterino, "Woodbridge: Teacher Charged in Sex Assault of Student," The Star-Ledger, August 1, 2016, p. 5. (Gary G. Minervinni, 37, of Woodbridge Junior-Senior High School is charged with sexual assault of a minor when she was his student. The victim may have been 14-years-old at the time of the incident. Is this N.J. child abuse "epidemic" reflective of the behavior of the state's political and legal "leaders"? "Deborah T. Poritz and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes.") 

Alan Feuer, "A Wrongful Conviction, Then Punishment After Prison: New Jersey Man to be Exonerated in Rape Case," The New York Times, August 3, 2016, p. A15. (Yet another disaster for New Jersey's legal system because of secret use of psychological torture and hypnosis-based interrogations that are, allegedly, illegal at last. Anne Rodgers, Esq. was fond of these frame-up techniques. Is Ms. Rodgers still an attorney in New Jersey? Union County Prosecutor? I am sure that she is still a racist and protected by Elizabeth's corrupt police force. Dion Harrell, 50, was deprived of 30 years of his life and all that he might have accomplished by a racist and failed legal system in a mob-controlled jurisdiction that has left him damaged for life: "Nearly three decades in a 'hellhole' and struggling to find a place to live." I am sure that the person calling himself "Arthur Goldberg" and/or "David" and/or "Terry Tuchin" and/or many other names had a role to play in this man's false conviction. This same "David" may have met with Anne Rodgers in targeting me, secretly and criminally. Mr. Harrell said that he "cannot begin to explain the psychological trauma he had endured." Mr. Harrell will certainly be scarred for life and is entitled to substantial compensation for his tragic victimization. Black lives matter, Mr. Giuliani, and this is not a racist point. "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.") 

Emily C. Dooley, "Forgery Charges in Sandy Claims: AG to Feds -- Reform Flood Insurance," Newsday, August 2, 2016, p. A2. (Mathew Pappalardo, ex-Project Manager of Hi-Rise Engineering PC of Uniondale, L.I., N.Y. and N.J., is charged with altering reports -- like John McGill? -- and damaging houses, fraudulently, to scam Sandy funds. Mafia affiliations are denied. "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics.")

Tim Darragh, "Lawyers in Lane-Closing Get Ready to Make Case," The Star-Ledger, July 12, 2016, p. 13. (Defense lawyers have been unfairly deprived of legitimate discovery material affording them an excellent issue on appeal if things do not go well. Mr. Critchley is one of New Jersey's great trial lawyers who will do a fine job for his client. If I remember our cafeteria conversations accurately, however, Mr. Critchley is a Republican who may be constrained in going after Chris Christie on behalf of his client. I hope not. Why is Mr. Christie being protected by this judge? Is there a conflict of interest for Mr. Critchley in this situation as a good Republican from New Jersey? Does Mr. Critchley ever want to be a judge? You gotta keep the fat guy happy, Mr. Critchley?) 

Myles Ma, "All Five Suspects in Ramapo Sex Assault Plead Not Guilty," The Star-Ledger, July 12, 2016, p. 16. ("Five people charged in the sexual assault of a Ramapo College student pleaded guilty Monday in Bergen County Superior Court." There was a delay in apprehending these suspects because police were searching for a group of African-American suspects whom they assumed must be responsible for this atrocity in the spirit of the central park jogger case that turned out to be a fraud. Jose A. Lopez of Secaucus, Hudson County -- a Bob Menendez supporter -- is among the "ring leaders" of this alleged group of "wild young persons." Media hysteria alone will convict these young men. How often do police search for African-American culprits who they assume "must be" responsible for all crimes? "Abuse and Exploitation of Women in New Jersey.") 

Sallie Graziano, "Ex-PTA President Gets Probation for Theft," The Star-Ledger, July 12, 2016, p. 16. (Crystal L. Bernat, 34, of Union Township was indicted for theft of $19,250.00 from two bank accounts belonging to Union Township schools where several teachers have been charged, simultaneously, with child molestation. For some reason property values in Union -- "Goodfella" Ray Liotta's home town! -- are declining sharply. Everybody steals in New Jersey. "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit.")

Justin Zaremba, "Teacher Accused of Sex Assault, Posts Bail," The Star-Ledger, July 12, 2016, p. 16. (Eric Strand, 57, a Middle School teacher is charged with having sex with a 14-year-old student. He posted $10,000 bail. New Jersey ethics? "New Jersey Rabbi Charged With Child Molestation" and "New Jersey is America's Child Porn Capitol.")  

Samantha Marcus, "Sweeney: 'Extortion' By Unions," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2016, p. 1. (In a state where public workers see politicians "extorting" contributions from labor unions why should anyone be surprised to see the unions seeking to "extort" legal protections or funds in order to protect their workers? No reason. Everybody is a gangster in New Jersey.)

Adam Clark, "State Doubles Down On PARCC: If You Don't Pass, You Don't Graduate," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2016, p. 1. ("Future New Jersey high school students will have to pass two standardized tests to graduate -- tests that so far have defeated most of the state's students who have taken them." The tests measure a 10th grade reading level and 9th grade math. Something has to be done to rescue the U.S. educational system. "Why Jane can't read.")

Tim Darragh, "Conspiracy Charge Brings Fox to Court," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2016, p. 15. ("New Jersey political power broker Jamie Fox appeared before a federal judge Wednesday on a charge that he conspired to coerce United Airlines to reinstate a money-losing flight to benefit the [disgraced] Chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey." [David Samson] Jamie Fox, Republican corrupt former head of New Jersey's DOT, is represented by Michael Critchley who may have to refrain from attacking Mr. Christie and/or the governor's administration because the ace trial lawyer has been described as a "good friend" of David Samson and the governor. Allegedly, Mr. Samson is soon to be disbarred. I suspect that the legal ethics matter will be "fixed" for David Samson.)

Anthony Alterino, "Police Chief Faces Demotion for Email On Racial Profiling," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2016, p. 15. ("Police Chief Benjamin Fox should be demoted to patrolman and suspended without pay for 180 days for violating the attorney general's guidelines against racial profiling." Mr. Fox explained that he "still likes the dark people." Any relation to Jamie Fox?)

Anthony G. Alterino, "Cops: Mall Crash Driver Was Naked and Drunk," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2016, p. 18. (A man who crashed into 4 parked cars while driving naked with an open beer container in the front seat has not been identified. Allegations that Stuart Rabner is the drunken driver cannot be confirmed at this time.)

Kathleen O'Brien, "Lawsuit Filed Over Bungled Flu Shot," The Star-Ledger, April 6, 2016, p. 2. ("A man who received one of 67 flu vaccines administered at a company wellness clinic by a nurse who used just two syringes has sued the nurse and her employer for emotional distress." Like most professional medical services in New Jersey public health is provided in a slovenly manner with utter indifference for the welfare of the unfortunate persons whose misery requires them to live in New Jersey. "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.") 

Samantha Marcus, "Agency: N.J. Facing $162 Million Tax Shortfall," The Star-Ledger, April 6, 2016, p. 11. (N.J.'s wealthy residents are leaving the state -- despite Mr. Christie's perks on their behalf -- like the proverbial rats fleeing a sinking ship. Tax collection will come in at least $162 million short of projected goals. In August of 2016 it appears that the shortfall may reach more than $200 million. Given the levels of theft and incompetence that are always expected in New Jersey the only way the state meets its obligations is through ever-more expensive borrowing of funds. The hole gets deeper and no solutions are offered to this nightmare. No wonder New Jersey can't deal with my situation. They can't deal with anything.)

Tim Darragh, "Union City Officials Rigged Bids," The Star-Ledger, April 6, 2016, p. 14. ("A Union City official on Tuesday admitted in federal court that he rigged the process of selecting contractors for home rehabilitation and sidewalk replacement projects, according to the office of U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman." It appears in August, 2016 that RELATED investigations emerging from the bid-rigging scandal may lead to Senator Menendez as the recipient of at least some of the "benefits" from such bribery schemes and sweetheart deals just as the senior senator begins his trial for corruption in September. I suspect that there will be an attempt to delay the trial. "Bribery in Union City, New Jersey" and "Is Union City, New Jersey Meyer Lansky's Whore House?" then "Is Menendez For Sale?") 

Tim Darragh, "Man Admits Bribing Official," The Star-Ledger, July 12, 2016, p. 19. ("A West Orange businessman admitted Monday that he kicked back nearly $100,000 to an official at the bankrupt Newark Watershed Conservation & Development Corporation in return for payment for no show work." A statewide investigation of such "kickbacks" and fraudulent positions awarded to deceased New Jersey residents may focus on Hudson, Essex, Union and Bergen Counties and target statewide politicians, again, such as Bob Menendez. "Anthony Ardis Goes to Jail" then "New Jersey is Lucky Luciano's Havana" and "New Jersey is the Home of the Living Dead.") 

Claude Brodesser-Akner, "Former Lawyer at Bridgegate Firm: Save Texts," The Star-Ledger, July 8, 2016, p. 5. ("Farah Pepper -- then vice chair [sic.] of Gibson, Dunn's electronic discovery and information law practice -- raised the issue [of preserving ALL the data on Christie's phone] in the wake of the embarrassing disclosure of text messages between pro-golfer Tiger Woods and his mistress in a feature for titled 'Honey, I Forgot the Cellphone.' ..." The same Christie phone messages and texts which his attorneys could not say in court filings still existed, evidently, are contained in Gibson, Dunn computers today even as persons are placed on criminal trial for doing what those texts may prove that they were ORDERED to do by N.J.'s lying governor. This is New Jersey's legal ethics on display for the world to see: "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")  

Paul Milo, "Cops Cleared in Shootings That Killed Two," The Star-Ledger, August 5, 2016, p. 10. (Bergen County prosecutors once again "cleared" police officers for the lethal shooting of Elvin Diaz, 24. The number of occasions on which any police officer in Bergen County has been held accountable for the killing of a minority youth are few and far between. Mistakes are rarely made with affluent suburbanites.)

Mary Ann Spoto, "'I'm just thankful my name is back': Man's Decades-Long Fight to Overturn Sex Assault Conviction Comes to an End," The Star-Ledger, August 5, 2016, p. 13. (How do you compensate a man for the attempted theft of his life? Or for the loss of 30 years from that life? Dion Harrell is entitled to compensation for the rest of his life after the nightmare he has endured. Prosecutors rarely assume the degree of responsibility with regard to their own actions that they seek to exact from others. They are protected by N.J. judges who are themselves former prosecutors. Is this not hypocrisy and lying?  "Prosecutorial Misconduct.")

Tom Hays, "Feds Indict 46 in Mob Sweep, Including 4 Men From New Jersey," The Star-Ledger, August 5, 2016, p. 13. ("Declaring that the Mafia is not just the stuff of movie scripts, federal prosecutors charged nearly four dozen people Thursday with being part of an East Coast crime syndicate, including an old-school mobster in New York and a mob chieftain in Philadelphia who had been pursued by the government for two decades." Among those charged were Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino of Philadelphia; Pasquale "Patsy" Parrelo of New York; Dennis Marino, Jr., 49 of Short Hills -- not far from Stuart Rabner's home address -- Anthony Cirillo, 51, of Englewood Cliffs -- not far from District Judge Jose Linares' home address -- and Marco Minuto, 48, of Belmar; among the names that allegedly "came up" in FBI recordings are: "Diana Lisa Riccioli," "Wally" Timponi; Nicolas -- "Luca Brasi" -- Scutteri, and Jaynee LaVecchia of the state's soiled Supreme Court. No word on Kim Guardagno and "Charlie-the-Horse" of the OAE? How about Joey Di Vincenzo? "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics.")   

Keith Sargeant & Charles Thompson, "Schiano Named as Witness to Sex Abuse, Court Documents Show," The Star-Ledger, July 13, 2016, p. 1. (Former Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano has been named as a witness who "knew about" child sexual abuse by protected Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky in the 1990s. Was "Little Debbie" Poritz protected from similar charges in New Jersey? Is such protection "ethical," Mr. Rabner? How many persons knew of the sexual violations of victims in my situation and covered-up the truth to protect themselves or their friends? "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli.")  

Tom Hayden, "Man Jailed 22 Years is Freed as Slay Charge is Tossed," The Star-Ledger, July 13, 2016, p. 3. (Duquene Pierre, now 44, has been cleared of homicide charges after serving 22 years for a crime he did not commit. Prosecutors were reluctant to admit the error and/or their various lies. No ethics charges against these prosecutors are planned. "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

S.P. Sullivan, "Indicted Trooper Brings Lawsuit," The Star-Ledger, July 13, 2016, p. 13. (Steve Hodge, the indicted trooper who assaulted a NY Giants fan at the stadium after a game, is suing because, for some reason, he was charged with assault after physically attacking the victim. The unofficial protection for cops was called off mysteriously.)

Tim Darragh, "Nephew of Alleged Capo Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison," The Star-Ledger, July 13, 2016, p. 13. (James Heeney, 36, of Elizabeth, New Jersey was sentenced to 5 years in prison, despite his friends on the local police department, for organized crime activity. "Marilyn Straus Was Right!" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.") 

Tom Moran, "Samson Guilty Plea Caps Really Bad Day for Christie," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2016, p. 3. ("Two senior members of Gov. Law-and-Order's staff have pleaded guilty to felony charges, and three more have been charged." Is this the end of corruption in New Jersey government that was promised by Mr. Christie? "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.") 

S.P. Sullivan, "Taxpayer Tab for Bridgegate Bills Keeps Growing," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2016, p. 3. (" ... New Jersey taxpayers have paid $202,827 to the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher between September 2015 and March [2016]." We will see millions more paid to this lying firm of politically-connected lawyers. "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit" and "Crooked Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics." $8.9 MILLION has already been paid to Mr. Mastro's firm for Mr. Christie's representation. It is expected that the total fees will exceed $10 MILLION when all is said and done. The OAE thinks this is fine. There is no need to protect the public from such overbilling. "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.") 

Mary Ann Spoto, "Panel Approves Gramiccioni for Prosecutor," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2016, p. 13. (Christopher Gramiccioni, Esq. was asked about the mafia in New Jersey and responded: "I don't know nothing about it. I wasn't there.") 

Sallie Graziano, "Six Female Inmates Can Sue a Guard for Sexual Assault," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2016, p. 14. (Erich Melgar is accused of sexually assaulting female inmates. For years no one in the N.J. legal system cared much for the fate of incarcerated women under this man's charge. Nothing happened. Finally, something is being done to prevent others from enduring rape and torture because of this sick individual. "Foucault, Rose, Davis and the Meaning(s) of Prison.")

Tim Darragh, "Man Gets Four Years For Defrauding $7 Million in Medicare Money," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2016, p. 14. (Paul Mil, of Elizabeth, New Jersey stole $4 million in bogus claims from Medicare. Is this man a member of the New Jersey Bar Association? Does the OAE wish to continue this pointless war against me at the expense of efforts to control such misconduct? Tell the truth and deal with the consequences of these very serious crimes, New Jersey. "Menendez Croney's Office Raided" then "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

Ben Horrowitz, "Sentencing Delayed in Child Sex Assault Case," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2016, p. 14. (Troy Leonard, 31, of Franlyn Lakes must wonder why it is O.K. for Bob Menendez and Debbie Poritz or Mr. Cohen but not for him to be sexually attracted to much younger persons. "Neil M. Cohen, Esq. and Conduct Unbecoming to the Legislature in New Jersey." )

Salvador Rizzo, "Christie's Legal Bill at $8.2 MILLION in Fallout From GWB Scandal: Plus Risk management Firm Got $2.3 MILLION," The Record, July 15, 2016, p. A-7. (N.J.'s taxpayers are footing the bill for Mr. Christie's idiocy. What are they getting in return for this expense? More bad government and corrupt courts? Is this N.J.'s "legal ethics," Mr. Rabner? "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.") 

Abbott-Koloff, "Charges Against Fox Shock Lawmakers," The Record, July 15, 2016, p. A-7. (Mr. Fox may go to prison at last. I am not shocked. You cannot be an effective public servant and a loyal soldier of one of the state's various political bosses. This is true whether the political "boss" is Mr. Christie or Mr. Menendez.)

Jeff Pillets, "Stellar Career Comes to a Stunning Conclusion: Samson Was Governor's Go-To Guy," The Record, July 15, 2016, p. A-7. (David Samson was always a sleazebag and a pile of stinking filth who deserves to go to prison. I would welcome the opportunity to confront this man with what I believe that he has done. Is this a person you deem "successful" in New Jersey's legal circles? Is Mr. Samson a "lawyer's lawyer"? Malbus? "David Samson Resigns!")

Alfred P. Doblin, "David Samson, Like Pal's Cabin, is No Longer Standing," The Star-Ledger, July 18, 2016, p. A-9. (I liked "Pal's Cabin" where the burgers especially were unforgettable. I loathe the racist, cowardly, behind-the-back specialist that is David Samson. This man embodies the hypocrisy and lies of New Jersey's legal ethics to perfection and has brought suffering to many innocent persons. "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" then "Is America's Legal Ethics a Lie?" and "New Jersey's Filth, Failures, and Flaws.")

Jonathan D. Salant, "Menendez Raises $400,000 From Mogul," The Star-Ledger, July 18, 2016, p. 2. (Sheldon Adelson makes Menendez's Israeli connections clear. Haim Saban's and his wife's $408,750 makes the connections even clearer. Are these people fronting for the Israeli government's financing of Mr. Menendez's legal defense by way of Ari Fleischer, Esq.? Obviously, Mr. Menendez is now "bought-and-paid for" by multiple parties whom the senator must hope do not have conflicting interests so as ever to call on him for help at the same time. "Is Menendez For Sale?")   

Mary Ann Spoto, "Detectives Allege Misconduct in Prosecutor's Office," The Star-Ledger, July 18, 2016, p. 3. (Allegations of political favors and protection, corruption, at the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office. Things are far worse elsewhere in the state where several County Prosecutors are under federal investigation for possible corruption. "New Jersey's Tainted Legal Ethics.") 

Derek Hawkins & Lyah Bui, "Officer Acquitted of All Charges in Freddy Gray Case," The Star-Ledger, July 19, 2016, p. 13. (Brian Rice, 42, has been acquitted. No one is going to prison or convicted for the brutal murder of Freddy Gray which was captured on video. These are the "ethics" of the contemporary American legal system. "Justice For Mumia Abu-Jamal" and "Freedom For Mumia Abu-Jamal." )

Kelley Heyboer, "Student Loan Program Comes Under Scrutiny," The Star-Ledger, August 8, 2016, p. 1. (Hearings have been called to examine "state-sanctioned loan sharking." New Jersey's government collection tactics have been described as "cruel and inhumane." Is "Gabrielle Charette" a fictitious name? If so, what is this person's real name? Is the public not entitled to know the truth concerning this person's credentials and competence? Is "Christina Renna" a reader of my writings? How many names does Ms. Renna use in her various "roles"?) 

Samantha Marcus, "For Pension  Referendum, it's Do or Die," The Star-Ledger, August 8, 2016, p. 1. (Will Mr. Christie's opposition be overcome in order to bring the pension issue before the New Jersey Legislature?)

Myles Ma, "American Dream May Get $800 Million," The Star-Ledger, August 9, 2016, p. 2. (After nearly $5 BILLION have been spent on a failed effort to build a shopping mall, "American Dream," the successor to the so-called "Xanadu" project, will scam an additional $800 million in bond funds from New Jersey which is on the edge of bankruptcy. "Cement is Gold!" and "Senator Bob Loves Xabadu!")

Jessica Mazzola, "Lesbian Couples Sue N.J. Over Fertility Law," The Star-Ledger, August 9, 2016, p. 3. ("Jessica Mazzola" -- any relation to the famous corn oil? -- may be a fictitious name. Diana Lisa Riccioli? Barbara Buono? Kim Guardagno? Christina Renna? Jaynee LaVecchia? All of these ladies seem to exchange names? Or to make use of false names? "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")   

David Porter, "Christie's Lawyers: Don't Call Us -- Attorneys Who Prepared Report Clearing Christie Resist Taking Witness Stand," The Star-Ledger, August 9, 2016, p. 13. (The people who prepared what has been called Mr. Christie's "whitewash" report refuse to testify under oath as to the accuracy or truthfulness of the same report. I do not blame them one bit. Recent emails that have been made public -- preserved in the law firm's computer files no doubt -- quoted August 10, 2016 on MSNBC, indicate that Christie's own staff person, Christina Renna, said that Mr. Christie was "blatantly lying" at his 2013 press conference when he denied knowledge of the lane closings. Again, these were among the emails that were indisputably known to Mr. Mastro and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher as they conducted their so-called "objective investigation" into Bridgegate while also serving as the governor's lawyers. It is now undisputed that: "Attorneys for Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher wrote in court filings recently that they seek to block subpoenas issued by attorneys for former Christie aide Bridget Ann Kelly and former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey executive Bill Baroni." Is anyone not lying in this situation? Should members of the bar not tell the truth at least sometimes, "Charlie-the-Horse"? Should the OAE continue to lie through silence in my matters? Is this New Jersey's legal ethics, Stuart Rabner? "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

Adam Clark, "Is N.J. Too Tough On College Loans? Lawmakers Think So," The Star-Ledger, August 9, 2016, p. 13. (The college loan scam has been compounded by the alleged fact that New Jersey, essentially, farmed out its collection work to the mafia while refusing to abide by bankruptcy laws in order to steal from persons whose debts had already been discharged in criminal violation of federal laws. This has no doubt been deemed ethical by the OAE.) 

Jeff Goldman & Tom Hayden, "Fired Official Gets $380,000 in Settlement," The Star-Ledger, August 9, 2016, p. 16. (Yet another public official in New Jersey claiming to have been fired for exclusively political reasons settled his lawsuit for $380,000. There are many other such suits relating to politics in prosecutors' offices, courts, public jobs throughout New Jersey. Corruption and cronyism is pervasive in the Garden State. Ethics?) 

Jessica Reno, "Driver Exposed Himself to Girls, Police Say," The Star-Ledger, August 9, 2016, p. 17. (Shame on you, Senator Menendez. "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Senator Bob, the Babe, and the Big Bucks.") 

Peter J. Sampson, " GWB Report Lawyers Fight Call to Testify: 8 From N.Y.C. Firm Subpoenaed for Scandal Trial," The Record, August 9, 2016, p. A-1. ("Eight lawyers from a New York firm whose state financial investigation cleared Governor Christie of blame in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal are asking a judge to block them from testifying at the upcoming corruption trial of two of the governor's former allies." These lawyers are highly reluctant to stand behind their own so-called fact-finding and interview methods. In particular, they refuse to explain what they chose to disregard in the testimony collected, or why they did so. This sounds like the OAE. The Christie lawyers have already been caught in questionable assertions of fact and obvious ethical conflicts. They will be protected, it seems, by the political, corrupt, and possibly paid-off OAE. What will the trial judge decide? Much depends on the N.J. federal District Judge's ambitions for higher office. "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

"Rule 3 at PA: Police Shielded During Investigations," (Editorial) The Record, August 9, 2016, p. A-6. (Police are allowed to escape obligations of candor or cooperation by the PA's notorious "Rule 3" that allows for silence and non-cooperation even where there may be no individual criminal liability for witnesses and requirements of public disclosure. No double-standards, Stuart? "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?") 

Patrick McGeehan, "Christie 'Flat Out Lied' in George Washington Bridge Case," The New York Times, August 11, 2016, p. A18. ("Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey LIED [emphasis added] to reporters when he said he did not believe any senior member of his staff knew about the plot to block traffic to the George Washington Bridge, one of his aides told a colleague in a text message included in a federal court filing on Wednesday." Christina Genovese Renna subsequently deleted her emails and text messages pointing out that Mr. Christie's denials were "flat out lies" because the governor had "blatantly lied" about his role in the drama. None of the recipients of these messages and emails, at the time, disputed or contradicted Ms. Renna's statements. Attempts to destroy evidence -- which is probably what the OAE has tried to do in my matters -- in any legal proceedings in New Jersey constitutes a criminal offense of obstruction of justice. I am sure that the OAE and New Jersey Supreme Court are aware of the crimes for which they are responsible where I am only one of an increasing number of victims. "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "New Jersey Supreme Court's Implosion.") 

Charles Stile, "Ex-Aide Said Christie Lied About GWB Scandal: Bombshell Casts a Shadow Over Narrative of Denial," The Record, August 11, 2016, p. A-1. (The governor's own aide Christina Genovese Renna, allegedly a lesbian, was shocked by the governor's denials on December 13, 2013 of any role in the infamous lane-closings. In emails and text messages to campaign managers Bill Stepien and others, Ms. Renna pointed out that Mr. Christie was "LYING through his teeth" -- as was Bob Menendez come to think of it, concerning the senator's fondness for young prostitutes -- as to the governor's lack of awareness of the GWB crisis prior to its development, or regarding the role of his people in generating the lane-closings. Ms. Renna may be a double agent, however, with conflicting loyalties to Barbara Buono and Trenton's so-called "lesbian brigade" that is hostile to Christie. As a member of the Genovese clan, of course, Ms. Renna may also have been working from the inside from day one to undermine Christie's administration.) 

Dustin Racioppi, "Governor Denies, and Dismisses Claims in Texts," The Record, August 11, 2016, p. A-1. ("A former aide to Governor Christie said he 'flat out lied' to reporters about his administration's involvement in the George Washington Bridge lane closures as he faced increasing scrutiny of the traffic jam in late 2013, according to a new court filing, raising new questions about the silence and alleged cover-ups." Will they ever learn in Trenton that cover-ups are often worse than the original offense for politicians? Has Ms. Renna been "rewarded" for her services to the "ladies"? "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")

Slavador Rizzo, "Security Costs for Christie's Out-of-State Travel Reach $2 Million," The Record, August 11, 2016, p. A-3. (Mr. Christie continues to burden New Jersey taxpayers with his GWB legal fees and costs, $12-to-$13 Million and counting, but also with the excessive costs of his jaunts to Las Vegas or Florida, an additional $2-to-$6 Million eventually, to say nothing of his security needs at home.)

Peter J. Sampson, "Teacher Guilty in Online Sex Act," The Record, August 11, 2016, p. A-4. (David M. Adams, 30, of Branchburg admitted to U.S. District Judge William H. Walsh that he spent time on the Internet trying to persuade a young boy to masturbate online. Allegedly, such conduct is "normal in New Jersey." "Neil M. Cohen, Esq. and Conduct Unbecoming to the Legislature in New Jersey.") 

John Brennan, "$800 Million for American Dream: State OKs Financing Deal to Restart Project," The Record, August 11, 2016, p. L-3. (A care package for the mafia? "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics" and "Senator Bob Loves Xanadu!" then "Xanadu and You Are Perfect Together.") 

Tim Darragh, "Ex-Aide: Christie 'Flat Out Lied' -- Text Message Emerges in GWB Court Documents," The Star-Ledger, August 11, 2016, p. 1. ("Are you listening," Renna wrote to Peter Sheridan, a campaign staff aide as Mr. Christie was denying any involvement in the GWB crisis, "[Christie] flat-out lied about senior staff and Stepien not being involved." Ms. Renna may have sought to "set-up" the governor with emails and messages she "preserved on her own" for potential political purposes and/or at the request of "others" who do not like the governor. I wonder who such anti-Christie forces would be?)  

Matt Arco, "Who is Christina Genovese Renna?," The Star-Ledger, August 11, 2016, p. 1. (Alleged mafia affiliations are denied along with Ms. Renna's "connections" to Diana Lisa Riccioli, Kim Guardagno, Jaynee La Vecchia and Estela De La Cruz to say nothing of Barbara Buono. Will the Gottis vouch for Ms. Renna? Will Ms. Renna appear on "Mob Wives"? "Jennifer Velez is a Dyke Magnet!") 

Kathleen O'Brien, "Menendez, With His Daughter Pregnant, Takes Zika Personally," The Star-Ledger, August 11, 2016, p. 10. (Alicia Menendez is older than many of the young prostitutes favored by her father. This is demeaning to women, Mr. Menendez, and so unfair to many of the young victims of the protected sex industry in Hudson County. "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Senator Bob, the Babe, and the Big Bucks" then "Wedding Bells Ring For Menendez!" and "Was Menendez Bribed to Get a Visa For a Croney?")

"Text Spells More Trouble for Christie," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, August 11, 2016, p. 14. (Christie's political life is probably over because of the mishandling of the Bridgegate matter. New Jersey's cover-up in my case has made things worse by emphasizing, internationally, the corrosive effects of these crimes on the Garden State's tainted -- or corrupt -- legal system. I am very disappointed in your court, Mr. Rabner. "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.") 

Alan Feuer, "Texts Live On, but That's Often Forgotten," The New York Times, August 12, 2016, p. A20. (It is true that in the age of texting, along with other such private communications, public exposure is not unforeseeable and may well be highly damaging. In the matter of Ms. Renna's texts I suspect that they were always intended to be disclosed in an effort to hurt Christie. This raises the question to whom does Ms. Renna "belong"? "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")

AP, "Lawsuits Signal Racial Tension in Iowa City: Cases Against Police Settled," The Record, August 12, 2016, p. A-8. (Lawsuits against police settled, including a suit brought on behalf of a 13-year-old African-American girl who was handcuffed after yelling at a passing police car: "slow down!" Handcuffed and also taken to jail for making use of her free speech rights. "Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism.")

Peter J. Sampson, "Driver Says PIP Police Beat Him For No Reason," The Record, August 12, 2016, p. L-1. (Wilton J. Silvestre was beaten by N.J. members of the Interstate Parkway Police for "driving slowly in the right lane." Mr. Silvestre who has a spotless record as a member of the NYC Transit Authority is an African-American citizen. "Driving While Black in New Jersey" and "The FBI Wants Assata Shakur.") 

Kim Lueddeke, [Kate Zernike, Kim Guardagno?] "Edgewater Man Admits to Viewing Child Porn," The Record, August 12, 2016, p. L-3. (Alfredo Vincente, 61, pleaded guilty before New Jersey Superior Court Judge Susan Steele to third degree child endangerment. Mr. Vincente possessed and distributed child porn in America's premier jurisdiction for such activity: "New Jersey Superior Court Judge is a Child Molester" and "Neil M. Cohen, Esq. and Conduct Unbecoming to the Legislature in New Jersey" then "New Jersey Rabbi Faces Child Porn Charges" and "Deborah T. Poritz and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.") 

Matt Arco, "Stepien in the Spotlight Once Again," The Star-Ledger, August 12, 2016, p. 3. (Mr. Stepien is now affiliated with Kim Guardagno and -- so far -- seems to have survived Bridgegate. Is "Linda Camooso Miller" yet another fictitious name for the notorious lesbian from Trenton? Ms. Guardagno? Jaynee LaVecchia?) 

AP, "Governor's Security Team Bills $2 Million Since 2010 for Out of State Trips," The Star-Ledger, August 12, 2016, p. 7. (Mr. Christie's partisan efforts for Donald J. Trump are costing New Jersey taxpayers millions.)

Mary Ann Spoto, "Court Says Convict Unfairly Punished: Ruling 3&1/2 Years in Solitary Was Too Harsh May Lead to New Guidelines," The Star-Ledger, August 12, 2016, p. 13. (N.J. Supreme Court refuses to answer questions concerning the secret use of psychological torture techniques against unsuspecting victims, including lawyers, since the late eighties and maybe earlier. How many victims are minority group members or women? How many have been raped? No criminal charges have ever been brought against me. It is now undisputed that ethics charges I faced were based on criminal fraud and admitted perjury as well as deliberate violations of my Constitutional rights by OAE lawyers and staff as well as others. I was always happy to reimburse portions of unused fees -- or all fees -- when appropriate only to find the same individuals returning to my office asking for my help again. I wonder who was lying to them about me? Not one cent is owed to any client, or former client of mine, by me. On the other hand there are certainly people who owe me money. I trust that all OAE lies have now been discredited and dismissed. Any new slander from Charlie-the-Horse? John McGill? "On Bullshit" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")  

Dave Hutchinson & Craig Turpin, "Teacher is Charged in Sexual Assault of 16-Year-Old Student," The Star-Ledger, August 12, 2016, p. 16. (Nicolas Kita, 23, is charged with sexual contact with a 16-year-old student. This young woman may be too old for Senator Menendez.)   

Jonathan Lin, "Michigan Man Faces Federal Sex Charges," The Star-Ledger, August 12, 2016, p. 16. (A New Jersey victim for Randi Montante -- one of many predators choosing N.J. as fertile territory to procure "partners" -- was only 13-years-old. "Another Global Child Porn Network in New Jersey.") 

"Text Spells Out More Trouble For Christie," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, August 11, 2016, p. 14. ("At best, the governor was ignoring the George Washington Bridge scandal. At worst, he was covering it up." [emphasis added] Much the same may be said of the New Jersey Supreme Court in connection with my now very public matters. The danger to the public in several states is ignored by New Jersey officials.)

Jean Rimbach, "Bergen Official Loses 90 Days' Pay: Allegedly Interfered With the Arrest of a 'Friend,'" The Record, August 9, 2016, p. L-1. ("Ralphie Boy" Rivera will lose about 1/3 of his $103,000 a-year salary for an incident in which I correctly predicted that he had tried to prevent the arrest of a connected insider on drunk driving charges.) 

Liam Stack, "After Lawsuit, New Jersey Allows '8THEIST' License Plate," The New York Times, August 17, 2016, p. A17. ("Liam Stack" may be my old friend "Brian Stack" or some other member of the political "inside group" in New Jersey. Should public officials generate journalistic coverage of themselves? I guess this is now routine. As for the underlying issue, I suppose if a person wishes to advertise her atheism, she has every right to do so, given the provisions of the First Amendment's establishment clause. This sort of contrived litigation may be designed as a distraction from the state's real troubles, or a bone tossed to liberals, who are getting little else these days in New Jersey.)  

Michael Wines & Jess Ridgewood, "Attorney General's Conviction Unlikely to End Scandal in Pennsylvania," The New York Times, August 17, 2016, p. A9. (Kathleen G. Kane, AG in Pennsylvania, has now been rightly convicted. Tawdry associations in South Jersey and elsewhere have been revealed. Much the same scandal is unfolding in New Jersey where I may play a humble part. "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!" and "Another Mafia Sweep in New Jersey and Anne Milgram is Clueless.")

Ross Bultner, "Trump Casinos Got Break On Tax Bill Under Christie," The New York Times, August 17, 2016, p. A1. (Christie came through for Trump as he did for Exxon even as the people of New Jersey in Mr. Nixon's terminology "get shafted." A $30 million dollar tax debt -- that could have risen to $50 million -- was resolved, reportedly, for about $4-to-$6 million. Mr. Trump explained that, of course, "Christie knew about the Bridgegate matter." Evidently, Mr. Trump is not very nice even to those who, lovingly, kiss his behind. "Christie Gives a Donor $1 Million of New Jersey Money.")

Tim Darragh, "Media Asks Judge to Unseal Bridgegate Record," The Star-Ledger, August 17, 2016, p. 3. (The public's interest in truth in government is not well served by "fictitious names" appearing in the media shielding true culprits from accountability. My matters also raise serious public concerns focusing upon the issue of why persons willing to provide insults and leak allegations would be shy about revealing the crimes they committed against unruly attorneys and civil libertarians. If they can get away with targeting one radical attorney today why not others tomorrow? "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit.") 

Samantha Marcus, "Christie: Dems. Shut Down Road Projects," The Star-Ledger, August 17, 2016, p. 15. (Christie accuses the Senate of stalling road projects, calls the NJEA "selfish" -- unlike himself? -- and charges Hillary Clinton with ethics lapses. The pot calling the kettle black? "Is Christopher Christie 'Mentally Deranged' and a 'Liar'?")

Tim Darragh, "Faked Signatures Result in Prison Term for Lapses," The Star-Ledger, August 17, 2016, p. 15. (Kirtish N. Patel and Nita Patel faked physicians' signatures and requests for expensive and painful diagnostic tests that allowed them to make money while placing persons lives at risk. The scams against insurance companies are worthy of Jose Ginarte and Edgar Navarete. I wonder whether efforts were made to fake my signature by these gentlemen for a small fee? Mr. McGill? "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.") 

Richard Muti, "Christie's School Funding Plan Could Sink Our Urban Districts," The Star-Ledger, August 17, 2016, p. 16. (Christie simply does not care about "urban," meaning African-American and Latino children. Is Mr. Christie truly the governor of all "New Jersey's people"?)

Joe Malinconico, "Tentative Deal Reached in Cop Beating Lawsuit," The Record, August 9, 2016, p. L-2. (Two men settled for $610,000 after their beating and torture by Paterson cops was captured on video. Police had denied the incident took place as alleged until the video appeared. Mr. Christie will join Donald J. Trump in sponsoring a police support rally this week. Do black lives matter, Mr. Christie? "The FBI Wants Assata Shakur" and "Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism" then "So Black and So Blue in Prison.")

Peter J. Sampson, "Feds Open Fake College in Sting," The Record, April 6, 2016, p. A-1. (Was the sting aimed at fraudsters who create bogus schools to scam money from unsuspecting people? "Trump University"? In August, 2016 several of these matters where 21 persons were charged for defrauding public funds in conspiracies involving "partners" working in government will lead to additional arrests and court appearances. Yes, attorneys must be involved in these N.J. shenanigans. "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce.") 

Mary Jo Layton, "Bergen Hospital Accused of Racial Discrimination," The Record, April 6, 2016, p. L-1. (Former worker's whistle-blower lawsuit has led to a STATEWIDE and soon to be federal investigation of racial bias and exclusion in New Jersey health care. After African-Americans are beaten on the streets by police, New Jersey hospitals may refuse to treat them. Given the quality of care available in many Garden State hospitals this may be a small blessing. "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")  

John Seasly, "Zisa Fight Could be Entering New Phase: Suits, Disciplinary Hearing May Stretch on for Ex-Chief," The Record, August 25, 2016, p. A-1. (Chief Ken Zisa -- Hackensack's one-time "Godfather" -- will face new investigations for corruption. Mr. Zisa may return to prison soon. I wonder whether Mr. Zisa was "spoken to" about me when I was practicing law in New Jersey? Has Mr. Zisa visited my sites? I suspect so. "Zisa Family Goes to the Mattresses.")

Matt Arco, "Christie Vetoes Two Gun Control Measures," The Star-Ledger, August 25, 2016, p. 1. (Mr. Christie's receipt of contributions from the gun lobby had little to do with his opposition to gun control, he says, or perhaps no one told him about his own veto of gun control measures?)

Susan K. Livio, "Worker Indicted in Medicaid Fraud Case," The Star-Ledger, August 29, 2016, p. 7. (Austin G. Mongiello, 27, has been indicted for submitting phony medicaid and disability claims and pocketing the cash. Maria Martinez? Edgar Navarete? Jose Ginarte? Sound familiar?) 

Matt Arco, "Christie, Others Flew on 'Chairman's Flight,'" The Star-Ledger, August 24, 2016, p. 1. (Mr. Christie's efforts to distance himself from the stench of corruption, lying, racism and worse sins belonging to the disgraced former friend and mentor David Samson -- and/or "Little Debbie" Poritz for that matter -- belies the heart-warming images of Christie and Samson holding hands not so long ago. A number of distressing and increasing robberies from New Jersey Synagogues may be an unfortunate reaction to perceived double-standards in the administration of justice in the Garden State. No justice, no peace. "The FBI Wants Assata Shakur" and "Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism.")