Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Shenanigans in New Jersey!

Today I have experienced many difficulties in doing my work. This makes me more determined to continue writing and struggling.

Ronald Smothers, "Senator's Trial Set for 2008 In Fraud Case In New Jersey," in The New York Times, April 10, 2007, at p. B8.
"Trenton: McGreevey Seeks Joint Custody," The New York Times, April 10, 2007, at p. B8.

"TRENTON, April 9 -- State Senator Wayne R. Bryant pleaded not guilty [irony?] on Monday to federal fraud and corruption charges and then waved his right to a trial within 70 days, setting the stage for a trial to be held next year."

"Mr. Bryant, 59, who was named in a 20-count indictment on March 29 after a nearly yearlong investigation by federal prosecutors, entered his plea in United States District Court here before Judge Freda L. Wolfson."

"His co-defendant in the case, Dr. R. Michael Gallagher, former dean [sic.] of the school of osteopathy at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, also pleaded not guilty [sense of humor?] in the 20-minute court hearing."

There is much speculation that recent news accounts of an alleged "sexual payoff system" for New Jersey officials -- possibly including judges and "justices" -- may be linked to Dr. Gallagher's activities. If true, this suggests that taxpayers in New Jersey were financing Dr. Ghallager's sexual habits, along with his hotel rooms and thousand-dollar wine bottles, also allegedly.

No wonder you can't build a high school in New Brunswick for $187 million -- there's just not enough corruption involved -- what with the increased cost of cement and all. No matter how many moronic obstructions or harassments I deal with to write and post these essays, I will continue to say these things.

These politicians' "shenanigans" can neither be confirmed nor denied by anyone, anywhere -- at any time. Rumors swirling in the dark corners of Trenton concern alleged "secret" cooperation on the part of Mr. Bryant with federal authorities that may result in an offer to Mr. Bryant (through his counsel) of a plea to lesser charges -- say, "urinating on the sidewalk" -- in exchange for information concerning some of Bryant's former political associates and, allegedly, "partners in crime." This is neither known nor unknown at this time, to the best of anyone's knowledge or recollection, except for those who do know but are not telling -- yet.

I wonder what, if anything, Mr. Bryant can tell the feds about Senator Bob?

Shady characters in Camden County (are there any other kind?) have been losing sleep lately. Since most of Camden County's political community is on the, shall we say, "shady side of politics," this has resulted in a dramatic increase in the sale of sleep medication in south Jersey. Hudson County is next, so there has been an increase in the sale of rosary beads in Union City.

We have to wonder why it is minorities that seem to be turned over to federal authorities when the heat rises in Trenton. Bryant, Senator Bob, unfavorable news reports concerning Sharpe James -- are all of these accounts merely distractions from the activities of "others" in Trenton? I wonder what Speaker Roberts and his behind-the-scenes "friends" (or Senator Richard J. Cody) are up to these days? They look a little nervous for some reason. Why are they keeping their distance from Mr. Bryant all of a sudden? I wonder if my difficulties accessing my group this morning are related to these news accounts?

"In all, Mr. Bryant was being paid about $175,000 a year for his government jobs, including his $49,000 salary in the State Legislature. The indictment charges that he used the three positions to artificially boost his state pension to $81,000 a year from $28,000."

Extensions of time this early in the litigation process suggests that "creative bargaining" is underway.

"Former Governor James E. McGreevey, who resigned in 2004 after anouncing that he was gay, is seeking joint custody of his five-year-old daughter and is seeking to bar her from accompanying his estranged wife on a tour to promote her book. In court papers filed on Thursday in State Superior Court, Mr. McGreevey also asks the court to ensure that he is not cut off from his child, Jacqueline, because of the 'seemingly irrational fears' of his estranged wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, about his sexual orientation. A lawyer for Ms. Matos McGreevey, John N. Post, did not return telephone or e-mail messages for comment. Ms. Matos McGreevey's tell-all book about their marriage is scheduled to be released on May 1."

There are those who say that Ms. Matos McGreevey's concern is not with Mr. McGreevey's current sexual preference, but with his (alleged) shady associations with New Jersey's somewhat sinister, allegedly, "political operatives." This is neither confirmed nor denied by the Times reporter. No one wishes to have a child associate with mobsters.

The best is yet to come. Allegedly.

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