Friday, March 20, 2009

Senator Bob, the Babe, and the Big Bucks!

I find myself being quoted by reporters from many publications who have never spoken to me. I have posted -- since purchasing my computer -- my status regarding New Jersey. I have not spoken to any "self-identified" reporter from The New York Times or any other publication about any matters whatsoever. If I do so, given the relationships that may exist between N.J. political or "business" people and press figures, I will bring my own tape recorder and confirm my statements in writing. (See "Burn Notice" and "Incoherence in 'The New York Times.'")

Anyone claiming to be me may provide a statement to the media. My statements will always be posted in these blogs. As for being "restored," I am not sure how N.J. will "restore" twenty-plus years of my life or undo these crimes and continuing cover-ups. Have you no shame, Ms. Milgram? Have you substituted for your dignity, a job title and cash price tag, Mr. Rabner? How does a Jew become Mengele, Terry? Ms. Poritz, was the lesbian sex worth the "little favors"?

Many attempts to make use of my computer have been frustrated by hackers, viruses, spyware and other obstructions. A scan of my computer -- after installing a new "upgraded" security system -- has already disclosed three new security risks, since yesterday, only one of which can be resolved at this time. Thus, I cannot be certain when or whether I will be able to continue writing. I will do my best. That scan is still underway. At any time, I may be prevented from writing at my home computer and will search for a public computer to continue working. I am unable to access my MSN group, Critique. America is calling on other countries to respect freedom of expression and dissidents' rights. New Jersey is excluded from this requirement or call. I wonder why New Jersey's Democrats, mostly, continue to get away with their crimes?

March 20, 2009 at 2:35 P.M. I cannot access MSN groups. Images cannot be posted. My books are still suppressed. Harassment is continuous. I will focus on the sex lives of more N.J. judges.

August 30, 2007 at 4:05 P.M. (See "What is it like to be tortured?")

August 31, 2007 at 10:40 A.M. I am unable to access my msn account or group, numerous attempts to do so have been obstructed by hackers. Corrections to this post were lost after an attempt to republish the essay failed. I will continue to struggle throughout the day against these obstacles. Mafia/mob involvement in Internet crime is to be expected. It usually follows upon criticisms of promiment New Jersey politicians, like Senator Bob. I wonder why?

David Kocieniewski, "Inquiry Focuses On Former Aide to Menendez," in The New York Times, August 28, 2007, at p. B1. (As of October, 2009 this matter and several others concerning Senator Bob are still under investigation by grand juries, allegedly.)
David Kocieniewaski, "Economic Woes Affect Some July 4th Fireworks," in The New York Times, June 22, 2009, at p. A15. (N.J. may cancel July 4, festivities and Christmas due to disappearing millions and yet a sparkling shopping mall has -- allegedly! -- appeared, along with a rail link to Manhattan by way of a new tunnel. However, no one has yet seen these items nor the $2 BILLION that vanished to "pay" for them.)

"A federal investigation of Senator Robert Menendez over potential conflicts of interest with recipients of government financing has shifted focus to the lobbying work of his former chief of staff and confidante, according to lawyers and others familiar with the case."

"A grand jury in Newark has subpoenaed hundreds of pages of financial documents, which received a variety of public financing when KAY LICAUSI, who was an aide to Mr. Menendez while he was in the House of Representatives, lobbied for the hospital. Last week, the grand jury heard testimony from Jonathan Metsch, a former Menendez fundraiser who was president and chief executive of the hospital when it hired Ms. LiCausi, the Star Ledger [sic.] of Newark reported on Sunday."

Ms. LiCausi must be well-connected to prominent officials in the area. Yes, I checked the spelling of her name. But she seems very young and may not have appreciated the full implications or ramifications of actions that I am sure others, like the junior Senator from New Jersey, asked her to take.

"You take the money."

"No, you take the money."

These kinds of statements are often heard near the New Jersey Senate building. In fact, these statements -- or words to this effect -- can be heard on tape uttered by Harrison Williams, predecessor of Mr. Menendez in the U.S. Senate, who was caught in the F.B.I.'s "ABSCAM" operation.

"Neither Mr. Menendez nor Ms. LiCausi would comment on the matter. But Marc E. Elias, a lawyer who represents Mr. Menendez, said that he expected the United States attorney leading the investigation to find that Mr. Menendez acted 'appropriately.' ... "

Mark, did you ever visit "The Philosophy Cafe"? You want a rematch, Mark? Who asked you to argue with me, Mark? Wanna try again, kid? Is cybercrime "ethical" for a New Jersey lawyer, Mr. Elias?

This statement from counsel is what is known in legal circles as the typical bullshit. "Some other dude done it," will be next. Get your fee up front, Mr. Elias -- in cash. As for whether Mr. Menendez acted "appropriately," I'd say he's pretty typical for a New Jersey politician climbing to the top of the greasy pole in Hudson County. Look up the biography of Benjamin Disraeli, who -- in an old-fashioned way -- refrained from thievery as Prime Minister in Victorian Britain. Better yet, research the colorful political history of Union City ("La Bolita"!), New Jersey. Chicharron?

I have just corrected an "error" inserted in this text since my previous reading of it. I expect to encounter such criminal vandalism each time that I review this work.

"The investigation became public last summer, when the Star-Ledger reported that Mr. Menendez had collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent for a building he owned from the North Hudson Community Action Corporation, an antipoverty group."

This is a group that tries to prevent poverty for politicians and themselves. They are highly successful in avoiding financial difficulties -- for themselves, that is! -- thanks to your tax dollars.
"Mr. Menendez had helped the group, which was run by a political ally" -- a partner in crime, Bob? -- "and campaign contributor, win MILLIONS of dollars in federal funding. When federal agents seized records from North Hudson last September, Mr. Menendez, a Democrat, was locked in a heated campaign against State Senator Thomas H. Kean Jr., a Republican."

It turns out that Menendez may be much worse than even Tom Kean suspected. Rumored alliances with Miami's so-called "Cuban-Mafia" have dogged Menendez for years. I wonder whether this has something to do with my computer troubles? Ya think? I have a feeling we're all going to find out. Perhaps Mr. Menendez will be "locked" once again, in a more literal sense this time. Harrison Williams? Bob Torricelli? "Slim Jim" McGreevey? Will Bob Menendez be next? (See "The Departed.")

My experiences are examples of the way censorship works in America -- through denigration and discouragement, denials of creative opportunities, vandalism and destruction of creative or intellectual work, theft, deliberate campaigns of frustration and orchestrated efforts aimed at the professional and personal destruction of critics, corruption goes unpunished and dissidents are silenced. Contrarian attorneys are designated for destruction by politicians, usually secretly. Bob is reputed to be a master of the dagger in the back method of "conflict-resolution." ("How Censorship Works in America" and "What is it like to be tortured?")

An "error" inserted in the foregoing sentence since my previous review has now been corrected. In response, I will focus on alleged use of prostitutes by current and former political and judicial figures in New Jersey. You know who you are, boys. Mr. Ginarte, do you know anything about this subject?

Read Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent. Inevitably such efforts involve secret destruction of reputation and interference with professional as well as social advantage for dissidents. I wonder why Lulu refuses to distribute my book?

"Mr. Menendez [sic.] relationship with Ms. LiCausi, [23 at the time?] who worked in his office from 1998 to 2002, has been the subject of criticism. Neither has commented on reports that they were romantically involved."

How old is Bob, a dashing 53 years-old?

I don't care about anyone's romantic involvements because they're not my business. On the other hand, THEFT of public funds, HYPOCRISY in legal ethics enforcement, CRIMES by pontificating hypocrites (I am not naming anyone, yet) -- those things do concern me. Use of prostitutes is a crime. Right, Debbie Poritz? (See "Is New Jersey Chief Justice Deborah T. Poritz unethical or only incompetent?" and "New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court.")

Why will we punish desperate young women and not older men and women, who should know better, exploiting and discarding those young prostitutes? I am not suggesting that Ms. LiCausi is a prostitute. As for Mr. Menendez, you decide what he is. ("More Problems for Menendez -- Tapes!")

Anyone planning on inserting "errors," again, in my work? This would be a good time to do so. Who would want to do such a thing, Senator Bob? Censorship? If you did nothing wrong -- why worry, Bob?

"Mr. Menendez has acknowledged, however, that he helped Ms. LiCausi build a substantial client base after she left his office in 2002 by steering hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying business to her from [his] allies at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other businesses and organizations."

How much was getting back to Big Pappa under the table we may never know. Big Pappa gotta get his, right Bob?

"Among the clients Ms. LiCausi had by 2003 was Liberty Health Care System, which runs Jersey City Medical Center, and was then headed by Mr. Metsch, said Tom O'Neal a spokesman for the hospital. Mr. Mensch did not return calls requesting comment. ..."

Care for a Cohiba, Bob? A little espresso?

"... investigators were trying to determine whether Mr. Menendez had helped Ms. LiCausi win the contract to represent Liberty, and if her position was linked to the hospital's successful efforts to win government backed bonds."

I wonder whether Kay knows Diana? Are they "connected" in any way? Notice this next paragraph for the proverbial smoking gun:

"Although Ms. LiCausi's filings with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission do not list Liberty Health Care as a client until 2005, hospital representatives said she was paid $280,000 for work between January 2003 and February 2007."

$280,000 or some portion thereof, paid BEFORE the corporate entity was a client, for undisclosed reasons, which might have something to do with the Senator helping them get federal money. Ms. LiCausi may have been placed in peril by whoever arranged for her to receive those funds, for whatever purpose. I wonder who that could be? Does she realize that? I wonder where the money went? Do you think this also could be related to my computer troubles? On whose tax returns were these sums listed as income? Or were they listed at all? In what year and for which of these two persons was this money listed as income? After the cat is out of the bag "amendments" of tax returns will not help with the "ethics" of this situation, Big Pappa. Do you speak to me of "ethics," Senator? This is a U.S. Senator? Senator Bob is a member of the bar in the state of New Jersey. Where is the OAE? Hey, walking turds, "this buds for you." Ms. LiCausi, no matter who tells you otherwise: Get your own lawyer.

"We forgot!" I'm still running the scan. My profile's image-posting feature is disabled. I cannot access my own books on-line. How surprising it is that I continue to experience these difficulties? I wonder why I have so much trouble on-line? Go ahead, take a letter out or put one in. I don't believe that such tactics will stop me from writing. (An "error" was inserted in this last sentence and has just been corrected by me, again.)

Whether a Senator from the aptly-named state of "Idaho" (I bet he did!) was trying to get laid in a public bathroom (get a room next time!) is much less interesting to me than misuse of power and public funds for personal gain. That used to be called STEALING. Mr. Garcia?

How many others might also claim they "had" a "ho" -- a political or legal "ho" I mean? I never had a "ho." Misspent youth, I guess. In our divided political culture, party affiliation is everything. The liberal troops will fight for Menendez. Meanwhile, the people -- in Richard Nixon's elegant phrase -- "get shafted."

"Ms. LiCausi's client list included an array of other organizations that sought public financing or government permits or approvals for major projects. She represents the Mills Corporation, which is developing the XANADU shopping and entertainment complex in the Meadowlands."

This project has fallen under great criticism for lack of progress and disappearing MILLIONS of dollars, allegedly. $2 BILLION TOTAL PISSED AWAY? Senator Bob says: "Let's get tough on crime!"

"In 2004, several months after [Ms. LiCausi] was hired by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Mr. Menendez announced the first of two appropriations totalling $9.5 MILLION to repair the shoreline and extend the berth for the company's ships."

That's you doing the financing, the chumps -- I mean the tax payers. Wait, I think I was right the first time. I wonder what that shipping company is doing for Senator Bob? Fruit basket?

"Mr. Menendez said that his relationship with [Ms. LiCausi] did not affect his actions."

Good old, Bob. He's for "all the people" -- especially the ones who can put big money in his pockets. Lots of luck with those grand juries, Bob!

As a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association, who is required to be "ethical" at all times and truthful, just like every other New Jersey lawyer you know, Bob has sworn to abide by all laws of the land and to be a good scout. I wonder whether the OAE is interested in this little tea party. I doubt it. I wonder why the OAE thinks that Bob is the cat's meow? Is the OAE a "ho"? Whatta-ya say, John? ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

I wonder whether OAE people were involved in committing crimes -- yes, CRIMES -- against me? Aren't crimes unethical? Censorship? Obstruction of justice? Denials of discovery? Solicitation and even preparation of grievances? Paid off and intimidated witnesses? Assault? Questioning under hypnosis? Tampering with witnesses? Obstruction of justice, John? And so much more ... Ethics? New Jersey "Ethics" is what they call a "misnomer."

The OAE is the least ethical and truthful legal entity in the state. The agency is a dump site for political soldiers who genuflect to the powerful and agree to limit who they go after to the enemies of powerful political bosses. Their hypocrisy is sickening. I would not be surprised if some OAE lawyers are indeed part of the hacking campaign against me in violation of federal civil rights laws and the Constitution. You low-lifes in Trenton want to talk to me about ethics? Any time. Maybe attacks on my family members will be next.

Gee, I wonder if N.J. attorneys had anything to do with my troubles at "The Philosophy Cafe" at MSN?

Hey, Big Stu' ... you awake? ("No More Cover-Ups and Lies, Chief Justice Rabner!")


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