Tuesday, July 14, 2015

U.S. Psychologists' and Psychology's Acceptance of Torture.

August 13, 2015 at 1:25 P.M. Any reprisals should be aimed at me, not my family members. I do not negotiate with thugs. I only hope that these matters can and will be brought before a federal tribunal. I have yet to receive a response to my communications to the authorities in America. ("The Audacity of Hope" and "Israel Heightens Gaza Crisis.")

A package was sent to the United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Esq. (by overnight mail) on August 7, 2015 for delivery on August 8, 2015 before 12:00 Noon at the United States Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.; and a package was also mailed to the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court John Roberts on August 7, 2015 for delivery by 12:00 Noon on August 8, 2015. 

The tracking number for the package of materials -- about 80 pages -- sent to Ms. Lynch is EK 773885050 US; the tracking number for the package sent to the U.S. Supreme Court is EK 773885063 US. ("Psychological Torture in the American Legal System.") 

No email account is available to me. No images can be posted by me. I continue to be followed on my daily walks in the city. Threats will be ignored. I will continue to write. 

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I will struggle to write online, every day, from public computers for the maximum time possible of about 45 minutes. ("How censorship works in America.")

I plan to review Ex Machina and Woddy Allen's Irrational Man. An essay on the latest battles in the "free will war" is also in the works. 

The size of the text in this essay and others posted at these blogs may be altered without my consent in violation of American copyright laws by New Jersey-based computer criminals using government computers. 

Access to the Internet and computers at public libraries will be obstructed, distractions and other harassments must be expected during writing times. 

James Risen, "Psychologists Urged to Curb Anti-Terror Role," The New York Times, July 31, 2015, p. A1.

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"Psychologists Who Greenlighted [sic.] Torture," (Editorial) The New York Times, July 1, 2015, p. A18.

David Cole, The Torture Memo Lawyers: Rationalizing the Unthinkable (New York: New Press, 2009). (Attorneys LYING in legal memoranda by rationalizing and knowingly claiming, falsely, that torture is or can be legal.)

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Jane Mayer, The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War On Terror Turned Into a War On American Ideals (New York: Doubleday, 2008), pp. 295-327. ("Cover-Up.")

Please compare: "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" with "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli." 

"The first detailed accounts of the BRUTAL interrogations [sic.] program the Central Intelligence Agency established after the Sept. 11 attacks noted that psychologists and other medical" -- as well as legal and "other" -- "professionals played key roles in abetting the torture of terrorism suspects. However, much about their role and their degree of responsibility in one of the most macabre and shameful chapters of American history has remained shrouded in secrecy." (NYT, "Editorial," 7-1-15, p. A18, emphasis added.)

Much the same appears to be true of the New Jersey Supreme Court and Office of Attorney Ethics which are complicit in tortures to which I and others (such as Marilyn Straus) have been subjected. Officials affiliated with these Trenton "agencies" and/or tribunals continue to lie and cover-up their misdeeds. ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court.")

New Jersey lawyers and judges conspired to lie and cover-up what took place in my life in the late eighties and nineties in order to protect influential persons, presumably, who are (or were) prominent in Garden State legal and political circles: 

" ... top members of the American Psychological Association, the largest professional organization of psychologists, colluded with officials [emphasis added] at the Pentagon and the C.I.A. to keep the group's ethics policies in line with tactics that interrogators working for the agency and the military were employing." (Ibid.)

I suspect that much the same was true for New Jersey's Bar Association and OAE as concerns persons "interrogating" me under hypnosis and in a drugged state in the presence of an adversary.

Mr. Obama pointed out that any civilized society regards the drugging and sexual abuse of an incapacitated or unconscious person as "rape." ("Marilyn Straus Was Right!" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison!" then "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!" and "New Jersey Lesbian Professor Rapes a Disabled Man.")

I further believe that this fact of torture that I have endured is known on an international level and that requests for the truth in this matter -- not only by me and others in America but also by non-U.S. sources -- are deliberately ignored with insulting disdain for the law and the intelligence of persons making the requests for the truth by N.J. officials. ("Stuart Rabner's Selective Sense of Justice.")

There must have been an elaborate and convoluted rationale that allowed low-level lawyers to see these heinous crimes as "ethically permissible" under the circumstances. ("Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" then "An Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq." and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

America's acceptance of torture, ventures in cybercrime and computer-based spying on other countries as well as "politically-designated" targets in this country have been accompanied by hypocritical calls for other nations to abandon torture and promote free speech on-line. ("Nihilists in Disneyworld.")

Persons in other countries are skeptical about U.S. claims on these issues of democracy and tolerance of dissent. ("American Lawyers and Torture" and "American Doctors and Torture" then "Is American Legal Ethics a Lie?")

It is especially difficult to reconcile U.S. practices with preexisting American statutory commitments (by way of international accords) to end torture in the world and "protect" dissidents. ("How censorship works in America" and "Censorship and Cruelty in New Jersey.")

I am unable to create a new blog at blogger. No response to my communications to law enforcement officials has been received at this time by me. ("New Jersey's Filth, Failures, and Flaws.")

I will be forwarding a copy of my most recent essay posted at "Against Dark Arts" with about 40 pages of copies of items indicating systematic computer crime targeting these blogs and emanating from New Jersey government computers to the U.S. Attorney General at the Justice Department along with a copy and attachments to United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. 

The tracking numbers for these packages will be posted online if I am able to return to blogger in order to continue writing. 

I doubt that I will receive a response even to such a public communication, given the obvious cover-up in these matters, but it may be in the interest of legal officials at least to preserve the "appearance" of legitimacy in the legal system since plausible denial of my allegations is now unavailable. This is true despite the fact that the victim(s) of these public crimes are not corporations. (Again: "Marilyn Straus Was Right!" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison" then "Menendez Charged With Selling His Office!" and "Menendez and Christie May Face Ethics Charges" then "Deborah T. Poritz and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "Sybil R. Moses and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.")

"On Tuesday, Physicians For Human Rights justifiably called on the Department of Justice to begin a criminal investigation into the psychologists [sic.] association's role in the Bush administration's torture program." 

New Jersey's "Arthur Goldberg" and JONAH may be among the Jessen & Mitchel-style consultants to local governments on torture issues. ("An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli.")

There certainly seems to be a Mossad-type component to these tortures which may have been developed (or enhanced) by Israeli security forces in their dealings with Palestinians, but which originated with American and other intelligence agencies. Today these tortures are used in U.S. prisons, often secretly, and mostly against African-American political prisoners. ("The Audacity of Hope" and "Israel Heightens Gaza Crisis" then "Justice For Mumia Abu-Jamal" and "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?") 

"Dr. Kelly Sulkowicz, a psychologist and the vice chairwoman of the board [sic.] for Physicians for Human Rights said: 'The APA's collusion with the government's national security apparatus is one of the greatest scandals in U.S. medical history.' ..." ("Psychological Torture in the American Legal System" and "So Black and So Blue in Prison" then "Foucault, Rose, Davis and the Meaning(s) of Prison.")

Amazingly, persons who claim to be concerned with human rights issues in China, Russia, Cuba or the Middle East are silent concerning revelations of U.S. criminal tortures, killing thousands of innocent persons by means of drone weapons, censorship, and lying about such practices for years. ("Marco Rubio Lies About His Past.")

In a manner that I find strikingly similar to the OAE and New Jersey Supreme Court's response to my situation, the American Psychological Association " ... prioritized the protection of psychologists [lawyers?] -- even those who might have engaged in unethical behavior [Debbie Poritz? Bob Menendez?] -- above the protection of the public. ... " (NYT, 7-1-15, p. A1, emphasis added.) 

A list of fifty-to-one-hundred sources will be added to this essay in the days ahead. 


Graham Bowley & Sydney Ember, "Cosby Detailed Many Affairs in Testimony: Sex, Drugs[,] and Deceit Described by Actor," The New York Times, July 19, 2015, p. A1. (Bill Cosby is only one of the persons using drugs to sexually exploit victims, allegedly. Why the focus exclusively on Mr. Cosby? Alina Fallat? "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison" and "Marilyn Straus Was Right!")

Jonathan Martin & Allan Rapperport, "No Hero, Says [Trump] of McCain, Stirring Outrage," The New York Times, July 19, 2015, p. A1. (Donald Trump has dominated discussion of Republican presidential candidates and their policy proposals. Hillary Clinton should send a contribution to the "Trump For President Campaign.")

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Peter Baker & Jill Herschfeld, "U.S. and Cuba Reach an Agreement to Reopen Embassies, Officials Say," The New York Times, July 1, 2015, p. A13. (A new era of peaceful coexistence begins due to diplomacy. All persons are invited to share in this occasion.)

Michael Barbaro, "Christie Announces Run, Pledging 'Truth' About Nation's Woes," The New York Times, July 1, 2015, p. A16. (New accusations that Mr. Christie is lying and may fail to win reelection in New Jersey. Has Mr. Prieto of New Jersey's Assembly visited my sites and read my writings? "New Jersey's Filth, Failures, and Flaws.")

Kate Zernike & Nick Corasanti, "One of the Toughest States For Christie to Win in 2016?, New Jersey," The New York Times, July 1, 2015, p. A16. (Christie is losing his popularity in New Jersey as additional ethics and legal accusations against the governor's administration emerge. "Menendez Indicted; Christie May Face Ethics Charges.")

Christopher Drew, "U.S. Investigates Biggest Airlines in Corruption Case," The New York Times, July 2, 2015, p. A1. ("Collusion" renders the ideology of a "free market" under capitalism absurd. "Croney Capitalism" produces, predictably, financial crises that devastate MILLIONS of lives and fortify inequalities of access to wealth that are profoundly unjust.)

Andrew Higgins, "Mixed Messages and No Progress in Greek Crisis," The New York Times, July 2, 2015, p. A1. (The suffering in Spain and Greece as well as elsewhere is directly related to "collusion" by financiers in bad debts and shady banking practices "passed-off" to unsuspecting customers.) 

Victor Hamsen, "Ex-Nazi Admits Complicity But Offers No Apology," The New York Times, July 2, 2015, p. A8. (Will Luis Posada-Carriles admit his crimes and accept legal punishment? "American Hypocrisy and Luis Posada-Carriles.")

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"Puerto Rico Needs Debt Relief," (Editorial) The New York Times, July 2, 2015, p. A24. (How long before New Jersey is in Puerto Rico's dire predicament? Senator Menendez is too busy trying to stay out of prison and enjoying the sexual favors of 14-year-old girls to worry about N.J. finances, fortunately; Mr. Christie is running for president, unfortunately; Mr. Rabner is on his way to Jerusalem for a vacation and/or further instructions from Mr. Netanyahu, or Solomon Dwek. "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?" and "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")   

Jason Horowitz, "Rubio Is Hardly a Hero in Cuba. He Likes That.," The New York Times, July 6, 2015, p. A1. (Mr. Rubio's hostility to the Cuban people is based on ignorance of Cuban history. However, he can do a great deal of harm because of that ignorance. "Marco Rubio Lies About His Past.") 

Jill Longman, "In a Rout and Romp, U.S. Takes World Cup," The New York Times, July 6, 2015, p. A1. (Contrary to initial reports, Hillary Clinton did not play as "midfielder" for the U.S. women's soccer team.)

William Newman, "Francis, 'Pope of the People,' Arrives in Ecuador on Latin American Tour," The New York Times, July 6, 2015, p. A4. (Pope Francis continues to express his concern for the poor, social justice, and the evil effects of "unfettered" capitalism.) 

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Nathaniel Popper, "The Bell Rings, Computers Fail, Wall Street Cringes," The New York Times, July 9, 2015, p. A1. (Computer crime may have contributed to the problems at the New York Stock Exchange in response to similar attacks from the U.S. against other countries.)

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Somini Segupta, "Study Finds Low Incomes Constrain HALF The World," The New York Times, July 9, 2015, p. A6. (Structural and "patterned poverty" will result from globalized capitalism, including cyclical financial crises, corruption, unemployment and flow of wealth to the richest persons in First World societies at the expense of the poorest 4 BILLION people in the world. These are the issues that concern the Pope.) 

Timothy Williams, "Girls in [U.S.] Justice System Often Abused, Report Says," The New York Times, July 9, 2015, p. A16. (Girls and women in the U.S. prison system may EXPECT sexual assault. "Abuse and Exploitation of Women in New Jersey.")

"Gov. Christie's Chance to Do Right by Voters," (Editorial) The New York Times, July 9, 2015, p. A26. (Mr. Christie continues to obstruct efforts to ensure voting in minority communities. Should this man be president? "Is Christopher Christie 'Mentally Deranged' and a 'Liar'?")

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Matt Apuzzo, "Menendez Says U.S. Indictment Violates Constitution," The New York Times, July 21, 2015, p. A24. 

Menendez's lawyers have argued that Justice Department investigations of Mr. Menendez for accepting "contributions" from Dr. Melgen run afoul of Citizens United and encroach upon the province of Congressional decision-making and necessary debates. These are "separation of powers" and "due process" arguments besides the First Amendment issues I have discussed elsewhere. 

If Mr. Menendez were to prevail in these motions -- a highly unlikely possibility -- a precedent would be set limiting or prohibiting federal prosecutors' powers and ability to investigate any bribery of Congresspersons, whether in the House of Representatives or in the U.S. Senate, provided that politicians call the bribes "donations" from friends. ("Menendez Charged With Selling His Office.")

Such a dangerous and absurd precedent is not required by law or the facts of this case. 

I expect that this motion will be lost by Mr. Menendez together with Senator Menendez's requests for a change of venue and total severance from Dr. Melgen which have already been lost or denied by the District Court:

" ... Dr. Melgen earmarked his 'contributions' to be spent in New Jersey to help reelect the senator, it amounted to a direct benefit to Mr. Menendez. [emphasis added] The indictment suggests that the senator was well aware that the contributions were INTENDED as a personal favor: within days of the first check, the senator was pressing federal officials about the Medicare issue. Dr. Melgen stood to make millions" -- millions Dr. Melgen is likely to have shared with his "good friend," to use Mr. Menendez's words! -- "if the Obama administration changed its billing  practices." (NYT, 7-21-15, p. A24, empasis added.) 

Matt Arco, "Christie is Losing Ground in New Poll," The Star-Ledger, July 24, 2015, p. 1. (Mr. Christie is losing popularity in his home state among all voters and also among Republicans in the presidential primaries. Mr. Rabner and the New Jersey Supreme Court is viewed as corrupt, or incompetent, by as many as 75% of the state's residents who also view most judicial and police outcomes as "biased." "Stuart Rabner's Selective Sense of Justice" and "New Jersey's Filth, Failures, and Flaws.")

Thomas Zambito, "Police Sergeant Accused of Helping a Drug Dealer," The Star-Ledger, July 14, 2015, p. 4. (It is feared that other cops in Atlantic City were part of this organization now broken-up by the F.B.I. and that state police and prosecutors may also be involved. Sounds like Elizabeth and West New York cops.)

Christopher Baxter, "Former DOT Engineer Sentenced in Scheme to Defraud Program," The Star-Ledger, July 14, 2015, p. 4. (Gaudner Mutellus, 36, was the front-person for a scheme that would have enriched dozens of corrupt New Jersey officials. "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")

Bill Wichert, "Judge Downgrades Charges Against Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault," The Star-Ledger, July 14, 2015, p. 7. (Nicole Default is accused of engaging in sexual activity with six students between 2013 and 2014. Is she a lesbian? "New Jersey Lesbian Sends Nude Photos to Minor" and "N.J. Lesbian Professor Rapes a Disabled Man.")

S.P. Sullivan, "Judge Rejects Intervention in Exxon Deal," The Star-Ledger, July 14, 2015, p. 11. (Exxon wins; New Jersey loses. The state courts, again, display their corruption and disdain for the people victimized by lethal pollutants. There may be some justice in the thought that carcinogens in the Garden State's earth and water also kill Superior Court Judges in New Jersey.)

Keith Brown, "Woman Sentenced to 3 Years in Federal Bribery Scheme," The Star-Ledger, July 14, 2015, p. 14. (Attempt to bribe a federal official in order to direct millions of dollars in construction work to companies ostensibly owned by a woman "fronting" for the mob and/or dirty politicians. Mr. Rabner "doesn't know nothing.")

Matt Arco, "Trump Atop Poll, Christie Near Bottom," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2015, p. 4. (Mr. Christie's troubles increase. The governor may make a fool of himself in these primaries effectively ending his aspirations for higher office. Let us hope so, anyway, then he may concentrate on New Jersey's troubles.)

Matt Friedman, "Contractor Says Di Vincenzo Handpicked Winning Zoo Bid," The Star-Ledger, July 15, 2015, p. 15. (Allegations that Joe Di Vincenzo, Esq., Essex County Executive, was bribed to select a winning bid for a mob-connected construction firm. Joey D' says he "don't know from nothing." "Joe D Knows How to Eat!")

Dave Hutchison, "Suspended Judge Pleads Not Guilty to Charges," The Star-Ledger, July 16, 2015, p. 6. (A number of New Jersey Superior Court Judges are under investigation, allegedly, for their bizarre and illegal sexual habits. Estela De La Cruz likes young ladies, especially prostitutes, and may have raped Marilyn Straus. Is Diana Lisa Riccioli still a "friend," Estela?)   

Jonathan D. Salant, "Menendez Raises More Than $1.5 MILLION for His Legal Defense," The Star-Ledger, July 16, 2015, p. 10. (Money buys a lot in America's legal system. Mr. Menendez may have obtained enough money to get away with his "sins." Given that the charges against him concern bribery and that most of this new money is coming from Israeli-friendly contributors, who happen to have business before the U.S. Senate and federal government, it is likely that additional allegations of bribery will emerge. I feel that more criminal allegations against Mr. Menendez are about to arise. Let us see whether my intuitions are accurate.) 

Herb Jackson, "Menendez Legal Fund Raises $1.5 MILLION: Indicted Senator [Unethical?] Draws From Key Issue Backers," The Record, July 16, 2015, p. A-1. (" ... That makes for a total of $2.9 MILLION raised by Menendez since he launched a legal trust fund." Mr. Menendez, in return, has supported Mr. Netanyahu's complete agenda and was among the Congresspersons who escorted the Israeli Prime Minister to the floor of the House Chamber to deliver a notorious speech against Mr. Obama. The relationship between Mr. Menendez and the Israeli lobby is similar to the senator's "friendship" with Dr. Melgen.)

Todd South, "Judge Dismisses Retired Officer's Suit: Says Claims About Prosecutor 'Scandalous,'" The Record, July 16, 2015, p. L-3. (Allegations of collusion between county prosecutor and mafia resulting in the death of an informant. Possibly the Superior Court Judge is also on the mob's payroll because he certainly protected prosecutors who allowed for this murder and loss of a witness. I have yet to hear from ANY of the police, prosecutors, or courts contacted in these matters by myself and others over a period of years that are made PUBLIC online: " ... the former officer's lawyer said the dismissal does not mean the end of the lawsuit, which also mentions a sitting state senator and two former governors, [I concur!] and named county prosecutors and police officers among its defendants." Please see: "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics.")  

Vernal Coleman, "Sheriff's Officer Tipped Off Suspect in Drug King Bust, Authorities Allege," The Star-Ledger, July 17, 2015, p. 5. (Many cops are part of organized crime in New Jersey. Much the same is true of prosecutors and judges, politicians and even state Supreme Court Justices have been accused of underworld affiliations. "Jaynee LaVecchia and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.")

Samantha Marcus, "Prieto Offers Plan to Hike Payments For Pensions," The Star-Ledger, July 17, 2015, p. 13. (The plan is to have public workers get screwed, again, by paying the extra costs for years of theft and mismanagement from their pension funds. Mr. Prieto is a Republican.) 

Christopher Baxter, "Mistrial Declared in Child Porn Case," The Star-Ledger, July 17, 2015, p. 16. (New Jersey Transit conductor and others may be part of a child porn dissemination network involving state government employees. Probably judges, cops, prosecutors are involved. Oneida Duran? Does your so-called "husband" still work for New Jersey transit? Is your lawyer still Mr. Ginarte? Do you know Mr. Prieto? What did you do to Marilyn Straus, Oneida Duran and Alina Fallat?)

Shawn Boburg, "Construction Firm Agrees to $17 Million Fine in Bribery Case," The Record, July 18, 2015, p. A-3. ("That's Jersey For Ya!") 

Peter J. Sampson, "Teacher Allegedly Reached Out to Girl She's Accused of Sexually Assaulting," The Record, July 18, 2015, p. L-1. (Lauren Mitchell, 32, a lesbian child molester and "oppressor of women," is charged with violating probation by seeking contact with her victim. "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")

Tom Moran, "Governor Christie Missed His Moment and New Jersey's Paying the Price," The Star-Ledger, July 1, 2015, p. 1. ("Gov. Chris Christie wants to expand economic opportunity to all? Then why did he increase taxes on the working poor, kill the state's affordable housing efforts and veto an increase in the minimum wage.")

Dan Ivers, "Superintendent's Severance Pay is Questioned," The Star-Ledger, July 1, 2015, p. 3. ("Anderson is set to officially vacate her $255,000 per year job as superintendent of schools [sic.] on July 8. However, her contract allows her to receive additional payments in the form of a bonus and potential severance payments. ... up to 20 percent of her salary, or approximately $51,000 ... three months' severance pay or slightly less than $64,000 ..." And so it goes. This is the Newark school district Ms. Anderson is leaving.) 

Steve Strunskey, "First of Port Authority Reform Bills Goes Into Effect: Agency Will be Subject to Open Records Laws of Both New Jersey and New York," The Star-Ledger, July 1, 2015, p. 3. (After the thefts and incompetence of the David Samson, Esq. years, reforms are being implemented at the PA. Requests for the truth in my matters continue to be ignored by New Jersey in violation of "Open Records" and so-called "Sunshine" laws.)

Thomas Zambito, "Judge Dismisses Traffic Jam Suit in GWB Scandal," The Star-Ledger, July 1, 2015, p. 15. (Once again Superior Court Judges appointed by politicians protect politicians in New Jersey.)

Laura Herzog, "Public Works Supervisor Found Guilty of Misconduct," The Star-Ledger, July 1, 2015, p. 15. (ALL of the North Bergen, New Jersey DOPW supervisors were found guilty on charges of assigning public employees to help local Democrats in elections on penalty of losing their jobs as well as doing private work on bosses' homes in violation of the law at the people's expense. "North Bergen, New Jersey is the Home of La Cosa Nostra.")

Sue Epstein, "Edison Officers Deny Retaliating Against a Cop Who Issued a DWI Ticket," The Star-Ledger, July 1, 2015, p. 18. (Edison cops went after a North Brunswick cop who issued a ticket to one of their boys for driving drunk. Some people are above the law in New Jersey. The dirty cops were protected by a local judge.)

Brian Amaral, "City Names New Water Utility Director," The Star-Ledger, July 1, 2015, p. 18. (Allegations that Mark Lowenberg, 52, appointed to a $107,000 per year position, whatever other jobs he may hold, paid a $15,000 bribe as a "contribution" to get the gig will be denied. I am sure that several pensions come with this position.) 

Ted Sherman, "Authorities Investigate Cyberattacks on Casinos," The Star-Ledger, July 7, 2015, p. 1. (Computer attacks on New Jersey casinos and government computers have come in waves over several days. The extent of the data breach and theft as well as other harm cannot be determined at this time. More "feces" have been found in New Jersey courtrooms -- in more ways than one -- I guess.)

Claude Brodesser-Akner & Jonathan D. Salant, "Christie: 'I'll be in the Top 10' When the Debates Begin," The Star-Ledger, July 7, 2015, p. 1. (Mr. Christie is at the bottom of the Republican field, well behind Donald Trump at the end of July, 2015. Confronted by a voter with the question: "What about the GWB crisis?" Mr. Christie retorted: "Yeah, I was the one moving the cones.")

Susan K. Livio, "Statehouse: Governor Signs Bill That Benefits Norcross Hospital," The Star-Ledger, July 7, 2015, p. 3. (Mr. Christie takes care of Mr. Norcross with the help of Democrat legislators: "One hand washes the other.")

Ben Horowitz, "Man Who Plotted His Wife's Murder Admits Tampering With Witnesses," The Star-Ledger, July 7, 2015, p. 5. (John McGill, Esq. of the OAE and Gilberto Garcia, Esq., did you pay-off and/or "coach" a so-called "witness" to lie in testimony against me? "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.") 

Steven Strunskey, "Even Embattled Lawyers at the Port Authority Have Lawyers," The Star-Ledger, July 7, 2015, p. 11. (N.J. taxpayers are putting-up the money for the salaries of P.A. lawyers and for their lawyers' legal fees as these same individuals face indictment for the G.W.B. crisis. Of the $1.4 BILLION collected in tolls, allegedly, at the tunnels into New York, evidently, about $4 million have been "misplaced." The total amounts collected at the tunnels and bridges as well as Turnpike and Parkway is not compared or known at this time. "Mafia Influence at the Port Authority" and "David Samson, Esq. Resigns.")

Claude Brodesser-Akner, "Christie to Mingle With the Super-Rich," The Star-Ledger, July 8, 2015, p. 1. (Mr. Christie reported $700,000 in earnings in 2013, despite a modest public salary, and will "earn" more than $1 MILLION this year. He "associates" with billionaires while claiming concern for middle class New Jersey residents that his policies are hurting deeply. $40 BILLION in unfunded pension liabilities are ignored as Mr. Christie runs for the presidency bringing up the rear, in every sense, of the Republican party.) 

Samantha Marcus, "How New Jersey's Fiscal Woes Stack Up," The Star-Ledger, July 8, 2015, p. 3. (New Jersey is found in polls to be the WORST state in terms of corruption and next-to-the-last in terms of fiscal health in the nation, despite its natural wealth, due to mismanagement, incompetence, corruption. New Jersey is the most UNETHICAL jurisdiction in America: N.J. has suffered 9 credit downgrades since 2010 and has a $40 BILLION unfunded liability among worse economic problems. Do you speak to me of "ethics," Mr. Rabner? "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?")

Christopher Baxter, "Two Admit Recruiting Accident Victims for Their Chiropractic Firms," The Star-Ledger, July 8, 2015, p. 8. (Two chiropractors -- working with personal injury lawyers -- admit recruiting accident victims, using runners and cops on the take, to file bogus accident claims, I am sure, that allowed everyone to make some nice money. This would include Superior Court Judges who get a piece of the action under the table if they can pressure civil defendants into settling. Right, Mr. Rabner? "Stuart Rabner and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "New Jersey's Tainted Legal Ethics" then "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics.")

Jonathan D. Salant, "Poll Says N.J. Voters Are Down On Menendez and Booker," The Star-Ledger, July 8, 2015, p. 13. ("The corruption indictment appears to be taking a toll on the Senator's popularity." The "Lion of the Senate" -- according to his own self-assessment -- Bob Menendez, has "let down voters" because of his alleged fondness for underage prostitutes, cocaine, and bribes, not necessarily in that order. "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Does Senator Menendez have mafia friends?")

Susan K. Livio, "Psych Hospital Passes Re-Inspection, Averts Loss of Federal Funds," The Star-Ledger, July 8, 2015, p. 13. (Despite allegations of rapes and chemical lobotomies as a means of "controlling" patients, after several attempts and the departure of Jennifer Velez from government, N.J.'s psychiatric hospital meets the MINIMUM level of sanitary and other conditions for the care of the mentally-ill. "A Killing in New Jersey's House of Healing" and "Jennifer Velez is a Dyke Magnet!" then "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")

Myles Ma, "N.Y. Teacher Accused of Sex With Teen Hired at N.J. School," The Star-Ledger, July 8, 2015, p. 16. (Robert Cain, 38, accused of having sex with students in New York, was hired in New Jersey to teach minors. Either the process of review is "inadequate" or Mr. Cain paid-off the right people in Trenton. Mr. Cain has now been accused of having sex with a female student -- or students -- in New Jersey. Was it in Leonia? Did Mr. Cain file a fraudulent disability claim in New York? "New Jersey Welcomes Child Molesters!" and "New Jersey is the Home of Child Molesters.")

Jean Rimbach, "Tougher Penalties for MDs Sought: Groping Cases Also Spur Calls for Better Public Disclosures," The Record, July 9, 2015, p. A-1. (More N.J. physicians are charged with groping or raping unconscious patients. Diana Lisa Riccioli, are you still claiming to be a "therapist"? Did Debbie Poritz, your former lover, say it was O.K. to call yourself a therapist, Diana? Dr. Michael Bercik? "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison!")

Linh Tat, "Doctor Gets 5 Years for Bribery: Boonton Man Took $1.8 MILLION in Payoffs From Lab," The Record, July 9, 2015, p. L-1. (Lawyers and judges may be "together" in these scams over referrals that usually result in fraudulent claims against N.J. insurance companies. Do you want to chat about "ethics," OAE? "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.") 

Nicholas Powers, "Whiteness at the Edge," The Indypendent, July, 2015, p. 4. (White anxiety and the reaction against African-Americans by whites in positions of authority, especially cops, during the Obama years is worsening. Often it is among poor whites in America -- who stand to gain most by Obama's policies -- that hostility to the president and African-Americans is greatest. The genius of the system is inducting people into the very structures by which they are oppressed and disempowered. "Michel Foucault and the Authorship Question" and "Antonio Gramsci and Hegemony.")

Peter Robinson, "The Policeman's ID," Bloomberg Businessweek, July 6-July 12, 2015, p. 58. ("Glennon plays videos showing cops losing their cool, abusing persons, letting stress get the better of them. 'Ten seconds of poor judgment can lead to discipline, career derailment, depression, prison, and/or suicide,' he says. 'Balance is the hardest part.' ..." Please see: "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" then "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli.") 

Michael Sherer, "Up With People: Populist Fury and Economic Anxiety Are Remaking Democratic Politics. It's the Message of Elizabeth Warren," Time, July 20, 2015, p. 42. ("The conscience of America's Democrats"? Ms. Warren and Bernie Sanders are fighting for millions of Americans realizing their post-Citizens United dilemma. Will Hillary Clinton heed their message? Government must serve more than the 1%. The Clinton email issue is absurd. Concerns about the importance of money in political elections is genuine. Ms. Clinton has made it clear that she shares the worries of persons, like me, on the Left about post-Citizens United "contributions" to all politicians from -- to quote Ms. Clinton -- "murky" sources. "A Commencement Address by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham-Clinton.") 

"Symposium: 'The Fire This Time': Racism, Capitalism, and The Continuing Struggle for Justice," New Politics, Summer, 2015, pp. 3-43. (Racism and police criminality are out-of-control at the end of the Obama era. African-American communities in too many parts of the nation have become "occupied territory" comparable to the Gaza strip. We must halt the continuing murder and assaults upon OUR children in the African-American community.)

"Symposium: 'The Left We Need': Young Democratic Socialist Perspectives," New Politics, Summer, 2015, pp. 43-55. (A resurgence of socialism in America that is under attack in the corporate media. Media coverage of my struggle within the U.S. is still forbidden by government forces. What else is the corporate media not allowed to report or discuss in the United States or with regard to world issues? Why are Americans the least well-informed people in the First World in terms of international issues?)

Isabel Kerschner, "Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Stabs 6 at a Gay Pride Parade," The New York Times, July 31, 2015, p. A1. (On a day when an ultra-Orthodox settler in Israel threw a Molotov cocktail into the home of a Palestinian family killing a toddler and injuring many others, reports of a vicious attack against gay men and lesbian women by a deranged Jewish man are especially disturbing. "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?")

Nicholas Confessore, "Koch Brothers Brave Spotlight to Alter Image," The New York Times, July 31, 2015, p. A1. (On a day when a New York Supreme Court Justice determined that non-human animals have no legal rights of any kind, the Koch brothers' belief that many humans also should have few rights seems less attractive to many persons. The Times headline in the "Tommy the Chimp" saga was misleading. I hope to write more about this matter of animal rights soon: "Ape and Essense" and "Primates and Personhood.") 

Erin O'Neill, "Police Director Says He Was Illegally Detained at JFK," The Star-Ledger, July 27, 2015, p. 3. (Jerry Speziale, Paterson Police Director, was detained at JFK by PA cops because he is suing the Port Authority. Mr. Speziale was subjected to a form of reprisal for presuming to do such a thing as making use of his legal rights. This reeks of the GWB-type "delay" tactics favored by Mr. Christie and Mr. Samson as well as their Republican "minions." "Christie's Bridge of Sighs.") 

Steven Castle, "British Lord Resigns Post In Scandal Over Drugs," The New York Times, July 27, 2015, p. A4. (Will Mr. Menendez resign after new accusations of corruption, fondness for prostitutes, and cocaine? "Menendez Charged With Selling His Office.")

Liam Stack, "N.J. Transit Announces More Delays Amid Work," The New York Times, July 27, 2015, p. A16. (Continuing incompetence and thefts at N.J. Transit may rival the Port Authority for waste of public funds. Brian Stack?)

Linh Tat, "Doctor Gets 5 Years for Bribery: Boonton Man Took $1.8 MILLION in Payoffs," The Record, July 9, 2015, p. L-1. (Medical doctor -- like Dr. Melgen? -- was convicted of accepting money for referring patients to labs and for treatments that were not needed, but were expensive, in exchange for cash. Frank Santangelo, 45, is one of 38 people, including 26 doctors -- lawyers and judges are also under suspicion -- involved in scams against insurance companies. Please tell me the truth, Mr. Rabner. "Ethics" accusations against me are laughable in this context given the crimes against me and innocent others committed by New Jersey officials and the continued disregard by law enforcement concerning these crimes. "An Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq.")

Abbott-Koloff, "3 Charged With Sex Assaults of a Child; 15-Year-Old Among Suspects," The Record, July 9, 2015, p. L-3. (3 males sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl. Physical damage was severe. A warrant was issued for Luis Solano, 40, of Bergen County. Mr. Solano said, allegedly, the young girl "liked it." Please see: "Marilyn Straus Was Right!" Estela De La Cruz, this sounds like your "cup of tea.")

Maria Villeneuve, "Teenage Volunteer Charged in Fair Lawn Child Sex Case," The Record, July 9, 2015, p. L-3. (A 17-year-old boy from a "connected" family has been charged with sexual assault of a 6-year-old girl. "Judges Protect Child Molester in Bayonne, New Jersey" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.") 

Ellen Nakashima, "Cyber Attack Was the Biggest Ever: Data Stolen From U.S. Government Affected 25 Million," The Record, July 10, 2015, p. A-1. (New Jersey is being targeted for cybercrime and the state's courtrooms, apparently -- for some mysterious reason -- continue to be smeared with feces by persons unknown. Perhaps the suggestion is that New Jersey's legal system is befouled by corruption. "New Jersey's Political and Judicial Whores.") 

Jane Fritach, "Court Vacancies Prompt 'Judicial Emergency': Federal Cases Pile Up [sic.] With Judicial Nominees in Limbo," The Record, July 10, 2015, p. A-1. (Political gridlock continues to paralyze the federal legal system. If the N.J. state legal system could be paralyzed it would be better for litigants.)

"Patient-Doctor Trust: Tougher Sanctions Will Benefit Everyone," (Editorial) The Record, July 10, 2015, p. A-18. (Continuing to protect Mr. McGill's lies and alleged criminal actions -- while he was acting for the OAE! -- undermines the credibility of the legal profession and courts in New Jersey. "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch." Please compare "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" with "Stuart Rabner's Selective Sense of Justice.")

Stephanie Dazio, "WPU Professor Faces Marijuana, DWI Charges: Hid Drugs in Her Pants, Police Say," The Record, July 10, 2015, p. L-3. (DOROTA ELLINGTON, 48, of Sparta, N.J. -- who claims to be a lesbian -- is a professor of English and Women's Studies, perhaps? "New Jersey Lesbian Sends Nude Photos to Minor.") 

Samantha Marcus, "Public Employees [sic.] Unions Sue Over Pay Freeze," The Star-Ledger, July 10, 2015, p. 13. (Public workers in New Jersey finally had enough and are suing over pay freezes as well as lost pension benefits. Many of N.J.'s deceased public workers, who continue to draw salaries and vote regularly in elections, will join this lawsuit. "New Jersey is the Home of the Living Dead.") 

Brian Amaral, "District Fires Teacher After Lewd Online Comments: Two Others [Teachers] Suspended Over Conversation That Mocked Special-Ed Students and Was Riddled With Sexual References," The Star-Ledger, July 10, 2015, p. L-13. (NJ Special-Ed teachers refer to students as "morons" with whom they have sex. Evidently, the teachers made many spelling and grammatical errors, just like Garden State lawyers and judges. Who are the "morons" again?)

"In Jersey's Defense ... Not That Anyone Here Cares What You Think," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, July 10, 2015, p. 14. ("An Economist/YouGov [sic.] poll has found that New Jersey is HATED -- really, it's the only state in the union that is actually disliked more than admired -- and this understandably calls for some deep self-reflection, followed by a giant group shrug." [emphasis added!] New Jersey now ranks below Cuba in terms of alleged human rights violations. Many of the worst Third World states in terms of corruption are deemed more "livable" than New Jersey. Is this New Jersey's legal ethics? "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")

Sue Epstein, "Former Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault," The Star-Ledger, July 10, 2015, p. 19. (FATIMA GRUPICO, 24, is charged with a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy. Mr. Menendez has not been charged for his irregular sexual habits with 14-year-old girls. "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Menendez Blames Castro For His Prostitution Habit.")  

Myles Ma, "Prosecutor: Girl Assaulted by 3 People," The Star-Ledger, July 10, 2015, p. 19. (VINCENTE CONALATA, 54, was among the men assaulting a 10-year-old girl who he claimed was "looking for it." Friend of yours, Ms. Guardagno? Diana Lisa Riccioli? Lourdes Santiago?)  

Stephanie Clifford, "Family of Man Killed by Detectives Settles Suit," The New York Times, July 31, 2015, p. A19. (Cops murdering African-Americans and lying about it is bad enough, but the system bending over backwards, as it were, to protect such dirty cops is obscene.)

Benjamin Mueller, "4 N.J. Transit Conductors Sold Stolen Tickets, Prosecutors Say," The New York Times, July 31, 2015, p. A20. (N.J. Transit's problems with allegations of theft, waste, corruption and incompetence only get worse.)

Jason Grant & Benjamin Wieser, "Judge Hears Arguments About Deal With Exxon," The New York Times, July 31, 2015, p. A20. (The courts will protect and serve the moneyed interests and not the people in New Jersey. Exxon and Christie will win with the affirmation of this settlement; the majority of the people will lose. "Shyster Ray" Lesniak may seek to ride this issue to the governor's mansion, but even he may have a point sometimes. Mr. Lesniak may have read my blog posts and seems to know people in my building. Perhaps Mr. Lesniak can shed some light on my experiences in the "Invicta Watch" matter.)

Jessee McKinley, "Legal Rights of 2 Chimps Are Limited," The New York Times, July 31, 2015, p. A21. (Judge in New York DENIED recognition of any legal rights to chimps and refused to "free" research subjects, apes, who were held to have NO status before the court, as individuals, as they are not persons. Protection of animals is a matter of property law, on the one hand, and of humane consideration, on the other hand, on the part of persons for non-human creatures: "Ape and Essence" and "Persons and Personhood.")

Sheryl Gay-Stolberg & Richard Perez-Pena, "Ex-Officer Makes Bail In Killing of a Motorist: Bond of $1 Million On Murder Charge," The New York Times, July 31, 2015, p. A15. (Cop shooting unarmed African-American motorist in the presence of colleagues who observed and did nothing -- these college or "mall cops" -- will be prosecuted for murder and/or as accessories. "America's Holocaust.")

Jason Horowitz, "Clinton, in a Speech on Rival's Tweet, Calls for Lifting Cuba Embargo," The New York Times, August 1, 2015, p. A15. (Better late than never. Ms. Clinton is correct on this issue. "Time to End the Embargo Against Cuba.")

Robert Allen, "Cancer Doctor Gets 45 Years: Fraud Scheme Fuelled 'Horrific' Abuse of Patients," The Record, July 11, 2015, p. A4. (Dr. Farid Fata made nearly $20 MILLION from frauds against cancer patients. "Dr. Arthur Goldberg" a.k.a. "Terry Tuchin" a.k.a. "David Cohen" also deserves such a prison sentence. Alex Booth, did this person come from you or Howard Brownstein? What was the basis of your knowledge of this individual? Had you two attorneys used "Dr. Tuchin's" services against adversaries and/or others, like Manny Diaz and Marilyn Straus? "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.") 

Shawn Boburg, "Judge Wants More Data From GWB Probe; Orders Christie's Lawyers to Turn Over Notes, Recordings," The Record, July 11, 2015, p. L-1. (JAIME URBINA of Diana Lisa Riccioli's home town was sentenced to 3 years in prison for sexual assault against a student inside the high school. The filming of such assaults and the sale of the resulting videos is a source of revenue for local business persons. "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.")

Allison Pries, "Man Gets 10 Years in River Vale Child Sex Case," The Record, July 11, 2015, p. L-3. (Jason Martinez, 29, of Paterson -- a Bob Menendez contributor, allegedly -- will be "sent away" for 10 years after admitting sexual assaults against a then 13-year-old child. "That's the Jersey way!")

Thomas Zambito, "Law Firm Ordered to Release GWB Notes," The Star-Ledger, July 12, 2015, p. 1. (A federal judge's ruling on information used to prepare pro-Christie report is hailed as a victory for Kelly and Baroni. The ultimate cost of Mr. Mastro's report is now $7.5 MILLION paid by New Jersey taxpayers to cover Mr. Christie's ample backside. This sum will now increase with new requests for "sharing" notes and the motions to oppose such "sharing" of information for which Mr. Mastro's time and efforts -- to say nothing of his associates' time and talents -- will, again, be billed to the N.J. taxpayers. I find it impossible to believe that some of this N.J. taxpayer money will not be returned to Republicans in New Jersey, including Christie, in the form of contributions from Mr. Mastro and/or his law firm. "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics" and "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit.") 

Dan Ivers, "Departing School Chief to Collect at Least $127,000," The Star-Ledger, July 12, 2015, p. 3. (The impoverished Newark school system will have to add another $127,000 to Cami Anderson's departure package. Ms. Anderson is a Republican who opposes "government spending on the poor." Please see: "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit" and "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics.")

Mary Jo Layton, "Abuse Disclosure Ordered: Boy Scouts MUST Release Perversion Files," The Record, July 25, 2015, p. A-1. (Will the OAE have to disclose the rape and torture files pertaining to me and other victims? Cops and lawyers may have conspired for decades to cover-up the abuse of many boys placed under the care of scout masters. Former New Jersey scout leader and member of a politically-influential family, STEPHEN CORCORAN, is accused of abusing 4 boys, some of them as young as 11-years-old when the abuse took place. Cops, lawyers, possibly judges have been part of this story for years. More persons will be charged. "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?")

Kathleen Lynn, "Investment Adviser Loses License for Theft: Midland Park Man Took Clients' $650,000," The Record, July 25, 2015, p. A-10. (Former MET Life Securities executive in Fairfield, New Jersey -- who was caught stealing -- said that, in New Jersey, "everybody does it." Gilberto Garcia? Jose Ginarte? Edgar Navarete? Does this sound like you boys?) 

Richard Cowen, "$1 MILLION Housing Investment Goes Awry," The Record, July 25, 2015, p. L-1. (More New Jersey money has disappeared. "Well, there's more where that came from!" Mr. Lesniak said, allegedly, with a merry chuckle.)

Wesley Lowery & Mark Berman, "Cop Indicted in Fatal Shooting in Traffick Stop," The Star-Ledger, July 30, 2015, p. 6. (College or "make-believe" cop shoots an African-American motorist -- perhaps the young man was late in returning a book to the library -- and the "officer" probably cannot explain why he did so. "So Black and So Blue in Prison" and "Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism.") 

Samantha Marcus, "High Court Taking Up [sic.] Next Battle on Pensions," The Star-Ledger, July 31, 2015, p. 1. (Will the people get screwed again? Probably.)

Tom Hayden, "$12.5 MILLION, But Haunted by Injustice," The Star-Ledger, July 31, 2015, p. 1. (37 years of "monitoring" for me (so far); 22 years in prison for BYRON HALSEY who was finally awarded $12 MILLION only 8 years after his release. Some day I will be released and may even learn why I was "monitored" and "tortured." Politics, Mr. Menendez?)

Brian Amaral, "Another Cop Not Credible, Document States," The Star-Ledger, July 31, 2015, p. 7. (Prosecutors conclude, not for the first time, that Edison cops are "not believable" because they "lie and fabricate evidence." Much the same is true for attorneys from the OAE. "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

Peter J. Sampson, "Mayor Gets Credit For PTI: Carlstadt Leader Wins Fight With Molinelli," The Record, July 31, 2015, p. L-1. (Prosecutor's discretion with regard to PTI program is not absolute and may not be used as a political weapon. The OAE's "discretion" may also not be used as a political weapon, Mr. Menendez and Mr. Rabner and/or Ms. Poritz. "Deborah T. Poritz and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "Menendez Charged With Selling His Office.")  

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