Thursday, June 08, 2017

Chris Christie and Joey Torres in New Trouble.

July 11, 2017 at 2:21 P.M. A package of materials that includes the essay below, with attachments indicating the commission of computer crimes and censorship efforts against these writings from New Jersey government computers and legal officials, was sent out by priority mail today to the following recipients:

Associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch
United States Supreme Court
1 First Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20543
Tracking No.: 9505 5142 0129 7192 0746 25.

Jefferson B. Sessions, Esq.
United States Attorney General
Joon H. Kim, Esq.
Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York
One St. Andrew's Place
New York, N.Y. 10007
Tracking No.: 9505 5142 0129 7192 0746 18.

The Embassy of Cuba
United States of America
2650 16th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
Tracking No.: 9505 5142 0129 7192 01. 

Additional copies of these items will be sent in the days ahead to U.S. and other media outlets by priority mail with tracking numbers. 

I will not post at these blogs exactly when these additional packages are mailed out. 

Neil Genzlinger, "A Miscarriage of Justice at Rikers: A Docu-Series Recalls a New Yorker's Appalling Jail Time," The New York Times, "Arts Section," March 30, 2017, p. C2. 

No response has been received to my communications to U.S. officials, including police and prosecutors, judges and politicians as well as media sources. 

Concrete empirical evidence of the commission of serious crimes against U.S. citizens (so far) appears to be a matter of total indifference to the New York Police Department and American federal law enforcement agencies. 

Many persons providing information to the authorities would be dead before receiving the courtesy of a response from law enforcement in today's America. 

I am very grateful for the interest of international sources. 

I welcome inquiries on my behalf by any and all officials. 

I cannot explain the continuing insulting and (possibly) illegal silence in response to such inquiries. 

My experiences and the public nature of these events may help to illustrate the points that I have been making in these writings concerning double standards and racism afflicting the American legal system and now reaching the dimensions of a "crisis of legitimacy" -- especially in the worst places such as New Jersey. ("Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" and "Criminal Complaint Against Christie Allowed to Proceed.") 

It is impossible to doubt that some of us simply do not matter to the officials ostensibly entrusted with the legal responsibility to protect our rights and safety. ("An Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq.") 

We do not seem to count as "victims" of crimes because members of despised minority groups in the U.S. are deemed to be less than human. 

On the other hand we are often at the top of the list when "culprits" are needed, typically serving as "the usual suspects" for lazy law enforcement officials when white persons are injured in a so-called "terrorist" incident. ("So Black and So Blue in Prison.")   

Many persons in contemporary America seem to play the role of "robots" in HBO's "Westworld" series. 

Prominent individuals and their relatives are permitted to commit crimes against us with impunity since they are protected even when they are caught in the act -- especially if they happen to run for governor in Soprano States -- like Ms. Guadagno in New Jersey. ("'Westworld': A review of the T.V. series" and "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!')

Recognizing that one's humanity is in doubt or minimized in one's own country is the experience of millions of dark-skinned citizens in America, some of whom may not realize this fact until it is too late. ("Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism" and "Driving While Black [DWB] in New Jersey.") 

Earning advanced degrees, becoming attorneys and academics (or otherwise "successful" socially) may be irrelevant to this experience of second-class citizenship or a kind of enslavement. 

Migrants and so-called "illegal aliens" and many powerless women are also being forced to absorb this painful lesson.

Achievements mean nothing in terms of the deeply-ingrained pathology of race in U.S. national culture. ("Protecting Sex Workers.") 

There will always be powerful persons who think in terms of "superiors" and "inferiors" by birth or on the basis of race and/or gender or ethnicity. 

Legal protections will always mean nothing if they are not enforced. 

I will continue to expose this reality in my writings and to disseminate these texts as widely as possible. 

Kalief Browder's story, for example, dramatizes precisely the extent to which some of us are dehumanized in the eyes of the American legal system so as not to merit even the decency of attention and respect (or ANY response) that others may take for granted in the face of great dangers and public threats together with flagrant violations of our most fundamental rights of expression and privacy. Mr. Browder's story is -- 

" -- a dismaying case study of the overwhelming shortcomings of the law enforcement, criminal justice[,] and penal systems."

The details of Mr. Browder's tragic life are important and should be set forth at length:

"Mr. Browder was 16 in 2010 when the police picked him up in the Bronx on SUSPICION [emphasis added] of stealing a backpack, an accusation he consistently denied." 

The young man was not only never convicted of this offense, but he was not even placed on trial for this crime. 

It is doubtful whether there was probable cause for an arrest of Mr. Browder.

The nightmare that followed this initial and probably unconstitutional arrest reveals the importance of money in the system, also the lethal consequences that result from the absence of money by persons -- usually the poor and mentally-ill -- who are accused of committing crimes because they are convenient defendants. 

Poverty is criminalized in our society. To be poor in the legal system is to be presumed guilty.

More than 80% of criminal defendants in New York and New Jersey do not have $2,000 to satisfy bail requirements and/or for legal fees to defend themselves at a time when public defender funding is drastically cut under the new federal and state budgets. 

Bail of $3,000 was set for Mr. Browder, but this was far too much money for the young man or his family to raise. This promising young man with his life before him was consigned to Riker's island: "... Mr. Browder was imprisoned for years without being convicted."

Much of this time Mr. Browder was in solitary confinement in violation of international human rights agreements accepted by the United States of America that limit solitary confinement to a maximum of two weeks for any individual offender due to the irreversible psychological consequences -- especially for young persons -- that result from extended solitary confinement as a means of control in prisons and jails.

A sixteen-year-old African-American person without a prior record was placed among violent criminals in conditions that offend civilized standards for the incarceration of human beings. 

Is this not "cruel and unusual punishment" for a person without charges who was never convicted of any crime?

Animals in America are often housed in better conditions than inmates in prisons. Is this issue of how human beings are treated and concerning lawyers' responsibility for dismal failures to tell the truth and deal with issues not a matter of legal ethics? ("Ape and Essence" and "Primates and Personhood" then "The Naked Ape" and "Foucault, Rose, Davis and the Meaning(s) of Prison.")  

Due process requirements under the federal and state constitutions mandating a "speedy trial" were ignored, even as the dangers to Mr. Browder were communicated to officials throughout the system (who chose to ignore the matter), just as Stuart Rabner has now ignored the details of my situation that has been brought to his attention more than once:

"The chain of events Mr. Browder experienced, of course, is not relevant just to his story. It's also emblematic of a broken system [emphasis added] that, at every step, is slanted against black men like Mr. Browder and other minority group members. The series doesn't break a lot of new ground -- an article in The New Yorker in 2014 really put this case on the map, and the series also draws on journalism from 'Nightline,' The New York Times and elsewhere."

After Mr. Browder's eventual release, following dismissals of all bogus charges based on frauds, the damage was done, a life had been destroyed with the breaking of a person's mind, which also resulted in severe life-harm to the persons close this young man who were deeply injured by a long cover-up of the truth and the telling of many lies. ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

The official lies offered to these poor people are so similar to the lies of New Jersey's OAE that I struggle against every day. I have never been arrested or charged with any crime in my life. I am sure that many persons have been lied to about this point. ("Is Truth Dead?" and "On Bullshit" then "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.") 

Mr. Browder committed suicide shortly after his release because he could not live with the consequences and effects of torture. Legal officials breathed a sigh of relief. ("American Lawyers and Torture" and "American Doctors and Torture" then "Is America's Legal Ethics a Lie?") 

A wrongful death suit is less costly for defendants than a legal claim for permanent damages in a shattered life.

Another dead African-American young person that no one other than his family members cares about will result in no reforms of the system and will cause prosecutors and judges to lose very little sleep. In fact, many of us do care about each and every one of the African-American victims of police racism and illicit shootings. 

Mr. Rabner, it is high time to tell the truth in my matters and many others if you are to regain some vestiges of legitimacy or respect for your soiled tribunal and dismally failed legal system. ("New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court.") 

More important than protecting Ms. Poritz's reputation (such as it is), her "legacy," or the campaign efforts of your fellow Republican, Ms. Guadagno, is simply telling the truth, finally, concerning the tortures to which I and so many others have been subjected and disclosing the evidence kept from so many persons in New Jersey's tainted legal proceedings. ("Have you no shame Mr. Rabner?" and "Stuart Rabner's Selective Sense of Justice" then "No More Cover-Ups and Lies Chief Justice Rabner!")

Is it true that Ms. Poritz made use of the services of prostitutes bringing her into a "relationship" with "Diana Lisa Riccioli" under any of that person's aliases? If so, did Ms. Poritz lie about this fact and also about any "favors" provided to her little friends? Loretta Weinberg? ("Marilyn Straus Was Right!" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.")  

Evidently, computer crimes seem to be committed by Trenton government officials using New Jersey Supreme Court computers. Attacks on this text, including alterations in the size of letters and other deformations of the text in violation of Constitutional protections and copyright laws have been constant during successive drafts of the essay. I expect these crimes to continue to be committed by New Jersey lawyers with impunity. 

Mark Neary at (609) 815-2955 may be able to shed some light on this mystery. 

Among the persons alleged to have read my essays at the request of New Jersey officials and, perhaps, to have assisted in censorship and cybercrime aimed against me or my family members are Dorothy Samuels of The New York Times Editorial Board and Brennan Center at NYU ("Farai Chideya"?) as well as Katha Pollitt of The Nation. Items seem to be removed from my home mailbox with alarming regularity these days. I am sure that this is only a coincidence. ("Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest" and "How censorship works in America.")

New Jersey officials have taken to posting what purport to be "opinions" of the New Jersey Superior Court, Supreme Court, and/or "DRB" which may not be accurate or authentic nor are they likely to be posted by those courts. I will disregard any such postings (at this time) as I await a federal response to my communications. Is this attempt at smears or intimidation the work of John McGill, Esq.? Is it true that Mr. McGill is (or will be) indicted? Is Mr. McGill an example of New Jersey's legal ethics? ("New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")  

A list of one hundred sources will accompany the essay that appears below. The final posted text will be sent by priority mail to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Joon H. Kim, Esq., The Cuban Embassy to the United States of America, also to various media outlets throughout the country and the world.  

Patrick Villanova, "Dozens Nabbed in Narcotics Sweep in Hudson, Essex Counties," The Jersey Journal, May 24, 2017, posted online at 1:35 P.M. (A massive organization dealing in drugs and, allegedly, child porn and other erotica was protected for years by local police in New Jersey. Child-porn is more lucrative and in greater demand than Heroin.)

"Meatloaf Again: Christie Meekly Accepts Trump's Medicaid Cuts," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, May 23, 2017, posted online at 7:00 A.M. (The desperate desire to be rid of Mr. Christie in New Jersey may preclude other Republicans from reaching the governor's mansion. The alternatives this election season in New Jersey are less than inspiring.)   

Richard Cowen & Kaitlyn Kanzler, "Ex-Mayor Gets 27 Month Term: Alex Blanco, of Passaic, Pleaded Guilty in Federal Court to Soliciting $110,000 in Bribes From Developers," The Record, April 19, 2017, p. A-1. (As noted by the sentencing judge Mr. Blanco went out of his way to solicit a bribe from developers and undercover federal officials and nearly every other person he dealt with, but was never the object of attention by the OAE or New Jersey authorities. Without the feds Mr. Blanco would still be the mayor of Passaic and a member of the state's legal ethics committee. "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")

Charles Stile, "Guadagno Campaign Mum On Christie," The Record, April 24, 2017, p. A-1. (Ms. Guadagno refuses to discuss her alleged Lesbian affiliations -- even auctioning a "date" with a male high school student and then attending his "prom"! -- but she also refuses to mention her loyal service to Mr. Christie or what role, if any, Ms. Guadagno may have played in the Bridgegate matter, as an "adviser," and other ethically questionable catastrophes. Is there now, or was there ever, a "relationship" between Ms. Guadagno and Estela De La Cruz? Was there sexual or other "contact" between Ms. Guadagno and Marilyn Straus? What exactly was your role in this criminal conspiracy, Ms. Guadagno? "Marilyn Straus Was Right!" and "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")

Nick Corasanti, "New Jersey Voters Stick With Front-Runners in Governor's Race," The New York Times, June 7, 2017, p. A20. (Kim Guadagno wins the Republican nomination. "Nick Corasanti" seems to be very close to "Wally Timponi.") 

Nicholas Pugliese, "How Will New Jersey Use Millions From Volkswagen Settlement," The Record, May 10, 2017, p. 1L. (Fears of possible thefts of settlement funds may lead to federal supervision of distributions from this account -- supervision which New Jersey politicians are trying to avoid at all costs. I wonder why New Jersey politicians do not like being distrusted and monitored?)

Bob Jordan, "Christie Hid Bonds for Capital, Critics Say: Borrowing to Finance State House Upgrades," The Record, May 18, 2017, p. A-1. (Mr. Christie may have "borrowed," secretly or a bit too quickly, or found the funds "otherwise" to finance "creature comforts" for himself at the Governor's Mansion in Trenton, long before the current Sate House financing "situation" and has now lied, or concealed the facts, even as funds may still be "unaccounted for" in connection with some or all of these expenditures based, partly, on bond sales that have already taken place. Jersey shuffle? Is it too late for citizens to do anything about these scams?) 

Bob Jordan, "Christie Defends State House Financing, Bond Issue, Governor Says He Ordered Authority to Get it Done," The Record, May 23, 2017, p. A-1. (New allegations that Mr. Christie is lying and may have violated ethics rules in connection with making himself "comfy" at the Governor's pad in New Jersey. Money from the sale of bonds for the State House, allegedly, is still "unaccounted for" according to newspapers. If there is an investigation of this matter Mr. Christie will claim that it was Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni who were responsible for the bond sale. How much was paid out in legal and other fees for this bond sale? How much will be paid to lawyers and finance experts in connection with this matter in the years to come? Are all professionals receiving these fees Republicans? How much will come back to Mr. Christie from these grateful Republican friends? "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce.") 

Mollie Slough, "Montclair State to Discuss Sex Assaults: Event to Explore Issue Facing College Campus," The Record, May 28, 2017, p. L-1. (The epidemic of sexual assaults in New Jersey schools and colleges is examined throughout the state. Evidently, young people are learning from their elders the joys of raping children and peers by means of the New Jersey-created "date rape drug." This prevalence of drug-induced rapes is something New Jersey persons should know very well. Alina Fallat? "Marilyn Straus Was Right" and "New Jersey is the Home of Child Molesters" then "New Jersey Welcomes Child Abusers.") 

Dustin Racioppi, "Christie: Pension Reform On the Table," April 11, 2017, p. A-1. (Has Mr. Christie lied AGAIN about the extent of the pension fiasco and/or the plausibility of his alleged "solution" to New Jersey's pension crisis? No wonder Christie and Trump are pals. "Is Truth Dead?" and "On Bullshit.")

Joe Malinconico, "Mayor's Daughter Kept Job On Panel: Clarissa Torres Resigned, Still Paid," The Record, April 12, 2017, p. L-1. (The mayor's daughter kept her "position" after daddy's arrest and indictment for misuse of public funds and was even paid a full salary after resigning from a public job, but "nobody knows why." Mayor Torres claims that, like city workers fixing his home pool, payments to his daughter were in "the public interest." Joey Torres seems to think he is Donald J. Trump.) 

Dustin Racioppi, "United's Tangled History Under Christie," The Record, April 13, 2017, p. A-1. (Was Mr. Christie bribed by United and Exxon to protect their interests at the expense of the people of New Jersey? Is this "ethical," OAE?)

Joe Malinconico, "Deals Offered for Testimony [Against Torres,] Three Paterson Employees Could Avoid Prison if They Talk About Mayor," The Record, April 18, 2017, p. A-1. (Joey Torres of the New Jersey Bar Association's Ethics Committee, who is beloved of the OAE, is facing a federal prosecution for corruption -- like Bob Menendez, his buddy! -- but neither of these gentlemen has been disbarred or faces ethics proceedings at this time. The OAE is trying to lie their way out of their troubles with me: "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")   

"Legislators from both parties say Republican Gov. Chris Christie's administration worked a backroom deal when $300 MILLION in bonds were quietly sold to fund the controversial project to renovate the State House -- a move designed to mute public protests." (TR, May 18, 2017, p. A-1.) 

The State House could be rebuilt entirely today for about $100 million or less. 

The allocation of $300 million to "renovate" the public building will allow plenty of opportunities for theft by Mr. Christie's Republican friends, especially lawyers and financial people in Wall Street, who are bound to figure out some way to show their appreciation to Mr. Christie when he leaves office. ("New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit" and "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce" then "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics.") 

It now appears that $300 million to "renovate" the property will actually cost the tax payers $750,000,000 or 2/3 of $1 BILLION. That is one hell of a paint job. ("Senator Bob Loves Xanadu!" and, again, "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")

"The total price of updating the 224 year-old State House is estimated at nearly $300 million but 'borrowing costs' could bring the total to possibly $750 million. [New Jersey] Treasurer Ford Scudder told lawmakers in a recent hearing that the cost to taxpayers would be $20 million to $30 million a year [simply for servicing these loans!]" (TR, May 18, 2017, p. 3A and TR, May 23, 2017, p. A-1.)

Most disturbing of all is the avoidance of mechanisms put in place to ensure the independence of bond issuance by New Jersey's Chief Executive so as to prohibit mutual back-scratching and croney capitalism in Trenton. 

PUBLIC debt incursion was intended to take place only through a process that protects the taxpayers' interests and not the wallets of fat cat politicians or the comforts of the governor in his taxpayer-provided mansion. ("Mafia Influence in New Jersey Law and Politics" and "New Jersey's Political and Supreme Court Whores.") 

"Good faith" purchasers of New Jersey's debt in New York and from many places in the world are essentially being exploited by connected law firms and Wall Street financial people "floating paper" as they say downtown. ("Joe Ferreiro Goes to Prison.") 

The governor cynically abused these mechanisms that were designed to protect the public in order to get his way and "arrange" to find purchasers of bonds that may be worthless if they are illegal.

Upsetting the $300 million deal now will result in devastating innocent investors by way of mutual funds or pension accounts that are "managed" by "friends" of these same Republicans. ("New Jersey is the Home of the Living Dead.") 

Perhaps it is not surprising that as all of this "creative bond financing" was taking place in New Jersey's left hand, as it were, the right hand was seeking $1.2 BILLION for a floundering shopping mall in the Meadowlands in the age of Internet shopping:

"The bond sale was discussed by Christie's lawyers during a teleconference with New Jersey Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson [Judge Jacobson can not fully understand what is going on here since the crucial facts are kept from the record] on Wednesday, according to four lawmakers who claim in lawsuits that the borrowing requires voter approval and oversight by the Legislature." (TR, May 18, 2017, p. 3A.)

New Jersey Legislators behind this lawsuit are essentially correct as a matter of law about this matter. ("New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce.") 

It is also obvious that the OAE is clueless and far too corrupt to look into the role of the many lawyers in these shenanigans because they are busy LYING and COVERING-UP their participation in the crimes that I have brought to the attention of federal authorities. In fact, corrupt corporate lawyers are usually the professionals who control the Office of Attorney Ethics. ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")

This is the professionalism of New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE) which leaves the ethics of the state's legal profession an obvious disgrace and humiliation for New Jersey's people and the world. ("New Jersey's Judges Disgrace America" and "New Jersey's Failed Judiciary" then "New Jersey Supreme Court's Implosion.") 

The only politician in New Jersey who has told the truth about this matter (Christie lied, as usual, claiming -- falsely -- that it was all a "done deal" months ago) is John Wisniewski, a Democrat from Middlesex County, who summarized the feelings of observers and critics with these words:

" ...'The fact that the state had the bond prepared and buyers lined up before the vote tells us that Christie and his cronies cut a backroom deal designed to end-run the [LEGAL] process and jam the renovation right down the voters' throats,' Wisniewski said, 'aside from the contempt toward voters, the process was so quick that it raises significant red flags and leaves multiple questions about how the process played out.' ... " (TR, May 18, 2017, p. 3A.) 

Mayor Joey Torres of Paterson is facing criminal prosecution after his arrest pursuant to an indictment for corruption. 

There may be another indictment coming for Mr. Torres based on thefts involving family members of the mayor. 

Deputy Attorney General Peter Baker offered the mayor a plea deal that would require a minimum of 5 years in prison allowing the Paterson workers Joseph Manias, Timothy Hanlon, Imad Mowaswes (who spruced-up the mayor's home on the public's dime) to avoid jail time if they testify against Joey Torres just like Dr. Melgen who is now, allegedly, going to testify against Senator Menendez in "Boss Bob's" September federal criminal trial in Newark. 

The plea deal has not been accepted (or rejected) by Mr. Torres and his counsel at this time as far as newspaper accounts indicate. 

It is probable that the plea will be rejected and a criminal trial will follow. 


Nick Corasanti, "Former Christie Allies Face Sentencing in Scandal," The New York Times, March 29, 2017, p. A25. (Christie's former loyalists were sentenced for the 2013 Bridgegate plot. Mr. Christie is an "unindicted co-conspirator" -- like his idol Richard M. Nixon -- who has managed to escape all responsibility for his part in this sordid episode in New Jersey's sleazy political history.) 

Nick Corasanti, "Target of Commuters [sic.] Fury Says Little About Its Cause," The New York Times, April 6, 2017, p. A20. ("As train delays, cancellations and gridlock set off by a small derailment at Pennsylvania Station stretched into a third day on Wednesday, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey remained largely silent while his constituents screamed and suffered." As commuters are experiencing far worse suffering in June, 2017 because of New Jersey's infrastructure collapse and rail problems, Mr. Christie has chosen to burden taxpayers with $750 million to "refurbish" the State House in Trenton in order for his Republican friends, like Randy Mastro, Esq., to make money. I wonder why the governor regards this expenditure as so important if he were NOT going to receive a piece of this pie in one way or another, or perhaps in several ways?) 

Adam Liptak & Matt Fliegenheimer, "Court Nominee Is Confirmed After a Bruising Yearlong Fight," The New York Times, April 8, 2017, p. A1. (Justice Gorsuch explained in moving terms that he expected to be "fearless" in protecting the Constitutional rights of citizens. I will send Justice Gorsuch a copy of this essay with proofs of computer crimes and censorship by state agencies at this blog that are taking place in violation of fundamental protections under the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments as well as other provisions of law. Judges and justices are ethically compelled to bring crimes that come to their attention to appropriate police and prosecutors' awareness in order to avoid possible harm to innocent members of the public.) 

Nick Corasanti, "Christie Reflects as His Rocky Tenure Dims: 'My Obit Will be Fine,'" The New York Times, April 18, 2017, p. A1. (In response to this comment Mr. Lesniak expressed the hope that he would soon have the chance to write that glowing obituary for Mr. Christie. The New Jersey governor sees himself as "highly moral" and "successful" as Chief Executive of the Garden State.) 

Nick Corasanti, "A Conundrum For Republicans in New Jersey: How Far to Run From Christie[?]," The New York Times, May 4, 2017, p. A20. (Although their own party is running away from Mr. Christie, publicly, many Jersey Republicans are, privately, making money from Christie's governorship and do not wish to bite the hand that feeds them or the rear end they are forced to kiss so as to continue making money.) 

Manny Fernandez [Manohla Dargis] & Martin Haag [Jennifer Shuessler], "Officer Who Fatally Shot 15-Year-Old Boy Is Charged With Murder," The New York Times, May 6, 2017, p. A16. ("A [white] police officer in a Dallas suburb was charged with murder on Friday, six days after he fired his rifle into a car full of teenagers leaving a party, killing a black [sic.] 15-year-old in the front passenger seat." Mr. Sessions has promised to indict the deceased fifteen-year-old African-American "trouble-maker.")

Emma G. Fitzimmons, "Another Problem for New Jersey Transit? Collecting Riders [sic.] Fares," The New York Times, May 8, 2017, p. A17. (Understaffed trains, life-threatening track conditions, poorly-maintained facilities -- all of these realities require infusions of capital into the public transport system and especially New Jersey Transit. Fortunately, millions will finally be spent on revamping the State House.) 

Nick Corasanti, "Tunnels Aren't the Only Vision for New Jersey Transit in the Race for Governor," The New York Times, May 9, 2017, p. A20. (New Jersey has a transportation CRISIS that affects the entire tri-state region and is a corruption catastrophe that is unique in the United States of America. Rather than imposing debt- and financial-controls as the pension crisis looms an effort is underway to cripple subsequent administrations by burdening two future generations with astronomical debts, allegedly, for a cosmetic change in the State House.) 

Patrick McGeehan, "Jersey City Mayor Balks at Break for Kushners," The New York Times, May 10, 2017, p. A24. (Will Jersey City Mayor Steven Fullop take on the "Big Bad Wolf," Nick Sacco, and "Boss Bob" Menendez as well as Chris Christie to regain control of Hudson County for the county's largest city? Much depends on whether Menendez is convicted in September. The Kushners' sweetheart deal for a luxury high rise in Journal Square will deprive Jersey City's residents of needed housing in order to cater to upper-middle-class professionals commuting to and from New York.)

Benjamin Wieser, "City Settles With Women in Prison Rape Lawsuit," The New York Times, May 10, 2017, p. A24. (A Riker's guard -- one of several facing such lawsuits -- engaged in a pattern of sexual abuse of incarcerated women. The individual in question has been urged to move to New Jersey. "Foucault, Rose, Davis and the Meaning(s) of Prison.") 

Charles Bagli, "Kushners Confront Turbulence in Jersey City," The New York Times, June 11, 2017, p. A23. (The Journal Square project may involve the Kushners in alleged bribery and far worse New Jersey shenanigans if they are to complete this development against massive local opposition. Given the family's proximity to Mr. Trump this may be a problem or business as usual.)

Nick Corasanti, "Democrat is Biggest Spender by Far in New Jersey Governor's Race," The New York Times, May 11, 2017, p. A22. ($18 million is spent by Phil Murphy in the primary. Mr. Murphy is the new John Corzine. Clueless but well-meaning Phil Murphy would be a terrible governor. At least some of this campaign money is said to be mafia funds. Someone forgot to explain to the boys from Hudson County that mob money is supposed to go to Ms. Guadagno this time. "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics.")

Jim Dwyer, "A New Jersey Township Wielded Its Zoning Rules as a Barrier to Islam," The New York Times, May 24, 2017, p. A19. (Bernard Township -- like Donald J. Trump -- wishes to ban all Muslims.) 

Alan Feuer, "Prosecutors Scrapped 7 Convictions But Say Ex-Detective Broke No Laws," The New York Times, May 26, 2017, p. A25. (A crooked and lying detective who produced fraudulent convictions, mostly of African-American defendants who have served time for crimes they did not commit, is protected by prosecutors. None of these persons face professional ethics or criminal charges of any kind at this time.) 

Nick Corasanti, "Candidate Delves Into Personal History in New Jersey," The New York Times, May 26, 2017, p. A25. (Was Jim Johnson  a new "Daniel" wandering into the "Lion's Den" of New Jersey politics?) 

Nancy Solomon, "Political Winds Toss New Jersey Lawmaker Between Party and Home," The New York Times, May 30, 2017, p. A18. (RODNEY FRELINGHUYSEN, Republican, is torn between lying to his party and/or lying to his constituents. Mr. Frelinghuysen, an attorney, has chosen to lie to everyone by voting with the Republicans against immigrants then misrepresenting his record and sympathies to his voters many of whom are immigrants.) 

Jean Rimbach, "'Direct Threat Alleged in Mob Case," The Record, June 2, 2017, p. A-1. (The lawyer delivering this alleged threat -- John Carbone, Esq. -- member of the ethics committee in New Jersey and alleged organized crime figure is facing no ethics charges. The victim was and is a police detective. Mr. Carbone is alleged to have said: "I don't care!")

Dustin Racioppi, "Voters Ready for Christie's Successor: Both Parties Eager for Different Style," The Record, June 5, 2017, p. A-1. (New Jersey is a little tired of Chris Christie's lying and incompetence. Ms. Guadagno offers only more of the same from essentially the identical cast of characters. Democrats, as usual in New Jersey, can only provide government by organized crime. Good luck New Jersey voters.) 

"It's Time New Jersey Transit Steps Up to Problems," (Editorial) The Record, June 5, 2017, p. 9A. (How can New Jersey Transit deal with its problems which are, potentially, life-threatening for millions of commuters without an infusion of money?) 

Nicolas Pugliese, "Lawyers Protest Arrests at Courts: 'Mass Panic' as Many Avoid Justice System," The Record, June 6, 2017, p. A-1. (Things will improve in the New Jersey legal system when judges and lawyers are arrested, for once, rather than immigrants who are witnesses and litigants and often not voluntarily or very happily forced into such roles.  When people can no longer make use of the legal system to deal with their disputes there will be much more "self-help" with unintended consequences. "The Wanderer and His Shadow.")    

Charles Stile, "New Nominee Spins Fantasy in Bid to Become Next Governor," The Record, June 12, 2017, p. A-1. ("The lieutenant governor [Kim Guadagno a.k.a. "Guardagno"] is promising to spend a generous property tax credit for homeowners, a plan that would cost up to $1.5 billion." Here we go again.)

Kaitlyn Kanzler, "4 Jersey City Officers on Leave After Video of Kicking is Released," The Record, June 13, 2017, p. A-4. ("Four Jersey City police officers have been suspended without pay after a witness video surfaced of officers allegedly kicking an innocent and injured bystander following a police pursuit." The Jersey City cops made the mistake of assaulting the victim and a bystander in an incident that resulted in a lengthy pursuit of a culprit who managed to get away. That's New Jersey for you.)

Kenneth F. McCallin, "FBI Nominee Has Russia Ties of His Own," (Op-Ed) The Record, June 13, 2017, p. A-9. ("On paper, Christopher Wray appears to be an excellent choice to serve as the next FBI director. He has impeccable academic credentials (Yale Law School) and had a decades-long distinguished career as a federal prosecutor and high level official in the Department of Justice. As a criminal defense lawyer for Christopher Christie during the 'Bridgegate' investigation, it raised some eyebrows when it was learned that one of Christie's cellphones ended up in Wray's possession, [emphasis added] but this is unlikely to derail Wray's confirmation." Mr. Christie's lawyers, evidently, lied about this fact to the federal judge in the matter. No wonder I am not receiving a response to my communications from the FBI. "Christie and Mastro Accuse Each Other of Lying.")   

Tony Gicos, "Doctor Charged With Accepting Bribes," The Record, June 13, 2017, p. 2L. (Dr. Ronald D'Amato, a chiropractor, accepted $90,000 in bribes for referrals to an imaging center. Lawyers were probably getting kickbacks for client referrals from both the chiropractor and the imaging center. Usually there are "connections" to adjusters at the relevant insurance companies to ease along all payments and settlements for sleazy plaintiffs' lawyers. Edgar Navarete? Jose Ginarte? Herb Klitzner? Bass & Bass? Many others also played these games "allegedly.")

Kurdy Ortiz, "Palisades Park Man Arrested in Child Porn Sting Sentenced," The Record, June 13, 2017, p. 3L. (One of the 25 persons arrested in a state-wide and international child porn ring that exported this material to many places in the world was sentenced to 3 years in prison and may be out in 18 months. Luis Cedeno, 50, will register as a sex offender and may be coming to your neighborhood in Union City: "Is Union City New Jersey Meyer Lansky's Whore House?" and "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes.") 

Katie Sabko, "Water Main Break Causes Travel Delays in Jersey City," The Record, June 9, 2017, p. A-3. (The desperate need for infrastructure and road repair in New Jersey becomes clearer every day. Is the same true when it comes to "refurbishing" the State House in Trenton?)  

Johnny Clark & Russ Bynism, "Judge Orders Woman Accused in Leak Case to Remain in Jail," The Record, June 9, 2017, p. A-3. ("Reality Winner," 25, was jailed allegedly for leaking classified information that revealed government criminality. The culpable officials of the government will not be prosecuted, only the "whistle blower" will face legal perils despite whistle-blower protection laws.)

Stephanie Noda, "Judge Mulls Defamation Suit: Attorney Requests That Lawsuit Over Facebook Posts be Dismissed," The Record, June 9, 2017, p. 1L. (First Amendment may preclude a state official's law suit aimed at a couple who opposed his policies by way of Facebook posts. The Internet can be used as a bulletin board expressing citizens' concerns. Several District and Circuit Courts have ruled in favor of Internet writers in such matters.) 

Joe Malinconico, "Sheriff: Paterson Man Offered Kids Gifts for Sex," The Record, June 9, 2017, p. 3L. (Jose Bautista-Palacios of Paterson -- allegedly a supporter of both Joey Torres and Bob Menendez -- has been arrested for luring children on the Internet with gifts in exchange for sex. New Jersey's child sexual abuse problem is more out of control than ever. Is Jorge Prado of North Bergen at liberty? "New Jersey Welcomes Child Molesters" and "New Jersey's Latest Massive Child Porn Crisis.") 

Joe Malinconico, "Paterson Worker Accused of Child Sex is Fired," The Record, June 6, 2017, p. 3L. (Alfonso Del Carmen worked as a housing inspector in Paterson and voted for Joey Torres, allegedly, and probably Bob Menendez also, even as he was involved in child sexual abuse in America's child prostitution capitol. Why do so many child molesters in New Jersey have government or school-related jobs? "New Jersey is America's Child Porn Capitol.")

Jim Dwyer, "A Mistake Costing the Public $25 Million That the City Won't Admit," The New York Times, June 14, 2017, p. A19. (Two African-American men convicted, falsely, will receive $25 million in compensation for the loss of years of their lives. The compensation is an admission of error. New Jersey continues to lie and cover-up crimes committed in my matters so as to protect prominent persons in the state's legal profession. "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")  

Dustin Racioppi, "Lottery Sales Lagging Once Again: Northstar Promised Big, but Fails to Deliver in New Jersey," The Record, April 18, 2017, p. 3A. (Continued theft and mismanagement at the N.J. lottery results in more "missing money." Northstar promised a return of $1.07 BILLION. The actual amount delivered by Northstar fell well short of this projected sum at $970 million. This was $400 million less than projected by Mr. Christie. There seems to be some "discrepancy" between estimated cash collected and amounts that are "officially" listed as collected in actuality. Funds seem to have disappeared. How strange?)   

"American Dream Too Big to Finish," (Editorial) The Record, May 22, 2017, p. 8A. (Another $1.6 BILLION in construction financing for the successor to the Xanadu project which is called "American Dream" -- known as "New Jersey's Nightmare" -- in addition to the estimated total already spent of $7-to-$9 BILLION for an unfinished mall.)

John Brennan, "Dream Progress Pleases Christie: Bond Sale is Next For Development," The Record, May 23, 2017, p. 3L. (Mr. Christie is "pleased" that "Triple Five" which stands behind the "American Dream" project will receive $1.6 BILLION in financing, allegedly, with the assistance of the same Republican law firms and financial people from Wall Street behind the State House refurbishing deal. The fees to be paid to such persons will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. There will be many "contributions" to Republican politicians.)

Dustin Racioppi, "Once Eager to Prosecute Clinton, Christie Now Wants Pause For Trump," The Record, May 18, 2017, p. 8A. (Double Standards? Hypocrisy? Lying? People carrying "Hillary For Prison!" signs are now holding "Go Donald!" signs.)

Joe Malinconico, "District Budget Calls for $5 Million Cut," The Record, March 28, 2017, p. 1L. (Cuts are taking place throughout New Jersey's public schools while the world's most expensive shopping mall has another $1.6 BILLION to "play" with. Will we live to see the completion of this development?) 

Salvador Rizzo, "N.J. Credit Rating Cut for 11th Time Under Christie," The Record, March 28, 2017, p. 6A. ("Wall Street [bankers] downgraded New Jersey's credit rating, once again, renewing warnings about the state's poorly managed budget and ailing pension system for public workers." [emphasis added] At last count the N.J. pension system was $54 BILLION in the red. This downgrade makes it more expensive for New Jersey to borrow and burdens future generations for longer periods of time.)

Steve Janoski, "Cliffside Park Counselor Gets Charges of Child Sex Dropped: Judge Suppressed Video Interview of 5-Year-Old Alleged Victim," The Record, April 18, 2017, p. 1L. (Edward Meier, who is represented by my old friend Brian Neary, Esq., gets off on a technicality after an alleged "fix." Mr. Meier is a school guidance counselor. I wonder whether Mark Neary, Esq. is related to Brian Neary, Esq.?) 

Charles V. Bagli, "In an Amusement Mall's 13-Year Story, The Pursuit of Another $1.1 Billion," The New York Times, June 1, 2017, p. A19. (What is now a close to $3 BILLION project will bring the total spent in connection with this proposed mall since day one in 2003, under all assumed names, to approximately $11-to-$13 BILLION. It is not yet clear when, if ever, this project will be complete, nor when such a venture will be profitable for anyone, except the people making money with the financing and construction deals as well as the politicians "arranging" these deals. Is this New Jersey's legal ethics, Mr. Rabner? "New Jersey's Politically-Connected lawyers On the Tit.") 

Frederica Polark, "Endangered Children," (Op-Ed) The New York Times, June 1, 2017, p. A23. (Children in New Jersey, for example, lead the nation in exposure to toxic agents resulting in some of the highest cancer rates anywhere in the U.S. If the Garden State's children are lucky enough to avoid rape in their schools, they may succumb to other dangers from a toxic environment and contaminated water because they are relying on non-responsive government agencies for protection. I certainly understand how those children's parents must feel. "An Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq." and "New Jersey is Lucky Luciano's Havana.") 

Dustin Racioppi, "Christie's Job Approval Drops to a New Low," The Record, June 15, 2017, p. A-1. (Gov. Chris Christie's job approval rating dropped to 15 percent in a recent poll released Wednesday. This is the worst rating for a governor in any state surveyed during the last 20 years. 81% of New Jersey voters "disapprove" of Mr. Christie's job performance. They should have a correspondingly low opinion of Ms. Guadagno. The numbers continue to decline by the day as New Jersey's troubles increase.) 

Terry Spencer, "Trial for Eye Doctor Tied to Menendez Case Nears its Conclusion," The Record, April 19, 2017, p. 6A. ("Dr. Salomon Melgen is charged" -- and now substantially convicted -- "with 76 counts for allegedly stealing from Medicare between 2008 and 2013 by performing useless tests and procedures on elderly and disabled patients." [emphasis added] Using human beings as experimental animals to scam money from the government is what Dr. Melgen did with the assistance -- for a small fee - of Senator Menendez. Many of these persons have suffered horrible pain so that Bob and Salomon could make money. Is this "ethical" OAE? Is Dr. Melgen still your "great friend" Boss Bob? It appears that Dr. Melgen's name will be on the witness list for Senator Menendez's trial beginning on September 6, 2017 in Newark federal court. I hope to be in the audience for this trial in order to write about the proceedings at these blogs.)

Monsy Alvarado, "Man Facing Deportation Gets Extension: Catalino Guerrero granted one-year stay by ICE," The Record, April 19, 2017, p. A-3. (Bob Menendez was photographed assisting this "grandpa" to obtain a brief or temporary stay of a scheduled deportation that will take place soon. Is it worse to use someone in order to gain positive publicity, knowing that the deportation will take place anyway, so as not to be around -- maybe because you are lost on the Turnpike! -- when ICE shows up again to take "grandpa" away. Worry about your trial, Mr. Menendez, and forget the b.s. The Justice Department is not changing the subject. "On Bullshit.") 

Gregory Koche & Kevin Johnson, "Mueller Turning His Focus to Trump: Report -- Obstruction of Justice Probe Underway," The Record, June 15, 2017, p. A-1. (Will Mr. Trump be impeached? Has the OAE also obstructed justice, perjured itself, and been protected by New Jersey's Supreme Court? "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" then "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.") 

Nicolas Pugliese, "Judge Clears Christie's Renovation: With Bonds Issued, $300 Million State House Project to Continue," The Record, June 15, 2017, p. A-3. (Allegations of "bribes" for Judge Jacobson cannot be confirmed -- a promotion is said to be in the works for the Republican judge -- but the legal policy of protecting "good faith purchasers" won out as predicted at this blog. Mr. Christie got away with a "fast one" and dodged yet another bullet by, essentially, shoving this entire operation down the voters' throats. It is increasingly clear that the scheme was hatched months ago and pulled off when "distractions" prevented much attention from being focused on this issue.) 

Ford Scudder, "New Jersey's State House Renovation is Long Overdue," (Op-Ed) The Record, April 19, 2017, p. 13A. (One real author of this Op-Ed piece is probably Chris Christie. The "deal" was already prepared long before the $300 million in bonds were issued and the numbers were represented as being substantially BELOW what they turned out to be in terms of "financing and managing costs." I suspect this entire operation was well-planned long before the events of recent days.)  

Mark Mazetti, Mathew Rosenberg & Charlie Savage, "Torture Report Could Remain Under Wraps," The New York Times, June 3, 2017, p. A1. (A return to classifying almost everything as "secret" -- in order to cover-up as much as possible CIA participation in torture -- has taken place under Mr. Trump. Preventing the American public from knowing the truth will have little effect on the dissemination of this material throughout the world.) 

"The Problem With Jared Kushner," (Editorial) The New York Times, June 3, 2017, p. A20. ("A pattern of concealment and secret meetings [is] raising concerns about Jared Kushner's fitness for the job he has been given." Persons who once carried "Hillary For Prison!" signs are silent about Mr. Kushner's troubles. How about "Jared For Prison!") 

Dustin Racioppi, "Christie's Pension Reforms On the Table," The Record, April 11, 2017, p. A-1. (Mr. Christie decided to "kick the can down the road" in order to focus on making money for his friends now so they can be grateful later. All Chris Christie does is to "adjourn" things.) 

Nicolas Pugliese, "Christie, Cuomo [Each] Demand Role in Penn Station Inspections," The Record, April 11, 2017, p. 3A. (N.Y. will require the state's own independent inspections of all expenditures at the proposed Penn Station renovations. In June, 2017 there are already "issues" concerning expenditures -- like disappearing funds? -- from the New Jersey side.) 

"Construction Code Changes Are Overdue," (Editorial) The Record, April 10, 2017, p. 7A. (A fire in Avalon has led to debate over the New Jersey construction code. The problem is corruption, not the code. Usually, the worst corruption is at the municipal level in terms of variances and permits.) 

Melanie Anzibile, "Paramus to Provide Public Records: Judge Rules in Favor of Man's Request for Purchase Orders and Vouchers," The Record, April 10, 2017, p. 1L. (Bonnie J. Mizdol, N.J. Superior Court Judge, amazingly, ruled in favor of a citizen seeking the truth from local government. Tell me the truth, Mr. Rabner. Please stop lying and covering-up the facts to protect the OAE.) 

Bill Theobald, "USA Today Seeks Records of Any Trump Surveillance: Lawsuit Focuses on FBI[,] Presidential Campaign," The Record, April 5, 2017, p. 7A. (Trump White House monitoring of "dissenters" may be more widespread than people realize. How much are "dissidents" spied-upon and why is Constitutionally-protected activity grounds for surveillance?) 

Bob Jordan, "Christie Pushes Legal Ads Bill," The Record, January 25, 2017, p. 4A. (Christie's war on newspapers continues with attempts to deprive The Star-Ledger of legal ads revenue as well as readers by keeping the paper from the Port Authority building because the Ledger has been critical of Christie's policies. This constitutes government reprisals against media based on content that clearly violates the First Amendment.) 

Kevin Johnson, "FBI Chief Says Trump Has Asked Him to Stay," The Record, January 25, 2017, p. 5A. (The same Donald J. trump who expressed confidence in Mr. Comey and who asked that the FBI pursue the investigation of the Russia matter "wherever it might lead" turned against Mr. Comey when the investigation "led to" Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, and others close to the president. Suddenly, Mr. Comey was no longer "admirable"?) 

Joe Malinconico, "Work by Paterson Vendors at Issue: State Subpoenas Financial Records," The Record, January 25, 2017, p. 1L. (Six private businesses received subpoenas and only now, in June 2017, are indictments to be handed down. Mayor Joey Torres may have received kickbacks from 6 private businesses that have done work for Paterson. Similar allegations are being made in North Bergen. Will "Big Nicky" Sacco be next to be indicted? "North Bergen New Jersey is the Home of La Cosa Nostra.")

John E. Seasly, "N.J. Transit Adds $32.5 Million to Expedite Safety System: Positive Train Control," The Record, January 12, 2017, p. 3A. ($32.5 million is about 1/3 of what New Jersey Transit needs right now for crucial repairs and maintenance. As of June, 2017 this money has not been received and necessary repairs are unmade. The danger to the public grows by the day.) 

Todd South, "Who Will be the Next Prosecutor in Jersey?: Insiders Wondering Who Will Replace Fishman," The Record, January 18, 2017, p. A-1. (As of this writing there is still no appointee to the New Jersey U.S. Attorney position which is paralyzing that office in dealing with massive corruption problems in the state. More than 50% of U.S. Attorney positions that have become vacant after Mr. Trump's requested resignations have not been filled.)    

"Guadagno Takes Center Stage," (Editorial) The Record, January 18, 2017, p. 8A. (Ms. Guadagno denies lesbian affiliations and/or "ties" to Loretta Weinberg, Diana Lisa Riccioli a.k.a. Deborah Gramiccioni, "Little Debbie" Poritz, and Estela De La Cruz. "Is Truth Dead?") 

Nicolas Pugliese, "Sentencing Delayed for Ex-Assemblyman: Schroeder's Attorney Presents New Information," The Record, January 17, 2017, p. 1L. (Robert Schroeder, Esq. -- former New Jersey Assemblyman and, allegedly, legal ethics committee member -- defrauded investors of $5.3 million. The OAE was too preoccupied covering-up their role in my life to do much about this matter until it was too late for many members of the public. Should you not protect the public from sleazy lawyers OAE? William B. Ziff, Esq.? "Elissa Krauss"?)

Adam Liptak, "Supreme Court Says Bush Officials Cannot be Sued for Post-9/11 Politics: Ashcroft and Mueller Not Personally Liable For Claims of Abuse in Immigrant Roundups," The New York Times, June 20, 2017, p. A15. (The U.S. Supreme Court will allow suits against the federal government, but the justices have protected the architects of America's post-9/11 torture and surveillance policies in the "National Security State" in which we find ourselves these days. Is the Orwellian vision underlying our national security "apparatus" compatible with the Bill of Rights vision of autonomous subjects endowed with inalienable rights before the power of the state? "Manifesto For the Unfinished American Revolution.")   

John Eligion, "Family of Man Shot by Police Settles Suit," The New York Times, June 1, 2017, p. A17. (Michael Brown, 17 and unarmed, was shot by Officer Darren Wilson who claimed that Mr. Brown attacked him. However, eye-witnesses reported that the slain young man had his hands in the air.)

Alex Kane, "The Spoils of War: The Palestinian Territories Have Become a Testing Ground for New Weapons and Surveillance Tactics Which Are Then Exported to Other Countries," The Indypendent, June 2017, p. 12. (Allegedly, neighborhoods -- like mine in New York -- have become "laboratories" for Israeli-developed methods of psychological manipulation and "control" of subjugated populations that were imported, secretly, by the Bloomberg administration into New York's reality. The results of using such "tactics" are now ignored by other officials in New York since they come directly from Gaza and the West Bank where they have been so "successful." No wonder the NYPD has not responded to my communications. Is all of this "kosher" Mr. Bloomberg? Mr. Schumer? Mr. Shanker? "Criminal Complaint Against Christie Allowed to Proceed" and "Psychological Torture in the American Legal System.")

"The Briefing Room," The Indypendent, June, 2017, p. 6. ("President Trump's proposed federal budget would cut trillions of dollars from programs benefiting the poor. Over 10 years, a total of $1.49 trillion dollars would be stripped from Medicaid, $191 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, $40.4 billion from earned income and child tax credits and $21.6 billion from welfare. ... Current projections say the U.S. economy will grow at a rate of 1.9 percent over the next decade. Trump's budget assumes a magical 3 percent growth rate based on massive tax cuts [for the richest Americans!] over the next decade -- enough to pay for a $2 TRILLION spending increase by 2027 and cover revenue lost due to the tax cuts." All of the economists consulted describe these numbers as "absurd." If the "magical" Trump projections do not materialize America's poor people and many middle class as well as working people who are disabled or handicapped will be devastated. Americans will, literally, die if this budget goes into effect. Republicans are aware of this grim fact and do not care how many people die as long as they "get rid of Obamacare.") 

Kristie Cattafi, "Garfield Police Shooting Suit Settlement: Estate of Teen Who Was Killed, Malik Williams, to Get $180,000," The Record, April 20, 2017, p. A-1. (New Jersey is saturated with lawsuits over "questionable" police shootings of African-American young men. As with my situation the authorities in Trenton have chosen to lie and cover-up the facts, including the reality of a state-wide problem, so as to prevent victims' families from obtaining the truth or achieving any lasting peace and/or closure. The goal is to have people "give up" and "adjust" to the oppression and dehumanization to which they are subjected. Perhaps these methods are also derived from the Israeli occupation? They will not be successful in Gaza or the West Bank, nor will they work here in America. Is this an example of New Jersey's legal ethics?)  

Monsy Alvarado & Hannan Adeley, "New Jersey Chief Justice Asks Feds Not to Arrest Immigrants at Courthouses," The Record, April 20, 2017, p. 3A. (Mr. Rabner has zero credibility as long as he continues to lie and cover-up the facts in my situation. Tell the truth Mr. Rabner.  We all have to move on.)

Hannan Adeley, "Student From Wayne at Center of Fordham Free-Speech Battle: Senior Sues School for Not Allowing Pro-Palestinian Club on Campus," The Record, April 28, 2017, p. 8A. (Amad Awad of Wayne, New Jersey may be a candidate for Israeli-developed "control" techniques already being used in New York and New Jersey, allegedly, with the blessings of Ms. Poritz and Mr. Rabner. "Arthur Goldberg" of the "Jonah Group" may be able to fill in the details. Is "Arthur Goldberg" also "Terry Touchin" a.k.a. "David"? Does Ms. Loretta Weinberg know "Arthur Goldberg" and can she provide us with his real name? Howard Brownstein? Alex Booth? I wonder what "Arthur Goldberg" did to Manny Diaz?) 

Greg Lavelle, "Rail Infrastructure Becoming a Looming Crisis," The Record, April 28, 2017, p. 13A. (The New Jersey Transit situation threatens the lives of millions of commuters from New York and elsewhere. There is no way to deal with the crisis without spending money the state does not have because of theft and mismanagement intended to make lawyers richer. OAE?) 

Andrew Wyrich, "Validity of DNA Argued in Wood-Ridge Man's Trial," The Record, April 28, 2017, p. 3L. (Daniel Rochat is accused of beating and setting fire to an elderly woman in East Rutherford. Once again New Jersey police experts are accused of "placing" DNA evidence -- too small a sample this time -- at the scene to frame, or falsely implicate, a designated defendant. Ethics? Who gets to choose the persons that are "framed" by the authorities in New Jersey? "Arthur Goldberg"? Why are prosecutors or former prosecutors -- like Ms Guadagno -- protected by the OAE and New Jersey Supreme Court when they are responsible for such atrocities. Anne Rodgers? "Larry Peterson Cleared by DNA.")

Jeffrey Collins & Meg Kinnaird, "White Officer Pleads Guilty in Gun Death of Fleeing Black Man: Murder Charge Dropped; Civil Rights Sentence Could Mean Decades in Prison," The Record, May 2, 2017, p. 5A. (Officer Michael Slager felt "threatened" by an African-American man running away from him and shot the "suspect," Walter Scott, in the back. Like the OAE many police officers in New Jersey prefer to shoot persons when their backs are turned so that they cannot defend themselves. "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

Scott Fallon & Nicolas Pugliese, "Panel Moves to Block Christie's Highlands Development Plan," The Record, May 2, 2017, p. 1L. ("Lawmakers are a step away from blocking Gov. Chris Christie's plans to allow more residential development in the protected Highlands where [N.J.] residents get their drinking water." 1,145 more septic systems in a state that has been described, to put it tactfully, as a "gigantic septic tank," should not be a problem and may improve the quality of the often contaminated drinking water. "New Jersey is America's Legal Toilet" and "New Jersey's Political and Supreme Court Whores.")

Sheri Fink & James Risen, "Suit Gives New Details of Brutal Interrogations," The New York Times, June 22, 2017, p. A1. (The attitudes and assumptions of "psychologists" -- they are ostracized within the profession by international authorities -- serving as "architects of torture" for U.S. forces reveal the blindness of evil as well as the limitations of American so-called "scientific" or "behaviorist-pragmatic" psychology, which is really a kind of hateful ideology of anti-humanism together with the rationalization of racism and sadism. Perhaps these methods are also Israeli-created? "Psychological Torture in the American Legal System" and "Behaviorism is Evil" then "An Open Letter to My Torturers Terry Tuchin ["Arthur Goldberg" a.k.a. "R. Schnetzler"] and Diana Lisa Riccioli." [a.k.a. "Deborah Gramiccioni"])  

Sheri Fink, "Torture and Personal Responsibility," The New York Times, June 22, 2017, p. A2. (" ... I was used to doing what I was ordered to do." There can be no ethics without truth and acceptance of responsibility. This is especially necessary for those who presume to judge the ethics of others. "Stuart Rabner and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "No More Cover-Ups and Lies Chief Justice Rabner!" then "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption." Elissa Krauss"? Bob Menendez? Estela De La Cruz? Maria Martinez a.k.a. Barcelo? Do you speak to me of ethics "ladies" and "gentlemen" of New Jersey? Do you distinguished persons "claim" to be better morally -- or more ethical -- than I am? I disagree.)    

Erin Kelly & Eliza Collins, "Senate Bill Under Fire From Some in GOP: Leaders Say It's Their Best Chance," The Record, June 23, 2017, p. A-1. ("Senate Republicans unveiled a health care bill Thursday that would largely scrap the Affordable Care Act by making deep cuts to Medicaid, ending the mandate that everyone buy insurance, repealing taxes on wealthy Americans and insurance companies, and stripping funding from Planned Parenthood for a year." The devastation that will result if even a small part of this proposed bill becomes law is beyond the imagination of most people. Millions of Americans will suffer, some will die as a result of these budget cuts, if they go into effect, to the delight of Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.) 

Manny Fernandez & Serge Kovaleski, "New Charges for Ex-Officer in Texas Who Fatally Shot a Black Teenager," The New York Times, June 24, 2017, p. A11. (Ray D. Oliver, II, a white police officer who killed an unarmed African-American teenager in April, avoided any prison sentence. Mr. Oliver is facing new charges for another inappropriate use of his weapon. Although there have been hundreds of incidents involving white police officers "accidentally" shooting unarmed African-American persons and being exonerated, or not facing criminal charges, my research has not disclosed a single incident over the past six months of an African-American person shooting an unarmed white person -- whether a police officer or not! -- without that individual facing very severe criminal charges. How strange? Double standards?) 

Jess Bidgood & Richard Perez-Pena, "With Mistrial, Another Shooting Yields No Conviction For Officer," The New York Times, June 24, 2017, p. A-1. (Raymond M. Tensig, a white officer, fatally shot Samuel Du Bose, an African-American young man in Ohio, but he will face no criminal charges, no conviction on such charges or prison sentence will take place. Is this equal protection of the law and due process Chief Justice Roberts?) 

"The Torturers Speak," (Editorial) The New York Times, June 24, 2017, p. A18. (Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell, America's notorious torture psychologists, have appeared in videotaped depositions "speaking matter-of-factly, they describe the barbaric acts they and others inflicted on the captives, [usually "brown people with funny names,"] who were swept up indiscriminately and then waterboarded, slammed into walls, locked in coffins and more -- all in the hunt for intelligence that few, if any, of them possessed." Some of the victims experienced such things as being raped with broomsticks. They were clearly seen as less than human by their captors. Will New Jersey's torturers -- like "David" a.k.a. "Arthur Goldberg" -- also "speak" to their victims? Is this not cruel and unusual punishment Chief Justice Roberts? "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey 'Terry Tuchin' and Diana Lisa Riccioli.")

Patrick McGulhan, "Transit Tangle for New Jersey Riders," The New York Times, June 10, 2017, p. A21. (The catastrophe at N.J. Transit continues and efforts to cover-up the extent of the dangers to the public are still underway. It will be too late after a major accident or incident that results in many persons being injured or killed to make essential repairs. Please take action now to deal with these safety issues even if N.J.'s residents must endure several months without a newly painted State House.) 

David Voracos, "Menendez Judge Begins Jury Search," The Record, June 22, 2017, p. 3A. ("A federal judge" -- District Court Judge William Walls -- "on Wednesday began trying to find 16 New Jersey residents who can be fair and impartial jurors in the September corruption trial of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez and a top donor." There are substantial concerns on the part of the U.S. Justice Department that efforts will be made to tamper with the jury pool, or to "pressure" any prospective jurors chosen for this panel. There are unusual security provisions being put in place to ensure that no N.J. political "operatives" seek to intimidate jurors, or their family members, in order that jurors will see things the senator's way. It may be wise to be especially wary of persons holding any kind of public jobs or who are attorneys in New Jersey serving on this jury. The same precautions are usually taken in mafia cases. "Does Senator Menendez have mafia friends?" and "Senator Bob, the Babe, and the Big Bucks.")  

Keldy Ortiz, "Prosecutors [sic.] Office: Shooting Justified -- Two Paterson Police Officers Cleared in June 2016 Death," The Record, June 22, 2017, p. 2L. (Ismael Miranda was shot to death by two Paterson police officers who will face no consequences. Mr. Miranda may have been guilty of j-walking.) 

Steve Janovski, "Ex-Chief Files Suit Against Pal Park: Says he was punished for being whistle-blower," The Record, April 19, 2017, p. 1L. (Despite whistle blower protection laws and ethical obligations to encourage disclosures of corruption, even police officers and prosecutors in New Jersey have faced severe sanctions for doing the right thing as required by law. Is this New Jersey's legal ethics Mr. Rabner?)

James M. O'Neil, "Report: Water Violations Are Widespread," The Record, May 3, 2017, p. 1L. (Fecal matter from leaking septic tanks, hormones, steroids, prescription drugs, illegal narcotics as well as carcinogens have been detected in New Jersey's drinking water. Government has failed to protect the state's residents in violation of the primary responsibility of any government which is ensuring the health and safety of residents, I believe, primarily because of corruption and massive incompetence. This is called public or legal "ethics" in New Jersey. New Jersey is certainly "stronger than the storm.")    

Kaitlyn Kanzler, "Speziale About to Get His Day in Court, Suit Finally Moving Forward," The Record, May 3, 2017, p. 2L. (Jerry Speziale is finally going to have his day in court against David Samson's Port Authority for reprisals and violations of his rights -- I agree with Mr. Speziale on the motivation for the manner in which he was treated by PA cops -- and I suspect that Mr. Speziale will be, deservedly, a much wealthier man when the trial is over.) 

Scott Fallon, "St. Mary's Laying Off 20 Nurses, Med Techs: Announcement Made on Eve of Appreciation Week," The Record, May 5, 2017, p. 1L. (Hospital staff and services are being cut throughout the state of New Jersey as a result of the governmental corruption detailed in these posts. New Jersey's residents are endangered by these continuing losses in public services. Luckily, the State House will have a new paint job. Fired professionals were assured, however, that they are "appreciated.")  

Rick Rojas, "Settlements With New Jersey Suburb Clear the Way for a Proposed Mosque," The New York Times, May 31, 2017, p. A19. (New Jersey's suburban communities are viciously hostile to Muslims in their midst. Efforts are often made to prevent Islamic communities from achieving equality with others or establishing independent centers of civic life. The hatred found among, usually blue collar ethnic whites from New Jersey, is shocking. This is the so-called "base" for politicians like Ms. Guadagno and Mr. Christie. Much of that hatred today is directed against immigrants and, especially, Muslims. "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.") 

Charles Stile, "Transparency is First Victim of Budget Talk in New Jersey: Christie is new to his role as good government champion," The Record, June 26, 2017, p. A-1. (One of the fascinating aspects of New Jersey politics and law is the hypocrisy and sheer lying about how and why things happen within the system. Transparency, open records, whistle blower protections and other laws meant to allow the public to know the alleged "reality" of the decision-making process are more honored in the breach than in the observance. Genuine decisions are made secretly, often enough, in the proverbial "smoke-filled" rooms that feature in political folklore. Victims of flawed or failed policies are lied to -- or told nothing -- about why their lives are damaged or destroyed by the "arrogant and incompetent fools" given power over the unfortunate people of the Garden State. Right, Howard Brownstein? Alex Booth? Jay Romano? Analogously, the most heinous violations of legal ethics rules are committed by persons entrusted with enforcing those same rules: "Gov. Chris Christie, who thrives in the closed-door confines of the political backroom, portrayed himself last week as the ardent disciple of 'transparency.' ..." Compare "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" with "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.") 

Dustin Racioppi, Michael Diamond, Nicolas Pugliese, "Ongoing Budget Divisions Threaten Shutdown: Legislative Communities Agree on $34.7 Billion Plan," The Record, June 27, 2017, p. A-1. (Christie hopes to shift the troubled N.J. lottery -- complete with missing funds and creative accounting practices -- to the insolvent pension fund system where the problems are even greater. Is this a case of the blind leading the blind?) 

Payton Guion & Alex N. Gecan, "Rabbi, Others Accused of Massive Welfare Fraud," The Record, June 27, 2017, p. A-4. (Rabbi Salmen Sorotzkin, along with several family members and friends, is facing charges of theft by deception and fraud for trying to scam taxpayer money. Stuart Rabner may come to the rescue. Ms. Poritz has been quoted saying that "Jews do not commit crimes." Other arrests are expected in the days ahead in a conspiracy that now involves thefts of MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. "Everybody does it." "Arthur Goldberg"? Is Mr. Sorotzkin Barry Albin's rabbi?) 

"High Court Offers October Preview," (Editorial) The Record, June 27, 2017, p. A-8. (The new conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court is flexing its muscle. The future does not bode well for minorities, poor people, or civil liberties in America. No response to my communications has been received from any federal official suggesting that political bosses from New Jersey may have "reached out and touched someone" in the national government to keep a lid on this situation. I do not think this tactic is working. Mr. Vance?) 

Jamie Julia Winters, "Experts Blast Township Order for Resident to Stop Recording," The Record, June 27, 2017, p. 1L. ("LYNDHURST -- Experts said township officials' decision to stop a resident from recording last Friday's commissioners' meeting is against state law." It is also unconstitutional and leads me to wonder why officials wish to hide what they are doing at such meetings that are supposed to be public where record keeping is permitted by law? No doubt these same officials wish to prevent Internet writers from demanding the truth from New Jersey government. Secrecy is the enemy of individual freedom. Crimes committed behind-the-backs of citizens must be exposed to the light of day and also to legitimate legal scrutiny in federal courts. "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey 'Terry Touchin' ["Arthur Goldberg"] and 'Diana Lisa Riccioli' ["Deborah Gramiccioni"] then "No More Cover-Ups and Lies Chief Justice Rabner!") 

Joe Malinconico, "Paterson Police Arrest 30 in Prostitution Sweep," The Record, June 27, 2017, p. 3L. (New Jersey's well-earned reputation as the child prostitution capitol of the nation is enhanced yet again. Many public officials are on the payroll of the sex-for-sale organizations in the state. Quite a few such officials admit to making use of the services of the very prostitutes whom they hypocritically "judge" or condemn. Estela De La Cruz and many other lesbian women, for example, seem to enjoy sex with desperate women they otherwise insult. Bob Menendez likes sex with young prostitutes while seeing himself as a "moral example for his community and nation." Is this New Jersey's legal ethics, Mr. Rabner, and were these persons, all N.J. attorneys, acting behind my back, slandering me, stealing clients, and doing much worse truly serving the "interests of the legal profession"? What name did you give to Marilyn Straus, Estela De La Cruz? Loretta Weinberg? Mary Anne Kriko? Which of these persons approached you to act against me, Maria Martinez? Why do you wish to protect such sleazy conduct and persons New Jersey Supreme Court members? "Marilyn Straus Was Right" then "New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court" and "New Jersey Lesbian Sends Nude Photos to Minor" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.") 

Esther J. Cepeda, "Anti-Latino Rhetoric is Building Walls Within Our Schools," (Op-Ed) The Record, May 30, 2017, p. 9A. (Politicians are too busy worrying about bribes and having sex with 14-year-old prostitutes to prevent the heinous violations of human rights of Latino migrants in New Jersey. New leaders are needed. New teachers and administrators are also needed. Still a principal in Bergen County's trophy community and the world-famous home town of Alan Alda, Maria Martinez? Is it the fair "Verona"? Was this a reward of some kind for your services against me, Maria Martinez? How is Gilberto Garcia doing these days, Maria? Do any of you presume to speak to me of "ethics"? Try saying things to my face, for once, preferably in a federal courtroom ladies and gentlemen of New Jersey: "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Menendez Charged With Selling His Office.")

Eliza Collins, "CBO Health-Care Changes Would Leave 23 Million More Uninsured," The Record, May 25, 2017, p. A-1. (Republicans wet-dream of getting rid of "Obamacare" will not go away even if they have not managed this trick just yet. "Nirvana" for the GOP is tax cuts for the 1% and deregulation of the financial industry combined with increased military budgets. Nothing will happen to Donald J. Trump if Republicans can get these things with his leadership. "Is Truth Dead?" and "On Bullshit.") 

Candice Choi, "30 Percent Cut to Food Stamps Would Ripple Through the Economy: SNAP Reduction Would Hit People and Businesses," The Record, May 25, 2017, p. A-6. (The proposed cuts in food stamps are KNOWN, statistically, to result in severe malnutrition and that means children will be the worst victims of these policies. Food stamp cuts may lead to actual starvation for some people. Is this the GOP "paradise"? Many of those who will be hurt happen to be white people.) 

"Justice Gorsuch Delivers," (Editorial) The Sunday New York Times, "Review Section," July 2, 2017, p. 10. (" ...'One of my proudest moments was when I looked at Barack Obama in the eye and I said,' Mr. President, you will not fill this Supreme Court vacancy. [Senator Mitch] McConnell told a political gathering in Kentucky last Summer." Mr. McConnell's unprecedented and, possibly, unconstitutional gambit worked. Mr. Garland was denied a vote: "The conservative majority will grow even stronger if more justices retire during Mr. Trump's term, a very good possibility. At that point, the president and Senate Republicans -- who destroyed the filibuster for Supreme Court nominee in order to confirm Justice Gorsuch -- will be able to put anyone they like on the court." Say goodbye to procreative rights.) 

Nick Corasanti, "Shutdown Closes New Jersey Parks on Holiday Weekend," The Sunday New York Times, "News Section," July 2, 2017, p. 21. ("The [N.J.] state government shut down at midnight on Friday, resulting from a budget impasse between Gov. Chris Christie and the Democratic-led state Assembly." Facilities were closed when they were most needed in order to allow for an ego contest between Mr. Christie and Mr. Prieto. Mr. Christie was photographed by reporters for The Star-Ledger sitting on a perilously balanced beach chair with his family members at the very location most sought after and closed to members of the public. A discussion of this ridiculous and catastrophic situation on BBC World News on July 3, 2017 indicated that Mr. Christie was accused of lying, once again, about enjoying the closed beach at a subsequent news conference. The people of New Jersey are, as always, the biggest losers. This helps to explain the continuing paralysis in Trenton with regard to matters that threaten public safety and the remaining integrity, such as it is, of the state's government and soiled courts which have become an international horror show and joke. "New Jersey is America's Legal Toilet" and "New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court.")  

John Hurdle, "Philadelphia District Attorney Pleads Guilty in Federal Corruption Case and Resigns," The New York Times, June 30, 2017, p. A14. (The third attorney general with links to the South Jersey Democrat machine to resign in disgrace, R. Seth Williams, faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Mr. Menendez is facing far worse penalties in his forthcoming trial. "Menendez Charged With Selling His Office" and "Is Senator Menendez a Suspect in Mafia-Political Murder in New Jersey?")

John Brennan, "Odds Favor N.J. On Betting: Statistics Indicate the U.S. Supreme Court More Likely to Reverse," The Record, June 29, 2017, p. A-1. (The mafia is about to win another one in New Jersey. I was once told by a person affiliated with organized crime in New Jersey that "the mob runs New Jersey." He may have had a point. "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics" and More Mafia Arrests in New Jersey and Anne Milgram is Clueless.") 

Keldy Ortiz, "Suspensions Lifted For Officers in Kicking Case," The Record, June 29, 2017, p. 3A. (Four Jersey City police officers will be back on the job after assaulting innocent members of the public on video. No promotion?) 

Paul Guion, Alex N. Gecan, Andrew Ford, "More Raids in Welfare Fraud Investigation," The Record, June 29, 2017, p. 4A. (Mordechai and Jacheved Berkin and an entire "network" of Jews have been involved in a massive conspiracy to steal millions of dollars from the public treasury in the form of fraudulent welfare claims and/or requests for other benefits. These "kosher Welfare Queens" exploiting the system are often said to come to this country illegally from Israel and Eastern Europe for the purpose of stealing from American taxpayers. Perhaps we can build a wall to keep such undesirable elements out of the country. Mr. Rabner is alleged to have insisted that these are "nice Jewish boys.")

Mike Davis, "N.J. Transit Sued by Family of Derailment Victim," The Record, June 29, 2017, p. 4A. (The family of a woman KILLED as a result of the derailment of a New Jersey Transit train is suing New Jersey for millions of dollars. Many more such suits are expected. Sprucing up the State House offers little consolation to these victims of poor maintenance on New Jersey Transit trains.) 

"As Muller Inspires Calm, Trump Tweets," (Editorial) The Record, May 19, 2017, p. 12A. (Money laundering issues have arisen in connection with Mr. Trump's Russian connections. Will Chris Christie's friend Donald J. Trump be impeached? The president seems to be doing everything in his power to be impeached pursuant to a recommendation by the Special Prosecutor. "Not fair. So sad.")

Susan Page, "Presidential Credibility Gap at its Widest Since Nixon: Trump Might Endanger Dealings With Public, Congress, Foreign Leaders," The Record, May 15, 2017, p. 3A. (Mr. Trump is described in the media as a "habitual liar." He is already the most unpopular U.S. president in recorded history, on a world level, also the least respected or credible person to hold the office for all Europeans regardless of their political affiliations. This decline in respect alone translates into a loss for U.S. businesses and damages American prestige. "'This is totally amazing!' -- Donald J. Trump.")  

Erin Kelly, "Clapper: U.S. Institutions 'Under Assault,'" The Record, May 15, 2017, p. 4A. (Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper -- who famously described his testimony under oath before Congress as the "least untruthful" possible statements that he could make! -- describes government and truth itself as under assault by Mr. Trump. "Is Truth Dead?" and "On Bullshit.") 

"Domestic Violence Victims Don't Need Added Fear of Deportation," (Editorial) The Record, May 15, 2017, p. 9A. (Women in New Jersey -- one of the leading jurisdictions in the world for spousal abuse -- are afraid to report this crime for fear of deportation. Also many women indicate a "lack of trust" in New Jersey courts that are often perceived as corrupt. This may be because N.J. courts are actually quite corrupt. Police claim that many persons avoiding the system are purchasing weapons for purposes of self-help. This proliferation of weapons will make a long hot Summer fun for one and all in New Jersey. "New Jersey's Political and Supreme Court Whores" and "New Jersey's Judges Disgrace America.") 








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