Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Judges Protect Child Molesters in Bayonne, New Jersey.

I have reason to believe that the number of visitors to my blogs is not reported accurately. My estimate is that the true number is about three times what is being shown.

This blog continues to mentioned at "Radio Open Source." (Use of People's Media to dramatize these atrocities is always welcome.)

David Kocieniewski, "A History of Sex With Students, Unchallenged Over the Years," in The New York Times, October 10, 2006, at p. A1.
Richard G. Jones, "Fiscal Advisers Due to Weigh In on Selling New Jersey Turnpike," in The New York Times, October 10, 2006, at p. B4. (Maybe they can sell New Jersey to Mr. Bin Laden.)

"BAYONNE, N.J. -- Many in this gray, insular city are at a loss to explain why Diane Cherchio West was allowed to continue working in the public school system for two decades after she was caught in 1980 kissing and groping a 13-year-old student at an eighth grade dance."

After years of involvement by this person with underage boys, according to news accounts -- in a small New Jersey town where little is kept secret -- "relatives of a boy, Christopher Castlegrande, filed a complaint with the police of statutory rape against Ms. West, [so] that she left her $74,000-a-year job and lost her unfettered access to Bayonne High School students."

Politically connected persons in the school system and local government -- with the assistance of state forensic psychiatrists -- receive very special treatment, it seems, even after being charged with such heinous offenses. Kelly Anne Michaels?

"After Ms. West was arrested, school officials insisted for more than a year that the allegation was the only accusation of misconduct" -- without denying that this student was only one of several underage boys enjoying "carnal bliss" with his teacher -- "in a sterling 24-year career. They allowed her [Diane] to take an early retirement package that fattened her pension, and gave her a farewell party with cake and ice cream. When Ms. West pleaded guilty in 2005 to sexual assault charges, glowing references from co-workers, supervisors and friends helped persuade a judge to sentence her only to probation. [emphasis added] She was spared the ordeal of having to register as a sex offender."

This result was procured with the cooperation of an insider and forensic psychiatrist writing a report about what a "peachy-keen" person Ms. West happens to be. In a state where persons awaiting trial on charges of small theft are abused, beaten and raped while incarcerated, before being convicted of anything, Ms. West's 24-years of "activities" has led to her placid viewing of the cooking channel at home, while drawing a tax-payer provided pension. How about that?

"Some blame small-town politics" -- and New Jersey's disgustingly slimy local political tradition in Hudson County, home of Senator Robert "Bob" Menendez -- "Ms. West's father is a prominent businessman here. Others see a double standard [no? really?] ... Ms. West, now 52, was raised in one of the city's more comfortable Italian sections, the daughter of John Cherchio, a regular on who's who lists here, who ran a successful construction and waste carting business."

Well, what do you know. Allegations that contributions were made to Senator Bob's campaigns can neither be confirmed nor denied. Look at what else is in the paper:

"On Monday, a financial consulting company is expected to deliver several recommendations about whether New Jersey should sell off or lease some of the state's assets, including the New Jersey Turnpike."

There are those who believe that the Trenton Syndicate hopes to arrange for the sale of such assets not merely to generate $6 billion that they can then "whack up" -- as they say with a loud chuckle in Trenton's Assembly -- but so that politicians can secretly share in the spoils procured by a shell corporation or some other "middle" legal entity, providing hefty kickbacks under the table to politicians from any future earnings collected on those same state assets. This way the Jersey boys control the money, regardless of who gets elected to office.

Corrupt politicians would get to "double dip" by getting money into the treasury from sales of the people's assets and then from sharing, illicitly, in future profits.

Isn't that unethical? Not in Jersey ...

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