Thursday, March 01, 2007

Who is responsible for the cover up in New Jersey?

There were 61 web sites blocked and 11 intrusion attempts, primary attacker (NJ) and an obstruction of my blogs. Just a typical day: December 15, 2006, at 6:28 P.M. As of January 3, 2007 at 9:25 A.M., I am unable to print items from my e-mail, getting only a blank piece of paper.

My computer was last attacked on March 1, 2007 at 9:51:53 A.M. There were 405 intrusion attempts so far today. Primary attackers (; http: (80), also (; (; http: (80); intruders 2-28-07, at 6:26:03 P.M.; and on 2-26-07, New Jersey?

I cannot access "Philosopher's Quest" to make revisions, so hackers are free to insert errors. Please see "Is New Jersey Chief Justice Deborah T. Poritz Unethical or Only Incompetent?" at I hope to post that essay, again, at this blog, then make it part of a larger work dealing with legal corruption in New Jersey. This will help to emphasize my points in that essay. I wonder who would want to obstruct my revisions of that text? New Jersey?

David Kocieniewski, "Man Leading Medical School is Not Seeking Permanent Post," The New York Times, December 14, 2006, at p. B6.

"One month after a federal monitor accused him of trying to 'refute, rebut and bury' information about a kickback scheme at New Jersey's medical school, Dr. Bruce C. Vladek, the school's interim president, withdrew as a candidate for the permanent president job."

"... the federal monitor investigating financial irregularities [$100 MILLION DOLLARS STOLEN] said last month that Dr. Vladek had misled investigators [OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE?] this fall by playing down evidence that the school was paying illegal kickbacks [BRIBES?] to cardiologists in return for referrals to the university hospital."

Yeah, but did he give anybody his business card? If you are a Latino judge in New Jersey and you give the wrong person your business card, you get sanctioned and have to pretend that you go along with it. If you're Jaynee, "scooping" $300 MILLION nobody gives a shit. After all, she may be a Gambino. Genovese?

"... Dr. Vladek is committed to stay until March at the position, which pays $525,000 per year, but he said that he would stay on a while longer if the board needed him."

Dr. Vladek is paid "officially" -- surreptitious payments, if any, are not disclosed -- more than half a million dollars a year, despite obstructing a federal monitor's efforts to bring a situation of widespread and obvious theft or waste of taxpayer money under some kind of control.

Not one person is going to prison for stealing (make that "misappropriating") $100 MILLION OF YOUR MONEY or for trying to get away with it with a cover-up afterwards. On the other hand, a minority youth going for a joy ride in a $700 car in Newark is looking at months in jail as well as greatly diminished life-prospects. That's New Jersey's legal system. Why aren't hospital administrators going to prison? Well, they wear suits and pay off politicians. They are also white people, mostly. Any African-Americans or Latinos involved in this little shin-dig will certainly get indicted -- and do time. Wayne R. Bryant? Sharpe James? Those two men are boy scouts compared to the criminals running the state of New Jersey. Ethics? You want to talk about ethics, Stuart? How much did you get out of the Prisco release, Stuart?

No matter how many obstruction efforts are directed at this group/blog or at my communicative efforts -- I am coping with the typical bullshit right now -- this disgusting reality will not change. No matter what scam New Jersey politicians pull to sell "themselves" state assets, so they can steal some more revenue -- probably from the pension fund! -- the feds will be on them. It is only a matter of time now. Nothing New Jersey does will alter the fact that I was tortured by goons calling themselves therapists, like Tuchin and Riccioli. I will continue to struggle for a peaceful confrontation with those two monsters, so that they will understand exactly what they have done. New Jersey's reputation as the home territory of organized crime and political corruption is secure. The state has become a political and legal cesspool. I will rub your face in the feces that is New Jersey law for as long as I live. Keep the threats and insults coming.

I still can't see my blogs/groups on a regular basis. Residents of the Garden State, whose pensions will be affected and whose lives are already adversely impacted are sickened by the repulsive reptiles found in positions of power in Trenton, persons reeking of the foul odor of corruption, extending a slimy hand and displaying hideous smiles, even as they exhale a foul halitosis: "I want your financial contribution!" And those are only New Jersey's judges. Politicians are worse. Come to think of it, they're the same people.

New Jersey power-wielders tend to wear several hats and have many public jobs, actually showing up at some of them -- sometimes. I am blocking the following web site as I type these words. Attempted corrections result in bunching up words, requiring me to retype this entire text:

This is the best answer New Jersey's political whores can come up with -- obstruction efforts, criminal attacks on my work and against me. Crimes are usually unethical, aren't they? Why would the OAE commit crimes to generate conduct that they can then label as unethical in civil proceedings? This is comparable to a physician who removes a boil on a man's neck by decapitating him. Tuchin? Riccioli?

It is impossible to rule out the possibility that at least some of the members of New Jersey's Supreme Court are part of the family-like organization sharing in this loot and responsible for the horrendous disparities and stupidity found in the most corrupt and racist state legal system in the nation. It is the only explanation I can think of for this on-going nightmare.

How can you be aware of criminal conduct committed -- ostensibly, in your name and on behalf of the institution which you are supposed to serve, if you call yourself a New Jersey judge or "justice" -- and do nothing about it or allow the crimes to continue? Only by not being a judge, but rather the opposite of everything we associate with legality or the legal transparency promised by the U.S. Constitution is such a thing conceivable or possible? Are you a guilty bystander? What have you become? Does Stuart Rabner still "demur"?

I am not a thing. I am not a "means" to the ends of others. My suffering should not be a source of amusement or instruction, bait to capture others, existing for pompous hypocrites in judicial robes or their paid sycophants. Take a look at a photograph of New Jersey's Supreme Court justices and ask yourself: "Why are these people smiling?" Maybe one reason for their delight is that you, the taxpayers, are paying for their lovely portraits. I'd be smiling too.

"New Jersey -- Come See for Yourself!"

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