Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Killing in New Jersey's House of Healing.

As of February 8, 2007 at 3:07 PM, I am unable to access my MSN group. I have spent most of this day attempting to gain access to my msn group, without success. February 10, 2007 at 12:08 PM access to my computer is obstructed, yet again. I cannot access my MSN group or write. I will continue to struggle to do so, somehow. If you can help the federal authorities investigating corruption in New Jersey, please call the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Susan K. Livio & Mary Jo Patterson, "When Violence Lurks in a House of Healing," The Star Ledger, February 4, 2007 and http://www.nj.com/

"Barely visible from the road in rural Camden County, Ancora [Mental Hospital] was a universe unto itself, an austere collection of 1950s-style buildings contained by four miles of 8-foot-high chain link fence. By last summer the hospital had grown into a mini-city of 780 residents judged a danger to themselves or others, overcrowded and understaffed."

This much-dreaded "hell-hole" was, allegedly, used to house people subjected to all sorts of horrors -- including violence, unwilling experimentation was said to be routine, yet undisclosed to family members. On July 14, 2006 ("Bastille Day"), Ancora was a place of murder and, allegedly, also of an attempted cover-up. I wouldn't be surprised if people were raped there.

"... patient Salwa Srour rose from her bed, crossed the small room, and ... strangled her new roommate, Margaret Centrangolo, a more recent arrival."

"Six months later, another patient was killed. ... Tyrell McAllister attacked another resident, Robert Williams, during an argument. Williams died nine days later."

This facility is reputed to be a "toilet" to dispose of unruly "offenders" turned into lucrative sources of federal revenue in this "bleak and violent place." This is symbolic of the entire state of New Jersey, with the possible exception of Princeton and (on a good day) Rutgers.

"Ancora runs on [a] $75 MILLION dollar budget, supported by state and federal funds. An anual stay costs the government $167,848."

For nearly 200 thousand dollars a year, evidently, you get a filthy room, a toilet, a flea-infested bed and an excellent chance of being strangled in your sleep -- all paid for by the "suckers," I mean the tax-payers. That's you.

I can neither confirm nor deny allegations that much of this loot winds up in the coffers of the corrupt and mysterious Camden Political Machine, which is said to be affiliated with nefarious underworld forces in the vicinity of Atlantic City.

I wonder what Tuchin and Riccioli are up to these days?

"... the [so-called] psychiatrist at this facility was Lydia Cervantes-Monte, a Philippines-educated doctor who has worked at Ancora for many years. She completed her medical training at the institution under a now-defunct psychiatric residency program."

"Monte, 66, who earns an annual salary [of] $157,943, also worked as a part-time professor [where else?] in the psychiatry department of UMDNJ's School of Osteopathic Medicine in South Jersey. She is not a board-certified psychiatrist."

Ms. Monte was "out to lunch," as it were, when the homicide was committed. What is her punishment? A 90 day suspension. Maybe she'll go to Hawaii for a conference, also paid for by taxpayers. Ms. Monte is a genius compared to Tuchin and Riccioli.

"Six other hospital employees were suspended on charges ranging from loafing to falsifying records."

Dostoevsky said that "one measures the quality of a civilization by the treatment of the most helpless and powerless members of society," such as mentally ill and destitute old people. Both kinds of human beings are seen as sources of exploitation, objects to be used as excuses to steal federal dollars in New Jersey by hateful semi-persons -- like Tuchin and Riccioli -- who delight in tormenting and wounding vulnerable persons. I wonder why I am having so many troubles with my computer today?

"We can learn from you," they say, as they bill (secretly?) for their ... "services."

A federal inquiry has been called for and is expected to take place soon.

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