Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sexual Payoffs for New Jersey Judges!

"NEW YORK -- The money laundering and prostitution case against a high profile New Jersey defense attorney took another strange turn yesterday as authorities alleged he arranged sexual favors for friends and New Jersey law enforcement officials."

Prosecutors and judges -- perhaps even New Jersey Supreme Court justices -- indulged in a little illicit sexual delight in exchange for a lack of attention to this, allegedly, corrupt lawyer's activities. No OAE official apprehended Mr. Paul Bergrin -- some such officials were probably accepting his "hospitality" or, perhaps, payoffs -- only the feds and New York officials were interested in this person's activities. I wonder why?

"The Manhattan District Attorney's Office also said Newark attorney Paul Bergrin was a 'prime suspect' in the killing of a witness in a federal drug case and claimed he was grooming his son to take over the high priced call-girl operation at the heart of the investigation."

"... Bergrin found himself in need of his own attorney after he was indicted with two others on charges of money laundering" -- political contributions are always excellent money laundering techniques! -- "solicitation of prostitution and misconduct in connection with the escort service known as NY Confidential."

The New York District Attorney said: "... after Bergrin took over New York Confidential in January 2005, he tapped the escorts for free sex and brought friends to the brothel, 'including New Jersey law enforcement.' ..."

Brian T. Murray, "In Lawyer's Prostitution Case, Talk of Favors, a Killing," The Star Ledger, January 17, 2007 and

"... sex was sold for $1,000 an hour or more."

Most women in the sexual services industry do not keep $1,000 per hour. They are usually exploited in vicious ways by people with police protection and judicial friends -- especially in a cesspool of corruption such as New Jersey -- so that these exploiters are licensed to abuse young men and women. New Jersey leads the nation in child porn and abuse. See the discussions in the "General" section at my group: (Efforts are underway to deny me access to this group and/or the use of images, but I will keep trying to get back to it.)
"The dates were booked for $1,000 an hour. [The brothel] brought in about $1.2 MILLION in the first six months," according to "Detective Myles Mahadi of the Manhattan South Vice Enforcement Unit."

My concern is about protecting young women and men in this industry, getting minors safely out of danger, allowing those adults who wish to indulge in commercial sexual services to do so in a safe, legal environment (that gets rid of criminals and eliminates exploitation), while allowing for alternative career counselling, child care for those women who need it, health care, and yet permits "sex providers" to keep the proceeds of their efforts and pay taxes. I have never paid for sex in my life, but (apparently) this activity fascinates many men. If somebody is going to get rich from selling sex, then I guess it is fair for those doing the selling to keep the bulk of the proceeds from the sales.

This commercializing of sex is not an activity that will ever be eliminated from human societies, so the issue is: How can we protect women, mostly, and help them to be safe and prosper in their lives? How do we get rid of exploiters and see that they, such men (mostly), go to prison?

Most people who are honest about this industry are not trying to violate or injure women, but they want to make money. If money-making is possible in a safe, legal environment -- generating taxes -- then people will PREFER that situation. Women in the sexual services industry can become legal enterpreneurs. Most women in the sex industry (I believe) prefer to avoid hassels and problems, and would like nothing better than to live safe lives, where they can save for retirement and have health coverage as well as physical security. Again: I have never paid for sex. I am not involved in any way in this industry. I trust that I anticipated the bullshit spouted by New Jersey's mobster-lawyers about me in response to these allegations.

"Federal prosecutors say they are still troubled about [Bergrin's] conduct in a 2004 narcotics case. In court motions, prosecutors charged that Bergrin twice called ________, an alleged drug kingpin, and told him a key witness against his client was a man known on the streets as 'Ki-mo.'"

"Three months later, Ki-mo was murdered execution-style. Bergrin denied any wrongdoing, but withdrew from the case."

Mr. Bergrin was not deemed an "unethical attorney" by New Jersey's OAE, many of whose officials like to "party" on Friday nights. Public pressure may force the OAE to take action against this guy. ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

Guy Sterling & Brian T. Murray, "Former U.S. Prosecutor Charged in Call-Girl Ring," The Star Ledger, January 11, 2007 and

"In a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor questioned why there is such an 'intensity of rage currently being leveled at the judiciary.' Last week, the New Jersey Supreme Court gave her the answer."

Tom Fitton, "New Jersey Supreme Court Mandates Rights,"

The hostility to the Garden State's tainted Supreme Court is not primarily the result of disagreement over controversial decisions, but legitimate repugnance at the hypocrisy of a court that covers-up torture, incompetence, and unethical or criminal conduct by its agents and in its own name, while indulging in a "holier-than-thou" sanctimonious reprimanding of minor offenders, as public money is wasted on expensive portraits, dinners, and other "treats" and luxuries for the so-called "justices." ("Jaynee La Vecchia and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")

The true whores in this story are the members of New Jersey's Supreme Court and judiciary. Preventing me from posting essays at my msn group or other harassment of me will not change this truth. If you wear black robes and are indifferent to the commission of such crimes before your eyes, in violation of fundamental Constitutional and moral rights to free expression, then you relinquish any right to be called a "judge." Mr. Rabner, will you tell me with a straight face that you have not been aware of this censorship for ten years? ("Stuart Rabner and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "No More Cover-Ups and Lies, Chief Justice Rabner!")

"What was astonishing was the spread of the corruption to the New Jersey Supreme Court, which unanimously approved this action [the Democrats' naming of a successor for Robert Torricelli, D-NJ] in defiance of the plain words of the written law. ..."

Thomas Sowell, "The Houdini Award," October 11, 2002 and 1/28/2007

Ethics? Whose ethics? New Jersey's Supreme Court is a partisan branch of the corrupt mafia-Democrat establishment in the Garden State. Continued silence in the presence of this blatant evil is complicity in atrocity. ("Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.")

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