Sunday, December 10, 2006

"On the one hand, but on the other hand ..."

Access to my MSN group was obstructed today, December 10, 2006 1:58 P.M. for about twenty minutes. Several scans later, I'm back -- for a while, anyway. As of December 12, 2006, 8:50 A.M., I cannot view my blogs because both are allegedly blocked by Norton due to "sexual content." I wish there were some. I doubt that this is Norton's error. More likely, this is yet another censorship effort. The following web sites are being blocked as I write this:

Last listed attacker: I can not get back into MSN and scans are not helping, but I'm still trying to write.

"Brick Township: Mayor Resigns," The New York Times, December 8, 2006, at p. B7:

"Joseph Scarpelli, [Brick] township's mayor since 1994, has resigned with three years left in his term. Mr. Scarpelli, ... notified the township of his decision on Wednesday in a letter to Township Clerk Virginia R. Lampman, who will serve as acting mayor. He cited personal reasons and did not elaborate. His decision comes amid a federal corruption inquiry that has led to the arrests of several people connected to a trucking [company] in Howell, N.J., who were accused of scheming to bribe government officials, including officials in Brick, according to an indictment. The United States attorney's office has not identified Mr. Scarpelli as a subject of any investigation. ..."

How is Rudy Garcia doing? "Pop" goes the weasel.

Ray Rivera, "Grand Jury Hears Testimony on Menendez Lease Deal," The New York Times, December 9, 2006, at p. B2:

"A federal grand jury looking into Senator Robert Menendez's real estate dealings with a non-profit agency has begun hearing testimony from witnesses associated with the agency, according to a lawyer for one of the witnesses."

"The investigation stems from a 1983 lease deal in which Mr. Menendez rented a building that housed his former law office in Union City, N.J., to the North Hudson Community Action Corporation, an antipoverty agency whose former director was a large contributor to Mr. Menendez."

It is not mentioned whether chromium has been found under that property owned or leased to the non-profit group. Menendez rarely visited his own law office. Most large properties in Hudson County probably are contaminated by buried chromium.

It is also not reported in the newspaper what is the status of the Bayonne project receiving $30 MILLION in federal "seed" money (that's your money, America), thanks to Senator Menendez, at this time -- and whether efforts are now being made to determine if chromium and worse toxins may also be found at that potential development site. Withholding such information from purchasers would be criminal fraud, if it were deliberate and (given the land involved in the Menendez caper) it is difficult to believe that any toxins found in Bayonne would come as a shock to people in Hudson County.

Hudson County leads the nation in illegal and lethal chromium deposits, in legal and political corruption, with the possible exception of Camden County, which is also in New Jersey. People suffering from various cancers in Hudson County should be sure to thank their corrupt public officials. Slick move to sell that rotten turf to America's taxpayers, boys. ("Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics" then "Senator Bob, the Babe, and the Big Bucks.")

Is there a connection betwen those two realities? Political and moral corruption balanced by carcinogens and poisons in the earth. "New Jersey -- What's that smell?"

It is alleged that there are several on-going investigations in New Jersey converging at the moment. There are those who suggest that "much more is coming." Many believe that the greatest surprises have yet to be reported in the media, though this can not be confirmed or denied, at this "point" in time. The manufactured media silence concerning these N.J. atrocities undermines claims of a free press in America. You can't solve this one with a bribe, boys.

Mr. Menendez is a member of the New Jersey Bar Association. Any ethics inquiry by the OAE, arising from these transactions, has not been mentioned in the media. The OAE is not always so careful about protecting an attorney's -- or any target's -- personal privacy nor so reluctant to investigate or "develop" allegations of nefarious conduct by New Jersey lawyers, combined with vicious slanders aimed against a person who is not yet the target of "contrived" grievances. OAE lawyers, of course, are always beyond reproach in their own minds. ("New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.")

I wonder why they are so hesitant in this case? Is it true that "John" at the OAE is in deep trouble? What a shame. Would the OAE go after an attorney at the bhest of an elected official in danger of being exposed as a crook? Please tell your friends in the FBI about this interesting situation in New Jersey. Ms. Dow, are you the attorney general of New Jersey? Or are you taking anap for the next four years?

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