Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kickbacks and Theft in New Jersey.

David W. Chen & Laura Masnerus, "Overseer Finds Kickback Plan at University," The New York Times, Novemeber 14, 2006, at P. B1.

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"Nearly a year after avoiding prosecution for medicaid fraud by consenting to have a federal monitor investigate its finances, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey is engaging in 'illegal activity' that 'persists to this day,' according to a report from the monitor released on Monday."

"The report also accused the university's interim president, Bruce C. Vladek, who was appointed by Gov. Jon S. Corzine in the spring to restore credibility, of 'trying to refute, rebut and bury' information about violations of kickback laws . It was the first time that the federal monitor Herbert J. Stern had directly criticized Mr. Vladek."

Vladek is Corzine's man, like Menendez, who is another pillar of honesty. There are rumors of new allegations in connection with the Grand Jury investigating Senator Menendez. It is alleged that Mr. Donald Scarinsci accepted $2.88 MILLION from a New Jersey Casino Authority for "legal work" and that a number of Casinos, or individual representatives affiliated with the gaming industry, may also have contributed to the Senator's campaign. See

Is there a connection between Mr. Scarinsci's well-paid "work" for the Casino Authority, if any, and his friendship with the Senator? How does Mr. Scarinsci show his appreciation to his good buddy, Bob? Christmas cards? Or something more?

"The report charged university officials at 'all levels' were 'complicit' in concocting an illegal plan to pay 18 cardiologists nearly $6 million, starting in 2002, to refer their patients to the university's hospital in violation of federal law."

In some cases physicians were promised no show jobs as instructors at the school for $150,000 a year to bring their business to the hospital, regardless of what might be in the best interests of patients. Why should physicians care about patients when there is money to be made and shared with New Jersey's crooked polticians and judges, probably including the state's corrupt Supreme Court justices? No reason. Hey, why not operate on people just for the laughs and fees paid for by taxpayers? Great idea.

How do you wear those robes, folks? Ethics? Makes you want to puke when you look at them, doesn't it? Take 'em all out to dinner, doc. What the hell. No wonder they want to destroy my computer.

By the way, how did you bill for your services as torturers, Terry and Diana? Hey, is Diana still a self-professed "dyke"? Or has she changed her mind again? It's O.K. with me either way. Her sexual contacts with unwilling, impaired or damaged persons -- probably (mostly) young women -- is not so cool. I wonder if she's still in Clifton? Does Diana "bill" for her "sexual encounters" with victims? Paramus? What exactly did she do to Marilyn? What do you tell the family in Ridgewood, Terry? Anything?

I bet there's all kinds of people looking for you two "therapists," huh?

"The cardiology kickback scheme led to $36 million in illegal Medicare and Medicaid payments that the school may have to repay, along with $46 million in potential fines and penalties, the report said. The doctors who participated in the plan could face lawsuits, the loss of their medical licenses and even federal criminal charges ..."

Just like Terry and Diana? I hope. Oh boy. That money is also coming out of taxpayers' pockets, eventually, since costs will be passed on to consumers. New Jersey politics. What else is new? Where did Diana get her medical degree? When did she pass the board examinations? Or did she?

The next time your family member is denied a Medicaid benefit, you can explain where the money went. New Jersey's crooked politicians -- apparently, there are plenty in both parties -- stole the bucks and are having a party on you. As drivers enter the Garden State, they should be given a sticker that says: "Sucker."

None of New Jersey's law enforcement agencies had anything to say about this. The OAE is not reported to be investigating the lawyers making these billing transactions possible, then lying on behalf of the hospital and university by denying that they did what they clearly did do, which was steal your federal dollars -- and how. I wonder why? You think politics had something to do with it? Nah, I bet it's just a means and ends kind of thing. That's what a really smart OAE lawyer once said to me about ethics -- "it's a means and ends kind of thing."

There is more coming folks. Don't go anywhere, it gets better. New Jersey is one of the few states with towns spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on school districts that have no schools or students in them. Wow. Anybody been to Teterboro, N.J.? Ethics?

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