Friday, October 20, 2006

New Jersey's Crooked Politicians, Judges, and Child Porn.

If I find myself framed for something or having an unfortunate accident, I would hope that readers will read "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" and "Is New Jersey Chief Justice Deborah T. Poritz unethical or only incompetent?" I am experiencing difficulties in posting essays at my MSN group, obstacles make writing difficult at this blog today, but I will keep struggling. Hackers may be expected to tamper with these texts or alter them. Earlier this morning, January 28, 2007, I blocked these sites as I tried to access my MSN group:


John P. Martin, "Feds Charge 14 in Jersey for 'Nightmare' Child Porn," The Star Ledger, October 19, 2006;
Tina Kelley, "New Jersey: New Rules for Day Care Centers," The New York Times, October 19, 2006, at B8.

"Federal agents arrested more than 100 men across the country yesterday, including 14 in New Jersey" -- which seems to have been home base for much of this activity in the U.S. -- "[men] who they said subscribed to one of the most repulsive child pornography networks investigators have found, one that included photos and videos of adults sexually assaulting infants."

One theory is that much of this sexual behavior is extracted from minors who are subjected to hypnosis and/or drugging, with the assistance of persons trained in psychology and in the use of these techniques. It is alleged by many "New Jersey persons" that judges or justices may be involved or aware of this hateful activity. ("Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" and "Neil M. Cohen, Esq. and Conduct Unbecoming to the Legislature in New Jersey.")

What are you up to these days Diana? How about Terry? Is everything hunky-dory with you two? Are your victims keeping you busy?

It is certainly true that none of this child porn can exist in New Jersey -- where nearly everybody in state government is on the take or under the control of political-criminal organizations -- without a lot of people being paid off. This probably includes judges or justices, though the allegation is unproven at this time. "Several of those arrested held positions of public trust and authority."

I wonder if any of them work for the OAE or law courts? I wouldn't be surprised if they did and still do.

"The case referred by the Newark division of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, marked the second national child pornography investigation to spring from New Jersey in the past four years. The previous case led to the arrests of more than 1,000 subscribers worldwide and convictions against two Belarussians who managed the network."

There have been two more large child porn and prostitution conspiracy arrests in New Jersey, only one of which involved the Attorney General's office, as I recall.

"As this investigation amply illustrates, there is no safe haven for child predators," according to Kyle Hutchins, special agent in charge of Newark's ICE office.

The New Jersey suspects included three men with ties to state government and local political machines (without such ties they would not be "in" New Jersey government or the state's notoriously corrupt judiciary):

"Each of these New Jersey men was charged this summer, immediately after they were identified as subscribers, so [federal] prosecutors could remove them from their positions of authority."

New Jersey law enforcement, including New Jersey's "invisible" new Attorney General, Stuart Rabner, "missed" this little operation -- and could not arrest ANY of the state's participants in this loathsome activity -- and the A.G. also could not name or go after any of the corrupt officials who must have allowed this operation to exist.

Although the feds are arresting far more criminals and corrupt local officials than New Jersey's Attorney General, the feds have less than half the personnel that the Trenton authorities employ.

I wonder why that is?

In the same day's New York Times, it is reported that "in the future" child day care centers applying for licenses in New Jersey will have to show that their buildings were not previously used as dump sites or pose any health hazzard. This means that they will not be able to use New Jersey buildings at all for such purposes, since most properties in New Jersey are built over venomous pollution and chemical waste -- in the same way that the state's government and courts are built on moral corruption and filth.

These are the persons in New Jersey's government judging the ethics of others.

This modification of the law will distract the public from asking why no one has gone after building owners who allowed their properties to be used as child care centers KNOWING that they were contaminated by mercury because they had previously been used as thermometer factories. I wonder if any of them are lawyers? If they are, would the OAE be interested? Somehow, I doubt it.

"[New Jersey's U.S. Attorney] Christopher Christie said that more arrests are likely."

Ethics? Legality? No, just "business as usual" in the Garden State. Geez, Louise ...

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