Friday, November 10, 2006

Hackers and Viruses Make it Impossible for Me to Post Essays.

I have attempted to post a new manuscript at Lulu, but I am unable to access my downloads at that site. I cannot know whether my publication efforts were successful or what damage was done to that text. I am struggling to determine whether the text has survived and to continue to write essays. I will do my best to keep writing. As of Novemeber 22, at 1:52 P.M., the site was frozen and inaccessible to me. I could not purchase a copy of my own book.

I cannot change the image in my profile for now, but I will keep trying to do so. I cannot post new images to accompany these essays. I have no idea of how many persons actually read these blog essays or view my profile.

For several years now I have been dealing with these obstruction efforts, hackers, viruses and what I can only describe as persistent, directed attempts to obstruct and frustrate, then destroy my communicative efforts in this blog and in my group. I have no idea why I should be deemed important enough to deserve such treatment. However, the authors I admire most -- Vidal, Hitchens, Chomsky along with a few others -- would say that I should be flattered. I don't know how I am able to write at all under such circumstances, only that I have to keep trying to do so.

It is so dangerous in a democracy to permit or fail to prevent such censorship efforts. Unpunished criminal censors, especially official ones, will discourage critics -- notably those expressing unique or radical views -- from articulating and communicating their ideas. These tactics have a chilling effect on discourse. People who get used to doing such things will continue to do them to others because they like it. I doubt that such censorship -- requiring access to service providers -- can take place without government awareness. Payoffs?

Silencing people is hurtful to individuals subjected to such forms of harassment, but it is also hurtful to all others who may wish to receive these ideas. My downloads at lulu were frozen today, so that I cannot review MY work or seek to make it more widely available -- despite expressions of interest from potential readers in many places in the world. I often cannot read these blog posts from my home computer.

What can anyone hope to accomplish by doing such things, other than hurting me? I have no idea.

When you resort to tactics of harassment and destruction of the works of others, you are admitting to the bankruptcy of your own ideas or to your lack of ideas. It is the most complete and absolute confession of surrender by would-be censors. It means that you you have nothing to say, only a need to destroy the works of those who do have something to say. Try doing your own writing and not worrying about mine.

I will keep writing somehow. If I am unable to post new work here, then I will try to do so at: I cannot purchase an ISBN number for my text or purchase a hard copy of it, so I can review it. Nevertheless, I will keep trying to do so. I will not stop writing.



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