Saturday, November 25, 2006

More on the Jersey Gang and Corrupt Courts.

As of 8:25 P.M. on November 25, I have been hit with a virus or browser theft which makes use of my computer very difficult. If I am unable to write over the next few days, I promise you that it will not be voluntary. I will do my best to continue somehow. I don't know how people who direct such malice at others live with themselves or whether they can honestly believe that it is any kind of response to an argument to seek to censor the person making it. I urge you to read these posts with care. Ask yourself whether the society and power structure thriving in New Jersey, for example, is the sort of reality that you wish to have your children experience during their adult lives. We must struggle to end political corruption and organized crime's involvement in state government, regardless of whether criminals call themselves "Democrats" or "Republicans." Ethics?

David Kocieniewski, "Latest Twist in a Scandal Hits a Medical School When it's Down," in The New York Times, November 24, 2006, at p. B3.

"TRENTON, Nov. 22 -- As New Jersey's state medical school has been shaken in the past year by disclosures of widespread financial mismanagement, administrators there have repeatedly defended [the institution,] by insisting that the scandals have affected its treasury but not the quality of care for the more than two million patients it treats each year."

"But a federal monitor's recent accusations that the cardiology unit at the university's main hospital has been paying kickbacks to doctors for referring heart patients have undercut that argument at a time when the school's future remains in doubt."

"A report issued by the federal monitor, Herbert J. Stern ... charged that 18 cardiologists had taken part in an illegal kickback scheme and had DEFRAUDED Medicare and Medicaid of $36 MILLION."

This is in addition to the $70 MILLION admitted to have been "misappropriated" -- in other words, stolen -- based on last year's audit. All of this was accomplished, probably with the help of lawyers and judges in the Garden State.

"The report also accused the university's interim president, Bruce C. Vladek, whom Gov. Jon S. Corzine appointed in the Spring, of covering up the misconduct. ..."

"When the university's financial irregularities became a public issue last year, they were viewed as just more instances of a New Jersey government institution plundering taxpayers. News organizations published articles about administrators and board members who padded their expense accounts, gave campaign contributions to their patrons [i.e., political bosses,] and awarded millions of dollars in no-bid contracts" -- all with the help of lawyers -- "to vendors with political connections."

Hospital legal advisors and spokeperson "Anna Farneski" ("we don't know from nothing!") are not under investigation by the OAE and neither are the lawyers responsible for greasing transactions making the defrauding of federal taxpayer dollars -- in the millions -- possible. Many of them serve on ethics committees, no doubt, and some will soon become judges. These are the people who will judge you or your family members, probably, if you are unlucky enough to wander into a New Jersey courtroom. Luckily, judicial outcomes in New Jersey are usually "for sale."

I wonder why New Jersey's ethics system is so incompetent or dishonest? Politics?

I also wonder how the "Tuchins" and "Ricciolis" of this world bill for their psychological torture techniques and which branches of New Jersey government cover up for them, very likely in exchange for a share in their ill-gotten gains. No doubt some of the goodies get back to Supreme Court justices.

It is impossible to rule out the possibility that the reluctance to do something about these crimes on the part of New Jersey government entities, including the befouled judiciary of that corrupt and pestilent jurisdiction, has a little something to do with under the table financial gain for officials. What other explanation could there be? None, not after all of these years.

Why bother with state laws criminalizing graft and corruption, fraud for medical services, if the state authorities will do nothing, thus allowing understaffed and overworked feds to worry all by themselves about crimes in New Jersey's state government?

I am unable to purchase a copy of my new book or to get an ISBN number for it. However, if you visit the site where it is available (at least, I hope it is still available), and look for it, you will be helping to register a protest -- whether your presence is counted or not. Due to tampering with that text, probably, I will make a new set of revisions and republish it yet again. The true number of visitors to this blog has been estimated at about three times the number being shown in my profile. My first book has generated in excess of 2,500 hits. I am searching for alternative means of publication for the second one.

The message delivered by means of these obstructions and frustrations is that my work is no good and I should not bother to write. In fact, they tell me the opposite.


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