Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Jersey Boys Are Up to No Good Again!

Hackers have inserted errors into a number of these posts. I will continue to make corrections on a daily basis. Somebody does not want people paying too much attention to what goes on in New Jersey with your tax dollars. I wonder why? A New Jersey government committee has been established to investigate the Corzine accident and aftermath, a committee which will include former Governor Christine Todd Whitman (R).

"Trenton: Panel will review legislator's conduct: A legislative ethics panel yesterday agreed to investigate whether a state assemblyman from Hudson County violated conflict-of-interest laws when state grant money was given to a day care program headed by his estranged wife. Assemblyman BRIAN STACK, a Democrat, who is also the mayor of Union City, said he welcomed an investigation by the Legislative Ethics Committee. Mr. Stack's wife, Katia, heads Union City Day Care, which has received at least two $100,000 state grants in recent years."

The New York Times, May 4, 2007, at p. B6.

"Newark: New Lawyer for Medical School: The embattled University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey [from which 100 MILLION DOLLARS disappeared over the past few years!] has hired a new general counsel, Lester Aron. Mr. Aron is a member of the Newark law firm Sills, Cummis, Epstein & Gross. He represents about three dozen New Jersey school districts and serves as a trustee of Kean University, [a very fine institution.] Mr. Aron replaces Vivian Sanks King, who resigned in 2005. A federal monitor is overseeing the operations of the university under an agreement with the United States attorney's office that allowed the school to avoid federal prosecution for medicaid fraud. The monitor criticized the university in July for its delay in hiring a new general counsel."

Now if they can only do something about improving the facade of the new building at Seton Hall University School of Law, there might be some hope for higher education in New Jersey. (The school is great, but the new building's architecture is best classified as "nondescript.")

"Newark: Postal Official Admits Theft: The former postmaster of Dover pleaded guilty yesterday in Federal District Court to misusing more than $10,000 in Postal Service funds, federal prosecutors said. [The Jersey Boys like to have somebody in the post office who can provide them with access to mail or their enemies' personal information.] The postmaster, PHILIP J. HALL, 51 of East Orange, admitted that he had a postal worker do five weeks of carpentry work at the home of his ex-wife while the worker was on postal service time. Mr. Hall also said he allowed five employees to donate vacation time to his ex-wife, and then falsified their attendance records to show that they were working at times when they were not on duty. As a result, his ex-wife -- who is also a postal worker -- got an extra two months of leave, he admitted. He also admitted taking cash in exchange for steering business to a contractor."

The New York Times, at p. B6.

Call the feds if you can help to end the disgusting corruption in New Jersey government and courts.

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