Monday, May 14, 2007

New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Accused of Ethics Violation!

Computer attacks and defacements of many posts makes writing difficult today. I will continue to struggle against these tactics. May 15, 2007, by 9: 34 A.M. there were 362 intrusion attempts against my computer. Numerous errors -- words, letters, entire sentences deleted -- appeared in my essays. I will make corrections as quickly as I can. It is a federal crime to violate any person's civil rights, including anyone's freedom of expression. For state government officials to do such a thing -- or be aware of such crimes and do nothing -- is an aggravation of the federal offense. Any assistance that you can provide to federal authorities investigating criminal corruption in New Jersey will be appreciated.

Anthony Ramirez, "New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Accused of Ethics Violation," in The New York Times, May 13, 2007, at p. 31.

"... Mr. Rivera-Soto is a New Jersey Supreme Court justice, and he now faces an ethics complaint charging that he abused his position when he contacted several local officials in an attempt to help his son, who was having trouble with [another player] on his high school football team."

"In a rare action against a member of New Jersey's highest court, the state's Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct" -- with (I suspect) the alleged or probable guidance and secret assistance of another member of the New Jersey Supreme Court -- "... filed the complaint on Friday, [and] accused Justice Rivera-Soto of violating court rules, including engaging in conduct 'prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute.' ..."

In New Jersey, judges cannot descend further into "disrepute." The widespread loathing and detestation of the state Supreme Court and OAE among members of the bar (who will deny this publicly) is a much more worrisome situation. Many lawyers believe that the Supreme Court and Trenton's ethics machinery are out of touch with the realities of practice today -- "allegedly." Both are also corrupt, it is said, and with good reason. Idiocy is taken for granted among political appointees. New Jersey's current Chief Justice Zazzali is not deemed "unethical" for his alleged support of racial profiling when he served as state attorney general. I wonder why?

Is Chief Justice Zazzali "connected" to powerful people in the Garden State, so that he'll never have to worry about such a faux pas? How can a legal establishment complicit (allegedly) in secret psychological torture techniques, cybercrimes committed against critics, have the effrontery to judge the ethics of others? Irony? Who was really behind this operation against a sitting justice, George E. Norcross, III?

The Trenton Syndicate, through its friends on the Supreme Court and in the machinery of ethics enforcement ( legal ethics enforcement is a political weapon in the Garden State, as I should know!), is now seeking to intimidate law enforcement officials or critics by making examples of Corzine, Farber, Healy and Rivera-Soto -- whose ethics faults, whatever they may be, pale by comparison with those of "colleagues" on the New Jersey Supreme Court, probably, or with those of most Trenton politicians. Luckily, the Chief Justice is on his way out in June. (For a comparison, see "Is New Jersey Chief Justice Deborah T. Poritz unethical or only incompetent?") If Stuart Rabner follows Mr. Zazzali as the next N.J. Chief Justice, then we can look forward to many years in which Mr. Rabner will "concur in part and dissent in part," even as he "demurs."

What's really going on here? Who is responsible for the coverup of blatant criminality in Trenton over a period of years? How do they get away with such obvious criminality?

"Justice Rivera-Soto, a Republican, became the first Hispanic on the state Supreme Court when he was appointed in 2004 by Gov. James E. McGreevey, a Democrat. He was a former assistant United States attorney and had represented casino operators in private practice."

Yeah, but did he wear his seat belt?

"Justice Rivera-Soto himself handled a disciplinary case involving judge, Bill Mathesius" -- an idiotic decision, in my opinion -- "for the remarks the judge made on the bench, including one case in which he [Mathesius] told a defendant to 'get on your hands and knees tonight and thank God that this jury didn't see the forest for the trees.' ..."

I've heard much worse from judges. Plus, this was probably an accurate comment. What happened to the First Amendment? Pay back? Badda-bing, badda-boom. Geez. Dem guys ... I wonder who's next? The Jersey Syndicate is very good at "arranging" frame-ups and behind-the-back "media smear campaigns." Keep reading the papers. Anything is possible in New Jersey. For as long as I can continue to say it, I will: No justice, no peace.

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