Friday, April 10, 2009

Senator Bob Says: "Xanadu and You Are Perfect Together!"

April 12, 2009 at 5:36 P.M. "errors" were inserted in this essay. I visited New Jersey today and made sure to relieve myself in North Bergen, New Jersey. I urge you to do the same.

New Jersey government hackers are preventing me from posting images or accessing my MSN group. I will continue to try to regain access and to write. I cannot say whether someone in that malodorous state is finally reaching out to me. Please do not pretend to be a friend. Have the decency to be honest about what you are doing and for whom you are acting if you try to contact me. I will continue to struggle for that face-to-face meeting until someone will actually "see" me.

Ms. Milgram's actions on the corruption front are too little and too late. Anne Milgram will be remembered as another tainted and questionable or corrupt N.J. public official, protecting persons sharing her sexual-orientation (Debbie, Diana), complicit in the crimes and cover-ups of the Democrat machine. Milgram is yet another disgrace for New Jersey's legal system. Maybe she'll go to work for Bernie Madoff when she leaves the Attorney General's job, which I hope will be soon.

New Jersey's political and legal systems are heavily influenced by organized crime. This is usually described in county courthouses as "business as usual." What else is new?

There are unwritten rules and a network of secret alliances and loyalties. Local "bosses" often control results in courtrooms, appointments to key positions, bar committee participation and judgeships, even the private use of police officers and equipment for illicit purposes.

New Jersey's Supreme Court chooses to remain oblivious to these realities. The "justices" keep their distance from humble attorneys and their grimy world, in order to ponder deep issues and provide the rest of us with their immortal thoughts. Naturally, the "justices" do not wish to anger their political patrons or bosses. The only explanation that makes sense of legal paralysis in New Jersey in response to the crimes detailed in newspapers on a daily basis and the horrors experienced by me is corruption. ("New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court" and "One of New Jersey's Highly Ethical Attorneys Has a Problem.")

Jaynee must have been a so-called "consiglieri" (italics cannot be provided due to hackers) before finagling a judgeship by "doing a little something" for the boys. Perhaps this explains the HIP scam? What happened to those $300 MILLION, Jaynee? I am sure they'll come up with an "accounting error" type of bullshit to explain the missing money. Garcia, how are your friends in West New York's Police Department? Take a Xanax. Meanwhile, Senator Bob is juicing up the bachelor pad in Miami Beach, owned (allegedly) under another person's or a corporate name. That's a good way to use the Xanadu dough, right Bob? ("Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" and "Senator Bob Loves Xanadu!")

Is (or was) Ms. LiCausi a lobbyist for Xanadu developers or interests of any kind? Did she disclose, in writing, her "relationship" with the Senator? Were any fees received by Ms. LiCausi for this "lobbying," either personally or through an intermediary -- a chaperone, perhaps? -- and if so, were these fees shared in any way with the good Senator from the swamplands of Secaucus? Has Ms. LiCausi visited the "swinging scene" in Miami Beach, Bob? Have you thought of Antonio cologne, Bob? Is there any connection between Senator Bob and the censorship directed against my sites? (I experienced difficulties in reaching my blogs again this morning, letters are deleted from words, "errors" will be inserted constantly to maximize frustration and to damage the essays.)

"Secaucus" is so close in spelling to the Cuban term "Sicote," and the smell in that town is so similar to what the Cuban word describes, that persons in Hudson County tend to associate the words. Several attacks on this essay have resulted in the removal or alteration of words. I will continue to make corrections as they are needed.

How much of the $2 BILLION has been spent on the Xanadu deal? How close are we to completion of the Xanadu project, including a rail link from the Meadowlands to the city? There are enormous disparities in "accounting" for the monies expended in this public/private project to create a mall -- with the same stores found in several other malls in the area -- in the midst of a severe recession? Lots of luck.

How many law firms "billed" for services in connection with Xanadu? How politically active are the said law firms? How many contributions to political campaigns, like Senator Bob's election "efforts," have these firms made? How many lobbyists have "sold themselves" to Xanadu developers? Ms. LiCausi? Do you speak to me of "ethics," Senator? You want to give these guys in New Jersey $4 BILLION in "stimulus" money? Where's the OAE? The word "whore" in New Jersey describes a subspecialty in law. ("New Jersey's Supreme Court Whores" and "New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court.")

Ronald Smothers, "Six Police Officers Charged With Protecting a Drug Ring," The New York Times, July 12, 2006, at p. B3:

"Prosecutors say [New Jersey] police officers conspired to protect their [drug dealer] friends, and to cover-up their own efforts to shield them in order to continue living in the fast lane." ("Mafia Involvement in New Jersey's State Police" and "KKK Police Shocker in New Jersey.")

New Jersey Superior Court judges may be even more corrupt than the cops. Bribes, favors, combined with unprecedented levels of stupidity and cronyism to make New Jersey's judges the laughing stocks or worse of America's and the world's legal profession. ($15-$20,000 to buy a N.J. Superior Court judgeship, allegedly.) The response to what I say will be further illegal censorship and threats, together with the removal of a letter from one of my words in this essay. I've heard everything from $15-25,000 to grease one's way to a judgeship after the ten years in practice. How much is it these days, BobbyM?

I have received a notice suggesting that Yahoo e-mail is "closing" and MSN groups is, allegedly, "closed" and inaccessible to me. My image-posting feature has been destroyed and my book is suppressed. It is impossible to tell how many hits this blog receives. The number shown on my profile is a gross underestimate and unchanging, despite numerous "tests" indicating that visitors are not registered, even after several "visits" to the profile. I wonder why this N.J. government cyberwarfare is directed against my sites over so many years? ("What is it like to be tortured?")

It is probable that Senator Bob is behind these shenanigans. I can only hope that no U.S. Senator would assist in censorship and suppression of political speech, a crime under federal law, or in efforts to frame an Internet critic "for something." Say hello to Gloria, Bob. Any other lawyer in New Jersey would be sanctioned for ex-parte chats with a colleague's client. Cyberattacks? Planning to travel to Cuba, Senator Bob? Maybe to work on your tan with the babe?

John Holl, "New Jersey Ex-Trooper Gets 24-Year Sentence for Involvement With Drug Gang," The New York Times, July 15, 2006, at p. B5:

Former New Jersey State Trooper, Moises Hernandez, "acknowledged on Friday, he was working for a Columbia-based drug gang that the authorities say was responsible for bringing almost $6 MILLION in cocaine and heroin into the United States EVERY DAY."

This guy was a friend of Senator Bob's, allegedly. How many more N.J. cops are on the payroll? $6 million A DAY buys more than a few New Jersey judges and politicians, making the drug trade easier in the Garden State than in most other places. The Trenton Cartel regards this sort of thing as "business as usual." The hoods in blue suits must not be permitted to get away with threatening critics in the blogosphere or their family members, especially children.

Is West New York's former police chief finally out of federal prison? The only thing easier than drugs in New Jersey is prostitution, right Bob? ("New Jersey Based Prostitution Ring and New York's Pay-for-Luv-Guv.")

Was my refusal to get involved in illegal activity of any kind grounds for investigating me? 1988-today. What are the connections, if any, between Miami's Cubanoids and Colombian drug merchants? Do the Cubanoid-fascists provide a distribution network by way of their bought politicians and cops? Miami to New Jersey, only in order to get to New York and the rest of the country? We are discussing millions and billions of dollars? Is crime in America really about African-American kids? Whose crimes are we worried about? ("Driving While Black [DWB] in New Jersey" and "Mafia Participation in New Jersey Courts and Politics" then "Cubanazos Pose a Threat to National Security.")

Drugs are a lethal threat to our inner cities -- drugs are killing those African-American kids in more ways than one -- and drugs which are brought, mostly, by non-African-Americans into the cities must be opposed by all of us. Trenton politicians protect CONNECTED child molesters and distributors of child porn, many victims are minority children. ("We don't know from nothing," "Judges Protect Child Molesters in Bayonne, New Jersey" and "New Jersey Superior Court Judge is a Child Molester.")

Neil M. Cohen, Esq. is on the N.J. Legal "Ethics Committee"! Paul Bergrin? ("No Charges for Child Molester in New Jersey Assembly" and "New Jersey's Legal System is a Whore House.") Stuart Rabner, Esq? (Prisco?) Anne ("I like girls!") Milgram, Esq.? How young, Anne? Debbie Poritz? You must be joking.

This drug distribution network is not about the Italian mafia. This is Colombian and Cuban-American organized crime made possible by corrupt politicians and bribed judges in New Jersey. No amount of intimidation by hoodlums wielding public power on behalf of a criminal enterprise will silence committed critics of this evil. Such corruption and incompetence by the N.J. judiciary is what I call "unethical." Let's tell the OAE about it. Give 'em a call. Anne Milgram? Maybe you can meet women, Anne! Oh, oh ... they will remove another letter from one of my words. Isn't cybercrime illegal in New Jersey? ("How Censorship Works in America" and "Censorship and Cruelty in New Jersey.")

There are unspoken and unacknowledged legal double-standards that lead to the justified conclusion -- especially by many minority and poor litigants -- that the system is biased against them (which it is), also corrupt and inaccurate (which it also is). African-Americans are, overwhelmingly, victimized both by organized crime and by a corrupt legal system in New Jersey.

Michael Tigar and others have shown that too many people who should not be in prison are locked up; whereas, many who should be kept off the streets are set loose on an unsuspecting population. Senator Bob? Much depends on whether defendants can call on -- or become -- corrupt politicians or have plenty of money. These are overlapping categories. Money gets access. And in New Jersey, for some reason, politics makes people rich. Who knew? ("Does Senator Menendez have Mafia friends?")

$28,000 a year for a municipal job in the Garden State and a thrifty public servant managed to save one million dollars. Unfortunately, he passed away before spending this money that he had "saved," somehow. I should have taken a course in economics from him. I wonder how ex-Mayor of West New York Anthony DeFino saved so much money in New Jersey. Real Estate? Albio Sires seems to be doing equally well. Don't spend it all in one place, Albio. I look forward to quoting Albio's comments concerning Mr. DeFino in a future essay.

Do you speak to me of ethics, boys and girls? Congratulations on becoming a millionaire, Senator Bob, after a life in public service. Amazing. This item may interest you, Senator: "Cuba: Fidel Castro Meets With U.S. Lawmakers," in The New York Times, April 8, 2009, at p. A8. (Not bad for a man who has been "dead for years.")

The Cuban-American National Foundation's alleged support for an end to the embargo and new relations with Cuba may obscure greater hostility behind the scenes to the Cuban people's economic improvement efforts. Cubans should be wary of offers of friendship from Miami's Cubanoids. Finally, easing of trade and travel restrictions by the Obama administration may be a first step towards normalization of relations. More attacks against my writings must be expected from Cubanoid-fascists.

John Holl, "Tenafly Ex-Councilman Gets Probation for Heroin Possession," The New York Times, July 12, 2006, at p. B5:

"Jeffrey Romano, a former councilman from Tenafly, N.J., who was charged with HEROIN POSSESSION in November and who has admitted continuing to use the drug, was sentenced on Tuesday to five years probation." (emphasis added!)

"Jay Romano and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "North Bergen is the Home of La Cosa Nostra."

African-American and/or poor offenders facing similar or identical charges are routinely treated much more severely than this mysteriously "fortunate" defendant. I wonder why? There are husbands in jail because, as a result of unemployment, they could not make alimony payments, while affluent defendants get a "walk" after much more severe convictions.

Of course, child support is an important right of mothers and children, but state "get tough" policies often result in denials of child support and an increased tax payer burden.

In some New Jersey counties, Mr. Romano's situation -- or the peccadillos of other political "personages" -- would not result in an indictment at all. The matter would be returned to the local municipal court level, where the defendant would get a slap on the wrist. Maybe only a little pat on the wrist and the wish that he "have a nice day." Charges against politicos have a tendency to simply "go away," like a summer rain storm. Let's make them an offer they can't refuse.

"Mr. Romano, a real estate manager, had been arrested several times before. In 1991, he pleaded guilty to possession of narcotics in Orange County, New York, and received probation. Also, in 1991, he was arrested in Kirkwood, New York, and was fined $331.00."

Either of those original charges would have resulted in a jail sentence, that is, if Mr. Romano's skin were a little darker or if he were not "politically influential." Any minority or poor male, as I say, would be in jail for a long time on identical charges. In New Jersey, "allegedly," the "reward" for criminal activity is often a political position in local government, for the right boys. (See "Let's see what he's got under his fingernails." )

"In 1996, [Mr. Romano] pleaded guilty to petty larceny in Vestal, N.Y., and was fined $100.00." That is what I describe as official "theft." This seems much worse than knowing someone who is "alleged" not to have worn a seat belt on one occasion. These were the reduced charges, remember.

Mr. Romano's attorney Robert L. Galantucci, Esq., did a fine job. I cannot believe that dispositions on such charges in urban counties are fair. I also cannot accept that it is appropriate for a convicted defendant to have no problem (according to all indications at this time) with his professional license, if any, as a "real estate manager" (is he a licensed broker?), when others with minor civil lapses -- who are not charged with heinous crimes, until FRAMED of course -- are subjected to the maximum penalties, even when their own civil rights are violated and crimes are committed against them by so-called "ethics-enforcers" (a possible contradiction in terms in New Jersey), certainly as regards the bribe-taking and politically-tainted OAE.

Politics must be removed from professional disciplinary proceedings, even in the Garden State. For example, OAE attorneys should respect the civil rights and humanity of their "targets" by refraining from stealing or committing other crimes against them, like rapes. My saying this is "nothing personal." I hope no one will take anything personally. The biggest lowlife, lying, and otherwise unethical shysters I had the misfortune to know in New Jersey were OAE attorneys entrusted with enforcing ethics rules. Most of them are probably judges today. Has my friend "John" at the OAE been suspended?

Observers of these questionable proceedings might be overheard to whisper: "Geez. Badda-bing, badda-boom!"


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