Thursday, September 17, 2015

Menendez and Samson Face New Troubles.

October 20, 2015 at 3:41 P.M. Internet connections at Morningside Heights and also at the next closest branch of the NYPL were disabled by Horizon. A number of persons were visibly upset by this. I am sure that this is only a coincidence. ("How censorship works in America.")

I will attempt to continue writing from multiple locations and many branches of the library in New York. 

No phone call or other acknowledgement from the FBI -- nor from any other public official that I have contacted -- has yet been received by me. Perhaps they (our friends in law enforcement) are very busy with Halloween preparations. 

Is every day "Halloween" at the FBI? 

October 16, 2015 at 2:03 P.M. The essay that appears below with all attachments was sent via overnight/priority mail to Director James B. Comey, at FBI Headquarters, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20535-0001. 

It is likely that the FBI is expecting this package and that I will receive a response to my communication if not from the Bureau then certainly from another official of the United States government. 

The tracking number for this package is #EL 008910444 US. Delivery is scheduled to take place by Monday, October 19, 2015 not later than 12:00 Noon.

The Internet connection for the Morningside Heights branch of the NYPL was severed by Horizon, apparently, so that there are no Internet connections (or computers) available at that location. I am sure that this is only a coincidence. ("How censorship works in America.")

At the Inwood branch of the library 4 out of 5 computers are "out of order." No one seems to care about this situation.

How can you live with yourselves as justices and attorneys in New Jersey while condoning these continuing offenses in New York and elsewhere affecting so many innocent people? How do you rationalize your hypocrisy in speaking of freedom of speech and ethics, Mr. Rabner? How can law enforcement continue to allow for these crimes that hurt the poorest and most needy young people and library patrons of this city as well as so many others? ("Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

The essay that appears below with proofs of computer crime directed at these blogs (and the NYPL) will be mailed to the Director of the FBI in Washington, D.C., together with a purported communication from a "marketing firm" allegedly hired by the IRS seeking confidential financial information from me. ("Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?")

Considering that the IRS already knows more than I do about my family's finances (such as they are) this package of materials seems like an obvious fraud to me. ("New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" then "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

Library personnel inform me that the NYPL does not seek the sexual history of patrons. Hence, I may assume that a purported "survey" ostensibly from the library about such matters is also bogus. 

It is a federal crime to represent yourself as the IRS, or an agent for that governmental office, or as a public official in New York, like Letitia James. It is also a federal crime to use the post office to further a continuing criminal fraud and conspiracy. ("An Open Letter to Cyrus Vance, Jr., Esq." and "The Invicta Watch Company Caper" then "Is the universe only a numbers game?")

I will also send proofs of having mailed these additional items years ago to the FBI's New York office and, allegedly, that they were received at that office. 

As of October, 2015 no governmental official has denied receipt of materials indicating the commission of serious crimes against me (and others) nor have I received so much as an acknowledgement of this fact or of the danger and forces that I struggle against on a daily basis. 

Evidently, these items of evidence may have been "lost" or "misplaced" at the FBI's office if they were ever really received there. 

Continuing to ignore these matters will discourage persons from taking personal risks to bring vital information to American law enforcement officials to the great peril of American citizens, especially the residents of this very city, including my family and me.  

I will be attaching numerous sources establishing the continuing corruption and incompetence in New Jersey (and elsewhere) as well as listing the overnight mail receipt number for this package. 

I can only hope that the Director of the FBI (who has met Mr. Menendez) will not lose these items, but I will certainly retain all originals of the materials once again. 

Daily efforts to prevent me from writing and printing at public computers, I believe, continue to affect the rights of innocent persons in New York.

No response has yet been received from any official in America to my communications of criminal sabotage against these blogs and also of the commission of many other crimes against me and others by New Jersey officials. ("New Jersey's Filth, Failures, and Flaws" and "American Psychologists' and Psychology's Acceptance of Torture.")

A copy of the final version of the essay that appears below with many pages of attachments will be sent to the FBI as well as U.S. and non-U.S. entities concerned with censorship issues. 

Jonathan D. Salant, "Menendez Moves to Legitimize His Actions," The Star-Ledger, August 25, 2015, p. 1. (Too little, too late.)

Susan K. Livio, "Report: N.J. Owes $32 MILLION for Billing 'Errors,'" The Star-Ledger, September 1, 2015, p. 1. ("Errors" rarely result in the people of New Jersey having more money in the public treasury as opposed to persons like Mr. Samson making out at their expense.)

Lin Tat, "Pair Sentenced for Fraud in Sports Gear Scheme: Former Execs at Repair Firm Cheated Out of $1 MILLION," The Record, September 4, 2015, p. L-1. (Supplying faulty equipment to high school athletes made possible by corruption of N.J. politicians -- like Mr. Menendez perhaps? -- resulted in young people being damaged or handicapped for life. One consequence of New Jersey's notorious political corruption, in other words, is high school athletes sitting in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. I doubt that New Jersey's residents have great "tolerance" for such evil.)

Ben Protess & Dannielle Ivory, "U.S. Settlement Seen in Inquiry Into GM Defect -- Fine Under $1 Billion," The New York Times, September 17, 2015, p. 1A:

"Federal prosecutors are poised to settle a criminal investigation into General Motors, according to people briefed on the matter, accusing the automaker of failing to disclose a safety defect [GM lawyers, mostly, were lying, covering-up, like the OAE?] tied to at least 124 deaths. The case, which the prosecutors plan to unveil on Thursday, would cap a wide-ranging investigation that tainted the automaker's reputation [horrors!] for quality and safety[,] and damaged its bottom line."

Here is another kind of "bottom-line" in terms of the consequences for what may amount to homicide and aggravated assault:

"The prosecutors will impose a penalty of nearly $1 billion on GM, according to people briefed on the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity, but they are not expected to include charges against any individual GM employees."

There will be no one arrested, or if convicted, sent to prison for deliberately lying and hiding information that resulted in more than a hundred deaths of innocent people and many more crippled for life in preventable accidents. Please see: "'Michael Clayton': A Movie Review." 

Abbott-Koloff, "Agent Lied About Menendez, Lawyers Say: Allegedly Made Meetings Seem About Doctor, Not Policy," The Record, September 11, 2015, p. A-3. (Did Menendez lie about the federal agent as well as so many other matters? You decide.)

Jim Dwyer, "One More Hard-To-Believe Scheme From Bridge and Scandal State," The New York Times, September 9, 2015, p. A26. (New Jersey is now "the bridge and scandal state." Mr. Christie's comments about crime in New York are failed attempts to change the subject from his humiliating presidential campaign and the rise in crime on his watch in Camden, Trenton, and other New Jersey communities. There is no need for Mr. Christie to worry about New York when New Jersey is a hideous disaster.)

Nicholas Lacey, "3 Men Laundered Cartel's Money," The New York Times, September 11, 2015, p. A23. (Gilberto Garcia? Jose Ginarte? Edgar Navarete? Donald Scarinsci? All of these "gentlemen" were -- and are -- affiliated with Senator Menendez as "friends" and "supporters" as well as acting, unethically, against my interests from behind my back with the blessings of John McGill, Esq. of the OAE, allegedly. All of these persons have since faced ethics charges and several are accused of money laundering and/or "fronting" for Cuban-American organized crime -- like Dr. Melgen perhaps? Mr. Garcia was recently seen near Columbus Circle looking for me no doubt.) 

Kate Zernike & William K. Rashbaum, "Inquiry's Trail From a Bridge to United's Executive Offices," The New York Times, September 11, 2015, p. A1. ("One hand washes the other." Mr. Samson is alleged to have explained this point to United Airlines.)

Tim Dorlagh, "Environmental Groups Appeal $225 MILLION Exxon Settlement," The Star-Ledger, September 15, 2015, p. 11. ("The settlement amount is strikingly and surprisingly low in light of the resource devastation Exxon has wrought at the refining sites.") 

Jeff Horowitz, "Lottery Privatized Under Christie Falls $136 MILLION Short," The Star-Ledger, September 15, 2015, p. 11. (I wonder where the money "went"? Jaynee La Vecchia, what does your "godfather" think about this disappearing money? "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")

"Lawyers for U.S. Senator Robert Menendez have subpoenaed the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Department of State, Commerce[,] and Homeland Security to prove that actions taken on behalf of a friend were motivated by legitimate concerns and not a quid pro cuo [sic.] in exchange for trips and campaign donations." (TSL, 8-25-15, p. 1.)

The goal of the Defense's information requests is to prove that the U.S. government was aware of security issues concerning the port in the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Menendez and his lawyers are certainly "aware" of security issues and secrecy laws that may prevent compliance with their discovery requests from the federal government. They hope that a dismissal will ensue if discovery is not provided. This is an unlikely result.   

The issue in the criminal indictment against Senator Menendez is whether the senator accepted bribes and lied about it to the FBI in order to perform "favors" for his "good friend" Dr. Melgen.

Global security issues are of limited relevance to the criminal case.

If the senator could prove criminal fraud by the government, on the other hand, in terms of the evidence against him, that certainly would help the Defense's case. ("John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics.")

In a separate motion Mr. Menendez's lawyers have argued that a single witness before the grand jury lied about the purpose (could there be more than one purpose?) of a meeting with the senator in which issues pertaining to the interests of Dr. Melgen, the alleged source of the bribes, were to be discussed with federal officials. 

Mr. Menendez alleges that the meeting was about "policy" and not about the "interests" of any one individual -- an individual who (coincidentally) stood to benefit to the extent of about $9 MILLION from a change in that very government "policy" that was, admittedly, at issue and who would probably have kicked-back at least one million to the senator as his "good friend" bringing home the bacon. ("Menendez Croney's Office Raided.") 

Exactly who is lying or why -- or whether everybody is lying -- is a matter of interpretation best left to the jury at trial and not for the District Court Judge to decide before trial in the absence of any evidence on the matter. 

These are questions of credibility and probity that are part of every trial. Wise judges will duck this issue by leaving it in the hands of juries. 

The allegedly "lying" agent's testimony about a man, Mr. Menendez, accused of criminal fraud (which is lying per se) was CORROBORATED by other persons' testimony. Some or all of these persons will be called as witnesses at trial. Cross-examination should clarify the issue of whether these persons and/or the senator may be lying. ("Is Menendez For Sale?" and "Bribery in Union City, New Jersey.")

There are, reportedly, 450,000 pages of discovery provided by the government that includes dozens of witnesses suggesting Mr. Menendez has lied in this matter. ("Menendez to be Indicted; Christie May Face Ethics Charges.")

Much the same is true of the OAE which has lied in my matters. (Again: "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")

All 15 of the pre-trial motions filed by Mr. Menendez have failed (so far) and most have a pretty flimsy basis in fact and/or law. 

The legal plausibility of the arguments in these latest motions is "thin" and hardly justifies the $2 MILLION being spent on the senator's defense: 

"The charges in this case," The U.S. Justice Department said, "are the result of an exhaustive, focused and disciplined investigation by career prosecutors and professional law enforcement agents over the course of more than two years," the federal prosecutors added: "No ordinary constituent from New Jersey [or Miami?] received the same treatment, and the quid pro cuo is clear and unmistakable." (TSL, 8-25-15, p. 1.)

I wonder why Mr. Menendez, the senator from New Jersey, was so concerned about a person in Miami getting paid (aside from "friendship") if the senator were not receiving a kick-back from this individual? ("Menendez Charged With Selling His Office" and, again, "Is Menendez For Sale?")

In a state where thefts or losses in the millions of dollars from the public treasury continue to be reported in the media to the indifference of politicians and the consequences of the bribes of officials include life-long harm to children and old people, the blatant and offensive cupidity, dishonesty, and mendacity of the state's self-proclaimed "Lion of the Senate" is disgusting to decent people because it disgraces and betrays N.J.'s legal profession and the United States Senate. ("Does Senator Menendez have mafia friends?" and "Senator Bob, the Babe, and the Big Bucks.")

Motivation for this federal indictment may not be relevant to the merits of the allegations. This matter of motivation for prosecutors would also be an issue for the trier of fact that may go to the credibility of witnesses, but is unlikely to be settled prior to trial by a judge. 

"TRICIA ENRIGHT" (Lilian Munoz? or Menendez himself?) the senator's alleged spokesperson, has done her best to obscure the issue [or lie?] without much success: " ... the senator is trying to rewrite history about his advocacy for Melgen, a longtime friend." (TR, 9-11-15, p. A-3.)

It may be that Senator Menendez cannot live with the guilt for his dismal failures of character and unethical as well as criminal conduct. Accordingly, Senator Menendez is now falsifying, possibly unconsciously, the facts to himself in order to avoid responsibility for his loathsome actions. ("Wedding Bells Ring For Menendez!" and "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes.")

This seems to be a popular view among observers such as Alex Booth and many others. ("Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics" and "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce.")

If convicted -- I believe that Mr. Menendez will be convicted -- New Jersey's "Boss Bob" will probably be sentenced to federal prison for about 10-to-15 years. ("New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit.")

"Federal prosecutors say Melgen bribed Menendez with luxury travel and more than $800,000 in campaign donations. In return, the government says Menendez provided aid with a [sic.] $8.9 MILLION Medicare billing dispute, helped obtain visas for the doctor's 'girlfriends'[,] and protected Melgen's contract to screen cargo in the Dominican Republic." (TR, 9-11-15, p. A-3.)

Allegations of the Cuban government's involvement in the Menendez investigation are absurd and irrelevant displacements of guilt for the senator's actions.

David Samson, Esq., N.J.'s former Attorney General and a "close friend" to Governor Christie (self-proclaimed as our "next president"), also buddies with Debbie Poritz, Stuart Rabner, and Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Solomon Dwek, is now facing new troubles not only for vanished Port Authority funds -- allegedly $3.5 MILLION is still "missing" at the PA -- but also for favors extracted from United Airlines. 

Mr. Samson may have gone after me at the request of Senator Menendez and for a small fee paid to him in cash. The federal government is looking into the "cozy relationship" between Samson and " ... officials at United, the largest carrier at Newark Liberty International Airport, which the Authority runs." (NYT, 9-11-15, p. A1.)

Mr. Samson has been protected, so far, from ethics and criminal charges in New Jersey. As an African-American, Mr. Samson no doubt would have been shot to death for a broken tail-light in the presence of his family members. This disparity in treatment is called "equal protection of the laws." ("Albert Florence and New Jersey's Racism" and "Driving While Black in New Jersey.") 

Federal prosecution is being sought against the much-disliked Mr. Samson -- maybe even without Mr. Netanyahu's permission -- because, allegedly, it is harder to "fix" federal cases (politically) and far more expensive in any case to bribe the necessary U.S. government officials. 

Someday I may even receive a response to my communications to federal authorities. Ignoring those communications enhances the dangers to innocent persons in this city and nation. 

All copying machine cards have been disabled at the NYPL, Morningside Heights. More public equipment used by poor people continues to be destroyed in this city. I will do my best to continue writing from multiple locations in New York.


AP, "Menendez Trial Pushed Back," The Star-Ledger, September 18, 2015, p. 1.

Attorneys for Senator Menendez have argued that grand jury members were biased against Mr. Menendez because they allowed evidence of Mr. Menendez's acceptance of cash and perks in exchange for favors he gave to a "good friend" to affect their judgment that Mr. Menendez should be charged with accepting bribes and that the senator sold his office. ("Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes.") 

Mr. Menendez appears guilty of a kind of "political prostitution" in addition to his admitted personal use of prostitutes, some (allegedly) under legal age. ("Menendez Charged With Selling His Office" and "More Problems For Menendez -- Tapes!")

Actually, grand juries are always controlled by prosecutors and, as the saying goes, prosecutors can usually "indict a ham sandwich." 

Mr. Menendez is an easy "ham sandwich" to indict in this matter since he has kindly supplied a motive for the bribery, again, by describing Dr. Melgen as his "good friend." ("Menendez Croney's Office Raided.")

Mr. Menendez's motions have all been denied as of this writing, except for an undecided issue which is to be denied next week probably. 

Mr. Menendez's attorneys have "kicked the can down the road" in order to allow for an appeal of the trial court's rejection of these motions making it likely that the new interlocutory appeal of consolidated motions will also be denied, needless to say, this will only be after substantial billing by Mr. Fleischer and his minions. 

Mr. Menendez's trial will be delayed until Fall, 2016. I am confident that pre-trial efforts to derail the prosecution will also fail. Mr. Menendez should be tried and convicted. At the moment Mr. Menendez, I suspect, is on the phone cashing-in his political chips in exchange for help against federal prosecutors -- including Israeli lobby help -- to get out of this little predicament. 

If the Circuit Court abides by the law -- a doubtful proposition in a political case -- Mr. Menendez should lose. If the federal appellate court can be "reached," politically, Mr. Menendez will prevail. 

Most Circuit Court judges are Republicans as well as very conservative. Menendez's "juice" is derived from the Right of the political spectrum at the moment. 

The U.S. Supreme Court, probably, is not interested in the free speech issues raised at this juncture and may duck this case entirely.  

Ted Sherman, "Di Vincenzo's Case Should be Dismissed, Judge Finds," The Star-Ledger, September 18, 2015, p. 1. (It appears that Mr. Di Vincenzo's case will not be dismissed: " ... Joseph Di Vincenzo is accused of misusing thousands of dollars [emphasis added] in campaign funds ..." Mr. Di Vincenzo and Mr. Menendez are "ethical" members of the bar in New Jersey. No ethics charges have resulted in disbarments of these so-called "sleazy lawyers," Menendez and Di Vincenzo, for whom Joe Ferreiro will provide a character reference. "Joey 'D' Knows How to Eat" and "Bribery in Union City, New Jersey" then "Is Union City, New Jersey Meyer Lansky's Whore House?" and "Joe Ferreiro Indicted Again.")  

Tim Darragh, "State Acts to Block Appeals of Exxon Deal," The Star-Ledger, September 18, 2015, p. 5. (The N.J. attorney general, acting on the orders of Governor Christie, has filed briefs to suppress and dismiss appeals of the Exxon settlement filed by citizens by echoing the position of Exxon's lawyers as opposed to defending the interests of ordinary New Jersey residents.) 

Tom Hayes & Tom Keisler, "GM to Pay $900 MILLION Over Ignition Scandal," The Star-Ledger, September 18, 2015, p. 10. (A number of victims of GM's fraud and ignition defect are New Jersey residents. Neither Mr. Christie nor Mr. Menendez have criticized GM and/or the settlement reached with the Justice Department that is cruel and indifferent to so much human suffering by victims. "Christie Gives a Donor $1 Million of New Jersey Money.")

"Expert: Teacher's DNA Can't be Excluded," The Star-Ledger, September 18, 2015, p. 17. (Henry Granderson, 63, may "fit" the DNA material found in a 12-year-old girl's underwear. Mr. Granderson is a teacher who supports Bob Menendez, allegedly, and one of the hundreds of persons recently charged with child sex abuse in northern New Jersey: "New Jersey Welcomes Child Molesters!" and "New Jersey is the Home of Child Molesters.") 

Danielle Ivory & Bill Vlasic, "$900 Million Penalty for GM's Deadly Defect Leaves Many Cold," The New York Times, September 18, 2015, p. B1. (" ... 'I don't understand how they can basically buy their way out of it,' said Margie Beshar, whose daughter, Amy Rademaker, was KILLED in an October, 2016 crash in Wisconsin." Is this "ethical"? Is Mr. Menendez trying to "buy" his way out of his own predicament?) 

Coral Davenport & Jack Ewing, "U.S. Orders Major VW Recall Over Emmissions Test Trickery," The New York Times, September 19, 2015, p. 1A. (GM is very supportive of the German car-maker's situation.)

Alan Blinder, "Ex-Judge Could be Impeached," The New York Times, September 19, 2015, p. A13. (Federal judge Mark E. Fuller may be impeached after being arrested for striking his wife. Estela de La Cruz will face no consequences for the use of prostitutes on a regular basis nor for her alleged rape of Marilyn Straus. What name did you give Marilyn Straus, Estela?) 

Campbell Robertson, "Court Penalties for Poor Inspire New Orleans Suit," The New York Times, September 18, 2015, p. A4. ("Indefinite jailing" for poor people late in paying minor fines; no jail for GM lawyers complicit in the killing and injuring of hundreds of victims. Is this "equal justice under the law," Chief Justice Roberts?)

Kate Zernike, "Menendez's Trial Is Delayed; Judge Will Rule on Dismissal," The New York Times, September 18, 2015, p. A24. (In the words of Joe Louis: "He can run, but he can't hide." Judicial "skepticism" about Mr. Menendez should be emphasized at the Circuit Court level. Federal appellate judges are political animals -- none would admit this, publicly, and no lawyer will acknowledge on the record what is discussed privately -- but it is certain that judges take calls from, say, senators and representatives or other officials, even as they secretly long for appointment to higher office. A "bribe" or "pressure" on a judge can mean many things.)

Nicole Winfield & Michael Weissenstein, "Pope Meets Castro After Warning Against Idolatry," The Star-Ledger, September 21, 2015, p. 1. (Fidel Castro expressed concern for the Pope's immortal soul and promised to pray for the Holy Father even as Fidel remains an atheist warning of irrational faiths that distract us from social justice issues. The two men got along very well. The book which Fidel gave to the Pope is Fidel and Religion. This well-known discussion of liberation theology is highly recommended to Catholics. "Fidel Castro's 'History Will Absolve Me'" and "Roberto Unger's Revolutionary Legal Theory.")

Laura King, "Kerry: U.S. Will Take in [sic.] 100,000 Refugees in 2015," The Star-Ledger, September 21, 2015, p. 1. (The U.S. effort to assist with the global refugee crisis is ethically and legally appropriate.)

Jonathan D. Salant, "Christie Stays Stuck Near Bottom of the Poll," The Star-Ledger, September 21, 2015, p. 3. (Mr. Christie, as I predicted, is at 2%-to-3% among Republicans and has been asked to abandon the race. He refuses to do so. Mr. Walker's departure from the campaign will not change this reality. It was heart-warming that Mr. Christie attended the Pope's speech before Congress where the Pontiff spoke of the need to temper brutal capitalism with love and compassion.)

Campbell Robertson, "Court Penalties for the Poor Inspire New Orleans Suit," The New York Times, September 18, 2015, p. A14. (Unlike GM, petty offenses committed by poor people -- not homicides resulting from an auto-maker's lawyers' cover-up -- will result in incarceration for an indefinite term enriching local lawyers and judges. Is "indefinite" incarceration consistent with due process of law under the American Constitution, Mr. Roberts?)

"Gov. On Bridgegate: Telling It Like It Isn't Again," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, August 25, 2015, p. 14. (Mr. Christie is caught LYING, again, and denying the obvious: "Christie's DISHONESTY is part of a pattern. He has repeatedly claimed that his internal investigation and the federal investigation came to the same conclusion, and that is not true either." Are Mr. Christie's public lies on the record -- described as such by members of both parties in New Jersey -- consistent with legal ethics in the Garden State, Mr. Rabner? Are the OAE and Supreme Court "looking the other way" with regard to these lies because of corruption or intimidation and/or some other reason? "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "Stuart Rabner's Selective Sense of Justice.")

Rob Spakir, "Sex Abuse Charged in Library Incident," The Star-Ledger, August 25, 2015, p. 16. (Michael Carlucci, 30, who claims to know DIANA LISA RICCIOLI of Clifton, New Jersey masturbated in public before children at the Bradley Beach public library. He was also late in returning a book and fined seventy-five cents.) 

Brent Johnson, "Christie Ad Detects Rampant Lawlessness," The Star-Ledger, August 25, 2015, p. 20. (As Mr. Christie bemoans "rampant criminality," New Jersey leads the nation in political corruption and child sexual offenses, police incompetence and human trafficking increases throughout the state. If elected, Mr. Christie will bring such horrors to the White House.) 

Salvador Rizzo & Dustin Raccioppi, "Problem at United May Stall GWB Probe: Fallout Also Draws Call to Halt Path Extension," The Record, September 11, 2015, p. A-1. (The law firm hired by the Legislature to investigate Bridgegate may have a "conflict of interest" that could be a problem unless someone can "fix the situation with Mr. Rabner." Mr. Rabner may also have a conflict of interest in my matter that he lied to cover-up. "No More Cover-Ups and Lies, Chief Justice Rabner!")   

Alfred P. Doblin, "Christie Goes the Wrong Way On a One-Way Street -- Again," (Op-Ed) The Record, September 11, 2015, p. A-11. ("Christie was not ticketed for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. As a driver, Christie racked up many tickets and was involved in multiple car accidents." No consequences for his sins and offenses have allowed Mr. Christie to indulge a fondness for violating rules and lack of respect for authority. Discipline is necessary.)

Joe Malinconico, "Agency Ordered to Pay $149,000: Misused Grant Money, Officials Say," The Record, September 11, 2015, p. L-1. (An anti-poverty agency reduced their own poverty by stealing $149,000, allegedly, that were meant to go to the poor. "That's the Jersey way!") 

Kate Zernike & Joad Mouawad, "United C.E.O. Out Amid U.S. Inquiry Into Port Authority: 2 Others Leave Airlines," The New York Times, September 9, 2015, p. A1. (Were flights and other favors for David Samson, Esq. -- N.J.'s former A.G. -- friend and ally of Governor Christie a "quid pro cuo"? Or even a quid pro quo? Samson should be disbarred as the sleazebag that he is, but he will probably be protected by Christie and Rabner.)

Bill Vlasic & Aaron M. Kessler, "It Took the E.P.A. to Pressure VW to Admit Fault," The New York Times, September 22, 2015, p. A1. (Not only was there fraud about emissions on the part of VW, but they then LIED, through their attorneys, when they were caught. No ethics or criminal charges against individuals are contemplated at this time. "Stuart Rabner's Selective Sense of Justice" and "So Black and So Blue in Prison.")

John Hurdle & Erik Eckholm, "Pennsylvania Attorney General's Law License Is Lifted," The New York Times, September 22, 2015, p. A17. (This is what happens in jurisdictions that -- unlike New Jersey -- apply the same standards to all. Perhaps Kathleen G. Kane will work as a journalist with a fictitious name? Debbie Portz and Stuart Rabner should also be disbarred for complicity in the computer crime that I struggle against.)

Richard Perez-Pena, "1 in 4 Women Experience Sex Assault On Campus," The New York Times, September 22, 2015, p. A17. (Date-rape drugs and worse have become an epidemic. "New Jersey Lesbian Professor Rapes a Disabled Man.")

Steven Erlanger & James Kanter, "Plan On Migrants Strains the Limits of Europe's Unity," The New York Times, September 23, 2015, p. A1. (The Pope's comments about ending the arms trade have been mostly ignored in the corporate media. However, these were among the most important remarks made by the Pontiff in his speech before Congress.)

Andrew Pollack & Julie Cresswell, "The Man Behind the Drug Price Increase," The New York Times,  September 23, 2015, p. B1. (Great humanitarian MARTIN SKRELI, has thought better of increasing the price of desperately needed medication from $13.50 to $750.00 per pill. Despite the computer obstructions making corrections difficult at computer number #1, NYPL, Morningside Heights, September 28, 2015 at 2:19 P.M. I will include the additional sources that I intended to post today and in the days ahead. Is John McGill, Esq. responsible for these computer attacks against my writings? "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

Nicole Clark & Melissa Eddy, "In the Vortex of the Storm," The New York Times, September 23, 2015, p. B1. (MARTIN WINTERKORN, VW's Chief Executive, may have been complicit in the fraud concerning emissions, but also may have attempted to cover-up the truth with the KNOWING assistance of VW's lawyers.)

Peter Baker & Jim Yardley, "Pope, in Congress[,] Pleads for Unity on World's Woes," The New York Times, September 25, 2015, p. A1. (The Pope's magnificent speech on cooperation for the common good also called, rightly, for an end to the death penalty in our time. "Justice For Mumia Abu-Jamal" and "Freedom For Mumia Abu-Jamal." It is not a solution to political controversy to silence critics by destroying home computers and/or hacking into public library computers to make correcting my texts difficult. I will continue to write. Censoring and/or torturing dissidents is not a response to political criticism that is acceptable in 2015 in America.)

Jennifer Steinhauer, "Boehner to Quit[,] Undone by Strife With Right Wing," The New York Times, September 26, 2015, p. A1. (Republican troops may finally succeed in splitting their party rendering the G.O.P. incapable of leading the nation.) 

Erik Eckholm, "Keeping a Crusade Evergreen," The New York Times, September 26, 2015, p. A12. (A tort museum should include a place of honor for GM. A legal ethics museum would have a special place for  New Jersey's lies, hypocrisies, and contradictions on legality and ethics. "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System" and "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics Farce.")

Paul Mulshine, "What Did Christie Tell Samson? Keep Reading These 'Rags,'" (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, September 15, 2015, p. 12. (Christie is 11th among Republicans where he is tied at 1% with Rick Perry. After Walker and Perry have left the race, Mr. Christie is still bringing up the rear with 2% of the prospective vote and falling. Several new crises afflict his administration and state which is an open sewer of corruption and child molestation, ineptitude and mafia influence in the judiciary and legal profession. New Jersey needs a competent and non-lying governor who actually cares about his state's residents and troubles. That person is not Mr. Christie.)

Richard Cowen, "'Housing Debacle' Angers Judge: Failed Project Has Cost Passaic Taxpayers $1 MILLION," The Record, September 11, 2015, p. B-1. ("The judge became angry when lawyers representing Melo and Eddy Giulianni, the developer of the Paulison Avenue lot that remains largely vacant, suddenly showed-up and pleaded for more time ..." It gets better: "The city spent nearly $1 MILLION of taxpayer money to support the affordable housing at 417 Paulison Avenue. Yet the lot remains empty and the legal fight drags on" as the funds have disappeared. Please see: "Cement is Gold in New Jersey" and "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" then "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics" and "Senator Bob Loves Xanadu!")

Marcey Gordon, "Ukrainian Firm, CEO Paying $30 MILLION to Settle SEC Charges," The Record, September 15, 2015, p. 8. (New Jersey "connected" firm based in Ukraine and its CEO will pay $30 MILLION to settle U.S. claims -- mysteriously, the matters were "fixed" in New Jersey -- that they were part of an influential wave of hackers and traders that made $100 MILLION by getting advance peeks at corporate news releases through hacking into the computers of executives.)

"Christie, Trump's Main Victim, Faces a Moment of Truth," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, September 15, 2015, p. 12. (" ... [Christie's] current path is leading inexorably to a job as a radio talk-show host ...") 

Steven Strunsky, "Lawyers Move to Get Notes From the Investigation," The Star-Ledger, September 15, 2015, p. 3. (Lawyers hired by Christie to cover his ample backside in the GWB matter, who were paid with New Jersey taxpayer money, may have to turn over their "notes" -- which should be owned by the taxpayers they supposedly represented -- revealing further complicity by Christie and his people in the Bridgegate matter that, allegedly, was "covered-up." Resistance to the disclosure requests by these same lawyers will also be paid for by the very taxpayers who are entitled to the information in the first place. "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit.")

Claude Brodesser-Akner, "Christie Backs Francis On Faith, Parries on Politics," The Star-Ledger, September 23, 2015, p. 2. (Pope asks Christie to say 3 Hail Mary prayers and to avoid indictment while sinning no more. Christie is unable to comply with the request, but has hired Mr. Mastro to explain why this should not preclude the New Jersey governor from entering into heaven.)

Samantha Marcus, "Pension Fund Trustees Say Audit Request Will be Denied," The Star-Ledger, September 23, 2015, p. 17. (Why deny people whose life is dependent on these pensions the truth about how much they can count on and the real financial situation of the pension funds? What are you trying to hide in New Jersey? Have these funds been managed with the fiduciary care required by the law? "New Jersey Pension Funds $56 BILLION Short.")

Anthony G. Alterino, "Counselor Charged With Sexual Assault," The Star-Ledger, September 23, 2015, p. 20. (ALEX FARRAS, 25, engaged in N.J.'s preferred pass-time and sexually assaulted 2 boys, both were under 10 years-old, allegedly.)

Susan K. Livio, "Couple Indicted in Insurance Scheme," The Star-Ledger, September 23, 2015, p. 20. (With the assistance of counsel -- who is also under investigation -- a Bergen County couple bilked their insurance company out of $63,000 and FALSIFIED a bankruptcy application that forgave $175,000 debt, also with the help of lawyers. Gilberto Garcia and Mary Anne Kriko, does this ring a bell? Alexandra Ramirez? Edgar Navarete?) 

Alexandra Burns, "Judge Dismisses Some Bribery Charges Against Menendez: A Federal Indictment Against Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is Largely Intact," The New York Times, September 29, 2015, p. A22:

In a major victory for the Justice Department Judge William H. Walls rejected Mr. Menendez's legal efforts to dismiss the indictment filed against him and threw out only 4 out of 22 bribery counts (besides additional fraud counts) because these excluded counts were, essentially, redundant. 

More counts were thrown out in Mr. Ferreiro's matters and, nevertheless, a conviction of the defendant was obtained by federal prosecutors:

"A federal judge on Monday threw out four charges against Robert Menendez of New Jersey and a wealthy political benefactor, but kept largely intact the lengthy corruption indictment against Mr. Menendez and his longtime patron." (emphasis added!)

Judge Walls wrote a full opinion in support of his decision on these pre-trial matters, this is unusual, which makes it less likely that the decision (in my opinion) will be reversed on appeal. The District Court stated:

"The Constitution does not protect an attempt to influence a public official's acts through improper means, such as the bribery scheme [emphasis added] that has been alleged in this case. ..."

The crux of the issue in Menendez's criminal case was summarized in the news article listed above:

"Mr. Menendez, a Democrat, was indicted in April on charges that he accepted personal gifts, including private plane trips and luxury accomodations in the Dominican Republic, from Dr. Melgen, and lobbied in return for Dr. Melgen's interests in Washington."

A U.S. Senator should not be bought by persons to serve as a personal lobbyist, often at the taxpayers' expense or at the cost of the people's interests.

Herb Jackson, "Menendez Fails to Have Federal Case Thrown Out: But Judge Does Dismiss Four Bribery Charges," The Record, September 29, 2015, p. A-1:

"A federal judge on Monday rejected most of Sen. Menendez's claims that the corruption indictment against him should be thrown out because of prosecutorial misconduct, congressional immunity[,] and First Amendment protections."


" ... the judge said a jury would get to decide if it was bribery when Melgen, a Florida eye specialist and the senator's friend for 20 years, made another $700,000 in contributions to political committees that aided Menendez's 2012 reelection."

The rationale for the judge's decision is cogent and mercifully brief:

"Defendants are correct," Judge Walls said, "that attempts to influence a public official through speech alone are protected. But the Constitution does not protect an attempt to influence a public official's acts through improper means, such as the bribery scheme alleged in this case. The government has adequately alleged that Melgen made contributions in an effort to CONTROL [emphasis added] the exercise of Menendez's official duties."

Shawn Boburg, "Agency Forgave United Subsidy: $104,000 Tied to Pact for Atlantic City Flights," The Record, September 29, 2015, p. A-1. (James P. Fox, Esq., Governor Christie's transportation chief who has been linked to David Samson, Esq., and a former LOBBYIST for United Airlines, "looked the other way" when United welched on its promise to fly to Atlantic City for a year in exchange for $104,000 in PUBLIC subsidies provided by N.J. taxpayers. United accepted the so-called "bribe" and failed to deliver on its promise only to be protected by its former lobbyist, who may return to the company after his "public service" with a much bigger salary. No conflict of interest, OAE? Bribery? Betrayal of public trust? Mr. Fox may serve on the legal ethics committee and/or may be appointed to the judiciary in New Jersey. Is this "legal ethics," Mr. Rabner? "Have you no shame, Chief Justice Rabner?")   

Steven Castle & Steven Erlanger, "New Labor Leader Offers Reassurance of His Shared British Values," The New York Times, September 30, 2015, p. A6. (Jeremy Corbyn has renewed the philosophical and moral heart of the "Labour" party in Britain. I look forward to question time with Prime Minister David Cameron under the new opposition leadership and "shadow government.")

Gardiner Harris, "Obama and Castro Meet a Second Time as Nations Grow Closer," The New York Times, September 30, 2015, p. A6. (The Cuban contribution to the peace process in Colombia interests the U.S., along with several other foreign policy matters on which the two countries are cooperating, as well as "issues" that seem to be classified. Castro, Obama, and the Pope are the leading candidates for a future Nobel Prize based on whether peace actually "happens" and the embargo is finally ended.) 

Michael D. Shear, "Planned Parenthood's Leader Pushes Back Against G.O.P. Critics," The New York Times, September 30, 2015, p. A12. (The attacks by the "angry white men" -- often based on ignorance or stupidity -- against Ms. Richards are disgraceful and deceptive. Planned Parenthood is a needed organization providing essential medical services for many women and men.)

"Dishonest Prosecutors, Lots of Them," (Editorial) The New York Times, September 30, 2015, p. A24:

"Prosecutors who bend or even break the rules to win a conviction almost never face any punishment. But even given lax controls, the blatant and systematic misconduct in the Orange County district attorney's office in Southern California stands out. [Is this comparable to the OAE in New Jersey?] In a scheme that may go back as far as 30 years, prosecutors and the county sheriff's department have elicited illegal jailhouse confessions, failed to turn over evidence that is favorable to defendants[,] and LIED [,]repeatedly[,] in court about what they did." (Please compare "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption" with "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.") 

Jonathan D. Salant, "Menendez's Push to Drop the Charges Denied: Judge Rules There is Enough Evidence to Show Senator's Actions Were Not Legislative in Nature," The Star-Ledger, September 29, 2015, p. 3. (The District Court ruled, again, that there was enough evidence to show Menendez's actions were not legislative in nature and that the senator should stand trial. I am confident that appeals of this ruling will fail to persuade higher courts to reverse the trial judge's decision.)

"Brutalized Behind Bars," (Editorial) The New York Times, September 30, 2015, p. A24. (Torture has become a mechanism of control in America's prisons. Torture is a "crime against humanity" which is unacceptable policy for any nation in the world today.) 

Scott Maycrowitz & David Caruso, "Port Authority Probe Extends to Canceled A.C. Flights," The Star-Ledger, September 30, 2015, p. 3. (More scams at the Port Authority concerning United Airlines under David Samson's rule. "David Samson, Esq. Resigns!")

"Republican Hard-Liners Are Wrong Yet Again With Blackmail Tactics," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, September 29, 2015, p. 14. (The politics of hatred and threats will always lose elections to the politics of hope. G.O.P. distraction efforts will fail to affect Planned Parenthood because that entity is providing a needed service to Americans and many others in this country.)

"Planned Parenthood Falsehoods Put Fiorina's Character in Question," (Op-Ed) The Star-Ledger, September 29, 2015, p. 14. ("Fiorina may have deeply felt objections to abortion. That doesn't excuse her use of mistruths to justify her willingness to shut down the government, which[,] by the way[,] she seems to consider no big deal." A "mistruth" may be a lot like a "lie.")

Keith Brown, "Cops: Man Exposed Self in Front of Kids," The Star-Ledger, September 29, 2015, p. 16. (Shame on you, Mr. Rabner. Irony?) 

Emmanuel G. Fitzimmons & Kate Zernike, "New Jersey Transportation Chief to Leave Amid a Federal Investigation," The New York Times, October 3, 2015, p. A21. (Jamie Fox should be disbarred, if he is a lawyer as indicated in media accounts of this latest N. J. catastrophe, along with David Samson. Both men should go to prison.)

Charles V. Bagli, "Huge Mall Rising at Troubled Site in North Jersey," The New York Times, October 3, 2015, p. A20. (After $5 BILLION have been spent there is a hole in the ground where the mall was supposed to be in the Meadowlands. Now a new developer will begin the project only to discover that there is no need for a "huge mall" in the age of Internet shopping. Another $5 BILLION will be spent before the project is finally abandoned.)

Claude Brodesser-Akner, "Christie, Trailing in Polls, Goes On the Offensive," The Star-Ledger, October 1, 2015, p. 2. (Mr. Christie is humiliating himself in this primary campaign, losing to the likes of Trump and Carson -- as well as the professional politicians -- and going into an obnoxious attack mode may be the worst possible tactic.)

Sue Epstein, "Man Convicted For 2nd Time in Same '03 Sexual Assault," The Star-Ledger, October 1, 2015, p. 9. ("Bruce Sterling, 45, was found guilty by a jury in Middlesex County of armed burglary, aggravated sexual assault, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and terroristic threats.") 

Mary Ann Spoto, "Ex-Schools Chief Indicted in Alleged $50,000 Scheme," The Star-Ledger, October 1, 2015, p. 11. ("A grand jury Tuesday indicted a former Brick School Superintendent, his daughter and two other former school officials on charges they arranged for unnecessary special services for his grandson that cost the school district more than $50,000." It is likely those special services were never delivered and the fees were split among the parties. Walter Oszenski, 63, who claims to be "connected" to Mr. Lesniak, allegedly, will probably be convicted and do time with Bob Menendez and Joe Ferreiro.)

Alex Napolitano, "Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Not Paying Taxes," The Star-Ledger, October 1, 2015, p. 24. (Stephanie Hand, Esq., allegedly a lesbian, grossed $326,000 per year for several years, failed to seek a legal extension, and/or file a return showing "losses" negating any tax obligation. After her conviction, Ms. Hand is facing two years in prison, and $50,000 in fines in addition to her tax liability. Ms. Poritz thinks this is fine as does the OAE. Evidently, so does Diana Lisa Riccioli. "New Jersey's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!") 

"Why the Delay, PA?," (Editorial) The Record, September 28, 2015, p. 12. (The PA does not wish to spend money where it is most needed by commuters, but where there are fewer opportunities for theft.)

Natalie Wexler, "Why American Students Struggle to Write a Coherent Sentence," (Op-Ed) The Record, September 28, 2015, p. 12. (Among the worst offenders are N.J.'s young people who cannot read or write at an adult level as they graduate from the state's high schools, but who seem to "twitter" endlessly. "Whatever" and "America's Nursery School Campus" and Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt, "The Coddling of the American Mind," in The Atlantic Monthly, September, 2015, p. 42 paraphrases many of the points in my earlier essay as does "Caitlin Flanagan's" companion piece. Compare "Nihilists in Disneyworld" with "Good Will Humping" and "Genius and Lust.")

S.P. Sullivan, "For Advocates of Sex Abuse Victims, Words Not Enough," The Star-Ledger, September 28, 2015, p. 1. (It is time to stop protecting thieves, liars, rapists and tell the truth, New Jersey.)

Darrell L. Armstrong, "N.J.'s Affordable Housing Delays Have Gone On Long Enough," (Op-Ed) The Star-Ledger, September 28, 2015, p. 11. ("Christie declared war on thousands of working families and others [by] trying to do everything possible to PREVENT the development of new affordable housing.")

Michael Beissweiser & Eric Tucker, "VW Facing a 'Tsunami' of Legal Woe," The Star-Ledger, September 28, 2015, p. 12. (The questions being put to VW are also my questions to Mr. Rabner's New Jersey Supreme Court and OAE: "Who knew about the deception affecting me? [and thefts, rapes, as well as other crimes?] When did they know it? And who directed it? "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.")

Jonathan Franzen, "Left to Our Own Devices," The New York Times Book Review, October 4, 2015, p. 1.

Sherry Turkle, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age (London: Penguin, 2015).

"Our rapturous submission to digital technology has led to an atrophying of human capacities like empathy and self-reflection, and the time has come to reassert ourselves, behave like adults and put technology in its place." (Franzen.)

Tim Parks, "Left to Our Own Devices," The New York Times Book Review, October 4, 2015, p. 1. 

Sven Birkets, Changing the Subject: Art and Attention in the Internet Age (New York: Graywolf Press, 2015).

"Forever glued to screens of one kind or another, clicking compulsively on the links others provide for us, we are losing the ability to concentrate, growing more itchy and agitated by the day, allowing our consciousness to be fragmented and dispersed. Our very selfhood is under threat as we are invited to think of achievement as a collective, rather than individual goal, a contribution to Wikipedia rather than a distinctive personal statement." (Parks.) (Please see: "'Ex Machina': A Movie Review.")  

Mathew Goldstein, "More Foreclosures, This Time by Hedge Funds," The New York Times, September 29, 2015, p. 1A. (What Republicans will not discuss is greed's effects on the culture.)

Adam Liptak, "Chief Justice Amasses a Conservative Record, and Wrath From the Right," The New York Times, September 29, 2015, p. A16. (Mr. Roberts has become the "Hamlet" of American jurisprudence: "To be or not to be ..." Is Chief Justice Roberts a loyal Republican or a principled decision-maker on the Supreme Court bench? Any ideological "litmus test" will fail to show consistency in terms of political philosophy by a judge concerned to decide cases based on the facts, laws, and equities as opposed to dogma issued by any political party. This displeasure on the far-Right is a compliment to Mr. Roberts.)

Salvador Rizzo, "Shifting Gears on N.J. Gas Tax," The Record, September 29, 2015, p. A1. (Christie lied when he said that there would be no gas tax in New Jersey. Now the governor says it may be O.K. to allow for such "revenue enhancement" if such a tax is offset by other cuts in the taxes of the wealthy.)

Patricia Alex, "Rutgers Hit by Another Cyberattack: Internet Out For Much of the Day," The Record, September 29, 2015, p. A-3. (Attacks on New Jersey government -- or state computers -- have not been mentioned in Garden State media. They are costing the state millions, allegedly, when combined with other sabotage that is rumored to be taking place, including the continued placing of feces in courtrooms.)

Peter J. Sampson, "Doctor Won't Practice While Facing Sex Counts: Agrees to Temporary License Suspension," The Record, September 29, 2015, p. L-1. (Allegations of groping 7 women against Dr. Raja K. Jagtiani will result in surrender of his medical license. "Menendez Consorts With Underage Prostitutes" and "Wedding Bells Ring For Menendez!")

Minjae Park, "Man Charged With Sexual Assault: Accuser says She Also Found Video of Abuse," The Record, September 29, 2015, p. L-2. (ALCIBAR N. SARMIENTO, 36, a Bob Menendez supporter, is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman, with a female lesbian partner (allegedly), while recording some of these episodes -- including a few incidents involving minors as victims. "New Jersey Lesbian Sends Nude Photos to Minor.")

John Brennan, "Ferreiro Asks the Court to Alter Court Record: As Sentencing Nears, Defense, Prosecutor Spar," The Record, September 29, 2015, p. L-3. (Like the OAE, routinely, the lawyers for Mr. Ferreiro have sought to alter the transcript of proceedings against their client in order to, as it were, "load the record" for appellatte review or insert things that were not evidence, again like the OAE. "New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.") 

Shaila Dewan, "Company EXTORTS Poor on Probation, Lawsuit Says," The New York Times, October 2, 2015, p. 15A. ("A private probation company in Tennessee is violating racketeering laws by jailing impoverished people who fail to pay court fines for traffic violations and MISDEMEANOR offenses, and by refusing the waiver of fees [permissible under state law] for indigents, according to a law suit filed Thursday.")   

James C. McKinley, "Judge Orders Retrial For Man Convicted in '90 Subway Killing of Tourist," The New York Times, October 7, 2015, p. A22. (Yet another blunder which the courts -- not N.J.'s courts -- had the courage to recognize and amend. Johnny Hincapie listened to a judge throw out his conviction ruling that new evidence would have altered the verdict in his original trial.) 

Susan K. Livio, "N.J. Lawmakers Seek Probe of Health Insurer," The Star-Ledger, October 6, 2015, p. 13. (State senators say they want the attorney general in Trenton to investigate Horizon [H.I.P.?] for possibly misleading the public, manipulating officials, and/or lying in required filings. These may be some of the same people from the H.I.P. scam who were allegedly protected by Jaynee LaVecchia in the past. "Jaynee LaVecchia and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" then "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.")

S.P. Sullivan, "Ex-State Worker Pleads Guilty to Fraud and Theft," The Star-Ledger, October 6, 2015, p. 16. (A former state government official, no doubt an illustrious attorney -- and, allegedly, a lesbian -- ADMITTED to charges that she used her office computer to falsify documents and steal public funds. Laquanda Tate worked in the payroll office at the Department of Human Services and, I am sure, claims to know John McGill personally. "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!" and "John McGill, Esq., the OAE, and New Jersey Corruption.")

Sue Epstein, "Man Gets 20 Years For Child Sex Crimes," The Star-Ledger, October 6, 2015, p. 16. (Michael Robertson, 43, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple counts of aggravated sexual assaults of several very young boys. Mr. Robertson claimed to support and admire Bob Menendez. "Menendez Blames Castro For His Prostitution Habit!")

Craig McCarthy, "Sheriff Warns of Scam Using Fake Warrants," The Star-Ledger, October 6, 2015, p. 16. (Apparently, off-duty local cops have been running around pretending to be sheriff's officers executing fake warrants to scam money from immigrant victims -- money which they may be "sharing" with judges and prosecutors and/or politicians. This sounds like West New York and Union City in the good old days. Some of these old scams never go away in New Jersey. Right, Bob Menendez? "Is Union City, New Jersey Meyer Lansky's Whore House?" and "New Jersey's Political and Supreme Court Whores.")

Matt Arco, "Teacher's Union: Christie Has 'Anger Management Issues,'" The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2015, p. 4. (He's in denial! And demeaning to women! "Is Christopher Christie 'Mentally Deranged' and a 'Liar'?")

Kevin McCoy, "Ex-Trader Convicted in Libor Scandal," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2015, p. 10. (Former citigroup Trader and UBS financial officer with the assistance of counsel -- including, allegedly, distinguished members of the N.J. bar -- manipulated the general financial benchmark. Remember the financial crisis? The conviction took place in London because no U.S. jurisdiction charged this individual, who has undisputed primary contacts to Citybank, with any crime. In October, 2015 more culprits in this matter are facing indictment, but none in America. "Corrupt Law Firms, Senator Bob, and New Jersey Ethics" and "New Jersey Lawyers' Ethics farce" then "So Black and So Blue Prison.")

Erin O'Neill, "Wall Street Lowers Atlantic City Credit Rating Again," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2015, p. 10. (Atlantic City credit rating lowered. In October, 2015 the numbers are even worse. New Jersey's credit rating is about to be lowered, again. Mr. Christie seems too busy campaigning to do anything except criticize Mr. Prieto for missing votes in Trenton.

Dan Ivers, "Schools Chief Getting $255,000 Annual Salary," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2015, p. 11. (Christopher Cerf was hired July 7, 2015 and by October, 2015 he may be on his way out. His salary and "other compensation" in the NEWARK school district where children are not supplied with computers is $255,000 per year. They may have to keep paying him even if this person leaves the position on "sabbatical." "New Jersey's Politically-Connected Lawyers On the Tit.")

Alex Napoliello, "Police: Man Sexually Assaults 4-Year-Old," The Star-Ledger, August 4, 2015, p. 14. (66-year-old Russell Cortese was charged with sexual assault of a 4-year-old boy who Cortese insisted had assaulted him. The "Lesbian Love-Fest" has deemed this permissible because Mr. Cortese is "connected." Judicial favors for lesbian sex, Debbie? "New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court" and "Deborah T. Poritz and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.") 

Michael D. Shear & Somini Segupta, "Obama Issues Rare Apology Over Bombing," The New York Times, October 8, 2015, p. 11. (I have never been prouder of the president than for his honesty concerning this tragedy. Is it time for New Jersey to display similar honesty about my matters and any cover-up of the truth? I hope so.)

S.P. Sullivan, "Feds Meet With Families of 3 Men Killed by Police," The Star-Ledger, October 2, 2015, p. 1. (Families of African-Americans killed by police in New Jersey express grave doubts about the grand jury process that is controlled by police and prosecutors who have failed to indict a single officer in any of these shootings. All of the police officers involved in these shootings of, I believe, UNARMED young African-American men have been exonerated. "New Jersey's KKK Police Shocker.")

Kathleen O'Brien, "Same Syringe Used On 67 People at Crisis?," The Star-Ledger, October 8, 2015, p. 3. (This level of so-called "medical care" provided, as a matter of compulsion, to poor people is below the Third World level of acceptable care for any human being.)

Matt Arco, "Ex-Christie Foe Buono is Fined for Alleged Campaign Violations," The Star-Ledger, October 8, 2015, p. 7. (Ms. Buono was "livid" over being slapped with a $1,600 fine for some of her sins. Diana Lisa Riccioli no doubts deems this offensive to women.)

Tom Hayden, "Ex-Union County Official Gets Prison for Kickback Scheme," The Star-Ledger, October 8, 2015, p. 12. (ANEILLO PALMIERI and his attorney ANTHONY IACULLO, ESQ., were at the federal courthouse in Newark as Mr. Palmieri was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison for bilking Union County out of $120,000 -- at least -- as Director of Facilities Maintenance: "Mafia Influence in New Jersey Courts and Politics" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison!")

"Newark Cop Pressured to Lose His Badge Over Racist Online Comments," (Editorial) The Star-Ledger, October 8, 2015, p. 18. (Lt. Anthony Caruso, a 23-year-veteran, was fired for taking part in a facebook chat that compared Mayor Ras Baraka with a "gorilla" in July, 2015. "Ape and Essence" and "Persons and Personhood.")

Dave Hutchinson, "Man Who Sent Explicit Photos to Teen is Sentenced," The Star-Ledger, October 8, 2015, p. 20. (Thomas Humphrey, 57, sent nude photos of himself masturbating to a 9-year-old girl in Hillsborough, New Jersey. There was a delay in the arrest of this individual in an area where several police officers are now facing similar charges. "Judges Protect Child Molesters in Bayonne, New Jersey.")

Justin Zaremba, "Cop Accused of Sending Teen Sexually Explicit Message," The Star-Ledger, August 6, 2015, p. 8. (Detective Sgt. Eric Reamy, 51, of Fair Lawn was accused of sending sexually explicit messages with photos to 14-year-old and 17-year-old girls that he was responsible for SUPERVISING. It is an even greater responsibility to render a person unconscious then to violate or abuse that person after representing yourself as a "therapist": "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.")  

Alex Napoliello, "Man Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Assault," The Star-Ledger, August 6, 2015, p. 16. (Carl Creadle, 47, pleaded guilty to child sexual assault of a 6-year-old girl. "Jersey style!" Mr. Creadle said. "New Jersey is the Home of Child Molesters.")

Kimberly Redmond, "Man Exposes Himself on Highway, Police Say," The Star-Ledger, August 6, 2015, p. 16. (William Anderson, 57, exposed himself to another driver. Curiously, this individual has exposed himself on prior occasions -- and has done far worse -- but was never arrested, or charged, for this conduct. Not even a ticket for careless driving?)

Jonathan Martin & Nicholas Confessore, "Nonprofit Masks Source of Ads Backing Rubio," The New York Times, October 12, 2015, p. A13. (Money for Mr. Rubio's campaign has formed "a political non-profit group called Conservative Solutions Project, formed by a former Rubio aide and now overseen by a Republican strategist who is close to Rubio's campaign manager." Allegedly, south Florida cocaine money is being directed to this group. "Murky" donors -- including Dr. Melgen, perhaps? -- are pouring $18 MILLION into these funds from which Mr. Rubio's television ads have been paid, exclusively, without using any of his campaign funds. This may violate IRS election provisions.)

"Hiding Police Misconduct From the Public," (Editorial) The New York Times, October 12, 2015, p. A18. (Hiding the truth from victims of "Arthur Goldberg" and "Diana Lisa Riccioli" is not the answer. "An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli.")

James C. McKinley, Jr., "Judge Faults Prosecutor For Order in Drug Inquiry," The New York Times, October 9, 2015, p. A28. ("While grand jury proceedings are secret, the government cannot require witnesses to stay quiet, nor can it keep people who have been subpoenaed, such as accountants, from telling clients about records being seized ..." [emphasis added] Did the OAE LIE to people who were then threatened to lie in turn to others about me? If so, at whose request were these lies to be told? Alex Booth? Maria Martinez? Alexandra Ramirez? Mr. McGill, did you attempt to intimidate people into lying, or doing anything else, to "assist" your efforts against me at any time? Jose Ginarte? Gilberto Garcia?)

Chris Harris & Abbott-Koloff, "Cop Accused of Sexting Teen Girls: Glen Rock Detective Allegedly Sent Nude Photos," The Record, August 6, 2015, p. 1-A. (Evidently, there continues to be a "network" of persons in the N.J. legal profession and police departments -- probably in the state judiciary also -- fond of sex with underage victims. No doubt these are my so-called "ethical superiors." Please see: "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")

Kathleen Lynn, "Prison for Madoff Aide: Paramus Man, 77, Falsified Documents," The Record, August 6, 2015, p. L-9. (Irvin Lipkin, 77, who claims to know Stuart Rabner and Debbie Poritz, was sentenced Wednesday to six months of home detention for falsifying documents that resulted in Mr. Madoff's thefts, eventually, of over $200 MILLION. If Mr. Lipkin were African-American, I believe, that he would have gone to prison for some period of time. "Have you no shame, Mr. Rabner?" and "So Black and So Blue in Prison.")

Chris Stile, "Christie's Uphill Fight Gets Steeper," The Record, August 17, 2015, p. 1-A. (Humiliation only increases for Mr. Christie in this Republican primary that may destroy all future national political aspirations for N.J.'s governor. Mr. Christie is deemed "repulsive" by primary voters.)

Alfred P. Doblin, "Port Authority Applies Lipstick to Midtown Bus Terminal," (Editorial) The Record, August 17, 2015, p. A-7. ("What is set to happen on Sept 8 at the Port Authority's Bus Terminal in New York is not akin to putting lipstick on a pig. The hog is going full drag." As of October 8, 2015 the Port Authority building on 42nd Street is back to what it always was -- a disaster for commuters. "David Samson, Esq. Resigns" and "More Mafia Influence at the Port Authority.")

Christopher Baxter, "Cronyism Suspected in Hire by Comptroller," The Star-Ledger, August 18, 2015, p. 13. ("Acting state comptroller MARK LARKINS hired a friend to oversee the multimillion-dollar Medicare Fraud Division, angering longtime employees who feared the perception of cronyism in the watchdog office." OAE? Is this office targeting persons for political reasons or because of familial "connections" to individuals critical of New Jersey officials?)

Thomas Zambito, "Feds: Ambulance Company Owner Indicted For Fraud," The Star-Ledger, August 18, 2015, p. 16. ("The owner of a Clifton ambulance company took in nearly $8 MILLION from government insurers despite being effectively barred from the industry following a health care fraud conviction, New Jersey federal prosecutors said Monday." Please see: "Law and Ethics in the Soprano State" and "Diana's Friend Goes to Prison.")

Erin O'Neill, "Foreclosure Rate [in N.J.] is Highest in the Nation," The Star-Ledger, August 20, 2015, p. 12. (Largest number of foreclosures and highest degree of political as well as judicial corruption in the nation is found in the Garden State. I bet Gilberto Garcia and Ms. Kriko know a lot about bank fraud: "Is Union City, New Jersey Meyer Lansky's Whore House?" and "New Jersey's Political and Supreme Court Whores.")




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