Thursday, January 28, 2010

Senator Bob Struggles To Find His Conscience.

February 22, 2010 at 2:10 P.M. An advertisement was just attached to this site:

"West Virginia Jails, All About West Virginia Jails West, Virginia Jails in One Site. "

I have never set foot in West Virginia. I have never been in jail anywhere in the United States of America or in any other country. Furthermore, unless framed for something, I will probably never be sent to jail or prison in any jurisdiction. I have attended law school, however, which is pretty close to the incarceration experience. Graduate school in philosophy is akin to a federal penitentiary. The mafia smoke machine is breaking down. ("Burn Notice.")

February 22, 2010 at 10:23 A.M. Cubanazos are probably responsible for the illegal advertisements attached to these blogs today, including this gem:

"Coffee Fool Banned, Grocery Store Won't Stock Us Because We Tell The Truth on Fresh."

I drink coffee and Diet Coke. I do not drink alcohol. I have never been in "rehab." Despite N.J.'s best efforts, I have never been an alcoholic. I do not smoke. I do not take drugs. I always wear a seat belt in cars. I am nice to children and old people.

February 5, 2010 at 10:00 P.M. "Errors" were inserted in several essays. I will do my best to correct them as soon as possible. My computer's clock was tampered with, again. I will attempt to reset it.

January 28, 2010 at 7:09 P.M. My security updating feature continues to be obstructed. I will try to update my protections on a regular basis. I cannot say how many writings have been altered or vandalized. I will try to keep up with necessary corrections. ("China Rebukes U.S. for Hypocrisy and Cyberhegemony" and "New Jersey's Xanadu Mess" as well as "More Torture and Murder of Immigrants in New Jersey Jails.") Ethics? ("Law is Dead in New Jersey.")

January 28, 2010 at 2:12 P.M. Noise fills the room in which I write, distractions of various kinds will be ignored, "errors" inserted in several texts and various harassments will be dealt with. My security system is under attack . I continue to struggle. ("More Mafia Figures Arrested in New jersey" and "F.B.I. Initiates Multiple Investigations in North Bergen, New Jersey.")

Gore Vidal, "Amistad," in The Last Empire: Essays 1992-2000 (New York: Random House, 2001), pp. 166-179.
Roger Scruton, An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy (New York & London: Penguin, 1996), pp. 97-109.
John Eligion, "Concrete Testing Company and Owner Are Convicted of Falsifying Work," in The New York Times, February 18, 2010, at p. A19. (NJ & NY.) ("More Mafia Figures Arrested in New Jersey and New York.")
Charles V. Bagli, "Firm Guiding Construction Stole Millions, Officials Say," in The New York Times, January 28, 2010, at p. A22. (The worst thefts were in New Jersey.)
Patrick McGeehan, "Panel Warns of Delay for Hudson Train Tunnel," in The New York Times, January 28, 2010, at p. A30.

As I began my daily computer scan this morning, I realized that the updating feature of my security system was obstructed, again. This experience -- which is far from unusual for me -- is about only one thing: hurting me. Well-organized and financed people are sitting "out there," somewhere (maybe Union City?), using frustrations, harassments, invasions of one's personal space and violating the minimal decencies that we take for granted in life. What else is new? ("How Censorship Works in America" and "Censorship and Cruelty in New Jersey.")

I cannot help wondering about the resources devoted to this effort for so long, especially in light of its dismal failure, even against a powerless individual like me. Slavery does not work. Censorship does not work. I wonder why that is true? ("Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" and "What is it like to be tortured?")

I spent hours yesterday running scans, struggling to restore my updating feature and not writing. Writing is what I should be doing. This morning's renewed obstructions of my security system forces a truth upon me. This effort by N.J. is about control and ass-cover for people whose asses are now permanently uncovered and on the line. ("An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli.")

Well, you better get some insurance for your asses because I am not going anywhere. I am committed to this struggle for the long term and at any cost. The irony here is not that there are people evil enough to engage in this effort to "control" others by abusing government or judicial power, not that politicians (like Senator Bob or others in New Jersey) will desperately seek a cover-up of their illicit actions, we expect nothing less from political "bosses," but that the institutions of my society continue to fail so dismally to do what they exist to accomplish -- protect your Constitutional and human rights along with mine. How will we cope with Al Qaeda when we cannot control the mafia in New Jersey? ("More Democrats Arrested in New Jersey" and "More Mafia Figures Arrested in New Jersey.")

"The largest FRAUD occurred at data centers in Bergen County, N.J., that are owned by Equinix, formerly Switch and Data Facilities [friends and contributors, Senator Bob? Mr. Ginarte?] The company was overcharged by about $3 MILLION, the investigators said." (Times, 1-28-10, at p. A27.)

Did the money go into the "Democrats' non-federal account," Bob? ("Does Senator Menendez Have Mafia Friends?") Money laundering, boys? F.B.I. investigations are unfolding in Hudson and Bergen Counties. ("New Jersey's Mafia Culture in Law and Politics.")

Is it true that Mr. Ginarte has an "ethics problem"? Why this spectacle is permitted to continue is beyond me: Obviously, political power and ego may have something to do with it. My views are threatening to people who hold opposed views. My presumption in insisting on personal freedom and refusal to pretend that idiotic or self-contradictory arguments are anything but absurd are unforgivable affronts to the mafia crews in charge of New Jersey's legal system. Too bad. You found out how stupid you are, huh? Does Mr. Ginarte have anything to do with Lulu or Publish America together with the suppressions of my works? ("Incoherence in 'The New York Times'" and "Incoherence in 'The New Yorker.'")

People who insist that human beings are controllable or mere animals reacting to external stimuli will also be disappointed. It is unusual for one of the "animals subject to control" to turn the tables on the would-be controllers, I guess, which adds to the fascination of this adventure for many observers from all over the world who must be wondering about the timidity of America's "free press." Me too. I knew journalists to be corrupt in many cases, but I did not believe that they could be this corrupt -- especially when censorship issues are raised.

I have reason to believe that this fascinating episode in cyberhistory has begun to attract the attention of many more persons from different parts of the world. Great. International media coverage may force American newspapers to cover the story, even if they slant the coverage to protect corporate owners and their hired politicians. ("Why I am not an ethical relativist" and "The Long Goodbye," then "Colin McGinn's Naughty Book.")

I am not a slave. I will not be an unwilling laboratory animal. With all my faults, I am confident of being, ethically speaking, at least as "good" as Senator Bob (based on what I have heard from others and my meeting him on one occasion, maybe intellectually better, although modesty prevents me from making such a claim) as well as Stuart Rabner, Anne Milgram and the misguided lesbian brigades, or most other New Jersey lawyers I know. I have no idea why lesbians seem to be following me around New York. Friends of yours, Anne? ("Another Mafia Sweep in New Jersey and Anne Milgram is Clueless.")

I will not internalize your bullshit, psychobabble or legal double talk, new age drivel or policy wonk speak. I plan to say exactly what I think and why I think it, which is the fun part of blogging. The important thing is that we are all having fun. Anyone interested in the "L-Word"? "Grey's Anatomy"? ("New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")

New Jersey's insults mean nothing to me. OAE goons posting insults of me on-line will not keep me up at night. I will not allow others to define me. I am not concerned to be "interesting" for you. I am not cooperating with whatever it is N.J. is trying to do to provide cover for its people. I will not assist voluntarily in the denial of my Constitutional and human rights, nor will I help anyone's quest for tenure at the expense of my dignity. I will not legitimate these atrocities for you, Terry Tuchin and Anne Milgram. We are going to federal court. Soon, I hope. Tell your friends in law enforcement about this situation. For the reasons indicated, international attention is always welcome. If it is true that my situation is receiving media attention in China, elsewhere in Asia, as well as Latin America and even in the UK, then I am very grateful for the help.

I understand that Senator Bob and others like him (Albio Sires, Richard J. Codey, Deborah T. Poritz, George E. Norcross, III) may have "entangling alliances," deals, commitments of various kinds (secret and private, or even public) with different ... shall we say, "interests." The Democrats' attack machine is not thrilled at being trapped in its own version of something like the Watergate scandal. "Even the mighty are fallen," says the Bible. ("Law and Ethics in the Soprano State.")

I do not believe that the powers-that-be in Trenton have chosen to handle this situation very wisely. The Constitution of the United States of America is pretty uncomprimising about fundamental rights -- such as freedom of speech and privacy, due process of law, the illegality of slavery, equal protection of the laws, and upholding criminal prohibitions of little things like rape, theft, breaches of fiduciary relations and other similar matters, including cybercrime and kidnapping. ("Senator Bob Loves Xanadu!" and "Senator Bob Says -- Xanadu and You Are Perfect Together!")

Inserting "errors" in my writings, visible cybercrime and harassments, obvious criminal violations taking place PUBLICLY which cannot (plausibly) be denied -- such things will not help Senator Bob or the Jersey Boys. ("Does Senator Menendez Have Mafia Friends?" and "We don't know from nothing.")

Worse, these crimes by government entities have the effect of making America's political leadership look ridiculous when our leaders complain about violations of human rights or cybercrime in other countries. President Obama cannot be "soft on slavery." Secretary of State Clinton cannot be tolerant of intolerance and censorship -- even when "feminist friends" engage in the practice for reasons unknown to anyone, including themselves. ("New Jersey is the Home of the Living Dead" and "Anne Milgram Does it Again.")

Ms. Milgram's sexual-orientation should not preclude disbarment proceedings from being filed against her if she has been aware of and/or failed to prevent this conspiracy to violate civil rights. ("Sybil R. Moses and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.")

How did you women in N.J. get into this mess? Don't tell me, it seemed like a good idea at the time. People will probably be disbarred, arrested, charged, convicted and sent to prison -- and they should be. Any American politician who can do so will seek to run from this situation, like the plague. Why are you still sticking around doing cybercrimes for a small fee? Even if you normally do dirty work for one of the political factions in America, this may not be the job you want to take. ("New Jersey's Mafia Culture in Law and Politics" and "Another Mafia Sweep in New Jersey and Anne Milgram is Clueless.")

The inaction of America's institutions and, especially, the complicity of the press in this evil suggests a steep decline for our country as we face unprecedented challenges. Not even the welfare of America's young people on hallowed college campuses seems to concern bureaucrats. America's new president must take a stand against what you are seeing -- attempts at suppressions of dissident speech and control of persons freely making use of their moral-legal rights -- both at home and in other countries. This has nothing to do with how Mr. Obama feels about me or my opinions -- if he knows about me, which I doubt -- or many others like me in lots of places in the world. I wonder who was behind the effort to destroy the "Philosophy Cafe" at MSN? Is MSN closed? (Again: "How Censorship Works in America" and "Censorship and Cruelty in New Jersey.")

Do we favor freedom of speech in Iran, but not in Jersey City, New Jersey? Or New York? I hope not. No state Supreme Court and Attorney General may condone and assist a criminal conspiracy to violate civil rights in order to avoid a scandal or to protect friends (or lovers?), Ms. Milgram, or just because it is "interesting" to observe torture. ("Deborah T. Poritz and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.")

What is at stake in this unseemly and continuing farce or spectacle of public criminality by an American jurisdiction is YOUR Constitution and America's fragile standing and nearly non-existent credibility in the world. China's disdainful dismissals of American criticisms are made possible by our well-deserved loss of moral authority on questions of civil rights on-line. Endangering the welfare of old people or minors on college campuses or anywhere, threats of any kind, will not improve things for the Jersey mafia. More noise this morning? ("China Rebukes U.S. for Hypocrisy and Cyberhegemony.")

Behaviorists and controllers of various kinds will have to accept the reality of the human condition -- our yearning for freedom and placement within an inescapable moral order that will lead persons to prefer even death to the loss of all freedom or daily threats to the safety of a loved-one:

Even if we did not have before us the reality of the Nazi and Communist experiments, we have those works of fiction by Orwell, Huxley and Koestler, which warn us [concerning] what the world must inevitably become, when humanity is surrendered to science. To see human beings as objects is not to see them as they are, but to change what they are, by erasing the appearance through which they relate to one another as PERSONS. It is to create a new kind of creature, a depersonalized human being, in which subject and object drift apart, the first into a world of helpless dreams, the second to destruction. In a very real sense, therefore, there cannot be a science of man: there cannot be a science which explores what we are for one another, when we respond to each other as PERSONS. ...

Roger Scruton, "Freedom," in An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy, at p. 109. ("Is there a gay marriage right?" and "Richard A. Posner on Voluntary Actions and Criminal Responsibility," finally, "America's Holocaust.")


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