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Is Senator Bob "For" Human Rights?

April 30, 2010 at 6:53 P.M. New "errors" were inserted in this essay and several others, intrusions into my computer, obstructions of my security system making use of government technology have once again afflicted my computer. I will struggle to continue writing. This is not how you respond to criticisms such as I have posted in this blog.

March 3, 2010 at 10:14 A.M. Interference with my use of television services, also alterations of the spacing of paragraphs in this essay continues on a daily basis. I cannot say how many other writings have been damaged. ("American Hypocrisy and Luis Posada Carriles" and "Havana Nights and C.I.A. Tapes.") Mr. Diaz-Balart, can you clarify these matters?

March 2, 2010 at 9:01 A.M. "Error" inserted overnight and corrected. New allegations of Senator Menendez's participation or "cooperation" with disappearing funds in the "Equinix" scandal are said to be under investigation. Scarinsci? Or Ginarte? Who was the front man, "BobbyM"? Money laundering? ("Manhola Dargis Strikes Again!") Carlotta Gall? Claudia Dreifus? Jean Paul Rathbone? Are all or only some of these names used by the same person at The New York Times?

Perhaps Jill Abramson can answer these questions? Is it a conflict of interest for a U.S. Senator or other official to be responsible for articles or inserted texts in news media appearing under what purports to be a journalist's byline? Does the orchestrated media silence concerning my matter suggest a lack of indepedence among U.S. media outlets?

March 1, 2010 at 11:37 A.M. An advertisement was attached to this blog, against my will, since all advertisements are prohibited by me at this copyright-protected site. I surmise that this advertisement is a veiled death threat against me:

"Wrongful Death Lawyers, If You Have Lost a Family Member to a Tragic Injustice? We Can Help. "

Those genuinely concerned about antisemitism and racism may wish to examine the source of this advertisement. "Patricia Cohen" of the New York Times? ("The Heidegger Controversy.")

I can only hope that Cuban-Americans professing concern for "freedom of speech" have not been involved in this censorship effort. ("Fidel Castro's 'History Will Absolve Me' and "Time to End the Embargo Against Cuba.")

March 1, 2010 at 10:18 A.M. Spacing continues to be affected in postings today. Other cybercrimes and harassments must be expected from New Jersey government officials seeking to prevent posting of this essay. These same officials express concerns for freedom of speech in Cuba and China. ("China Rebukes the U.S. for Hypocrisy and Cyberhegemony" and "Hunger in America.")

Elizabeth Llorente, "Death in Cuba Incites Exiles: A 'Call to Arms' in North Jersey," in The Record, April 18, 2010, at p. A-1. (Cuba does not interfere with peaceful protests and opposition movement in response to the death of Mr. Zapata Tamayo.)
Marc Lacey, "Dissident's Death Ignites Protest Actions in Cuba," in The New York Times, February 27, 2010, at p. A7. (In memory of Orlando Zapata Tamayo.)
AP, "Cuba: Regret Over Dissident's Death," in The New York Times, February 25, 2010, at p. A11. (President Raul Castro expresses condolences to the family of Mr. Zapata Tamayo who died pursuant to a hunger strike while in custody.)
Leonard S. Rubenstein & Stephen N. Xenakis, "Doctors Without Morals," in The New York Times, March 1, 2010, at p. A27. (American physicians ASSISTING IN TORTURE AND MURDER of detainees as well as others in custody should be subject to sanctions.)
Mark Mazetti & Jane Perlez, "C.I.A. Bolsters Pakistani Spies With a Wary Eye," in The New York Times, February 25, 2010, at p. A1. (After drone attacks, U.S. "bolsters" much-loved Pakistani intelligence and security agency that, allegedly, indulges in occasional tortures of citizens for the laughs.)
Carlotta Gall, "Pakistani Embodies a Policy Puzzle: Trained by U.S., a Retired Officer is Said to Support the Taliban," in The New York Times, March 4, 2010, at p. A6. (I told you so.) Is "Carlotta Gall" also "Manhola Dargis"? "Patricia Cohen"? "Elizabeth Llorente"? Are they all "Bob Menendez"? Should a public official or his assistants or agents write under a pseudonym for a major newspaper? Conflict of interest? Cash in envelopes?
Dexter Filkins, "Karzai Is Said to Doubt West Can Defeat Taliban," in The New York Times, June 12, 2010, at p. A1. (Karzai cutting his own deals -- probably at our expense, behind the scenes -- and others may join him. When your own puppets turn against you, it is time to go home. "Dexter," I think you're on HBO.)
"The Torture Lawyers," (Editorial) in The New York Times, February 25, 2010, at p. A32. (No ethics charges for Mr. Bush's torture lawyers -- nor for physicians assisting in these criminal matters, apparently.)
Scott Horton, "The Guantanamo Suicides: At Camp Delta Sergeant Blows the Whistle," in Harper's Monthly, March, 2010, at p. 27. (MURDERS of uncharged detainees while in U.S. custody with medical doctors assisting in a cover-up after the torture of many victims.)

"President Raul Castro issued a rare statement of regret on Wednesday over the death of a jailed dissident after a lengthy hunger strike that had prompted condemnation of the government by officials in Washington and Europe. The dissident, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who had been jailed since 2003 on charges including disrespecting authority, began the hunger strike to protest what he said were poor prison conditions."

Unlike hundreds of detainees held in America's "concentration camps" (this term was used by Susan Sontag), this Cuban dissident -- whose death I mourn and whose commitment to freedom of conscience I share -- was actually charged with legally defined offenses and tried before incarceration. (See the film "Improper Conduct" for one indication of the progress in the Cuban legal system.)

It is not alleged in any of the news accounts that I have read that Mr. Zapata Tamayo was raped, stolen from, slandered to family and friends, subjected to economic hardships, denied legal records, or prevented from speaking or engaging in this hunger strike. Were letters and words deleted from his personal communications and writings, if any? Were his writings censored and suppressed or plagiarized? This may be a good moment to insert another "error" in this essay. Another "error" was, cynically, inserted in the foregoing sentence in a display of contempt for the U.S. Constitution for which Americans are dying as I type these words. (See "How censorship works in America" and "Memories of Underdevelopment.")

In solidarity with this Cuban political dissident and many American dissidents, such as Mumia Abu-Jamal, I will share in a symbolic gesture by living on bread or a piece of fruit and water taken once a day and in small portion for this week. I may engage in a hunger strike at some future time to dramatize my struggle. The foregoing sentence was altered overnight by New Jersey's hackers. My response will be to focus in future essays on the early exploits of New Jersey's junior U.S. Senator, Robert ("BobbyM") Menendez. I have gone for as long as one week or even ten days without eating in the past. I may have to do so again in the future. My opinions will not change. Financial hardships and vilification will not alter my opinions. ("Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" and "What is it like to be tortured?")

In contrast to the fate of this Cuban dissident, I wish to call the reader's attention to the situation of Saudi Arabian Shaker Aamer: "Amer is married to a British woman and was in the process of becoming a British subject when he was captured in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, in 2001. United States authorities insist that he carried a gun and served Ossama bin Laden as an interpreter. Amer denies this." ("American Doctors and Torture" and "Is America's Legal Ethics a Lie?")

Britain has repeatedly requested the return of this British subject to the UK. Thus far, American officials have denied this request. Amer's activism and hunger strikes have produced the following reaction by the U.S. authorities which were described in detail by Mr. Amer to his lawyer whose statement is quoted below -- American news sources rarely refer to any of the U.S. "detainees" as "Mr." -- Zachary Katznelson, Esq. does refer to his client in such terms:

"On June 9th, 2006, [Mr. Amer] was beaten for two and a half hours straight. Seven [U.S.] naval military police participated in his beating."

This is a man who had been brutally tortured, isolated, denied communication because of his activism for other prisoners and who was emaciated from his lengthy hunger strike. Aamer may also have been sexually violated in accordance with the C.I.A. protocol. Does anyone allege that such things were done to Mr. Zapata Tamayo in Cuban custody? Liu Xiaobo in China has not received such treatment. ("Roberto Unger's Revolutionary Legal Theory" and "Fidel Castro's 'History Will Absolve Me.'")

"Mr. Amer stated he had refused to provide a retina scan and fingerprints. He reported to me that he was strapped to a chair, fully restrained at the head, arms and legs. The MPs inflicted so much pain, Mr. Amer said he thought he was going to die. The MPs pressed on pressure points all over his body: his temples, just under his jawline, in the hollow beneath his ears. They choked him. [I can attest to the experience of being choked in an impaired state in my home.] They bent his nose repeatedly so hard to the side he thought it would break. They pinched his thighs and feet constantly. They gouged his eyes. They held his eyes open and shined a mag-lite in them for minutes on end, generating intense heat. [It is undisclosed whether family members were tortured and/or manipulated before his eyes to insult or generate concern on the part of Mr. Aamer.] They bent his fingers until he screamed. When he screamed, they cut off his airway, then put a mask on him so he could not cry out." (Harper's Magazine, p. 31.) (Again: "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture.")

Mr. Aamer was not and is not, to the best of my knowledge, charged with any crime. Mr. Aamer is not implicated in any evidence "linking him to any crime" committed by others and he may never have met Ossama bin Laden. However, in the views of some American legal officials Mr. Amer (me too) is merely an "object" subject to the whims of legal officials. ("Richard A. Posner on Voluntary Actions and Criminal Responsibility" and "Little Brown Men Are Only Objects for Us.")

Britain continues to request the release of this "detainee." U.S. officials refuse to comply with these requests for undisclosed security reasons. This probably means that they are afraid Mr. Aamer will testify against America's torture policy. There is widespread fear that Mr. Aamer has been or may soon be assassinated. At any time, I may be unable to continue writing or I may find myself framed for "something," as they say in Trenton, New Jersey.

My writings continue to be plagiarized, censored, and suppressed every day. My computer's cable signal is blocked, regularly, and my writings are vandalized nearly every hour of the day. I am plagiarized, censored, suppressed. No images can be posted by me. These actions are only possible with government technology. ("How Censorship Works in America" and "U.S. Courts Must Not Condone Torture.")

On April 30, 2010 at 6:47 P.M. I discovered new vandalisms of this essay as another attack on my computer's security system prevents me from updating my protection. I cannot say how many writings have been damaged. ("What is it like to be plagiarized?" and "What is it like to be censored in America?")

I also cannot say for certain, nevertheless, I have reason to believe that persons affiliated with foreign governments have expressed "concerns for my welfare and the safety of my family members." If these expressions to American government officials have been made, I am deeply grateful. U.S. media continues to ignore this situation; foreign media attention is welcome. ("China Rebukes U.S. for Cybercrime and Cyberhegemony" and "Time to End the Embargo Against Cuba.")

Persons told under hypnosis that a weapon is being aimed against them, or that their family members will never be seen again, or that they are about to be detained in order to be tortured -- all of which are experiences that I have enjoyed, along with much worse -- can attest to Mr. Amer's experiences. ("An Open Letter to My Torturers in New Jersey, Terry Tuchin and Diana Lisa Riccioli.")

No response to my requests for Tuchin's and Riccioli's reports, statements, videos of all sessions has been received from Trenton. (Again: "Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" and "What is it like to be tortured?" also soon: "What is it like to be raped?" then "Jennifer Velez is a 'Dyke Magnet!'" then "New Jersey Prosecutors and the Mafia.")

During his 2002 detention, Mr. Aamer was subjected to a technique which the "ethical" Mr. Yoo and "Judge" Bybee explicitly deemed "just dandy" in accordance with American law, international laws, and the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Margolis of the U.S. Justice Department found these men to be "ethical" in accordance with the standards of American legal ethics even though their incompetent legal advice has resulted in the torture and deaths of many persons:

"Mr. Aamer was 'subjected to a procedure in which his head was smashed repeatedly against a wall.' This torture technique, called 'walling' in C.I.A. documents, was expressly approved at a later date by the Department of Justice."

Is this an example of what you would call "legal ethics," Mr. Rabner? This morning as I tried to reach my writings, I experienced something like "walling." The attorneys who explicitly approved of this "walling" technique as "legal" also of "waterboarding" -- in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and international law -- continue to be deemed sufficiently "ethical" by Mr. Margolis and the U.S. Justice Department. Some are now federal judges and law professors. Dissidents and activists, like Lynn Stewart, are incarcerated or disbarred, possibly tortured, raped, and impoverished, like me. ("Is America's Legal Ethics a Lie?" then "American Legal Ethics Today.")

Physicians have no doubt approved of this gentle method of questioning and kept victims alive in order that they may be subjected to torments for a longer period of time than would otherwise be possible. My response to all attempts at intimidation will be to offer a smile and continue to do what I am doing.

Several alterations of these essays over the past few days are aimed at "inducing frustrations" intended to produce severe nerve damage after twenty-one years of psychological and physical torture. The goal is always to discourage writing efforts by victims. (Again: "Roberto Unger's Revolutionary Legal Theory.")

Spacing has already been affected only hours after I posted this essay. We must expect more of this sort of disfigurement of the writings at these blogs, as I say, usually with the cooperation of American governments indulging in censorship and suppressions of speech in public violation of U.S. federal laws. I surmise that such censorship is also deemed "ethical" and Constitutional when authorized, secretly, by N.J. officials. Any opportunity to use a victim's family members as "weapons" to injure a victim will not be missed. ("Stuart Rabner and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "No More Cover-Ups and Lies, Chief Justice Rabner!")

Senator Menendez has an opportunity to join me TODAY in a hunger strike -- he can afford to lose a few pounds -- and in calling for an end to America's policy of torture as well as the disbarment of Mr. Bush's torture lawyers. We can ask together, the Senator and I, for respect of the rights of all dissidents and political prisoners, including those held in the United States of America, and for the dignity of all persons in U.S. custody to be preserved. We can request that persons, like Terry Tuchin, falsely claiming to be physicians and acting, secretly, on the lives of their fellow citizens be prosecuted for their crimes in New Jersey. We can insist on the freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal and all Cuban political prisoners. "We have all grown," Terry. ("Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal" and "Justice For Mumia Abu-Jamal" then "Larry Peterson Cleared by DNA" and "Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Unconstitutionality of the Death Penalty.")

After writing the above paragraph, I learned from a New York Times article that Cuba has released all political prisoners. To my knowledge, there are no political prisoners or very few persons claiming the status of political prisoner in Cuba. I believe there are many more detainees in Guantanamo than persons who may be classified as political prisoners in Cuba in accordance with all international legal standards of which I am aware, including UN human rights treaties and requirements under the charter.

Sadly, I do not expect Senator Bob Menendez to join me in these humanitarian protests any time soon. It is unlikely that the Senator will skip any meals. So many persons in our world will be skipping meals today. I wonder why the Senator is not more disturbed by these horrors? "No comment," Senator? Am I foolish or laughable for being "disturbed" by world hunger and misery, Senator? Noise fills the room in which I write. Perhaps Senator Menendez approves of censorship? Let us hope not. Does Senator Memendez have any knowledge concerning the computer crimes and other crimes to which I have been subjected? If so, when did Mr. Menendez acquire this knowledge and what steps has the Senator taken -- when did he take them -- to alert state and federal law enforcement of these continuing crimes in compliance with his ethical and legal obligations as an attorney and member of the United States Senate?

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