Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cubanazos Pose a Threat to National Security!

March 10, 2010 at 11:20 A.M. An advertisement was attached, illegally, to this site:

"NJ Mortgage-Official Site. Gov't Bailout Creates Low Rates. Lowest NJ Refinance Rate Guaranteed. " ("Organized Crime Group in New Jersey's State Police" and "New Jersey Court Clerk Charged in Bribery Case.")

Carmen Gentile, "School Is Linked to Visa Fraud," in The New York Times, March 5, 2010, at p. A17. (Any connection between this matter and language schools in West New York, New Jersey? Or allegations that N.J. politician and possible "friend" of Bob Menendez, Anthony Chiappone, stole $8,000 "from his people," allegedly? Does Mr. Chiappone speak English? How's he pleading?)

"MIAMI -- More than 80 PEOPLE have been arrested" -- apparently, an astonishing number of these persons were associated with the Spanish language diminutive "ito"! -- "in connection with a language school here that the government says was a front for the sale of fraudulent applications for student visas, immigration authorities said Thursday."

Marco ("Marcito") Rubio denies any affiliation with these persons as does Iliana ("Ilianita") Ross-Lehtinen. Feel free to come out of the closet, Mr. Rubio. Neither of these persons will admit to a secret affiliation with a new lunchenette in Miami that is very popular, "El Toston." Further arrests are expected in related matters in New Jersey. I fervently hope that I have misspelled Ms. Ross-Lehtinen's name.

Another "error" was inserted in this essay since my previous review. I have now corrected that "error."

"Two of those arrested, Lydia [Lydita] Menocal and Ofelia [Ofelita] Macia, ran the school, the Florida Language Institute in Miami, the authorities said, and were masterminds [irony?] behind the scheme, which helped residents of more than a dozen countries enter the United States fraudulently."

The Cubanazas denied that there was anything inappropriate in assisting Ossama bin Laden's efforts to visit Florida and learn the English language FOR A SMALL FEE. Senator Menendez was hoping to enroll in a course offering him much-needed instruction in both languages, English and Spanish.
Will Mr. bin Laden visit Disneyworld? If so, the Cubanazas will sell him a package tour. The "Miamitas" were dismayed at the criticism of their methods.
"What? You no like?" They said hotels were available with a discount "just for their friends" in South Beach.

Allegedly, any number of persons have entered the country from Venezuela, Bolivia, and other Latin American countries, like Cuba -- some originally from the Middle East, perhaps -- in order to "learn English" at this school who never showed up for classes in Miami. Those who require drivers' licenses and other documents may purchase them from corrupt officials in New Jersey, many of these officials advertise on-line. (Still $2,000 for a driver's license, allegedly, BobbyM?)

I suspect that many of these persons will be found in Manhattan and Washington, D.C. displaying an astonishing fluency in the English language resulting from intelligence training by foreign governments. Some of these "non-English speakers" may have obtained Ph.D.'s in American universities under different names. "Hugo Chavez" is a popular name among many new arrivals and so is Ernesto "Che" Guevara. There is also more than one "Fidel Castro" residing in Manhattan.

"El Bobo" Menendez has no comment on these developments while insisting that he is "for all the people." Senator Bob was photographed waving to on-lookers in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Hoboken and claiming that he is "part Irish." This is a good time to insert another "error" in this essay, Bob.

Persons who sell U.S. documents will place any name you like on those documents, for an extra fee. For example, celebrity names are quite popular. I was often surprised to discover a client bearing a driver's license with the name "George Clooney." Typically, celebrity names are misspelled: "Brad Pitted" being a good example. No one wants a perfectly ordinary name like "Andy Garcia" or "Antonio Banderas." Dick Cheney? (I expected more "errors" by now.)

"The visa recipients, officials of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said, rarely, if ever attended classes at the school, which Ms. Menocal owns. Indeed, fewer than 5 percent of [prospective students and possible terrorists] attended class, investigators found."

"In anouncing the arrests, the United States attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Jeffrey Sloman, [whose mother hoped he would become a dentist,] noted that several Sept. 11 hijackers 'were foreign nationals who abused the student visa program to enter and stay in the United States illegally.' ..."

All of those arrested refused to be released if they were required to go to New Jersey. I don't blame them.

"According to the indictment, the language school first received approval from the Department of Homeland Security and then issued the requisite federal forms to the prospective students so they could apply for and receive student visas. Ms. Menocal swore on the forms that the students would attend classes."

Ms. Menocal claims that her fingers were crossed when she signed these documents. Furthermore, Ms. Menocal says that she does not speak English. Owners of the school were mystified by these legal difficulties (allegedly) because, they explained, they "pay Cuban-American politicians not to have problems."

"In all 81 students were arrested, but one was released."

Guess who is the informer, kids?


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