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C.I.A. Tapes and Washington Days.

May 13, 2010 at 3:38 P.M. Only one new "error" since my posting of allegations concerning the much-noted partnership between Cuban-American Right-wingers and the big drug cartels. I hope that I have made all necessary corrections -- until the next wave of attacks against these blogs. Tell your friends in law enforcement about this situation.

April 25, 2010 at 11:40 A.M. Several essays were, once again, altered overnight. I cannot say how many writings have been damaged. I will do my best to make all necessary corrections. The following advertisement appeared at this blog just now:

"Al Gore Website, Join Millions of Americans and Fight Climate Change. Sign Up Now! "

El Domingo, 2 de Mayo -- Unete con miles de personas de todo el mundo para eliminar las armas nucleares. Queremos acabar con las guerras, empleo y justicia para todos. 646-723-1749. Festival internacional de la paz, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, en la calle 47, entre 1 y 2 Avenida, 4-6 PM.

April 20, 2010 at 3:55 P.M. An attempt to insult me or denigrate my suggestions concerning America's commitment to Human Rights and international law, together with trivializing our former Vice President, Al Gore (who has been recognized by such minor entities as the Swiss Nobel Committee and the Los Angeles "academics" at the Oscars), while ignoring concerns over climate change, has resulted in the imposition, illegally, of the following advertisement on this blog:

"Al Gore Website, Join Millions of Americans and Fight Climate Change. Sign Up Now! "

I do not believe that this advertisement came from "Al Gore's Website." I do not believe that it came from "Ads by Google." I believe that Right-wing Cuban-Americans -- together with their friends in Florida and New Jersey -- are responsible for this offensive comment on Mr. Gore and his worthy campaign to do something about climate change. I am happy to agree with Mr. Gore on that subject. I find nothing ridiculous about a concern with climate change and global warming. It may be "ridiculous" not to care about such matters.

I also continue to object to the PUBLIC violations of copyright laws and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by persons defacing and altering, suppressing and obstructing my writings. This is to say nothing about computer crime. This episode of public criminality and philistinism should embarass you, if you are a Cuban-American. The Cuban Revolutionary Government looks good by comparison with these people from Miami and New Jersey. ("How Censorship Works in America.")

Mark Mazzetti, "C.I.A. Document Details Destruction of Tapes," in The New York Times, April 16, 2010, at p. A17.
"Spying, Civil Liberties and the Courts," (Editorial) in The New York Times, April 16, 2010, at p. A26.
Marc Lacey, "Why Is Mexican Drug Trafficker Still at Large? Cartel Documents Hint at an Answer," in The New York Times, May 12, 2010, at p. A4. (Fugitive drug lord, JOAQUIN GUZMAN, may have Mexican and American intelligence officials on his payroll, including -- rumors say -- several prominent Cuban-Americans with C.I.A. credentials.)
Mark Mazzetti & Charlie Savage, "No Criminal Charges Sought Over C.I.A. Tapes," in The New York Times, November 10, 2010, at p. A12. (Obstruction of justice is just fine.)

"WASHINGTON -- Porter J. Goss, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, in 2005 approved of the decision by one of his top aides to destroy dozens of videotapes documenting the brutal interrogation of two detainees, according to an internal C.I.A. document released Thursday." (emphasis added)

This is called "obstruction of justice" and is a federal crime. ("Is Senator Bob 'For' Human Rights?" and "Senator Bob Struggles to Find His Conscience.")

"Shortly after the tapes were destroyed at the order of JOSEPH A. RODRIGUEZ JR., then the head of the C.I.A.'s clandestine service, Mr. Goss told Mr. Rodriguez that he 'agreed' with the decision, according to the document. He even joked after Mr. Rodriguez offered to 'take the heat' for destroying the tapes."

Mr. Rodriguez may be the rogue agent identified in journalistic accounts only as "Deuce Martinez." Mr. Rodriguez, reportedly, has documents indicating that he is Puerto Rican. Rumors suggest that this individual is really a Cubanazo -- also a possible double agent for Cuban intelligence -- although officials of the Cuban government will neither confirm nor deny these rumors as they "do not speak English." Only one new inserted "error"? ("Havana Nights and C.I.A. Tapes.")

This could be because many Cuban intelligence agents attend a notorious English language school in Miami run by Cubanazas from Coral Gables. Anyone who may be tempted to be sympathetic to Cuban-American critiques of the Cuban Revolution will be dissuaded by this disgusting spectacle of public criminality and censorship for which Cuban-Americans and corrupt officials are responsible. You are not helping yourselves by continuing to insert "errors" in my writings. You are verifying much of what I am saying. ("Cubanazos Pose a Threat to National Security" and "Miami's Cubanoids Protest AGAINST Peace!")

Recently released documents "including two e-mail messages from a C.I.A. official whose name has been excised, [Felix Leiter?] were released as part of a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union."

I welcome and invite the ACLU to file a lawsuit to obtain documents pertaining to the tortures to which I have been subjected by New Jersey. No response to my DAILY requests for these documents has yet been received from Trenton officials. Public censorship of these writings continues on a daily basis. Did I wake you up, Mr. Christie?

Perhaps the tortures and thefts to which I have been subjected since 1988 are part of the "War on Terror"? Mr. Christie? Ms. Dow? What happened to the promises of "transparency in government"? "Sunshine" laws? Zero tolerance for criminal conduct by OAE officials? Does the "E" in "OAE" stand for "ethics"? ("New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics" and "Crimes Against Humanity in New Jersey.")

"The e-mail messages also reveal that top White House officials were angry that the C.I.A. had not notified them before the tapes were destroyed. The e-mail messages mention a conversation between Harriet E. Miers, the White House counsel, and John A. Rizzo, the C.I.A.'s top lawyer, in which Ms. Miers was 'livid' about being told after the fact."

Ms. Miers was hoping for "plausible denial" (Anne Milgram?) and claiming that she was not told about this destruction of evidence may provide just that ability to "obfuscate" if she is forced to testify concerning the matter. Lawyers love to, shall we say, "dissemble." Right, Ms. Milgram? Sybil Moses? ("Deborah T. Poritz and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and "New Jersey's 'Ethical' Legal System.")

I am sure that Ms. Poritz was "livid" about overwhelming evidence of her incompetence (or worse!) while serving as Chief Justice in New Jersey. Diana, Debbie? Are you two gals still an "item"? ("Jennifer Velez is a 'Dyke Magnet!'" and "Trenton's Nasty Lesbian Love-Fest!")

" ... 'Rizzo is clearly upset, because he was on the hook to notify Harriet Miers of the status of the tapes because it was she who had asked to be advised before any action was taken,' according to one of the e-mail messages." ("Sybil R. Moses and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey.")

"In 2002, C.I.A. operatives in Thailand videotaped the interrogations of Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, two Qaeda suspects whom the C.I.A. was holding in secret in that country. More than a hundred tapes were made, and many were kept in a safe in the C.I.A. station in Bangkok. According to former C.I.A. officials, Mr. Rodriguez ordered the tapes destroyed in November 2005 because he feared that it would put undercover C.I.A. officers in legal and physical jeopardy." ("Is America's Legal Ethics a Lie?" and "Legal Ethics Today.")

The C.I.A.'s own tapes (allegedly) reveal sexual assaults, brutal violence, intense psychological tortures, maybe even murders for the gratification and amusement of officials in Virginia. I am doubtful that any valuable information was obtained through the use of these tactics. ("Terry Tuchin, Diana Lisa Riccioli, and New Jersey's Agency of Torture" and "What is it like to be tortured?")

"According to one of the e-mail messages released Thursday, Mr. Rodriguez told Mr. Goss that the tapes, taken out of context, would make the C.I.A. 'look terrible; it would be devastating to us.' ..."

I wonder why Mr. Rodriguez would feel this way if everything done by the agency is legal? ("Is Senator Menendez a Suspect in Mafia-Political Murder in New Jersey?" and "Does Senator Menendez Have Mafia Friends?" then "Is Senator Bob 'For' Human Rights?")

The OAE in New Jersey may "appear" to be the negation of the rules they are required to enforce and embody. When a legal ethics establishment personifies the corruption, cruelties, mendacity and dishonesty of a failed legal system that is in denial about its poisonous condition no genuine "healing" can take place. Think of this observation as therapeutic and intended only for your own good in Trenton.

"The destruction of tapes is part of a Justice Department criminal investigation that has stretched on for more than two years. [1988-today?] The investigation is led by John Durham, a federal prosecutor in Connecticut."

Mr. Rabner, when may I expect all of the records that I have requested? ("Stuart Rabner and Conduct Unbecoming to the Judiciary in New Jersey" and, again, "Is America's Legal Ethics a Lie?" then "No More Cover-Ups and Lies, Chief Justice Rabner!")

"Succumbing to the politics of fear during the 2008 campaign, Congress seriously diluted the First and Fourth Amendment rights of Americans by changing the 1978 law that governs electronic surveillance."

None of this trashing of civil liberties can be applied, retrospectively, to persons whose rights have been violated as part of a conspiracy predating the events of 9/11. In the words of the U.S. Supreme Court, "there can be no ex post facto laws."

"In addition to providing RETROACTIVE approval for President George W. Bush's warrantless wiretapping, the FISA Amendments Act vastly expanded the government's ability to eavesdrop without warrants in the future. It gave the National Security Agency authority to monitor the international phone calls and e-mail messages of Americans who are not engaged in criminal activity and pose no threat to national security. The measure weakened judicial supervision of how these powers are exercised, making abuse far more likely."

"Abuse" is a mild term for what I have experienced and described. ("Psychological Torture in the American Legal System" and "America's Unethical Medical Torturers.")

The Obama administration is seeking to UPHOLD AND DEFEND these Bush usurpations of civil rights protections by opposing a news media and activist's law suit to guard e-mail messages and other "sensitive items" from disclosure to government. The matter is before the United States Circuit Court, Second Circuit (New York).

The issue on appeal has been couched in terms of "standing" -- which means that civil plaintiffs bringing the action may be excluded and could lose their suit because, allegedly, they have no direct interest in the matter -- that is, they need not care about their own privacy nor the security of their documents. What the hell. A father may lack standing to object to the planned assassination of his Muslim cleric son, an assassination that is to take place without trial or charges against the proposed victim who is an American citizen.

Another reason for N.J. ignoring me, perhaps, is the terror that a tortured and raped individual, like myself, may have very direct "standing" to contest Nazi-like laws granting secret power to the federal and state governments. I look forward to seeing all of you in New Jersey soon. ("New Jersey's Feces-Covered Supreme Court" and "New Jersey's Legal System is a Whore House.")

I am grateful for the international attention that, "I have reason to believe," is being given to my struggle against public criminality and censorship in New Jersey's befouled legal system. Thus far, the only response received is sabotage leading to shutting off my computer. I cannot say how many persons visit these sites nor whether my books are still available at Lulu. No images can be posted at these blogs. Approximately, one out of ten hits is counted at these blogs. American news publications may be frightened about covering these events or prevented by corporate lawyers or cops from doing so. I will continue to write. ("How Censorship Works in America" and "Censorship and Cruelty in New Jersey.")


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